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"There are those, over the year or two that the "Quotes from Thaddeus" have been up, who take issue because they feel that a monk, be he Metropolitan or Archbishop, or priest, should say little to nothing but let silence be the teacher.  If this was a perfect world, that might be the best approach.  In prayer, a group of us who are Orthodox Benedictine from mainline and non-mainline Orthodox jurisdictions have sought answers to questions and find that His Eminence's "Quotes" page is a necessary thing more especially for those who are not strugglers on the path of "Orthodoxy".  Many who say that he should say nothing are more involved with self-interests and 'politics'.  Some of us are not even associated with the Jurisdiction under His Eminence but belong to a large prayer group across the North American Continent.  We have unanimously agreed that much that could be posted by His Eminence, has not been posted, even such as we have suggested because we find that he is less imbued with 'politics' and being a Metropolitan Archbishop as he is with prayer and being a spiritual father to many of us who have called on him for guidance.  Thank you!"


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January 2005


Unusual and un-Christian activities were taking place which apparently precipitated many of the questions from those during part of December 2004 and January 20th 2005. 


Inasmuch as we have had no control over those who instigated or originated those events, we caste no aspersions and lay no blame, at this time, upon any one or more particular individuals... but retain the Q & A "Quotes From Thaddeus" for the time period from January 2nd to the 18th ... with editing, so as to remove such that might, could or would impugn any one or more individuals by either name or state geographical location.  The Questions and the answers are relevant for Orthodox Truth to be gained.


As a last and final note before you continuing reading... It would not matter what I were to say, there are those who will take issue in one form or another.  Christian conduct, especially Orthodox conduct by and between clergymen have safeguards which are supposed to be followed but are not always.  Those safeguards, as was pointed out recently lie in the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils. 


Danny (Wyoming): January 18, 2005

Your Eminence, what is the meaning behind calling one's self a "National Headquarters" or "International Headquarters"?


Father Thaddeus replies:

I am presuming that your use of the term "one's self" was intended to mean my-self as an individual. 


The AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH [AOC] (the California Corporation) came into existence by a mandate from Archbishop +David Baxter who had who had received it from those who had consecrated him and those from whom they were consecrated.  The now reposed Archbishop +David M. Johnson established the AOC in 1971-1972 of which we were duly appointed, consecrated and elected as his successor to all the rights, title and interests in the corporation itself.  There are many who may use the name AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, and indeed they may be an American Orthodox Church by nomenclature only.


The AOC (California religious Corporation) has grown over time.  We are the Mother Church for some who are no longer with us for they have departed from the faith in spirit and truth but claim to be the "American Orthodox Church".  Today it includes various jurisdictions as listed on the entry web page to apostle1.com.  These are not 'paper' corporations, but real, live, church jurisdictions who are, through their various archbishops, bishops and clergy, members of the AOC Holy Synod of Bishops.  The Clergy listings are only partial listings for reasons so explained on that web page.  The internet e-mail address, served by this web site, are not 'blind' addresses of non-existent individuals whatsoever as some have attempted to portray, but are very real, living clergymen. 


Therefore, the AOC has grown to international proportions.  We do not bow to a Patriarch of either the East or West because of other mandates granted us Autocephalous and autonomous standing as various documents exist at this web site will show if you have not yet done your research properly


Inasmuch as we, here in Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A., are a very small group of committed Orthodox Catholic Christian clergy and faithful, we operate the administrative center which is called the "National" and "International" headquarters for communication purposes between clergy and faithful alike. 


As to our lowly selves, we are monastic and maintain ourselves by our own means.  We are self-supporting. We do not solicit or ask for donations from the general public.  We provide the Holy Mysteries and maintain other programs for the needs of people locally while also endeavoring to maintain the needs for the administration of the AOC (NAOC, AOCC). 


If you had looked at all the various questions and answers, you would have found out why we had to incorporate the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH here in New Mexico as the NORTH AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, which is not a paper church for one individual, but serves an abundance of clergy and faithful both locally and internationally, more than just three and four clergy who participate in and with us according to their various abilities.  The very name AMERICAN ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHURCH is also of the same.  It too is not a paper church.


We do not proclaim to have a "Monastery" in the traditional meaning and understanding of the nomenclature for to do so is misleading, false and may even be perceived as a form of spiritual fraud.  We have a Skete.  A Skete is a place for one to two or more professed where prayer, meditation and contemplation is actively pursued,  providing the Divine and Holy Mysteries, in addition to our other duties as already mentioned. 


If you know anything about Orthodox Christianity, you would learn that true clergy of the Christian Faith, the Orthodox Clergyman that is, follow the examples of many saints.  One who comes to mind is St. John Maximovitch and blessed Father Seraphim Rose, both of whom I had briefly known, personally, during their earthly life. 


