Are you more like Roman Catholics or Protestants?

In that we are called Orthodox Catholics, we have come from many jurisdictions of the past.

However, it is far more accurate to say that Roman Catholics and Protestants share certain similarities with each other.

Orthodoxy has never experienced events such as The Reformation or Counter Reformation, but have maintained the fullness of the Gospel message since long before the additions & accretions that crept into the Roman Communion, such as the doctrines of Papal Infallibility and the Immaculate Conception, (Orthodox Christians are permitted to accept the Immaculate Conception of Mary as a pious belief, but are not required to believe it as an official Dogma of the Faith.)

The Protestant Reformation has also greatly erred by accepting many of Rome's practices, such as the filioque clause in the Creed, while jettisoning many of the hallmarks of what the Church really is, such as the Historic Episcopacy.

As Priests, Brothers, Sisters and Friends, we follow and practice that which is Orthodox, struggling in this life for the fullness of Orthodoxy (Right Thinking, Right Belief, Right action) of which we shall not know if we have arrived at until we are judged by God.

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