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"Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater"


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"Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater"

Webmaster Note: {The following was sent to us}:

"There are those, over the year or two that the "Quotes from Thaddeus" have been up, who take issue because they feel that a monk, be he Bishop, Metropolitan or Archbishop, or priest, should say little to nothing but let silence be the teacher.  If this was a perfect world, that might be the best approach. 


In prayer, a group of us who are Orthodox Benedictine (OSB) and Thaddean Fathers (SSJt.) from mainline and non-mainline Orthodox jurisdictions have sought answers to questions and find that His Eminence's "Quotes" page is become necessary especially for those who are not strugglers on the path of "Orthodox Catholic Christianity".  Many who say that he should say nothing are more involved with self-interests and 'politics'. 


Some of us are not even associated with the Jurisdiction under His Eminence but belong to a large prayer group across the North American Continent.  We have unanimously agreed that much that could be posted by His Eminence, has not been posted, even such as we have suggested because we find that he is less imbued with 'politics' and being a Metropolitan Archbishop as he is with prayer and being a spiritual father to many of us who have called on him for guidance.  Thank you!"



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Previous Quotes of 2007 -

Q: Dear Father Thaddeus, I left the Roman Church and became a member of one of the Protestant congregations about 15 years ago.  I am very displeased and dissatisfied with the congregation I had belonged to because their outlook has been the "hell, fire and brimstone" approach from the Old Testament with no spiritual uplift.  I came back to the Catholic Church by joining with an Orthodox Catholic Church where I've found myself very pleased and uplifted.  My question is this.  The Protestants of the congregation have started and continued a campaign by spreading malicious rumors about me which have now reached some of the parishioners of the Orthodox Church I belong to.  The priest of the church has warned his flock to put aside the gossip and not believe in it but to come to the one being talked about in order to get to the truth of the gossip.  What can I do to stop the Gossip?

A:  Like a sand storm, it will pass and die out.  However, to suffer the storm of rage you are faced with is a true test of your faith.  The devil is in many disguises.  Many of the Protestant cults like the Mormons, Jehovah's Witnesses, Church of Christ, Pentecostals and others (but not all of them) are a very vengeful lot because they do indeed believe they practice "Christianity" as being Bible believers unknowing that they have forsaken Jesus Christ of the New Testament while following the path of man a Sanhedrin of the Old Testament who crucified Christ.  If you are a 'political' type of person, you could take an ad out in the local paper, go on radio, etc. but I doubt if you would want to do that.  The other idea is to send a letter to your former Protestant congregation's so-called "minister", naming names of those spreading the maliciousness and put in it such as is posted here.  Let them know that you know who they are and that if it continues you might consider taking the problem to the news media and filing charges against them as well.  Remember, not all who adhere to those false heresies are not necessarily to blame, but their so-called ministers and pastors are.  Those are just a few ideas.  But, as an Orthodox Catholic Christian you might better be served by keeping this in mind.... He who sufficiently knows and judges himself has no time to judge others.  But those who incessantly judge others is running away from the very things they should judge as regards themselves and the gates of hell are waiting for them for they do not follow the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ!

Q: Rev. Father, your blessing.  I am a divorced man because I realized late in life that I am definitely gay.  I had been leading a double life for most of my married life.  I've recently come to the realization that I am akin to an alcoholic when it comes to sex.  I'm not actively sexually, but my mind, when I'm not working (even sometimes when I am) preoccupied with sex when I see someone who is attractive.  I'm not really sure what to do because I'm afraid of the repercussions that might result since psychologists today have an attitude of turning every thing around and believe one must therefore be guilty of some sex crime.  What can I do?

A:  From your lengthy letter that the question comes out of I can only assume you live in a remote area of the Idaho.  There are a couple of things I would suggest.  First: Locate the nearest organization for referral called Sex Addicts Anonymous.  The second thing I would suggest is to remember when your mom or grandmother used to say, "Feed a cold, starve a fever" or something like that?  I would say, "Feed your soul and starve your passions!"

Q: The End Times is a hot topic in many parts of the world as promoted by the cultic Protestants.  The question of "Forgive a child molester" is another.  Do they intertwine each other? 

A: Both subjects, as well as politics and economics intertwine the whole subject of the Protestant's errant teachings of the End Times.  The subject itself and the errant teachings by the cultic Protestants of today, as discussed, along with many of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and some Orthodox is one of the major causes for why FORGIVENESS is not to be forthcoming from many who call themselves "Christian" when, unbeknownst to themselves, they are becoming more Antichristian in spirit and truth as a result of the falling away from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ that were handed to us through time and space to the present day. For a better understanding of the End Times, Click here to gain more insight and understanding as the very subject itself impacts every aspect of, question concerning today's society.

Q: Forgive a child molester?  How can I?

A:  Read St. Matthew 10: 37 "He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me."  The "Love" of Christ, Jesus, which include His teachings or Commandments is the most important of all things which include repentance and forgiveness for without both there is no true love of Christ Himself!  If one has not true in-depth Orthodox Catholic Christian understanding of repentance and forgiveness how can one truly be One with Jesus Christ?  To understand those important meanings is not enough.  One needs to inculcate them into their daily life as though they were automatically a part of one's very being.  This is most difficult.  I know!  I'm still working on that aspect of my life as every true clergyman, monk and nun works on it for themselves.

Q:  Pray tell Rev. Father, what is your stand on Child Molesters?

