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Updated: December - 2002 & 2007

The Fundamentalist - Evangelical Cults of Pentecostalism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism and many others... They are the
Satanic tool of the Antichrist

Originally authored By:

The Most Rev. James A.M. Dennis


A basic understanding of the true meaning of "Evangelical" - "Born Again Christian" - "Pentecostal" - "Fundamentalist" - "Mormon" - "Jehovah's Witness" - "Assemblies of God" and so many others in this 21st Century, including (and especially, ISLAM or Muslim)!

(Authored in 1982.  To accommodate the times in which we live, we have taken the liberty to edit and update)

(Added Notation - November 2002:  How close are the beliefs of so-called fundamentalism with the religion of ISLAM (Muslim), their present-day heresies which are growing exponentially; as are many of the Orthodox Catholics who have joined with the Romans for, we repeat, that which has been said already under the article "Regarding Ecumenism":

In vain, finally, do they refer to the "positive and useful services which" the World Council of Churches (WCC); "has offered and continues to offer" on a social and philanthropic level "to its member Churches." (18)

And we underscore the word "in vain," since none of the foregoing can dissuade us from a purely theological and ecclesiological evaluation of the ecumenical movement (and of the W.C.C.), which genuinely constitutes "a tragic alienation from the actuality [ed. note: and authenticity) of the Church." (19)

The resolute stand of the ever-memorable Father Justin (Popovich) points us in the right direction, and the facts underline the dire necessity and "the duty of Orthodoxy to withdraw from the W.C.C." (20)

We repeat, that the Orthodox ecumenists sin very gravely,

In conclusion, once again we address an anguished question, stemming from brotherly love, to the ecumenists among us Orthodox:

"Quo vadite, Orthodoxi Oecumenisti?"

"Whither go ye, O Orthodox ecumenists?"

These are the voices of Ecumenism and inter faith syncretism which professes a false love better called indifference. They walk hand-in-hand with the VIOLENT religion of ISLAM (Muslim) which already has begun its Holy War (Jihad) which affirms in its so-called Holy Book (Koran, Quoran) that all who are not believers (in Islam) are to be considered as "infidels" and especially those who are Christians and Jews. 

The fact that, in the United States, many Muslims are truly a 'peace loving' people in themselves, it stands as a fact based on experience in other countries that if and when they are called upon at a time the country is over-run, they would stand up and act violently to be counted as being in accord with the tenets of their faith,  in order for them and their families to survive.  This is one of many reasons why the religion of ISLAM (Muslim) is a religion of VIOLENCE, its so-called bible require they act accordingly.  There is no turning back!  The Fundamentalists of the various Christian denominations not of the true religion of Christianity, would also fall to the ground and accept the same idealisms because their "Christianity" beliefs are rooted in the violence of the Old Testament, not the New Testament for there is a very defining difference between the two insofar as spiritual and material beliefs and practices.  Thus, the following are signs of the times and how different they are:

Ask yourself the following questions when you hear an evangelist or fundamentalist preacher:

"Is s/he really preaching the words of God as given by Jesus Christ Himself?"

"Is s/he really preaching God’s Love as stated in John 3:16?"

In American society today, we see an ancient evil again raising it’s scaly head, sinking its fangs of poison into the very hearts of our children, keeping them from hearing the Good News as preached by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles. Instead, those wolves in sheep’s clothing are preaching with increasing frequency a shrill sound of the violent voice of hate, demanding unthinking obedience and unquestioning loyalty, clothed in high pious words of endearment.

When ministers, pastors, and priests allow their churches to be used by a politician and for political action; ...and when such clergy take to a political podium or forum of activity to incite their congregations into civil political action; all under the guise of "Religiosity" or "Religion," then the Anti-Christ appears and is present.

