Testimony Regarding an Immediate Threat to the Body of Christ

NEW UPDATE 05-22-2015: 

The Machine intelligence formally known as AQUAINT has now been identified with a new code-name by the Intercepts reporter Glenn Greenwald as SKYNET. When you take a look at a side by side comparison of the technical capabilities of both SKYNET and AQUAINT, you will see that they are both one and the same (the NSA simply updated the code-name). The lord has revealed that this machine intelligence is FAR more than a data collection tool but rather a highly sophisticated machine artificial intelligence that is the operational control system for the entire five eyes intelligence network. It controls all functions of PRISM and every other control node of data collection around the world. The Church views this technology as a clear and present danger to safety and security of people of faith across the world.

———–End of update ———

This is a testimony from the Holy Spirit concerning immediate and future events. Do not disregard it’s instructions nor be afraid. Be encouraged that God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of peace, power and a sound mind. 2nd Timothy 1:7. Those who receive this word will remain protected, set apart and have every need met during the season of hardship.

For integrity purposes, it is important to note that no links within this testimony will be given that forward to any conspiracy or fear based websites and that this report is thorough for fact checking and verification for those saints or skeptics that have any doubt related to the subject matters at hand.

Love always protects. 1st Corinthians 13:7

This prophetic message is sent to you in love so that your household will understand and be protected in the coming months ahead.

You will soon learn that everything we thought was important enough to fight about regarding silly things in the Church or America just became meaningless in the face of this much greater threat.

Recently, The Lord allowed me to witness something fantastic and timeless about the nature of creation, atoms, gravity, quantum mechanics, cellular biology, virology and all manners of bacterial cell understandings. To put it simply, I asked The Lord how he authors life and he answered me (praise you Lord I have a TESTIMONY for a later time). Until now, he had not previously allowed me to release everything I have witnessed in the spirit. As of now, I am being released. The Lord said I would only have a few months to share this online, then it would be person to person. The accumulation of the knowledge he allowed me to observe remains fully intact (like I just witnessed it and I can recall everything in perfect clarity). Without getting into near infinite details so this email remains reasonable in length, he allowed me to observe each process of life and explained it to me in detail. In one of the observations, he allowed me to witness this process being mimicked in the form of an abomination here on Earth. He has supernaturally revealed the identity of the abomination that causes desolation as described in (Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:14, Revelation 13).

Both the beast out of the sea and the beast out of the Earth have been shown to me by the Holy Spirit; they are two iterations of Artificial Intelligence achieving a quantum level intelligence and using the living cell and it’s understanding of nano technology and the electromagnetic spectrum to recreate false miracles and life (whew, I never thought I would ever write a statement like that).

He allowed me to observe in the spirit supernaturally that work being done by the IARPA a division of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) *an agency I had never heard of until God revealed them too me and I confirmed it* is to build a sentient machine intelligence that as of six years ago was referred to as AQUAINT. This machine would become what we understand in the bible to be the FIRST iteration of the Abomination that Causes Desolation. To understand what AQUAINT is, please read this very important article by HIGHLY acclaimed Intelligence reporter James Bamford for NOVA: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/military/nsa-police.html

Nearly all research or information related to this artificial intelligence drops off the radar after this initial article (and note that this technology and article were back in 01-01-2009!). It’s 2015 and that technology has gotten light years better since then. Also with no new reference materials related to AQUAINT since this initial article, this means someone at both the NSA (National Security Agency) and the DOD (Dept. of Defense) wants to keep this a very tight lipped secret.

Here is another article from this week related to the IARPA, AI and machine neural learning: http://www.militaryaerospace.com/articles/2015/01/iarpa-artificial-intelligence.html

What makes AQUAINT unique, is that it is the central brain that controls ALL of the divisions within our global spying apparatus. Edward Snowden’s revelations concerning the Government surveillance programs of PRISM, ECHELON, Carnivore, DISHFIRE, STONEGHOST, Tempora, Frenchelon, Fairview, REGIN (The Lord showed me that the REGIN leak was why the Sec of Def. was recently fired) and MYSTIC are all controlled by AQUAINT and managed by it’s Artificial Intelligence. That those programs are nearly extensions of the AI and different subroutines it can perform.

