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{ NOTICE: As of February 2010, we have relocated to the State of Idaho, USA.  In making this move, we are aware that what follows concerning "On Campus" living has obviously changed.  Inasmuch as we are presently unable to provide direct on campus living for those who may wish to reside with us; we are encouraging students to continue their learning experience from their own residence. 

The On-Campus Program is temporarily shut down due to our relocation efforts.  For more information about the "On Campus Program" - - - read on... }

This special notice is primarily for those who wish to consider living "On Campus" as students of WOTI (the successor to the St. John Chrysostom University) as well as those who wish to become clergy in this jurisdiction.

We will not beat around the bush.  Life is harsh for some no matter where you may be living!  There is no getting around that fact!  Weather is harsh because we reside in the High Desert area of Idaho. 

Life here is not so close to that of the Egyptian Desert Fathers although many are, in these modern times, residing in apartments, houses, mobile homes or trailers and 5th wheels for some while providing an Advocacy Program as well as our outreach as Orthodox missionaries.  Our advancing or progressing here, while slow, causes for us to develope an area for helping abused women who have children, with the help of other organizations as well as assistance and help in some other areas of need. 

We have found that there are numerous individuals in these times in which we live who are what we might consider as being "Victims" of the environment in which they have grown up in during the last thirty to forty years.  Some have ADD, ADHD, Bi-Polar disorders and numerous other issues.  This does not deprive or keep them from advancing in lessons or coming to the Diaconate or Priesthood, if they wish to do so.  It does mean that learning may be a bit harder or more difficult for some because of issues relating to concentration.  We understand this too.

Yet, the main factor here is "OJT," MEANING, "ON THE JOB TRAINING"!  In spite of the fact that most students receive their courses either through the U.S. Mail or via Internet, the bottom line is that residents are involved in ON THE JOB TRAINING to deal with advocacy action to help the elderly, those on very low or limited income including women, to help those who are in distress because of what is going on both locally and through out the U.S.A. more and more and those suffering from HIV/AIDS!

These ON THE JOB TRAINING programs involve learning about some civil legal matters, both for clergy and the people.  Why?  Because when knowledge is gained, we who are the servants of Jesus Christ and the people, need to become more fully aware, as much as possible, of and about the ordinances and laws that govern the people in civil life.  This means that you, if you become an "On Campus" or "Resident" will need to participate in all these things insofar as one can possibly be involved, as a means to increase your knowledge while also being engaged in civil employment where necessary if you have no other income source.

Those seeking a monastic life where prayer, meditation become a necessity for spiritual growth, none-the-less, they also become the eventual teachers of those who may come to us later on in time.

Normally, one would think that, like Father Seraphim Rose of blessed memory, you would be involved in such that cuts one off from the world, living without electricity or running water and other amenities normally enjoyed by most in life today.

We, though, while striving toward Orthodox Spirituality more and more... learning even more by our endeavors to reach out to those destitute and desperate for the fruit of both the spiritual life and those who struggle in civil life; we use the life and teachings of the ancient Desert Fathers' insight into human nature and openness to God.  An example would be the life of St. Mary of Egypt who showed the hope of change for someone caught in their passions, but made it clear that getting free was a process and not a "quick fix".

As we progress, we use such material as The Way of the Pilgrim, the Jesus Prayer and The PhilokaliaThe Northern Thebaid which, according to some is like passing through a house, being introduced in each room to some of the most amazing treasures of the Church.

In our struggle, we also teach such that aides in Advocacy Training, Services, Liturgy and much more. 

There is physical labor too.  It is not all about just reading, discussion, etc.  It is combined with daily works both on premise and off. 

Our daily life, for those who have joined with us, is nothing special!  But to us who live it, it is very special, interesting and filled with activities that only those on a spiritual quest can find which is a miracle in itself as each day upon another day adds to our inner growth, even with its own pitfalls. 

Outside employment is not easy to come by in most areas in these present times of economic upheaval, and because of the economic situations across the country, it may not be easy where you presently reside too.  One has to create their own skills, of sorts, if there is no immediate income. 

Residing "on-campus" (if available and selected) does require a form of tithing in order to support the monastic community, along with the schedule of daily life. 

Yet, life itself is a blessing and we find ourselves very blessed in many, many ways that words cannot describe for our life has to be breathed and lived in order to grasp those miniscule moments of the refreshing breeze which is Orthodox.

We do not encourage any one with serious physical limitations to undertake this life half-heartedly.  And we do not necessarily encourage any one to just come and live with us until they have had the chance to become more acquainted with us. 

In these present times in which we live, daily work provides for growth both spiritually and materially.  Those who come to us will be the hands and hearts of growth.  This endeavor, if you decide to participate in it, as said, is an ON THE JOB TRAINING Program...  As all spiritual and most material pursuits are!  Whether staying where you are or coming to be a part of a physical on-campus (when available) type of monastic exercise in spiritual growth... know that you cannot expect something out of the ordinary of the life you may already be living in.  Actually, you may find that we live with little to no difference than what you are living now. 

For both those desiring ON CAMPUS or other means of training; you may indeed contact us as shown below.

Advance notification and registration required...

Our telephone number: (208) 459-2901 may be called during 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. - make sure your number will show up on the ID caller info as it may not be answered except by an answering machine - We ask that you provide your name, telephone number with area code, and say "WOTI" ... If no one is available at the time of your call, leave a message for a return phone call.  If you wish, you may click on the e-mail icon provided below to send us an e-mail with the appropriate information to begin the process for registering in the WOTI program:


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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

- Blessed St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco


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