St. John served the Body of Christ, the Church; providing the Holy Mysteries and attending to the administrative needs of the Church while living under a variety of situations through out his life.  A boat, a shack, a train, even a cave according to some... It did not have to be a house or glamorous building, not even a Cathedral that was necessary.  It didn't matter where one was at.  The Church is the Faith of the People.  The Holy Mysteries and even the administrative needs can still be met in those conditions and circumstances no matter where one resides.  Yes, the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH (AOC, NAOC, AOCC) here in Deming, New Mexico, as in California, being one and the same, is the original, true and official "Mother Church". 


The very term and word "Resistance" is sometimes misused and abused in a manner that disenfranchises many people who know they need a spiritual hospital, the Church, as they have come to recognize their own sinfulness, even clergy. To understand this better you may wish to see a special article by clicking here...


Your understanding may also be more balanced with this special article by clicking here...


My you also be directed to two important articles on this web site which provide further insight: 

Nathan (Quebec, Canada): Janaury 17, 2005

Your Blessings Father.  What is the real truth about the Seals of the Confessional and your past experiences of the 1990's? I ask this because of numerous unsolicited spam e-mails I received concerning you.  The senders of those e-mails had no return information.


Father Thaddeus replies:

I hope the following link, although slow in coming up, directs you to a letter which may answer your question. 

Sylvia (Germany): January 16, 2005

Bless Father.  My son in the United States is with an Anglican Orthodox Church.  He says he received a rather nasty e-mail from unknown sources who claim you had been deposed and excommunicated.  My sister in California is a member of one those parishes under you.  My question is, have you ever been deposed or excommunicated?


Father Thaddeus replies:

No!  Absolutely Not!  There is no way one can truly be deposed or excommunicated after he has repudiated a consecration for good cause.  I have been accused of being deposed and excommunicated from, supposedly, two monasteries or Holy Orders.  One cannot all of a sudden back-date a document to make a claim of having deposed or excommunicating someone who was never a member of that monastery or Holy Order under them.  To do so is spiritual fraud!


Also, might I raise this as food for thought.  If one is the Presiding Bishop of a jurisdiction and makes an episcopal visitation, regardless of the circumstances or situations causing it to happen, being a guest in one's monastery, it in no wise is meant, implied or otherwise to be taken as incardination or acceptance into that establishment.  Yet, while one can be a member of a Holy Order, being himself, as I am, in those instances, the Primate or Presiding Archbishop when visiting, and when such establishment being visited was operating under our administrative Omophor, it cannot be assumed or even presumed that I was automatically a member of them or under their ecclesiastical control even though visiting their jurisdiction. 


Further understanding can be obtained also from the same article mentioned above by clicking on: To answer your question further, click here.


Ziegfried (Michigan): January 2, 2005

Dear Father Thaddeus... I am something of a neophyte to Orthodox Catholicism and have done a lot a inquiry.  You had posted on your "Quotes" pages something to do with "Athonite Benedictine" and I cannot find it anymore.  What I have found on "Athonite Benedictine" through my many calls and internet search is little to nothing except those who claim to be "Athonite" without proper documentation.  What do you know about them or where can I find accurate information?


Father Thaddeus replies:

What I may know is insignificant in comparison to the Greek Orthodox.  However, I too know of what speak.  We were "demanded" to have the information removed because such questionable truths were offensive to a few in Toledo, Ohio and Deming, New Mexico.


The information I have received from some in the Greek Orthodox Church suggests that without documentation, there is no true "Athonite" Benedictine except those who are claiming such appellations.  Without documentation, the claims, we are told are spurious at best.


However, we have been told by those who have claimed to be "Athonite Benedictine" that Bishop Llnyckyj, Metropolitan of Philadelphia (1978), to Metropolitan Yuri Spaeth, was made an Athonite Benedictine by those who came from Mt. Athos.   Although episcopal succession is valid, there is no documentation to prove the validity of the claim as regards "Athonite Benedictine". 


In true Orthodoxy, without verifiable proof, a claim of any sort, much like the Roman West, leaves one to wonder as to what is Truth.  There are those who feel that because they said a thing is true, that everyone else must accept it as truth.  For it is true that all of us have met personages who make claims, believing that they cannot err.  To call another clergyman of another  jurisdiction of the same faith to task to prove something as being true is mistakenly taken by the one being asked for poof, as a liar.  Usually this occurs when there is no proof available at the time of the questioning and while not calling them a liar, it is a learning process of "show me" without impugning their statements.  It is much like asking a priest from one jurisdiction going to another as to his validity which requires proof and verification. 



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