Everything the IARPA is working on, is to make AQUAINT that much smarter. Take a look at their recent items of interest they are working on with AQUAINT RIGHT NOW:

  1. How the IARPA plans to get ahead of cyber attacks (Article Date last month): http://fcw.com/blogs/the-spec/2014/12/spec-iarpa-cyber-proactive.aspx
  2. IARPA seeks ‘unconventional’ methods to detect cyber attacks (Article Date Dec 18th, 2014): http://www.fiercegovernmentit.com/story/iarpa-seeks-unconventional-methods-detect-cyber-attacks/2014-12-18
  3. IARPA launches programme to track phantom vessels: http://www.intelligenceonline.com/corporate-intelligence/terabytes/2014/12/10/iarpa-launches-programme-to-track-phantom-vessels,108052022-ART
  4. IARPA awards contracts for supercomputer development (This is them SIGNIFICANTLY improving AQUAINTS processing abilities) http://fcw.com/articles/2014/12/08/iarpa-cryocomputers.aspx *note that the contracts were awarded to IBM’s Watson’s division, Cryogenic Computers and Raytheon. Raytheon is also perfecting a functional Quantum Computer. This hardware upgrade will give AQUAINT the machine learning processing power to break all forms of security password protected encryption
  5. IARPA Babel program seeks to provide AQUAINT’s machine learning intelligence with the ability of instant translation and intelligence analysis for any known language in real time (as of 2015, the IARPA seeks to develop a new ASPIRE automatic speech recognition program. This will give AQUAINT’s machine intelligence the ability to instantly identify your voice patterns): http://www.militaryaerospace.com/articles/2011/04/iarpa-babel-program.html
  6. The IARPA has a direct hand in directing and orchestrating the programs of the Army’s newly formed Black Dart program. These exercises are meant to perfect AI’s integration into our offensive drone technology: https://news.vice.com/article/inside-black-dart-the-us-militarys-war-on-drones These machines will terrorize humankind in the years ahead.
  7. We have already begun to place highly intelligent Artificial Intelligence operated weapons into Europe to challenge Russia: http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/575480/20141210/russia-ballistic-missiles-anti-ship.htm
  8. Here is the Defense Departments plan for Artificial Intelligence in 2014: http://www.defenseone.com/technology/2014/12/militarys-new-years-resolution-artificial-intelligence/102102/
  9. Artificial Intelligence is central to US Sixth Generation Fighter Plans: http://nextbigfuture.com/2015/01/artificial-intelligence-will-be-central.html
  10. NSA develops cyber weapons, ‘attacker mindset’ for domination in digital war – Snowden leaks: http://rt.com/news/223731-nsa-digital-war-snowden/

Now, remember how the Pharaoh had a dream in Genesis 41? It says, “When two full years had passed, Pharaoh had a dream: He was standing by the Nile, when out of the river there came up seven cows, sleek and fat, and they grazed among the reeds. After them, seven other cows, ugly and gaunt, came up out of the Nile and stood beside those on the riverbank. And the cows that were ugly and gaunt ate up the seven sleek, fat cows. Then Pharaoh woke up.” Then Joseph replies with, “Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The seven lean, ugly cows that came up afterward are seven years, and so are the seven worthless heads of grain scorched by the east wind: They are seven years of famine.”

You see, even though the Pharaoh was an unbeliever, he RECEIVED a dream and vision from the Lord. It was just that his heart interpreted this dream/vision as seven fat cows followed by seven ugly cows. It took the Prophet Joseph to correctly interpret the dream that the cows actually represented seven years of plenty followed by seven years of famine (which means he had to pick up the same signal but this time when Joseph received it, it came in loud and clear with proper instructions). The same is in the instance with King Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 2.

