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If you have ever been in the military, served time in a county jail or prison, even if you have belonged to a militaristic or religious organization you undoubtedly know that there is always a regime of activity and conduct required. 

The same is true of most religious organizations or Holy Orders such as the Benedictine, Franciscans, Carmelite, and most other Holy Orders dedicated to a rule of life. 

In the military, it is a dedication to country. 

In a jail or prison it is the regime of controlling one's life whereby they become indoctrinated to a set way of conduct and doing daily activity. 

In religious life, it is the regimen of daily activities for worship, private and corporate prayer and earning a simple life. 

Even in an organized home setting, there is a degree of conduct and regimen that one has to adhere to if one wants a degree of peace or tranquility as a means to survive with those whom one lives with, be they brothers, sisters and parents.  This is even true if you were an only child, you were required to adhere to the rules set by your parent(s)... some more, some less!

Church life in a Holy Order is actually no different.  However, there has been a misunderstanding by many people in society about sex in society and in the church.  You've seen it mentioned in an indirect manner by the electronic news media where anything and almost everything "Catholic" is assumed and presumed to be of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church without forethought.  They forget, whether intentional or not, that the "Catholic" Church is actually the One, Holy, Apostolic and Catholic Church which began with that which is today known and called "Orthodoxy"... not Rome or the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  They forget that SEX is not a Church issue, but an issue of Society itself!

Where are you in life right now?  Are you really happy with yourself and your relationship with life, with people and most of all with God?  Are you really happy? 

Are you Gay, Bi-sexual, Straight?  Are you un-married or married?  Are you an x-con? Are you disenfranchised or displeased with the religious life you've led, or not led?  Are you a priest, monk or nun already?  If you fit into any one of these areas, or none of these areas, then this message is also for YOU too!

The Church never was meant to be about SEX and SEXUALITY, but about RESPONSIBILITY!  Far to much attention is played upon the word "SEX:" and not enough upon the word "RESPONSIBILITY"... What do we mean about "RESPONSIBILITY"?

We mean being true to self, to society, to relationships, especially the relationship you do or do not have with God!

The Church was never meant to be a BUSINESS either!  But that is the way it has become through out the world!  The Church was never meant to be a POLITICAL organization, but what do we see happening by all kinds of groups calling themselves CHRISTIAN?  You already know the answer to that!

YOU... right where you are now... in answering the questions already posed, might wish to explore a relationship with others who have found a life in Jesus Christ through one of our Holy Orders.  You may wish to reside right where you are for now or relocate to be in close proximity of other religious brothers and sisters.  You may wish to learn more about effecting a relationship that endears your life with a love relationship that will carry you across the pall of death into the new life to come!

God Wants YOU!  God wants to explore your relationship with Him!  We want you to join with us, to learn with us, to pray with us, to live with us, to be one of us and to grow together in a relationship that no man can truly destroy! 

It matters not to us if you were in the military, in prison, or any other organization or on the streets (so-to-speak).  It matters not if you are Gay, Bi-sexual, or straight.  It matters not to us if you are married or un-married!  If you are a clergy person (man [monk or priest] or woman [nun or deaconess]) who is unhappy with what you've experienced and the group you are, or have been with... we need to talk! 

What matters most to us is YOU and YOUR RELATIONSHIP to God.  What matters most to us is YOUR finding that special niche in life where you feel the joy of accomplishing something greater than any job, any political or other man-made endeavor can bring about.  A Relationship in the humble ways of our Holy Orders where you find a love that is truly the Pear of Great Price in devotion to Jesus Christ!

Some who have found us, have moved to this area of the country where we work together, play together and pray together in a relationship with God that defies description in human words.  We are the modern day desert Fathers and Sisters!

We are not like the slick type of large monasteries abundant around the world.  We are impoverished, poor and some of our people are sick of body, but not of heart, mind and soul.  We are companions to the elderly, those with HIV/AIDS and other types of people who feel lost and broken-hearted. 

We train each individual, according to their nature and degree of ability to learn and earn that one kind of relationship that goes beyond time and space for it is an eternal relationship.

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