Sunrise Pascha/Easter Services Held

By: D. Garcia


Polamos, Mexico - March 27, 2005


Undaunted by the morning's cold weather, physical infirmities and other health issues, His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus, O.S.B., SSJt., accompanied by His Grace Bishop +Matthias, SSJt., provided Sunrise Easter Services for homeless and travelers to this area of this state of "Enchantment" at 6 A.M.


Divine Services began at 5:45 near Palomos, Mexico.  As the sun rose over the crest of the land the sun's ray began spreading with many hues of gold and white, reaching many in attendance as His Eminence had reached the part of Divine Liturgy where the elevation takes place.


You could hear the gasps of surprise as the combination of God's created 'nature' and the time of that part of the liturgy added the mixture of both materiality and spirituality to the high emotional impact of the meaning of Christ's Resurrection from the grave and death where he has been, according to ancient teachings, in Hades laying the law of God before Satan.  This is the moment on which many are reminded that the gates of hell are broken.


With the aide of an attendee, a translation of all that was happening during the Divine Liturgy was made possible for those who were unable to speak and understand English.  


A summation of His Eminence's Paschal message to the faithful... Pascha is just the beginning of a Divine celebration that must be a daily practice more than just by words, but by one's deeds and belief.


After Divine Liturgy, an old woman approached and kissed the hands of His Eminence and Bishop Matthias.  With tears streaming down her face she said through a translator that she was most blessed for being able to attend such a service such as this.  She said it reminded her of olden times. 


Several others came forward also to give their thanks and receive antidoran.


The message from the people was clear.  They not only graciously thanked God for this Divine Liturgy, but for the appearance of these Thaddean Fathers from such a long distance to help them. 


Food and clothing was also distributed among those in attendance.


A most blessed event which will be carried in the hearts and souls of many for a long time to come. 


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