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To be a "CHRISTIAN" is to belong to the Religion called CHRISTIANITY!

For this discussion, it does not matter for the moment, what denomination or pathway you belong only as long as that particular denomination or pathway holds true in thought and practice to the teachings of Jesus Christ's non-violent faith in thought, word, and practice.  In spirit and truth, "denominationalism" is the invention of some so-called Christians who do not wish to take the responsibility to earn the faith by diligent abiding by that which was handed to the Apostles of the Church as was codified in the Seven Ecumenical Councils.  Thus they separate themselves (knowingly and most unknowingly) from the true religion which was first called Christian but became divided.  That which is today called "Orthodoxy" (Orthodox Catholic Christianity) is embodied in only those Orthodox and Catholic Churches who have truly held to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ without adulteration of the Gospels, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and many other Oral traditions first established by the Church.

Because we believe in what we know Jesus Christ had taught or said, true Christians believe that their very FAITH is indeed "Orthodox" - - - meaning right thinking or believing in non-violent ways, and right living in non-violent ways.  Mistakes will be made, even by the true Christian.  But Repentance and Forgiveness is provided by Jesus Christ because He knew that His Church would not be a perfect Church except by Faith in practice out of the pain of heart struggles of those who belong to Him.

We say "non-violent" because we do not believe it proper or right to use force of will on another person as the means to get them to accept our way of life, belief, or thinking that it is the only or exclusive way to reclaim God's Love and Forgiveness. We use the word "Catholic" which specifically means "universal" in its true definition.

But yet, to be Orthodox and also Catholic (for some), describes a definitive non-violent manner of life and living; believing and acting accordingly.

We use the term "Western" because many of us are not Roman members of the Roman Jurisdiction of, but Orthodox-Catholic while others of our non-violent persuasion may belong to another pathway or even another denomination of non-violent belief.

If we should really be honest about all of this, we would really have to say that no one is going to enter into the gates of heaven based on what Church or what Christian denomination they belong to, but upon their belief and how they acted.   This will be the ultimate determination factor.

For many people, because of erroneous understandings of the teachings of Jesus Christ, based on intentional psychological manipulation of the masses of people over the centuries, there exists a popular belief that the only Catholic is a Roman Catholic. Not only is this wholly false and misleading in fact and truth, but it is Pharisaic and anti-Christ at best. This is borne out by historical fact!  Also see: Seven Ecumenical Councils and what they mean for us today. Also see: What Is  the Orthodox Catholic Christian Church about?   Also see: Our Creed of Faith  

The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church was the first church of Christendom to separate itself (schism) from what was originally known and called the "Christian Church" or "Catholic Christianity," meaning "Universal Christianity". It was primarily, what we call today, Eastern Orthodox (i.e.: Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Syro-Chaldean, Antiochian, English Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, American Orthodox, etc.) Why?

Because it was becoming so wide spread due to the influence of the Holy Spirit in the activities of the Holy Apostles. But the Church was not then as it is today. There was no "Roman Catholic Church," etc. There was such that referenced the "Church in Rome" or "The Church in Greece," etc.

Officially, as proven by historical records, the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church's separation began approximately in 863 A.D. and was finalized as the historical Great Schism of 1054 A.D. This brought about the reason for Orthodox Churches to become known by their nationalistic names such as: Greek Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Ukrainian Orthodox Church, American Orthodox Church, etc., and the Roman Catholic Church (sometimes referred to as the Western Church).

The Schism of the Roman Jurisdiction from the Catholic roots of Christianity has caused for the Roman Jurisdiction to have within itself a schism such as the falling away of Martin Luther, etc., and from which (generally speaking) there are now more than an approximate 2,000 different Protestant Denominations claiming to be Christian. This may be akin to history repeating itself and God's Justice. Yet, many of those who have schismed claim to be "Non-Denominational" today, which is another manipulation by political and psychological means to throw people off from the fact that they are, in truth and spirit, very denominationally oriented. More on this later.

Often times we hear people say they are "Born Again" Christians, or that "I'm Saved" This is both false and wholly inaccurate understanding of the message, Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ based on manipulation of the facts.  Here again the "Fundamentalist & Evangelical Cults" have acted in the capacity of serving the needs of the Anti-Christ. Why?