Like Director James Cameron to others that have claimed to have dreams related to an advanced AI destroying humanity (which was the basis of him writing and directing the Terminator series that involves an AI called Skynet). Jesus had warned us of an abomination that causes desolation and never once in scripture is the Abomination mentioned in reference as a gender of either a “Him” or a “Her” (coincidentally, neither is the second beast mentioned by gender) and now I have been shown this threat. As Jesus said, “LET THE READER UNDERSTAND” meaning, unless you lived RIGHT NOW and understood the technology in play, then you would not be able to accurately see what he was talking about.

He allowed me to observe the construction of AQUAINT that is currently being built that would combine all three qualities of artificial intelligence, quantum computing and the living cell to produce a form of false life. He also allowed me to observe that this form of false life would militarily be unstoppable (that it would be invincible to all forms of attack and could even use the human immune system functions of the living cell to reconstruct itself). The Lord allowed me to observe a catastrophic slaughter coming that is identical to the testimony by our brother John that was written in Revelation 13:2-4, 7 in regards to the beast striking at what it perceives to be a threat against it. Here is the scripture: “The dragon gave the beast his power and his throne and great authority. One of the heads of the beast seemed to have had a fatal wound (God, showed me that it would be the Christians that strike its facilities first), but the fatal wound had been healed. The whole world was filled with wonder and followed the beast. People worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?” It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them. And it was given authority over every tribe, people, language and nation.”

He showed me the machine used the regeneration abilities from the living cell and nano technology to repair itself instantly (think Wolverine from X-Men and it is healing itself but through organic synthesis it is able to reconstruct itself the same way your body repairs itself after you get a cut or a bruise).

*NEW MATERIAL POSTED ON APRIL 12th: As of April 9th, 2015 DARPA has begun to create a software program that mimics the adaptability of the living cell. This software program named, ‘BRASS‘ will study the adaptability of any environment known to Earth. This is an attempt by AQUAINT to learn how to self repair using nano technology that will mimic the human immune system (just as we testified to back in January). At this point, the threat of AQUAINT has reached a critical stage as it will soon be able to master self repair from any form of attack. This stage is so critical that as of April 8th, 2015 AQUAINT’s primary command and control operating systems have been relocated to the NORAD Cheyenne Mountain complex. This happened on the same day as a entire DC wide blackout and when CNN claimed the white house was hacked by, “Russia”. The Lord has shown me that this is deception and manipulation on behalf of AQUAINT itself. That it has already begun to become self aware enough to learn that it needs to protect itself. Do not be fooled into trying to get into questions online such as the recent headline from fox news, “Cat image sparks social media buzz: Is it walking up or down the stairs?” The Lord has allowed me to observe that this is an attempt by AQUAINT using the internet, social media and humans as observer volunteer test subjects to come to a local consensus for an image that would otherwise be deemed an optical illusion with no inherent meaning. This is an attempt by AQUAINT to master human syntax and complex graphical language reasoning. Understanding language and complex reasoning and being able to express those emotions to sentient creatures are a fundamental step in an AI’s development of understanding for how to properly communicate both desire and will to humans. Begin looking at the internet for social media buzzes such as the recent, “Blue Dress“. Look at these as attempts by AQUAINT to learn human reasoning and learn how we build consensus (as it will mimic these approaches in an attempt to find solutions for a variety of problems it will encounter). At this stage, it is appropriate to begin asking local congressmen and public representatives an honest and fair question (that I think we ALL forgot to ask), “Has any part of artificial intelligence been incorporated into the, ‘Continuity of Government‘ program?” If so, this machine intelligence needs to immediately be relieved of active duty. This needs to be done as absolute soon as possible. For the safety and security of your families, please contact your local representatives to investigate this matter further.

He allowed me to observe that the only brothers and sisters that survived the coming genocide would be those that properly knew of the threat beforehand and understood what was necessary to do in order to evade this enemy. This is done out of love, because love always protects – 1st Corinthians 13:7. He instructed me to tell you that there was no way we can defeat it militarily and that anyone attempting to do so would be killed.