A:  Pray tell indeed!  As if there wasn't enough to provide you guidance into true Orthodox Catholic Christian understanding.  As for my unworthy self, I can only say that those who actually and physically take advantage of children where there is factual proof, should indeed be sentenced.  But where everything is 'hear-say' especially where independent psychologists and psychiatrists even have an inkling that a child has been manipulated to testify against the alleged perpetrator, the courts should be extremely cautious.  For often it has been found that, after a conviction has been handed down against someone, it was later found that a disgruntled girlfriend (unmarried mother) had a gripe against a former boyfriend, or a former husband against his divorced or separated wife, even a neighbor against another neighbor who may have a different non-violent lifestyle.  So often is this kind of false activity on the rise that the ones who really get hurt the most are both the children and the so-called perpetrator who has had to suffer the many indignities and disgraces, even taking a false conviction all based on hear-say... and often the children are coached, without realizing the harms they are about to do, setting up the alleged perpetrator as a result. 

One of the other problems involved in these kind of cases is where a teenaged girl or boy is actually the perpetrator who intentionally and knowingly made advances on the adult without forethought of the consequences and often at times when the adult was either drunk, high on drugs or such.  There is no excuse for the adult!  Of that we can be sure!  However the problem in these kind of situations lies in the fact that the child's own education and family life are lacking whereby "self-control" is minimal as they desire to experience all the things they can in a rush for adulthood before they have arrived.  This is dangerous and oft times deadly not only to the psyche of the child, but to the adult as well. 

As for the adult in these kind of situations, alcohol or drugs should not even be allowed in the home but placed under lock and key.  I say drugs because it is also, according to statistics, become a norm for adults to abuse their prescription drugs as well.  There should be no "cabinet over the sink" for such kind of medications, but under lock and key.  This also deters the curious child from gaining access... Even the adult's own bedroom drawer next to the bed or dresser is not safe to keep such. 

It seems that a single parent has little time while pursuing income means to support the household to take enough time on a day-to-day basis to sit and talk with his/her child(ren) to get involved in honest, sincere and deep discussions or to take the time to more closely 'bond' in such a way where good habits are formed that lead the child(ren) into self-control methods, ideas, and understandings. 

Therefore the parent becomes the responsible cause for the errant actions of the child(ren) whether they want to accept the fact or not!  A child or children who try to abuse and misuse the favors of an adult, especially when the child(ren) have reached their 13th to 14th year, should equally be held responsible in some measure for their actions.  Instead, they are coddled and favored with things that do not inhibit but become permissive.  Electronic gadgets, games, diverse other activities formerly not available for many of us who were teenagers, are now less creative and have outlet needs that must be addressed in a more holistic way which should involve family (be it a family of one single parent or both)...

There are actual incidents and cases, which also have become more numerous where the deed was a fact and the sentence was most proper.  The problem in many of the cases, as statistics have shown, is that the perpetrators are found to have stunted and confused sexual identity problems. 

This is just a short understanding and not in-depth!  If this does not answer your question to some degree then you stuck in a rut and hung up on something that shows forth your lack of Love for all things appertaining to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ!

Q: Are you against individuals or people of various protestant denominations?

A: Only those who, as clergymen, use errant theology, use an entertainment mentality of approach instead of true worship and those who have a cafeteria style of approach to Holy Writ and the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ?

Q: Are you against individuals who are not clergy of various protestant denominations?

A: No!  Not the individual if they are not clergy of the various protestant denominations and those of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  We are against the heretical theology which the Orthodox Catholic Church has always been against.  We attempt to provide answers as to why as per the links at’s web pages which go into allegorical approaches in some instances.  Other instances may be more direct.

Q: What about the Catholic Church?  Aren’t you against the Catholic Church?

A:  The “Catholic” Church is not based in Rome, although Orthodoxy has often and errantly misled non “catholics” and protestants into the false belief that “Catholic” is automatically “Roman” when, in fact “Catholic” comes from that which is ORTHODOX CATHOLIC from which the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church schismed in 1054 A.D. as history shows.  However, the term and phrase that should always be used is either “Roman Catholic” when speaking about the Holy See of Rome (the Latin Church or Vatican) and Orthodox Catholic when speaking about the other Holy Sees such as the Moscow Patriarchate or the Holy See of Constantinople, etc.  The electronic news media over these many years have also imbed of this errant approach when speaking of the Orthodox versus those the "Catholic" Church of Rome...

Q: Is the information at your web site of your own version of information and understanding of what the Orthodox Church (Eastern and Western) is all about?

A: No.  The information is provided as it comes from the various Eastern jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church (ie: “Orthodox” meaning right thinking, true belief, correct worship which the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Syro-Chaldean, American Orthodox / North American Orthodox, and other nationalistic “Orthodox” names belong to.

Q: Isn’t only an extension of yourself as an individual?

A: No! has many monks, nuns and other clergy who work on the various web pages and collectively review the contents for accuracy where possible and the information provided so as to be in conformity with our Orthodox heritage and view.  While it is that I, myself, aide and add content from time to time; I most often listen to and review what our five primary monks, nuns and other clergy have to say as to what does or does not get posted.  I have a certain amount of discretion as do all who participate, but insofar as the errant idea that APOSTLE1.COM is the persona of my unworthy self, I would have to deny that mistaken idea.  Usually that idea comes from those who belong to a cultic Protestant group who usually hold to a stunted way of viewing things as though they are being singled out as individuals.  Might it be they have guilt feelings for knowing the truth and that they hold to false theological beliefs thus single out our unworthy selves as though they falsely think we are attacking them?  Usually these types of people are often self-centered with grandiose ideas, some are very well educated in many areas except the area of the history of the Christian Church from the times of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, Patristic Fathers, the Seven Oecumenical Councils, and more.  These people often are the great grand-offspring of Rome, Martin Luther, etc. and have taken upon themselves such self-centeredness that encompasses Synchrestic Ecumenism and an entertainment mentality with a cafeteria style approach to Holy writ and more, which leads to that which was prophesied in Holy Scripture (Apocrypha) as to the End Times when viewing the Revelation of St. John toward the end of the Holy Bible.

