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Life of Christ (Christology): A study of the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ according to sacred scriptures using the Peshitta Texts of the Lamsa edition of the Holy Bible, the oldest manuscripts of the original writings in the world today. NOTE: Student’s will be required to obtain a Lamsa edition of the Holy Bible at their expense (Refer to "Miscellaneous Costs").

The New Testament: An introduction and study of the Gospels including a detailed investigation of Christian experience according to the Peshitta Texts of the Holy Bible.

The Old Testament: A survey of the Old Testament and Biblical literature with emphasis on prophecy as related to the Christian experience.

The Early Church Fathers: (Patristics) An introduction and study of the early Church Fathers, their writings and contributions to Christian Faith today.

History of the Christian Church: A general survey of the history of the early church from Pentecost through the ages to the modern church of mainline denominations

The Holy Mysteries vs. Seven Sacraments: (Liturgical Theology) Lessons on administration of the Holy Mysteries and what they include versus the Western thought of what constitutes the seven sacraments.

The Holy Spirit: An introduction series that will aide in your understanding of the Holy Spirit, leading you toward receiving the power of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit; Healing, Knowledge, Miracles, Faith, Prophecy and many others. This course includes a special study on the names and symbols of the Holy Spirit, as well as a study on the teachings of Jesus Christ regarding the Holy Spirit.

This course will also explore esoteric Christianity which involve developing and understanding both devotional and intellectual spiritual paths; learning to identify one’s personal nature and to broaden one’s self to encompass ‘wholeness’. This course leads you into understanding basic universal or mystical (metaphysical) laws as understood in the early Christian Church versus what is happening today. Basis of these courses is scriptural.

The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit: (Prerequisite: The Holy Spirit) This course is a chapter by chapter survey of the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit as seen in both the Gospels, Acts of the Apostles, with a survey of the Epistles.

Holy Gospels vs. Epistles: An introduction and study of the differences between the Gospels and the Epistles, their importance in the Christian Faith and their cause for Christian divisions.

Cults and Denominations vs. Christian Truth: A series of studies that will awaken you to the knowledge of what and who constitute cultic and denominations versus Christian reality in truth and spirit as a Seeker of Truth. This course of study will lead you into understanding what is happening world-wide in spiritual matters, both good and evil, today.

Eastern Orthodox Catholicism vs. Roman Catholicism and Protestantism: This course of study leads you into understanding the differences between primary churches, their faith practices and doctrines. Why is their a wide diversity between the Roman Catholic Church and the various Protestant Churches such as Baptist, Lutheran, Anglican, Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, Seventh Day Adventist, and many others?

American Orthodox Catholicism: What it is and where it differs from today's mainline churches, i.e.: Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic and the various Protestant Churches.

Preaching in the Time of Cultural Crisis: This course explores a variety of issues confronting pastors and priests in a time of widespread cultural crisis. Special study will be devoted to historical perspectives from the crisis the church faced in Germany in the 1930's to the issues which are shaping the crisis in American society today.

Church Administration: This course is a basic study of the role of pastor as organizer and administrator, of interpersonal relationships between pastor and congregation. This course also includes a study of the responsibility of a pastor to the people, and of how to deal with problems confronting ministers, pastors and priests today. Includes: Basic and necessary skills for pastoral care; personal, crisis, and marital counseling, family counseling, suicide, grief, alcoholism, drugs, and emotional disturbances. Suggestions for and practice in the manner of hearing personal confessions and the treatment of confidential information. This also includes basic understanding of priestly ministry of sacerdotal duties: care of the sick and dying, preparation for marriage, baptism, chrismation, Eucharist, relations with other churches and clergy.

Canon Law: Basic study of the constitution, ecclesiastical degrees, and disciplines governing the American Orthodox Church; the body of ecclesiastical law and its formation from Holy Canons (the Holy Bible) to today as exists in Eastern Orthodox Churches, Roman Catholic Church.

Other Courses of Study: Other basic courses of study will be made available and inculcated with primary courses given above. These courses include Liturgical norms; actions; wearing apparel & etiquette; and other Orthodox-Catholic practices and beliefs. Equally so, this will include the Thaddean Companion handbook which is a book of resource materials and studies in addition to the regular course materials. Because this "Companion Handbook" is continually added to in order to provide constant updates and new research materials, there is a basic (Initial) Fee of $10.00 and an annual fee of $20. The Holy Bible (Peshitta Texts = Lamsa Edition) is also required as the primary biblical source for study which will require an additional cost (Refer to "Miscellaneous Costs").


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