The Anti-Christ is there using, abusing, and perverting the teachings of Jesus Christ with high appearing societal moral scruples and ethics. Some of the teachings of the Anti-Christ is that which is so rampant today concerning the Death Penalty and Abortion, even matters involving moral turpitude of clergy; more especially is this true of denomination against denomination.  And, it would appear that many of the so-called allegations that have embraced the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church is predominantly motivated by many a cultic protestant. This sort of activity can not but boost the image of an individual who makes an allegation of wrongdoing, or even another clergy person's ego; instilling all the sins of Pride, Vanity, Greed (money-power) and all other negative anti-Christian passions of materiality, edged on by the adoration of their audience or listeners.  (Ed. Note: The Catholic Church (Orthodox Catholic Christianity and the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church) are not denominations whatsoever but the root of all things "Christian" which is Christianity in both spirit and truth)

Here is when the psychological (even physical) violence, in all its many modes and phases become subtly inserted into the psyche of those listening, which draws away people, little by little, from the practicing and belief in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ which housed, and based, in all that is Orthodox Catholic Christianity.  [Ed. Note: This view is even more exampled by actions in Luna County, New Mexico (March 2007) where the Metropolitan Archbishop and those with him were torched out of their Deming, New Mexico residence while they were in the process of moving.  According to State Investigators, the action may involve not only two attempted murder charges, but approximately 4 to 5 HATE CRIMES. It was the opinion of the Metropolitan Archbishop that the motivation was initiated by a female Pentecostal member who works at a local auto parts store, along with another woman who re-sells used items at a local flea/trade market, as well  a man. Hard as it may be in proving this line of though, it may be from our own investigations, more possible than not! ]

All of this is done under the false and misleading disguise of being in accord with true Christian Spirituality's moral practices of the Gospels of Jesus Christ, the First Christian and founder of Christianity.

The terms "Evangelism" and "Fundamentalism" are not the same things nor do they mean the same at all. "Evangelism" means "To carry the message" or "to give witness". The term "Fundamentalist" was originally applied to Southern "hellfire" and "damnation" cults who followed more so, the Old Testament based on the Epistles in the New Testament; basically following a "John the Baptist" teaching, even though the doctrines are more "Pauline" - reinterpreted to suit the stunted preaching of their misguided unchristian understandings.

Based on a simple study of the word "Fundamentalist" or even "Fundamentalism" one would expect it to mean something based firmly in the basics of the New Testament teachings of Jesus Christ Himself.  Instead, what we find… is that all "Fundamentalism" is based on the teachings of so-called (pseudo-Christian) leaders who preach the same basic "hate" messages clothed in different labels, including those who teach a "change" therapy approach.

These "hate" messages have been disguised not only as "Christian," but also as Shariah Islam, Farrakhan Islam (Muslim in the U.S.), Nazism, along with others to name a few. The name of the leader preaching the hate is different, but the message is basically the same.

Most of those leaders of the "Fundamentalist" - "Evangelical" - "Ecumenist" and so-called "Independent" (albeit: so-called Independent Catholic, Independent Orthodox, Old Catholic, etc.) movements today, along with their clergy and followers exhibit certain common traits:

They are emotionally persuasive "salespeople" who make up for ignorance by great zeal and the constant use of emotionally charged words and phrases to motivate their followers through the use of prejudice (as one of their weapons in their arsenal of verbiage) to hold unthinking and blind obedience of others.

Non-American and non-christian examples are Adolph Hitler, Ayatollah KhomeniLouis Farrakhan, and Mohammed (originator of Muslim = Islam). American so-called "Christian" examples are Henry Ford, Pete Peters, Gary Rex Laurk, Jim Jones, Jerry Fallwell, Jimmy Sweigart, Rex Humbert, Tammy Faye and Jim Baker, and the so-called 'Rev.' Jesse Jackson and 'Rev.' Al Sharpton, Kay Arthur (Precept Ministries) to name a few.  Many go out of their way to ingratiate themselves in political action either 'for' or 'against' civil government, thereby departing from that which they claim to teach as being "Christian" or from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ; especially involving themselves in the false idea that they are 'saving lives' when lives are truly at stake such as various hostage taking incidents. 

They also claim they are "saving souls".  Only Jesus Christ can save a soul!

It is up to the individual, 'Free Will' to accept or reject. One can lead an individual, a soul, to truth, but it is the individual to make the ultimate decision for so long as that individual remains alive on earth. They are not yet truly saved except by their earnest following and practicing of that which was handed down by Jesus Christ through the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers.  We sin every day... and since 'sin' does not allow for entry into heaven.  Therefore, for so long as one resides on earth, one does battles against the wickedness and snares of the Evil One... and only through proper and true baptism, through honest and true or sincere repentance, confession and partaking of the Lamb of God, the Mystery in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ as He ordained, can any one of us enter into heaven.  But it is not once a year that we do this, not once a month, but constantly, whether daily or weekly. 