Concerning So-Called Fundamentalists and Evangelicals...


Question:  The Protestant Fundamentalists and Evangelicals predominant in North America today have a strangle-hold over the political affairs in the U.S.A and it is rather large.  Can they be trusted? 


Answer:  They are no different than every other person.  They, as individuals, have their own political agendas too.  There are many who are Pentecostals, Church of Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, so-called Non-Denominational (for it is an invention of their stunted form of cafeteria styled Christianity) and many others.  They do not believe in the Seals of the Confessional.  Their two-faces can be seen when they talk to you, as a person, but be careful for their talk, behind your back, is not as Christ, Jesus, would have us be... Thus, since you are a priest who believes in the Seals of the Confessional, you need to walk lightly and carry a big stick to advance the true evangelism of the Holy Apostles... It is better to be up-front and honest than two-faced!  By your vows, you have a duty and obligation to both our Lord and his children the people.  No matter what you show them or say... they will be nice to your face, but because of their intrinsic hold to un-truth... they will not accept anything about Seals of the Confessional and do what they do behind your back as a means to turn others away from you!  They are more of Caesar than of God while acting and speaking things appearing to be 'of God' ... They ride two horses and try to serve two masters and they have honed their skills as an art! They do not say they "judge" but that they do not "judge"... while, their actions are actually a display of their duplicitiousness in their cafeteria styled faith beliefs.  They hold no respect for the likes of you or the Seals of the Confessional or what you have done to protect them!


More and more you will see the abomination in places never before thought possible, but was predicted by Holy writ.  You will see them in many of the Cultic Protestant Churches, even (more and more) the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and now, a few of those who are "Orthodox Catholic"... Remember, these particular protestants have no conception of the Seals of the Confessional, have no care, but many follow the "eye for an eye" ... and ... "tooth for a tooth" attitude which Jesus Christ considered as an abomination.  These very same people and their faith have no conception of how or where the Seals of the Confessional come from... not realizing that the Holy Bible actually shows forth its origin, but only to those who have spiritual eyes to see and spiritual ears to hear truth!  These people, unbeknownst to themselves are under sway of the Evil One, who disguises himself as an Angel of Light!  Look at the Entertainments on-going in their so-called churches as well as their belief that they have 'gifts' of the Holy Spirit while standing up in their congregations, hand-clapping, raising hands and talking in gibberish while refusing to believe that those "tongues" spoken of in Holy Writ has to do with those who come from other countries and speak in foreign languages.  These cultic protestant self-interpretations of holy Writ has become, in most of them, an unholy alliance with the Anti-Christ!


May you be blessed and accept these facts as a part of what it means to be a true Priest and Servant of our Lord... If they Crucified our Lord, which it says was done, and it is true they did... how much more can you do to accept the fate of what it means to be a true priest?


Concerning the Church


Question:  I thought the Church was simply the 'house of God'?

Answer: No! The house of God (naous in Greek, which comes from nays, ship) is the building or temple which houses the Church.  A building is made of wood or stone, and wood and stone are material things.  But the Church is composed of men and women and angels of "living stone" as St. Peter tells us (1 Pet. 2:5).  It is certainly appropriate for Peter to make this statement since he himself was called "Peter" (which means "rock") by Jesus Christ.  After he told Jesus "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God" (Mt. 16:16), Jesus called on him to become "a living rock" placed on the "corner stone" which is Christ Himself (1 Pet 2:6-7).  Jesus then said to him, "You are Peter, and on this rock [that is, on you who recognize Me as Christ and Son of God] I will build My Church" (Mt. 16:18).  And the Church is in fact built of living stones who, following Simon Peter's example, believe in the Lord as Christ and God.  The meaning itself has taken twisted turns to insinuate that it means the Primacy of the Bishop of Rome, the Pope... which is false and errant.  It has no relevancy to the Bishop of Rome whatsoever!  It has relevancy only to the faith!


Question: I understand.  The Church is the assembly of apostles, bishops, and priest who carry on Christ's work.

Answer: No!  A bishop can only be the bishop of a city or of a group of people.  He cannot be a bishop alone, just as a head cannot exist without a body.  In the same way a priest must serve a parish or a monastery.  A father can be a father only if he has children.



James C. (Columbus, OH.) June 14, 2006:  I have been waiting for your updating of the Clergy Database which your website has said would be coming back online soon.  When and why the delay?

Father Thaddeus replies: The Clergy Data Base has nothing to do with spirituality or one's religious fervor.  I am wondering why the question altogether since few seem worried about it.  However, given the few who, like yourself, seem to be concerned about it, I will inform of this much.  We have teamed up with another group which have representatives from the Russian Orthodox Jurisdiction, Ukrainian, Greek and American Orthodox jurisdictions.  The Database is going through some rigorous review before it is reposted.  To some of you, not much will seem to have changed, but to others, there may be some startling facts included.  It will be soon, but not soon enough for some of you and it will be back up with photo images.

Kirk D. (Salt Lake, UT) May 23, 2006:  Bless Father. I am living alone now that my parents passed away recently and have overcome the loss and getting on with life and living.  I am a monk who, when I found that my blood relations wouldn't do anything for my parents, I received permission to leave the monastery I had belonged to to take care of my parents.  Although Roman Catholic from birth to the present day, I am not going to return to the monastery because they have, since the new pope, been taking a path that is unwholesome to the faith and to our monastery, even our rule of life.  I've gone through the internet and found many things good and bad.  I saw your site and called several of my own personal contacts and have learned a lot.  Your community and your faith makes me believe you are on the right path, but until we can meet, I'll not know for sure. 

