From the Webmaster

What should church web pages include

Web Pages should

inform visitors
contain proper teaching

be an example for Christian thought and behaviour

What should they NOT include

personal attacks
corporate attacks
words or actions offensive to Holy Scripture
inccorect information

Now, what has prompted me to speak.

Two Bishops are having a juridsdictional dispute and this webmaster has been caught in the middle. Having been asked to look after these pages, I put in a condition. The condition being that they not be used for attacks on others even veiled suggestions of such an attack.

The problem, is really, who is more Orthodox. To me, it is the pot calling the kettle black. Neither protagonist should air their dirty linen on a Christian web site, no matter who's website.

However, I do not take kindly to threats over the phone. Threats of putting my name up on another site because I am ordained by one of them and by association I am just as guilty. Veiled suggestions that the RCMP have been contacted along with other law enforcement jurisdictions and supposedly cross civil actions brought by one against the other.

Having been the subject of hate pages in the past, I do not think kindly of anyone who would do that to others.

Now, it is my aim to comb through the pages of this site and erradicate anything not conforming to the above.

David Francis
Web Friar