Yet, later on, these protestant cultic gorups take on such civil issues (in a manner to incite their followers... that has nothing to do with the saving of lives or souls except and when it involves those of their own ethnicity (and even then, taking the attitude that their people who are under due process by civil law, can do no wrong, thus making for a public scene which impinges upon the judicial process of civil authorities whether the authorities are right or wrong)....  Again, departing from that which is truly of Christ and by Christ...

These are a few of the many primary reasons why ministers, pastors and priests should be held accountable to Constitutional Law in that it not only states that there must be a "separation of Church from State" but (although not written in) includes the reverse aspect of "separation of state from church".  As it presently exists, IRS requires that churches and their organizations claiming certain status, refrain from involvement in any political activity. 

Hardly do many of these so-called church ministers, pastors and priests do so.  They violate the teachings of Jesus Christ by riding two horses; one spiritual, the other man-made politics.  Any individual who has the right and title of "Rev." before his name, if s/he is truly a Christian (followers of the exclusive teachings of Jesus Christ) must refrain from involvements in man-made politics, those issues which are up to the vote of the people, including a refraining from indirect involvement in them as well by inciting their parishioners and congregations towards such under the banner of "church"... claiming "moral" issues, etc.  Jesus Christ's Life and Teachings makes it rather clear that His disciples, and Apostles, were to refrain from such involvements because the concern is to be centered on spiritual aspects alone.

For many, their very forms of worship center on an "entertainment mentality" so as to entice people to attend their gatherings or so-called churches. 

Their preaching is not enough to hold people's interest, thus they have to resort to an admixture of be-bop, so-called 'hip-hop' (a form of what is becoming commonly known as 'crap-wrap' gang-banger originated music) interspersed with special (paid) attendance by popular singers of such music who have created or changed words to fit the type of music in vogue and worded for use in their church buildings.

Today's "Fundamentalism" and "Evangelism" are forms of idolatry which follow a zealot approach much similar to those so-called Christian leaders whom we have exampled, both Christian and non-Christian, especially Islamic (Muslim). As such, they worship false gods who are labeled as being "Christian" (in attitude and teaching) being false beliefs by putting words (from their pulpits - their tent stages) into the mouth of Jesus Christ which were never implied or even uttered whatsoever. The people most easily "taken in" by the high pressure sales tactics of these cultists, and their cults are the:

The appeal is based on a desire to possess all truth, righteousness and Divine Approval by belonging to an elect group which makes them somehow better than anyone else.

The fanaticism which fundamentalist cults create, make it easy for their followers to consider everyone else who is not a member, to be a lesser creature of God’s and not to be treated as fully human or God’s child the same as the religion of Islam (Muslim).

This is particularly true of the Pentecostals (many of the Pentecostals consider themselves as non-denominational these days), the Mormons (Church of Later Day Saints) and Jehovah’s Witness (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witness) as well as Church of Jesus Christ, Nazarene Churches, Baptists, etc.  (Ed. Note: It is impossible to be "Non-denominational" since their so-called ministers are trained along the lines of very denominational theological lines of understanding which is truly more Protestant and not 'Catholic' in either spirit or truth no matter how much of a "cafeteria" styled approach they may take).

The Jehovah's Witness is a cultic group whose foundation began with Russell White... these people will not listen to Christian Truth, but aggressively promote their own understandings which have, in later years, given rise to many alterations of their "bible" as rewritten by Mr. White and his later successors. 

Today, this cultic group prey upon all those whom we have mentioned above, especially elderly people who are possibly reaching the early or later stages of dementia and have an innate need for 'friends' without regard for who they may be as experienced by a family in Seaside, California. 

The Jehovah's Witnesses in Seaside, California (Ramona Avenue) operate in a similar method and manner as the Mormons in their going door to door, but with a twist... they do not know when "No" means "NO"... They are very patronizing on one hand while being very insulting to one's intelligence when apprised of their cultic nature... and do not want to listen to what you have to say, but demand they be heard!  In spite of their being told "No" and also told they would be arrested if they repeat their comings and goings on various individual's property and/or residence, they send others from their so-called congregations without informing them (although they know, but play stupid as to their not being informed).  Of course, this has become more true of many of these other cultic groups in these later times.