In the meantime I have been having serious bouts of what I call spiritual depression not because of the loss of my parents, but the loss of my being with monastics who hold to the old ways in thought, word and practice.  And I find that I often feel that traveling this earthy path with many daily sins on my conscience, I can only believe that I am unworthy and will be cast into hell.  Can you help me?

Father Thaddeus replies: Alas poor fool... you are similar to my unworthy self.  I cannot help you!  But, I do know someone who can... Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Holy Theotokos Mary who is the Mother of God as well as one's patron Saint.  I call upon St. John Maximovitch and his spiritual son, blessed Father Seraphim Rose.  They and all the saints can and will help!

As odd as it may seem, it is possible that the Good Lord did you a favor with what you have said concerning the monastery you were attached to.  The call to go home to your parents in their last days is possibly the means by which the Lord was calling you out to get away from that which was not approved by Him and to set you apart so that you can get back to the path He approves of.  Thus, your parents may have been the vehicle for your being called.

St. Ephraim the Syrian offers you these words of advice:

Do not lose heart, O soul, do not grieve; pronounce not over thyself a final judgment for the multitude of thy sins; do not commit thyself to fire; do not say: The Lord has cast me from His face. Such words are not pleasing to God.  Can it be that he who has fallen cannot get up?  Can it be that he who has turned away cannot turn back again?

Do not be ashamed to turn back and say boldly: I will arise and go to my Father.  Arise and go!  He will accept thee and will not reproach thee, but rather rejoice at thy return.  He awaits thee; just do not be ashamed and do not hide from the face of God as did Adam.  It was for thy sake that Christ was crucified; so will He cast thee aside? He knows who oppresses us, He knows that we have no other help but Him alone.  

Christ knows that man is miserable.  Do not give thyself up to despair and apathy, assuming that thou hast been prepared for the fire.  Christ derives no consolation from thrusting us into the fire; He gains nothing if He sends us into the abyss to be tormented. Imitate the prodigal son: leave the city that starves thee.  Come and beseech Him and thou shalt behold the glory of God.  Thy face shall be enlightened and thou wilt rejoice in the sweetness of paradise. Glory to the Lord and Lover of mankind Who saves us!

Danny C. (Dearborn, MI) May 22, 2006: Your Blessings Father.  As a retired priest from R. C. Church, I've read your Jurisdiction's recent posting concerning "Apostasy" and am pleased to see something happening to warn everyone.  It's about time.  Yes, there is a lot of information on the internet, but I admit that what I've seen has come mostly from the Protestants who have as yet to get it right!  They don't and they won't because they're too stubborn, bull-headed and more out for themselves and their brand of false witness.  When I saw the commentary article on the Sedevacantists, I thought I'd fall over.  I guess this is more of my commending you than asking a question, although I don't take the attitude that I 'know it all' because I don't and you certainly have admitted to not knowing many things too. 

As a retired priest I have seen a lot of things happening in the RC Church over the last 40 years before I retired.  Things both horrible and blessed.  I'm glad I retired when I did which was just four years ago. 

Your many special articles on the subject of 'apostasy' that you've receive and posted, plus your comments and notes seem to me to be right on the mark.  I know of the book you commented on ... it too is filled with much truth but again, having gone through the experiences I've gone through... I admit that we are inculcated with an attitude of sometimes being indifferent and cold toward people, other clergy even though the surface appearance is something else.  Its almost like a nurse in a hospital who takes a cold-indifferent approach to patients because of the trauma, hurts, emotional harms they suffer.  When seeing this for so long, one almost becomes numb and takes a 'care-less' attitude of approach.  But when it comes to all others who are not RC, we are trained to be rather cold, indifferent and very calculating so that those clergy of other churches not RC are quickly, and often times effectively, put down and destroyed publicly through the back-door of friendships and political action.  This is the same as those who you have just written about... it continues even with them I guess. 

I no longer have to answer to 'superiors' and can do what I want now that I'm retired.  I have always had my own means of financial survival even if I were to have been booted out of the Church for my many questionings over the years.  I survived!  Now, in retirement, I can do more and I would like to help.... can I?

Father Thaddeus replies:  Very interesting indeed! And yes... I've sent you my personal unlisted number... we'll talk.  Too bad there are not more like you! 

Janice E. (Columbus, OH.) May 11, 2006:  Father, your blessings as I mentally kiss your right hand.  I too am a convert, as I saw the posting of May 5, from Joseph D.  My conversion was to Orthodoxy from Roman Catholicism.  My priest said I carry a lot of "roman" things within me.  I think I understand what is meant.  But, now, I face a crisis in my life as regards whether I should or should not accept a marriage proposal to an older man who had been a priest (Roman) and left the Church in the 1970's because of the innovations of Vatican II and since.  I am in my 40's and obviously there would seem to be a large difference in age.  Yet, our minds and hearts seem to be in tune, sharing and caring about things in common even though we have our differences of interests too, just enough to keep us from seeing each other as a 'mirror'.  I am having second thoughts about the marriage and have entertained the idea of becoming a member of an Orthodox community of sisters in northern California which I had visited two years ago.  What should I do?

Father Thaddeus replies: Only you can make the final decision.  But in making that decision you will have to dig deep into your very heart, your soul! You didn't mention in your e-mail as to how long you have been a convert form Romanism to Orthodoxy.  This rings a few bells and warning lights because it matters not as to who from or two one has converted but that anyone who is a convert, in their initial converting, becomes somewhat hard pressed to be that which they converted to.  When this happens, they examine everything in their lives up tot he present and become eager and overzealous to conform to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ according to the dogma, doctrine and even the theological and moral teachings of that branch of the Church.  This can be a very intense time and much is heavy on the heart, the soul in this self-examination. 

