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"Prejudice makes Prisoners of the hater and the hated..."

If you should e-mail a completed application to us, we will send you a copy of it for you to sign in verification of your request. It is highly suggested that you send your application by U.S. Mail with your original signature.


Woti has added the requirement that you read "A Basic Primer" and then write a report consisting of not less than 25,000 words, about what you learned from reading "A Basic Primer" Parts I and II.  If this report does not arrive with your application, you may either be delayed or your application rejected, requiring you re-submit it at a later time in accordance with the requirements.

Application Request Form

Full Name: ______________________________________________
                    (First, Middle, Last)

Street or P. O. Address:


City: ________________ State: ____________ Zip Code: _______

Home Telephone: ( ___ ) ________ - _____________
Other Telephone:  ( ___ ) ________ - _____________

1.  I am making application as one of the following:
     (a)  Sponsored Student (sponsored by one of our affiliated churches)
     (b)  Non-sponsored Student.
     (c)  Clergy person

2.  I am a member of one of the following Church:

3.  My application to WOTI is for one of the following: (Circle one of the following)
     (a) leading to ordination as a priest.
     (b) leading to a Certificate in General Religious Education.
     (c) Continuing education as a duly ordained clergy person.

4.  I have completed:
     (a) Grade School (k-8) {If less, what was the last grade? _____ }.
     (b) High School (9-12) {If less, what was the last grade? _____ }.
     (c) College (13-16) {If less, what was the last grade? _____}.
     (d) Other education? ___________________________________.

5.  I am a Christian?  [ ]  Yes          [ ]  No.
6.  I was raised in the ______________________ religious faith.
7.  I attended the __________________________________ Church.
8.  Today, I attend the ______________________________ Church.


NOTE: This is just an application form.  Other information will need to be obtained in order to complete the full application process. Don't forget to submit, along with this application, the 25,000 word report on what you learned from reading "A Basic Primer" Part I and II.


Today's Date: _____________

By placing my signature, I attest that the information provided is true and accurate.

Signature: _______________________________________________

Write To:
Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D.
Attn: WOTI Vocations Director
713 W. Spruce #90

Deming, NM 88030, U.S.A

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