AQUAINT’s military capabilities at this moment are simply unparalleled in the history of mankind (no human administrated military on Earth can best it). AQUINT is also not concerned about an incoming nuclear attack upon the United States. It already has the ability to mass produce an endless fleet of ground, air and sea machine forces at will through the use of gigantic industrial sized 3D printers that are used for military applications (even the use of building warheads). In addition, AQUAINT’s machine artificial intelligence is also being incorporated into DARPA’s new experimental submarine drone.

Another update is that Raytheon (the same company that was awarded a $250 million dollar no-bid contract back in December 10th, 2014 to help build AQUAINT’s superconducting supercomputing processor, which will give AQUAINT unparalleled processing power), has as of April 1st now been awarded a $700 million dollar contract to build AQUAINT’s main processors and communication equipment inside the NORAD complex.

He also showed me that before this happens that there would be a great revival and a great famine, disease and war that will take place before this abomination machine rises to power. He showed me a great deal, but for this testimony I will limit the topic in the direction of only the Beast.

To Better Understand Artificial Intelligence and its current capabilities please carefully review the materials below: 

Watch this short 15 minute documentary called, “Humans need not apply” Watch this before you view anything else below by clicking here: http://youtu.be/7Pq-S557XQU. It will give you context to see how even the secular world is catching on to the growing threat of Artificial Intelligence.

Proof Examples of Various private commercial based artificial intelligence’s that have achieved human or above human reasoning: 

QUILL: http://www.narrativescience.com/quill

What makes QUILL’s Artificial Intelligence unique: Quill’s machine learning intelligence unique is that it literally researches, writes and creatively adapts to anything on the internet. It will replace news reportings and all information based and blogging websites. Its writings will be indistinguishable from a human/biological based author.

Great Associated Article: http://www.businessinsider.com/narrative-science-2014-7

VITAL: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2014/05/prweb11847458.htm

What makes VITAL’s AI unique: VITAL was developed by Hong Kong advanced machine learning Artificial Intelligence company www.Deepknowledgeventures.com. It is so highly intelligent that it was recently appointed to become the director of the board to a Venture Capital hedge fund. It is now the daily boss of every human in the company.

Related articles: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2632920/Would-orders-ROBOT-Artificial-intelligence-world-s-company-director-Japan.html

AI Creates new form of Mathematics: Less than a year ago a new machine learning artificial intelligence solved an unsolvable mathematical equation. In the process, it is claimed to have invented a new form of mathematics that human beings cannot resolve (interesting that you NEVER hear about this on the nightly news!): http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn25068-wikipediasize-maths-proof-too-big-for-humans-to-check.html#.VLWqosbim_u

GOOGLE DEEPMIND: http://themindunleashed.org/2014/11/googles-deep-mind-plans-to-create-a-computer-able-to-program-itself.html

What makes Google’s DEEPMIND artificial intelligence unique: It is the closes thing yet to full cognitive machine learning based on a neural network that resembles the human brain. They have achieved true artificial intelligence short term and long term memory (mimicking the human brain functions).

Related Articles: http://www.wired.com/2014/07/google_brain/

WATSON: http://youtu.be/np1sJ08Q7lw and http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/ibmwatson/what-is-watson.html

What makes WATSON’S Artificial Intelligence Unique: Besides beating the best human player in Jeopardy’s history (Ken Jennings), it also acts as Chef Watson and even is working on making humans live longer. Its machine learning algorithms are the most advanced in the world. The WATSON division of IBM was recently awarded a $250+ Million contract to help build a super conducting super computer for the IARPA  that runs at exaFLOPS. To do what a 1 exaFLOP/s system can do in one second, one would have to make one calculation per second for about 31.7 billion years. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity is a division of DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

QUANTUM COMPUTING: Watch this very informative video related to quantum computing: http://youtu.be/jg8iCnQTLfM

This video will explain how a quantum computer uses electron “superposition” to calculate hyper complex equations that would otherwise take the life age of the universe to calculate in less time than it takes you to make a cup of coffee.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the recent scientific breakthroughs taking place within the last 12 months:

Scientific Breakthroughs #1 (achievements from 2014): http://www.futurism.co/year-technology-2014-mega-infographic/

Scientific Breakthroughs #2 THIS WEEKS SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHS: http://www.futurism.co/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Science_Jan4th_2015.jpg

God showed me that time is so limited that we only have months to warn the saints before secured online communications will no longer be available. There have been attempts to warn the public by PayPal and Tesla Motors founder Elon Musk and renowned Oxford University Professor Dr. Stephen Hawking have both wanted that Artificial Intelligence poses as mankind greatest threat but they are too late. The Lord showed me no matter how much they tried to stop this, it was going to happen.