Our true Judge is our God who shall judge all of us in the last days. Scripture stands firm on this.  Jesus Christ's sayings to Nicodemus has been taken out of context to suit the needs of so-called (often sincere but misguided Christians) into believing something that is wholly untrue.  Jesus Christ said "can" or "may be" saved or born again. He did not say "you are saved" or "born again". The implication and fact is that this earthly life, while we have it, requires us to struggle out of 'pain of heart & soul' with all sorts of temptations and deviltries no matter who we are.  Thus, we will sin, we will err, and as such we can not and must not appropriate for ourselves what is only God's to give at the last judgment! To do so is a most grievous sin that is akin to the sin against the Holy Spirit which is a most unforgivable sin in the eyes of God.  It is akin to abandoning God, abandoning Jesus Christ by abandoning His teachings.

In our struggles in this life, if we are pained to the core of our heart and soul; knowing that we are truly striving to do that which Jesus Christ commanded, the likelihood of our being "saved" may be at hand.   But until that time arrives, we have no right and no justification to appropriate from God what is only His to give.  When we say "appropriate" it means that those who do so are unconsciously (in most instances) claiming they know God's Will, God's mind for each of us, especially themselves.  They claim foreknowledge of how they will be judged at death and at the last Judgment.

Often times, many so-called Christians use the term "I'm Born Again" or "Saved" in a manner that indicates a self styled "Holier than thou" attitude which presupposes that all others are inferior to them and unworthy of their help, assistance, or if it is given, to make demands of them in return. This is not the teachings and practices of Jesus Christ whatsoever!  Such actions and demands are nothing more than the actions of one who is (knowingly or unknowingly) controlled by the falseness of Anti-Christ!

There is no argument which stands the test of God's right (and only God's) to judge as to our own worth!  We have no right to appropriate it to ourselves.  Woe be to the one who does!  For such practice is the practice of self-righteousness which is condemned by Jesus Christ Himself.  For as long as we are earthbound, we have no right to say that we are "saved" or "born again" the most any one may be able to say is that they are "Seekers of truth" in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ according to one's nature and degree of ability to not only comprehend, but to put into practice on a day-to-day basis. That is why we do have "Hope" in Jesus Christ, and only Jesus Christ.

In the final analysis, true Christians must learn to keep pace with the unfolding intellect of the human spirit in this age of technological advancement, which does not rely on specifics of dogmas and doctrines not founded and grounded in just what Jesus Christ Himself taught as we know it today.

Our work today has not changed from the work of yesteryear. The only changes that can, and has occurred, is the situation and circumstances of the times in which we live.

Apartheid, genocide, war, economic downfalls and upheavals, political and technological changes for both the good and the bad; all affect our holistic way of life, even our way of thinking and believing.

We are no longer the simple cattle or sheep farmers of our forefathers. We have engines, electricity, telephones, computers, radios, television and many other electronic gadgets, including nuclear. They require our intellectual understandings and they must be coupled with our understanding of Jesus Christ's teachings of non-violence!

Our way of life has so drastically changed from that of our forefathers that no longer is the theme of living based or centralized in the home, but in the material aspects of what 'new toy' is on the market no matter how much everyone uses the "buzz" words of "family first".  We use the word "toy" to include anything that detracts or takes away from the center or true home life where playing and praying together used to be a central apex of a happy home, not money!

While the instruments have changed, the basic teachings of our very Christian faith (Jesus Christ) have not changed! The teachings of Jesus Christ (and only His) can still be very aptly applied to our daily life if we are truly self-professed Christians in the truest meaning of the Word made flesh and as defined in these writings.

With technology being what it is today, and taking into consideration what we've included such as apartheid, genocide, war, economic and political disasters; these things are really the means or instruments for wholesale family disruptions and destruction.

There are a wide variety of doctrines and dogmas in the Christian religion today. Most of them are contrary to the definition of "non-violence" as Jesus Christ taught. Those doctrines and dogmas in use today breed a message of hate and violence which violates the very essence and teachings of Jesus Christ.  And those who are the breeders, are not true Christians, but anti-Christians, working for (knowingly or not) for the Anti-Christ.


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