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Those who are abundantly endowed with vast wealth, and pride themselves on their ample riches, assemble fit persons to their banquets, and set before them a sumptuously furnished table, producing by a diversity of dishes and sauces of various kinds, a pleasure superior to the mere satisfying of hunger. But from this no benefit arises, but rather great injury to the banqueters. For more than a sufficiency after the calls of hunger have been satisfied is always hurtful. But those who possess heavenly riches, and know the sacred doctrines, and have been illuminated with divine light, nourish their souls by feasting them on instructive discourses, in order that they may become both fruitful towards God, and skilled in the pathway unto all virtue, and earnest in accomplishing those things by means of which a man attains to a happy issue. To this intellectual and holy table, therefore, the sacred Word invites us; for it says, "Eat and drink, and be drunken, my friends" (Cant. 5:1). But friends of whom? evidently of God. And it is worthy of note that we are to be drunken with these things, and that we can never be satiated with that which is to our edification.

St. Cyril of Alexandria, Commentary on the Gospel of St. Luke.

When we are attentive to ourselves, that is, by keeping guard over our heart, there begins to operate within us by God's grace the spiritual power of prayer, manifested by warming the heart within us and filling the soul with joyful radiance throughout our entire being. It comforts us by inflaming us with an indescribable love of God and other human beings. It enlightens our mind and pours out into our innermost being the feeling of joy.

Nil Sorsky, The Complete Writings.

Let us learn from the Apostle who says: "Let us cleanse ourselves from
the filthiness of the flesh and spirit" (2Cor. 7:1). Let us make our image clean once again as we have received it. Let us free it from the
dirtiness of sin, so that its beauty will be manifested through the virtues. About this beauty, David prayed, saying, "O Lord, by Thy will, give power to my beauty" (Ps. 30:8). Let us therefore purify our image because God wants it to be as it has been given to us, "Not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing" (Eph. 5:27).

Abba Dorotheos, Practical Teaching on the Christian Life.

Those who have right faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, who show their faith through works and are prudent, or else cleanse themselves through repentance and confession from the stains of the sins we have mentioned and perform their opposite virtues: self control, chastity, love, almsgiving, justice and truth, will all rise again to hear from the Heavenly King Himself, "Come, ye blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world" (Mt. 25:34).

The Homilies of St. Gregory Palamas, Vol. 2

Federation of Orthodox Churches, Federation of Catholics, Federation of Churches (FOC) and International Federation of Orthodox and Catholics (IFOC)

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