The results of these cultic groups range from the actions of the Muslim (Islam), Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazis and Aryrian racists organizations, even to the mass suicides at Jonestown in the 1970’s (they suicided themselves to prevent their ‘inferiors’ from taking control).  They tied and dragged a black man behind their vehicle in Texas in 1998 and enticed a gay university student in Montana to go with them, tied him up to a fence on a dirt road, leaving him in the cold where he died after being kicked and beaten. 

The faces change, but their actions are all the same!  Their so-called ministers violate the commandments of Jesus Christ by using subtle and psychological verbiage, terms, words, phrases and arguments upon their followers which, in the end, advocate violence in such actions that are taken by the people to harm another human being. 

They do not have to even belong (as a noted member) to a religion or denomination... They are all one and the same!  Some call themselves "Evangelicals," "Born Again Christians," "Promise Keepers," "Ecumenist," or "Atheists," among the many names of organizations or individuals they have. (Ed. Note: The fact of the matter is that the cults will use any means and method which will advance their agenda or goals).

One of the biggest problems in these times is that the so-called "Ecumenists" "Evangelicals" "Promise Keepers" and "Born Again Christians" have insinuated themselves so heavily into the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and now, it would appear, even some of the Orthodox jurisdictions; that it has become a bit difficult to determine who is what, let alone which is .... the same attitudinal approach now carried over into the Roman and even many of the Orthodox Churches today. 

Allegations of moral turpitude against clergy has become a wrestling for money as a means to satisfy perceived harms, and (in some instances) false memories implanted through a form of brain washing... instead of under the meaning and teaching of Jesus Christ.  Thus, "allegations" involve the release to the public of those alleged so that careers are automatically over with.  "Allegation" against clergy means, when released to the public, the individual clergy person is automatically guilty when, in fact, the "allegation" may have been only 'hearsay' without verifiable FACT.  The punishment by society and so-called 'believers' of a particular denomination, is to seek monetary damages for perceived wrongs. This is not Christian whatsoever, but anti-christian at best!

Often they are prompted by electronic news media coverage (sometimes motivated by a member or the congregation who works for a particular newspaper, radio or T.V. station).  More often such is because of the socially acceptable appeal to news dealing with the sensationalism of sex, politics, religion (when all three are involved - it is sensational) and entertainment....

Some of the common characteristics of "fundamentalism" and "Evangelicalism" that have insinuated themselves in every denomination, are much similar to that of ISLAM (Muslim):

    1.  Opposition to all ‘science’ which fails to follow the "fundamentalist" party line…

    2.  All loyalty must be to the cult and its leaders.

    3.  "Truth" exists only in the teachings of the cult (fundamentalist or Evangelical) and its   interpretation of the "Holy Word" without question.

    4.  A need for a state "religion" with the old time followers getting positions of control.

    5.  Now is the time when all choices must be made, along the fundamentalist party line, tomorrow is too late.

    6.  A "holy war" especially against lesser or sinful humans is not only right, but just and proper.

    7.  The world is corrupt and must be purified.

    8.  Only followers of the cult are "moral" and everyone else is (at least) slightly evil, if not totally evil.

    9.  Service to the cult is the only security.

    10.  There are no human rights, but only the duties imposed by the cult, even if it means to subvert and pervert the United States of America today.

They cause for the most basic form of psychological violence on our children and adults alike. From psychological violence, they definitely cause for physical violence (as exampled above) and subversion of individual and human rights of those who do not necessarily accept all their tenets of belief according to their dictates and their interpretation of the Christian Holy Scriptures. This is not the way of Jesus Christ or even of true Christians who are truly Seekers of Truth in Jesus Christ and only in Jesus Christ.

[Ed. note: Might it be noted that not all members of those congregations are bad people in themselves as exampled above.  There are many Pentecostal believers and even some Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons who are actually very HONEST, GOOD people who do not necessarily believe that their congregation's members are doing right things.  Yet, the ministers and pastors of these Satanic cults who follow the heresy road of Satan's making, believe themselves above reproach which allow them to get away even with murder...

We know of several members of those so-called "christian" congregations who are owners and managers of gas stations, grocery stores and gas companies whose ideals of their congregations are not what they are supposed to believe.  In fact they are more honorable than many of their ministers and pastors. But the majority of their congregations are so enthralled with this false doctrine that they will do whatever is necessary to stop any FACTS from reaching the public for they see such as attacks....  Hmmmm.... ]

[The leaders, pastors or ministers of these so-called "Evangelical" churches do not want anyone to know the truth because they themselves do not know or want to accept the truth of the roots of Christianity because of the material goals involved (gold, silver, money, land, boats, houses, self-image, power, etc.)  Another reason is because that which is "Catholic" is often misunderstood as being "Roman" which is only a part of the "Catholic Church". 