If you have been Orthodox for five or more years, you may be on safe ground.  But any less time will cause for a rush to do that which may be foolish.  That is in the area of marriage or in the area of joining a religious community of nuns. 

Marriage is a permanent action both spiritual and material and should not be rushed into.  The same applies to joining a Nunnery.  Both are "marriages".... Which one indeed? 

A marriage between a man and a women is very sacred and a beautiful one at that for which God does join two together for specific purposes and responsibilities.  The same, again, can be said for going into religious life as a nun.  Dedication in both instances is a "must".  If one is not sure of their ability to be dedicated, then hold off taking the step. 

If you have been going "steady" with the former roman priest for several years, it may be a sure thing.  But again, weighing the multitude of questions says that you are not yet sure of the man as being the 'right one' for yourself.  If children were to come from the marriage, under what branch of the "Catholic" Church would they be raised?  "Roman" or "Orthodox"?  What about your Church attendance? 

The differences that exist between "Orthodox" and "Roman" have been at issue for centuries.  Yet, both are "Catholic".  Thus, it is obvious you would be in the same Church, just different pews, so-to-speak!  But, again, the question is serious and needs to be answered.

It is important to remember that whatever your final decision may be, your duty is to God first, yourself second.  In this way, you continue on the way of spiritual transformation (Rom.12:2) "Be not conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind..."  In this way, you will find that sincere and honest prayer, daily, will also provide you with a more solid answer to your question than what I, an unworthy one, can provide.

Have you ever raised the idea to the intended that because he was a priest in the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, that may be he might find it worthwhile to convert to Orthodoxy and become priest therein, thus the two of you together can pursue those most important things to your hearts, which I suspect is 'Union' with God and each other?

In the end, you must be the one to make the final decision.

Joseph D. (Washington) May 5, 2006:  Your Blessings Father.  I am a convert from Orthodoxy to Roman Catholicism.  I've noticed in many of the pages on your web site that you have anger toward the Catholic Church.  Why?

Father Thaddeus replies: Do you not yet understand that the "Catholic" Church is both Roman and Orthodox (Eastern and yes... even Western)... The Sun and Moon does not rise and set upon the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church as to "Who Is" and "Who Is Not" CATHOLIC!  The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church was a part of that which was initially referred and called "Catholic" or "Christianity" and in the 800's A.D., the Roman Pope(s) began their changing and adding to that which you have in these present times that were rejected by the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils which a good share of the Eastern Orthodox Churches maintained.  Thus, when the Roman Popes began their alterations and additions to the faith, there began something that has not yet ended, but will end in time to come. 

The Roman Popes are not the only "Popes" as some of the Syro-Chaldeans (not those who are Uniates = under control of Rome), Coptics, Syriac, etc. are very much "Orthodox" and a few have "Popes"... Ever hear of Pope Shenouda?  He is not Roman nor under the control of Rome, for if he were, he would be considered a "Uniate".

However you may wish to believe, I am thoroughly not against the "CATHOLIC" Church for I am indeed a part of her.  What I am against is the Synchrestic Ecumenism, Humanism and such other vagaries and teachings being brought into the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church which has been seeping into Orthodoxy. 

We shall, in fact, be preparing a very special web page having to do exclusively with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and her problems that are leading us into the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and the ONE WORLD CHURCH as prophesied in the Holy Bible (before the Holy Bible's contents were re-written and changed under guise of being changed to accommodate these modern times for needs of people who cannot (will not) educate themselves properly in order to have a grasp of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and historical truth concerning Him and the Holy Apostles. 

Jaime D. (Kentucky) April 29, 2006: The issue of immigration is of concern to me and my family because my oldest brother married a Latino (Mexican) woman who failed to tell him she had come across the border illegally.  Her own brother, two sisters and her parents are also living nearby as illegal immigrants.  They are a loving family and go to Mass regularly, tithe, pay taxes, do charitable works and many other things.  My brother's wife and her family have been here for five or so years now.  What is the best advice that you might offer for them considering what is happening nationally and legally?

Father Thaddeus replies: If they are true to the faith, they will do all things necessary to become "legal" immigrants.  If I understand the law, your sister-in-law will probably be allowed to stay.  However that is not legal advise, only an opinion.  As for the rest of her family members, it may be possible for them to gain legal status, but one can only wonder.  I know what the fear in them must be... Yet, all of them must not forget one basic truth as given by Jesus Christ.  Obey the laws of man.  In this instance there is nothing "religious" involved in so far as to why they came to the States illegally so they cannot claim legal status on the basis of oppression by a government, etc. 

The world must conform to the Church, not the Church to the world.  But, that is what is happening in these times.  And it would seem that those who cross the borders illegally and who claim they are faithful Christians, cannot be considered so faithful or they would abide by the commandments of Jesus Christ.  If they are truly faithful, they will do what is right, true and correct in either returning to their country and seek legal entry or visas, or they will turn themselves in while in the U.S.A.

Whether in this country or any other... no matter where one resides... when someone breaks the law there is always pain.  If one is true to the faith, they will abide by the commandments of Jesus Christ and take action to correct the error, the sin that they committed.  Yes, in the eyes of the Church, illegal immigrants not only broke the law, but by breaking it, committed a sin, a grievous sin at that! Through repentance, forgiveness can be obtained.  Repentance requires correcting the sin, the breaking of the law! 

