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The above document also validates the Episcopal Lines of Succession of Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford).   Those lines of Succession includes Lines from Ukrainian Orthodox Church through Archbishop Llynchik and +Yuri Spaeth.  There are those out of Ohio who have made a claim that I repudiated Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford). Any document that is purported to have been issued should be checked very carefully and cautiously because our name and signature has been proven to of been used fraudulently in recent times past by someone in Ohio as per Ohio Secretary of State documents. 

Because there are false, misleading and damaging claims from another out of Ohio one can only ask what he has to gain by continued attacks?  In the question lays the answer... Power, Image, Control over a jurisdictional name that he had no long-term permission to use since he was deposed and excommunicated from the MOTHER CHURCH, the American Orthodox Church, the same name he continues to use. Many are fully aware of this man's motives and the degrees he has gone to and will go to in his continuing damage campaign against Joseph Thaddeus. 

What is this jurisdiction's stand on the whole issue? (Click Here)

Are there false convictions of people going on?  More than you think!

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