A Few Questions Answered

Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch & the Holy Theotokos were asked many questions of which the following stand out as a sign of the times in which we live.

No person, young or old should feel abandoned or tossed aside by either family, friends or society.  But, this is what is happening when they are either mentally challenged, suffer from HIV/AIDS or other physical health issues affecting mind, body and soul. 

Often times these very ones are taken in by religious cults (mostly Protestant) who claim to be "Christian" but are followers, unknowing to themselves, of the Evil One with false and misleading teachings concerning the Life and Teachings of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Our Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch & the Holy Theotokos deprives no one who is truly SINCERE in being directed to that which has been from ancient times to the present, a part of the true Church, a spiritual hospital.

GOSSIP/SLANDER:  Did you know that to gossip about someone or others (families or persons) is actually slander and is a sin?  Some people like to make themselves appear to have knowledge about someone or others when, in fact, they are self-image makers.  They have no FACT to place before you (and if they do, it is usually facts based on very old happenings of ten or more years)... Thus, these people speak nothing but 'hearsay' which is usually second and third hand.  If they speak from their so-called experience, it is from the perception which is not usually based on FACT.  They hurt the Body of Christ. 

The cure to gossip and slander is to go to the person being spoken about.  Get the facts from the person being discussed or slandered!  If you don't, you accept what is being said about them and you thus become a false believer (in Christ), a false Christian in spirit and truth! 

Gossip (Slander) is a disease of the mind that infects and poisons the faithful.  It goes against charity, means a waste of energy, takes away peace and destroys one's union with God!


Mona Charen

While you are still alive and have the chance, go to those whom you have gossiped and slandered, admit your error and ask for their forgiveness as it may be a sure thing they will also ask of you, your forgiveness too.  Gossip and Slander is a forgivable offense.  You cannot just pray to God and ask His forgiveness when you have the chance to seek the forgiveness of those whom you have slandered. 

USING & ABUSING THE CHURCH: Did you know the "Church" actually means "Faith of the People"?  It does not mean a four-cornered building which is actually called a "Temple". 

Did you know that there are those who use and abuse the "Church" for their own selfish needs of greed?  Sometimes these types of people will claim to be "Christian" when they are actually, unknowing to themselves, ANTI-CHRISTIAN in spirit and truth because they use the Church as a means to gain material supplies and goods for their own wants which deprive those who are true spiritual and material strugglers in the faith as true Christians?  These types of people will use their very own children and families to get what they want from others by speaking of others negatively most of the time, while claiming themselves to be 'spiritual' when they are not.  They face the fires of hell for the God they worship will place them there at the final judgement!

THE CHURCH IS ABOUT RESPONSIBILITY:  When a family raises their young according to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ which can only be truly found in the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith, they will learn Responsibility, not according to the cultic churches that abound in Protestantism. 

This Monastic Community accepts all people of varying persuasions who act responsibly to the moral life and teachings of Jesus Christ. 

Those who are married do not stray from their material and spiritual responsibility.  Those who are single; those who have been living a bi-sexual or homosexual lifestyle come to this monastic community knowing that they will have to embrace celibacy.  Their former ways are in the past.  All members are RESPONSIBLE to Jesus Christ!


The peacefulness of true Orthodox Catholic Christian Prayer surpasses all boundaries of understanding according to man's limited knowledge. Praying together for all good things both spiritual and material.

We turn away no true, sincere, honest repentant struggler whose former lives were one of confusion and disharmony.  Those who find they cannot continue in this spiritual and material struggle are cast out for there can be no disharmony and disquietude in this monastic lifestyle and vocation.

Helping the helpless in their spiritual struggle for enlightenment through Jesus Christ is what the Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch & the Holy Theotokos is about for many who come through our doors.  One here, another there; a few may stay and become monks or nuns living in community. 

Helping those who are elderly, those with HIV/AIDS, Dylexia, ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities among the many who are disenfranchised from family, friends and society.  We are a spiritual hospital for a sick society who sometimes have a mistaken understanding of what it means to be truly "Christian".

Before, During and after the Lenten Season, Pasch or Easter, it is one's duty as a true Christian which rests upon the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith established by Jesus Christ, that one continues on the path, the struggle in this life to:



He Is Risen Indeed


Learn the meaning of Pascha (Easter) and the Life of Christ, His teachings and their importance for all who call themselves Christian. 

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