Jack C. (Missouri) April 14, 2006: I used to belong to an Old Catholic Parish and was in support of them through tithing and other activities.  Originally, I was born in and Faith as an Old Catholic and even after my stint in the Army I still maintained my Old Catholic roots and worship.  Since getting married I became Roman Catholic and noticed that the difference between being Old Catholic and Roman Catholic is huge.  That was more than twenty years ago.  Now as I scour the internet I see an Old Catholic Benedictine group and was able to get into it. For more than six months I've watched the group and can find very little that makes them "Old Catholic".  I knew that at one time you were either an Old Catholic or Old Roman Catholic and wonder what you can advise? How can they even fathom to believe they can be "Charismatic" or, that is, allow for "Pentecostal" church teachings to be taught? And what about their ordination of female clergy as Priests and some as Bishops?

Father Thaddeus replies: What you have said is true of most of those who are on the Internet these days.  I know of an Archbishop in Canada who was born and raised as an Old Catholic.  He too has made similar comments as you have.  With what it going on today, it is no wonder that the many "Old Catholic" groups and "Old Catholic Benedictine" groups do not join with their Protestant bags and baggage with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  For most of them though, they would not join for the simple reason that they would loose being "Independent" and have to abide by certain rules, codes, regulations which they do not wish to abide by as they are able to make up their own as they are without having any oversight. 

While many of them are valid clergy and hold valid episcopal lines of succession; they have factually broken the true spiritual importance of being valid Bishops and clergy because they are incapable and unable to act, speak and worship in accordance with the ancient commission and charge of their ordinations and consecrations.  Thus, in the eyes of civil law, they are valid clergy; but in the eyes of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers they have broken with the faith that was once handed down to them.

And, you are correct again... With such things as "Pentecostal" church teachings having entered into the Old Catholic Churches, they have lost their inheritance from Utrecht and broken with the true "Catholic" faith.  No matter how much they may worship, using vestments and the garb of "Catholic" clergy; they are not Catholic but Protestant more and more. 

To my knowledge and understanding, only one female was actually ordained to the clergy ranks in the Old Catholic Church in Europe by the See of Utrecht.  But they never again did so, if I understand my history correctly.  What is happening here in the United States and elsewhere under guise of being "Old Catholic" and "Old Catholic Benedictine" - again they have become "Protestant" and lost the Grace and spirit of what it means to be "Catholic" in their dogmatics and theology of the Old Catholic Church, except in physical appearances.  The Old Catholic Church on this side of the big pond has become what the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church is become... less "Catholic" - more "Protestant" and their "Orders" have thus become very defective in spirit and in truth!

Vladyka Thaddeus will be away from posting the "Quotes" for the next couple of weeks due to Orthodox Holy Week and Resurrection Day (April 23rd).  In his place will be Father Nguyen (California).

Father Sam J. (Reno, NV): Your Eminence and Vladyka… Last year I and my parish board accepted someone into our fold who had previous understandings and knowledge that appeared, on the surface, as being Orthodox.  We knew that he came from a very off-beat Protestant sect with even prior or former links to a Mormon cultic group.  He and his middle aged daughter were accepted and he became a deacon in the parish.  His daughter does not work but stays at home where she supposedly cares for her father as any child should do for their aging parents.  However, we also noticed that the daughter was either mentally disturbed or has some sort of a mental problem which our resident psychiatrist identified. 

We noticed that much of what this man was saying about his past, even though he admitted to being a convicted felon having to do with child abuse, was not all that it appeared on the surface because of his continually asking for financial help in small amounts practically every month, often within days after getting his government retirement check.  Then, after recognizing that the although the daughter had her own bedroom, we saw a slow change in their sleeping habits as we would often hold our parish morning coffee meetings in their home, in the kitchen and could see in the living room.  After about 4 to 5 months, the man and his daughter were sleeping in the same room, he (supposedly) on the floor and she on the couch-bed.  The daughters bedroom, with door open, could also be seen where it was stacked with bedding, clothes and more ... the bed not having been slept in but stacked up with various things.

Yet, we continued with our work and embraced him and his family even with the knowledge that he was convicted of an abuse crime against a child whom later we learned was this very daughter in her youth.  There are other children both male and female, all adults now.  What I am asking is this… He’s used us for money, for many other things but the one thing he has failed to do is abide by those very things both spiritual and material in morning and evening prayer, not asking for or seeking out one of our priests for regular confession, having failed to attend Divine Liturgy and many other things.  We asked for his resignation and he did resign.  However, he’s now began to gossip and we believe slander us.  Did we do the right thing?

 A:  It is odd that you should bring this up as we too faced something similar.  And, you did the right thing!  A mentally disturbed child of a convicted parent for child abuse or worse should raise alarm bells when the child, as an adult, is living with the convicted parent.  In this instance, as regards the past and his conviction, the state in which he was convicted obviously was able to prove that the child's mental disturbance was somehow, in some way, taken advantage of. The faith, obviously, of the parent was not for spiritual connection nor for spiritual truth but the connection itself can only be opined to be a scam because of their own limited finances, unless he is a hoarder who hides food, material things and hoards other things.  Because of what you described in your e-mail that is not posted here, we can only wonder if the convicted parent is also mentally disturbed too and what manipulative powers he uses over his daughter for your extensive description depicts a very disturbed women. 

There are many horror stories where these things have and do happen among the Orthodox Catholic communities, even the communities of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  But worse is the fact that there are many valid clergy who have misused and abused their faith and the jurisdiction they may have belonged to for the same or similar purposes as you and your parish suffered.  The most tragic of all is when clergy do not accept others (people of faith, as strugglers, and other clergy who have been convicted) because the fullness of the faith is not being lived and exampled for all to practice.   Tragically, as you describe, this is the other side of the proverbial coin... But, yet, this will be a problem that grows worse as time goes forward.  Do not do as the ethnic jurisdictions do, that is to say, close yourself off in any form or manner from those who are true and sincere seekers of truth, for to do so goes against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  Should those persons ever attempt to return… let them, but only with the understanding that they are not to serve or operate beyond being ordinary parishioners. 

