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We are happy that you have reached this page.  Since relocating to the Boise, Idaho area of the U.S.A. - we are making appropriate informational changes so as to bring our efforts at the Western Orthodox Theological Institute (WOTI) up-to-date and in tune with other activities and events on-going.

As you may (or may not) know.... the Western Orthodox Theological Institute (WOTI) is the predecessor of the now closed St. John Chrysostom University from which our present Presiding Bishop (Primate) graduated from. He was, at one time, an attorney at law for another Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church prior to coming to the American Orthodox Church / North American Orthodox Church.  There is much you can learn if you study with diligence those simple things of life, living and spirituality which we intend to provide you, if you are willing. 

Learning will be on a case-by-case basis.  Meaning, that the schedule for learning will be yours to control.  No one is going to push you, except yourself!  Most of the students enrolled in WOTI are not on-campus.   Our fees and schedules are already shown in the Catalog of Courses. 

Let it be known that we will not ordain any “openly and active” homosexual men to the priesthood, under any circumstances. Those with homosexual tendencies, must take and adhere to the vow of chastity (celibacy). Once ordained violations to the vow of celibacy, will be just cause for being stripped of one's priestly duties (Defrockment) and excommunicated from the Church. 

It is allowed for married clergy, but they should be married prior to ordination to the deaconate.  Even though frowned on, marriage after ordination is dealt with on a case by case instance.

It has been Our unfortunate observation, over the years, that many bishops of Independent jurisdictions, including those who claim to be "Orthodox" - even many who claim themselves to be "Catholic" - have ordained men to the priesthood or have even consecrated others to the episcopacy who have NEVER had any sort of real training and education.  WOTI's intention is to put what is in the past in the past! Our training program is to prepare all future priests, deacons, monks and nuns for the life they have been called to follow.

Through this website, our students will receive a basic education in the history of Orthodoxy, the history and development of the various Divine Liturgies approved by this Jurisdiction that have been in use and accepted as a part of Orthodox Catholic Christianity along with many other topics, including legal advocacy; that will help each individual student to better perform and succeed in their ministry.

In the spirit of true Christian love and brotherhood, We wish to extend an invitation to the hierarchs of other jurisdictions, including those who are "Independent," to feel free to urge their candidates for the priesthood to enroll into W.O.T.I for their training. For those who do so, We will notify their bishop(s) as to their progress and then, when they have satisfactorily completed a required course of study, We will notify their Episcopal superior that the candidate is ready for ordination. Be aware that we are not an accredited institute of higher learning by Civil Law, but by Church Canon and those with whom we are in communion. Therefore, we issue Certificates of Education upon completion of the various courses for other jurisdictions upon written request by a WOTI student where possible.

Right now, the W.O.T.I. web pages are a continuing “work in progress” which means that there will be new lessons added as We completed or upgraded them.

If any one has any questions concerning W.O.T.I,  or this jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church; of which we are a part of World Wide Orthodox Catholic Christianity in spite of several detractors whose own "Orthodoxy" is more often than not one involving "ethnicity" as regards a country (nation) and other issues not wholly considered by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as being proper and appropriate to salvation; please do not hesitate to contact Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus at:


So, to each of you who enroll in W.O.T.I. We pray that your educational experience may be a blessed and edifying one, and We wish each of you the best as you prepare spiritually and mentally to serve our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Staff of the Western Orthodox Theological Institute (WOTI)


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