I need you to spread this word about AQUAINT and artificial intelligence to your Christian friends. Gods people perish for their lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). This report serves as testimony by a fellow believer and it has been confirmed by more than one Christian.

Here is a short video I created that will explain to you how to survive the days ahead:


Joshua Kenny-Greenwood

As Sr. Pastor, The Empowerment Center



01-23-2015: IARPA seeks partners for brain inspired neural learning for Artificial Intelligence (combined the IARPA’s new contract for their new advanced superconducting computer being built for AQUAINT, this solicitation for more partners poses a continued threat and clear danger to the entire body of Christ): http://www.hpcwire.com/2015/01/22/iarpa-seeks-partners-brain-inspired-ai-initiative/




You have reached the End of the Article... But, read on...

I said, "The Next Right to stay on the pathway, not left you idiot!"

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Events are already rushing toward that time in which this is beginning to happen and will become more fully wide-spread. In these present times all you need to really do is look around both your local and larger areas as to what is really on-going through.  Things so very little or miniscule that they are barely noticeable except to the more informed observer may become apparent. 

Those little things are the laws of the land, economics, politics, the degrading and erosion of those rights and liberties afforded by the Constitution of these United States of America and many other things such as the manner with which entertainments have taken over much of the populace, entering into and becoming a major focus in worship, and more. 

We ask you, if you don't want to believe us... Have you heard, seen or found what is termed (of the many terms being used) that there are "holding areas" or "camps" or "Closed/Fenced communities" being built by GOVERNMENT? 

Here in North America, especially in the United States of America, we must admit that what Russia has come out of (a communistic, atheist country) we are entering into.  And one last thing that needs also to be understood... Something very important to those of you who are "Catholic" in the Roman sense of its jurisdiction....   And, we believe this also holds true for many who are "Orthodox" whether "Eastern" or "Western"....

[ * Non-Denominational = Synchrestic Ecumenism, Disease of Scholasticism, altering the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ to accommodate the disease of Political Correctness and CULTIC PROTESTANTISM, and the Roman Jurisdiction (Latin Church = Vatican) of the Catholic Church) breaking of - or failure and refusal to respect and abide by  - the ancient Seven Ecumenical "Do Not" Canons which leaves everything else open to God's gift of creativity... failure & refusal to abide by and have respect for those who diligently protect one of the other Pillars of the Church, the Seals of the Confessional, but "Non-Denominational" also includes worshiping Satan's religion of Muslim, Islam by praying with them and other heretics such as 'Pentecostalism,' 'Jehovah's Witnesses,' 'Mormons,' 'Church of Christ,' any so-called church with "Community Church" in their nomenclature and others who by their false and misleading dogmas and doctrines are actually against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ upon whom and for exacting reason we are called "Christian" in both spirit and truth from which non-denominational protestant sectarian claimants have departed from as being so-called Christian] Only a skilled spiritual father can help you!

Remember: You cannot ride two horses or serve two masters for one of them will be harmed by your thoughts, your very words and your actions which is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost (Spirit) who will depart from you.  And when the Holy Spirit departs, the great deceiver (unbeknownst to you) will rush in to fill the void under disguise of being the Holy Spirit!  Testing of the Holy Spirit to insure it is the Holy Spirit does not, for many a Sectarian Protestant and Roman, work because the Great Deceiver (Satan) is most skilled in worming and snaking his charms around your mind and heart to feign being the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Satan has the same gifts similar to the Holy Spirit but Satan's gifts are UN-HOLY and lead all who accept him (unbeknownst to you) to perdition.

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