The Patristic Fathers Speak:

Inquirer: Father, what can you tell us about the exact date of the Second Coming of Christ?

Elder Cleopa: Christ’s true Church provides us with a number of apt testimonies which show that God did not entrust this date to anyone, neither to angels, nor to men, nor even to His own Son as man. Listen to the divine words of Scripture on the subject:

“But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only. But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark, and knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be . . . Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. But know this, that if the good man of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh . . . “ (Mat. 24:36-51)

If neither the angels in heaven nor the Son of Man Himself as man know the appointed time, how is it possible for it to be known among men? From the words of the Saviour it is understood only that we must be ever vigilant and mindful of our salvation, ever ready for the coming of the Lord, for we know neither the day nor the hour of His coming, nor even the hour of our own end in this life. His appearance will be unexpected, as the Lord forewarned us when he said, “Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh.” (Mat. 25:13)

Inq.: It is true that at first the Apostles didn’t know the exact date of the Second Coming of the Saviour (Mat. 24:36), however, from the time they were strengthened from on high at the descent of the Holy Spirit they were made aware of all. For, as the Saviour foretold, by the Holy Spirit all the mysteries were revealed: “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for He shall not speak of Himself; but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: and He will show you things to come” (Jn. 16:12-13). From the time of the descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost the Apostles, as well as all faithful Christians, with the illumination and wisdom given them by the Holy Spirit, were made able to know “all truth.” In other words, they became aware of the entirety of the divine plan for the history of the world and its end, and thus were able to determine through Holy Scripture the events of the future, such as the date of the Second Coming. Isn’t such a determination possible?

EC: William Miller calculated that, according to Scripture between the first of March 1843 and the first of March 1844 the Second Coming of Christ would take place. He had announced this date from as early as 1833 in the brochure “Prophecy from Holy Scripture of the Second Coming of the Lord in the year 1843.” Another “prophet,” Joseph Chimes, had proposed in the journals “The Voice of Midnight” (1842) and “The Bell of Danger” that the Lord would come in the year 1843.

The closest disciple of Miller, a Mr. Snow, decided to add to the “prophecy” of Miller another seven months and ten days, predetermining the date of the Second Coming of the Lord as the tenth of October 1844. He was also put to ridicule along with his teacher. Those who believed their pronouncements spent their fortunes, handing out all they had and buying white garments and candles in order to go out and meet the Lord. It’s possible that the shop windows were even filled then with white garments for those traveling to heaven on the tenth of October 1844. Yet, this day passed like all others. The so-called “prophets” became the recipients of every kind of shame, derision and mockery from those deluded people who had scattered their fortunes trusting in the false prophecies.

From these pitiful experiences we must at least come to understand that the promise of our Saviour Jesus Christ concerning the revelation of the future by the Holy Spirit did not refer to the date of the Second Coming, as it appeared to many, but rather to prophecies pertaining to various events and signs due to come to pass in the Church. For, indeed, there have been revelations through the Holy Spirit, as we see, for example, in the Book of Revelation and other books of Holy Scripture. These revelations contain a variety of eschatological teachings (on the appearance of the Antichrist, of the false prophets, the unleashing of the persecutions of Christians), as well as the indispensable wisdom of the Apostles which enabled them to present the divine teachings when they were led to give a defense before their accusers (Mat. 10:19-20). These are the future events of which the Saviour speaks in the text that you read.

Inq.: The Apostle Paul writes: “But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief. Ye are all the children of light, and the children of the day: we are not of the night, nor of darkness” (1 Thess. 5:4-5). From these words it follows that Christians can and should know the exact date of the Second Coming in order to be ready to accept it.

EC: Why have you read from only verses four and five of chapter five from First Thessalonians, leaving out verses one and two which serve to interpret verses four and five? Listen to what the Apostle Paul says there: “But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you. For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night” (1 Thess. 5:1-2). This is the truth to which Christ’s Church has remained faithful. The true Church teaches, equally with the Apostle Paul, that the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night and that no one knows the day nor the hour in which the Son of Man will come.

It is possible only for the approach of the Second Coming to be known by the signs which must come before:

~ The preaching of the Gospel throughout the world. (Mat. 24:15)

~ The turn of the Jews to Christianity after the preaching of the Gospel in the entire world. (Rom. 11:25-34)

~ The appearance of the Antichrist, also called the man of iniquity or the beast, together with his representatives, pseudo-Christs, false prophets, and every type of false wonder worked by the power of Satan in order to deceive the people. The Antichrist will sit in the place of God acting as if he were God and as an unrelenting beast he will pursue with all rage and furor the chosen servants of God. (1 Jn. 2:18; 2 Thess. 2:3-11; Rev. 13:1-8, 20:1-10; Mat. 24:9)

~ The multiplication of wickedness and the growing cold of love between men, hatred and betrayal of one another. (Mat. 24:10-12)

~ A torrent of bloodshed, wars and rumors of wars between nations, people and states. (Mat. 24:6-7)

~ The appearance of calamities such as mass starvation, sicknesses etc. (Mat. 24:7-9)

~ The appearance of certain signs in the world such as the darkening of the sun and moon, the falling of stars from the sky, the passing away of heaven and earth.

