Orthodox Cross Sets Tone

For the Village of Columbus, New Mexico, U.S.A

{Note: Since the posting of this article we have moved back to Deming, New Mexico which is 36 miles from the Mexican Border.  We were, while in Columbus, NM only 4 miles from the Mexican Border... }

The International Communications Headquarters for the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, the NORTH AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, the CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN CHURCH and all its various institutions and organizations under her is now officially established by the planting of the Orthodox Cross in front of the residence of the Thaddean Fathers (Modern Day Desert Fathers) dwelling in the Village of Columbus, New Mexico, U.S.A on May 6, 2007.


The Orthodox Cross was hand made with materials donated by one of our parishioners who wished to remain anonymous.

The Orthodox Cross provides a sanctuary for those seeking spiritual and material truth concerning the faith based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as handed down through time and history through the Holy Apostles, Patristic Fathers and many Saints and Martyrs.

Inasmuch as this area would have thought to of been very "Catholic" - - It is not.  Predominant undertones of cultic Protestants abound in Luna County of which the Village of Columbus, New Mexico is a part of; where clergy have been placed in a setting of not being as holistically involved in civic affairs as is the norm by all true Servants of Jesus Christ and such that might, could or would deprive people and property owners of their civil rights as pertaining to the Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America and the Constitution of New Mexico.  Luna County is known for being one of the worse counties where it is alleged the civil politics is very corrupt and equal in corruption to the most corrupt county of any other state. Yet, amongst this environment, clergy do not get involved in fighting for the basic rights of its citizens, not even the clergy of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church; not unless those clergy who do, are faced with discriminatory actions of some sort. 


It would seem that the old history of Mexico as regards clergy in general (government versus clergy when the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church took sides against the inhabitants to stand firm with the monarchy before they were overthrown) ... has seeped into and carried forward in time to this area (Luna County and the State of New Mexico) whereby the local "Good Ole Boys" of these times hold power, both political and economic.  New Mexico (U.S.A.) itself is a non-referendum State.  Thus, each county is a non-referendum County which means whoever is voted in as "Commissioners" or their equivalent - - - once voted in, can do as they please over the objections of the citizens.  There is no voting by the citizenry on most issues affecting the area when implemented by the local Commissioners. 

As a result of the interaction of the Desert Fathers in establishing the International Communication Headquarters of the American Orthodox Church/North American Orthodox Church and those institutions under them; the clergy have involved themselves in such that might, could, would, or has, impacted citizens being deprived of certain rights which has not been very well received by local politicians.

The Orthodox Cross sets the tone of the work in this area of New Mexico which is only three to four miles from the Mexican border.

The new home of the International Communications Headquarters of the American Orthodox Church/North American Orthodox Church, where Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus, O.S.B., SSJt., Ph.D., and those with him reside, sits on nine acres of land where a bit less than one full acre has been fenced in surrounding their residence, office and Chapel.  This provides a more secure setting to aide and assist those in need without the incursion of those whose hatreds and obstinacy reject the root of true Christianity based in that which today is known and called Orthodox Catholic Christianity, not of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  It is here that the motto of "Prejudice makes prisoners of the hated and that hater" becomes all the more understandable.  For there exists a most difficult barrier that has existed for several hundreds of years between some Hispanics and  those who are of other ethnic heritages which is partially to blame for the politics that exist in this area of New Mexico.  Some of those difficult barriers do go beyond just political but involve even religious lines.

Every so often the Desert Fathers hold Yard Sales, in tandem with other people from the village and Deming who come here to raise funds for a variety of needs.  It was learned that there is "No Space Rent" required as all who make use of space for selling their vegetables, fruits, clothing, parts and supplies, crafts and other items obtain their space on a donation basis.  This is in addition to the collection of Canned and Dry Goods which are then distributed to the poor and impoverished by the Thaddean Fathers on a case by case need.


Inasmuch as the Village of Columbus, New Mexico is made up of mobile homes, some foundation homes and other little communities such as City of the Sun which is partially dug into the ground with a few houses made out of (and in) the ground as though almost underground; there being among those people, a degree or reminiscence of the hippie days where crafts and other items are made.  Sun City is within the Village of Columbus, New Mexico.

The Thaddean Fathers (Modern Day Desert Fathers), in spite of the numerous difficulties they have already had to face thus far, knowing there are many more to come which tests one's spiritual strengths and weaknesses; are more ardently involved in prayer, meditation, continuing their work with the impoverished, the elderly, American Veterans, those with HIV/AIDS and many others. 

The Orthodox Cross is more than just a symbol... It stands for the very root of Christianity as it bears witness to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by action. The Orthodox Cross stands as a symbol for the needs of the people both known and unknown.  It stands for Right Thinking, Right Belief, True Worship in action and much more.

With the help of numerous other people both locally and afar, the Thaddean Fathers (Modern Day Desert Fathers) are slowly developing their grounds to meet the spiritual and material needs of the general general community.

Providing assistance to those who have lost contact with their Old Catholic heritage as well as some who have lost contact with their Orthodox Catholic heritage, the Thaddean Fathers are aiding both groups with materials for study and Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass).

Numerous Village of Columbus citizenry, knowing full well the problems the Thaddean Fathers have faced in the recent past, have welcomed them into the community with many blessings and endearments of both friendship and help.

With Bishop +Matthias (to the left) being in charge of schedules, directing the overall building up of the grounds for holding services and catechism, there exists a sense of joy and gladness as volunteers provide assistance when they are not pursuing their own studies and part time jobs.

Bishop +Matthias stated that, "The whole purpose of our efforts is for building up of both faithful and the grounds area for retreats, study, prayer, community workshops and such other activities that will enhance the Village of Columbus over time.  Our efforts, our very work is dedicated to Saints +Jude Thaddeus, +John Maximovitch, +Seraphim Rose and the Most Holy Theotokos".

The Thaddean Fathers have made it abundantly clear that they have not come to take from the village community, but to give to the village community. 

Having already begun their work in March, with it now being May, a small celebration has been planned in the forthcoming weeks of which the Thaddean Fathers will be aiding in hosting.

The main Church telephone number remains the same (505) 544-8279.  The new Mailing Address is: P. O. Box 1652, Columbus, New Mexico 88029, U.S.A.


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