Now comes those who think and believe they are "Catholic" by calling themselves "Independent Catholic" - others believe themselves "Old Catholic" and "Old Roman Catholic"... And as to those who are true to what it means to be an Old Catholic or Old Roman Catholic we must admit that the true Old Catholics and Old Roman Catholics are those like Archbishop +Andrew Berry of Canada, Archbishop +Bostwick here in the U.S.A. and several others. 

As an example we have those who, like +Donald Weeks [oud-katholieke-kerk@yahoogroups.com] and those who are in union with him, lock, stock and barrel; have opted for the falseness of a cafeteria styled Catholicism that allows for the inclusion of Pentecostalism attitudes and beliefs; Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses and more.  It must be noted that not all who subscribe to his yahoo group are with him in spirit or truth, but the majority are.

This is the "back-door" which Satan has taken to promote Synchrestic Ecumenism that has been, is and continues to be the destruction of Orthodox Catholic Christianity as it was handed down to us by Jesus Christ Himself, His Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers. 

These are the "Cafeteria" Catholics who have opted to be inclusive of female priests, Pentecostalism attitudes and beliefs, Muslims and worse.  [In Muslims (Islamists) it is their belief as given by their so-called holy book (Quoran or Koran), that the next prophet of Muslims (Islamists) will be through the loins of a man... which means that during certain Muslims (Islamists)ic festivals they must attempt to impregnate (Sodomize) young boys, teenagers and under teen aged youth.... This is a fact of truth which is not told to the world populace.  This is what they do! During those certain Muslim festivals, they are required by their holy book to 'take' a youth, to sodomize him.  But, during other times of non-festival, it could be discerned by Muslims (Islamists)ic law, to be homosexual, depending upon who the Imam is that oversees the observance of their holy laws.  Yet, in many instances, such activities during non-festival times is overlooked, especially if the man caught is wealthy or has political pull, etc. - This almost sounds like the actions of some Jehovah's Witnesses and Pentecostals who abhor and deny any kind of homosexuality altogether, but who, as observant to their satanic faith, will go after those who are "Catholic" or "Orthodox" Catholic.  Because they, like Muslims (Islamists) believe their actions are a Holy Action in the name of their prophet or Messiah. ] It is the aim and goal of so-called "Ecumenists" of these present times, to bring about an amalgamation of all religions and faiths no matter what they are, to be of the same idea that they worship the same God.  This is what the Independent Catholic movement and Independent movement is doing... Thus, anything which spreads TRUTH and FACT is acted against in order to silence them.  The FACTs are that the God of Islam - Muslims (Islamists) is actually Satanic.  The God of many of the Protestant Cults is not the Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ, but a pseudo-idea of what they would like Christ's Life and Teachings to be as a result of the manipulations made to the Bible.  ]

They are incapable of understanding the true meaning of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as exampled by their stalwart promotion of vengeance which does not allow for the REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS... which is further evidenced by their advocacy of continued punishment of those who have served time in prison for various crimes, especially those who have been convicted (rightly or wrongly) of sex crimes (on hearsay evidence) and those who have been convicted for other crimes... and... who have paid the penalty as well as having completed parole... The continuance of vengeance and hatred as evoked by the laws of the land as regards formerly convicted persons is not only appalling, but seriously undermines the idea and ideals of "rehabilitation".

If one is truly Christian, that is … of Jesus Christ, then one must (out of good conscience) consider just what Jesus Christ had to say, and that He was not violent against another brother or sister, but an honest and Divine person whose Divinity is the "Way the Truth and the Light." No longer must a person weigh one’s belief in Jesus Christ on "Old Testament" teachings where violence begets violence in spirit and truth.  Jesus Christ embodied the Ten Commandments and beliefs of the Old Testament with His Teachings outlining and redefining the faith that we who call ourselves "Christians" are required to truly practice on a day to day basis, not just as a seventh day activity.

If one is truly Christian then one must look exclusively to the Words and Life of Jesus Christ in the New Testament Gospels as being the only way to live and struggle both spiritually and materially.

For in doing so, one fulfills all that was given by the Hand of God in the Ten Commandments through Moses.


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