~ The appearance in the heavens of the sign of the Son of Man, the True Cross, because this is the sign of victory of our Lord and no other sign so alerts us of His imminent arrival as does His Cross.

The Lord explains these signs thus: “Now learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branch is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, ye know that summer is nigh: So likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.” (Mat. 24:32-33) Therefore, concerning the signs that will precede the Second Coming of the Lord, we have explanations and confirmation from the Saviour Himself, while of the exact date of His coming neither the angels nor even the Son of Man Himself, as man, are informed, but the Father alone knows.

Sergio C. (Columbus, OH) April 2, 2006:  You talk much in your "Lenten 2006 Message" about forgiveness, repentance, hate, anger, hostilities and more.  The question I pose is whether you have forgiven those who have harmed you out of Ohio and elsewhere?


Father Thaddeus replies: Forgiveness has to be asked for from those who have knowingly done the harm.  In many instances, there are those who don't even know they have done the harm or damage and yet others who, in their stunted view of themselves, be they clergy or otherwise, are so hard hearted and some who are even mentally disturbed, that they cannot come to accept the fact of the harms they have done!  One has to forgive those who have asked for forgiveness.  Forgiveness should always be given to those who are seriously mentally disturbed persons, especially other clergy.  And as mentally disturbed clergy, they should be removed from their ministry when it is found out!  But some are clergy who have no one over them, no synod, no over-sight committee, no one!  They are mini-popes unto themselves and listen to no one except their own shallow inner selves.  After reviewing your writing and question, I can only assume that you are the extension of someone else... are you asking, for him, forgiveness?  How can forgiveness be given to someone who is not known?  And what is there to be forgiven? 


Manny E. (Los Angeles, CA) March 31, 2006: How can you say about statutes what is true of Orthodox as regards "Icons"?


Father Thaddeus replies: How can you ask a question such as you have without referring to the Holy Bible?  How can you equate statutes with Icons and not know that true Orthodox Catholic Christians do not worship either statutes or icons but use exclusively "Icons" in the same manner that many Christians use a cross on the top of a temple (Church) or wear such an emblem around their neck?  Do you not even know the causative factor for the Roman Jurisdiction's removal of statutes from their altars, for those that have done so?  Icons are a reminder of not only the message of the saint for whom the icon represents, but a reminder that the message always brings one to Jesus Christ!


Sandy K. (Washington): Help me to understand what you are saying about Buddhism... You refer to it as a false religion when, in fact, it is a philosophy.  Why are you so against philosophical ideas and understandings.


Father Thaddeus replies: Christianity is often referred to as a philosophy too.. Yet, it is a religion in spirit and in truth.  Islam started out by Mohammed as a set of philosophies that was based on the Old Testament Judaic code, and ended up as being a satanic religion.  Buddha is worshipped by many of its primary adherents.  Yes... all these philosophies and understandings are partially good... but Christianity stands apart from all of them as the basis of truth and Divine revelation!  We are forbidden from worshipping statutes.... The former Roman Pope, John Paul, worshipped the statute of Buddha by its being placed on top of the tabernacle in which was housed the consecrated elements... the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ... there is no splitting hairs on this.  What was done by him took the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church farther away from CATHOLICISM, from CHRISTIANITY by action and word.  We do not worship statutes to begin with as it is not only against the very Seven Oecumenical Councils, but it is against the Ten Commandments of God as stated in the Old Testament!  There can be no tolerance of such as being just when it is evil.  And the more that it is accepted and allowed, the more souls will go to perdition.


Regarding Islam:  We have received so many questions concerning this barbaric and Satanic religion that the following is offered:


Q: Is the religion of Islam to be respected? 

A: You cannot give respect to a false religion.  Jesus Christ said, “I am the way, the truth and the Light” and He also said, “No one can come to the Father expect by me”…. The Father Our God established in the Son, Jesus Christ, to speak and teach on His behalf in this earthly life more than 2,000 years ago.  The religion of Islam come out of the brain of Mohammed.  Did you not know that many that many of the forms and ideas of Islamic worship is borrowed from Christianity because of the fact that Mohammed, when he first began to bring his idea of Islam to the people in his time, ran him off and out of their country… ???? …. He and his band of followers sought refuge at Constantinople.  He thought he had entered into Heaven.  He watched the Orthodox worship (before the Roman Schism) and how the people worshipped.


The early Christians had no pews and most stood during Divine Liturgy.  But, during some parts of Divine Liturgy in those ancient times, the people knelt down on both knees and bent forward, touching their heads to the ground toward the altar as a part of their worship to God!  While this is just one example, there are other examples but space and time do not allow for here. 


The fact of the matter is that the religion of Islam (Moslem or Muslim) only honors Jesus Christ as a Prophet, but they do not count him as “God” but count their “Allah” as God as interpreted by their Q’uran (Koran) as written by their Mohammed whom they claim was a Prophet. 


A recent violent uproar over the appearance of a cartoon in which their false and Satanic Prophet “Mohammed” was depicted shows the ignorance of many of their people. 



Yet, if someone were to do a cartoon about “Jesus Christ” and the Christians were to take a violent stand (if they live in the Arab countries, little to nothing would be done and, in fact, the Christians would be ‘put down’. 


Now, it is seriously believed that many who convert to Islam in this country are ignorant of their former Christian roots; otherwise they would not deny their former Christian heritage and belief.  A true Christian, a strong Christian; will fight, that is to struggle out of pain of heart within themself to maintain the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers, the Seven Oecumenical Councils.  But that is not the case!  Most of those who have opted for Islam are those who have been, for the most part, former Roman Catholics.  They should have gone to the roots of Christianity which is based root and branch in that which is today called Orthodox Catholic Christianity.


The religion of Islam is a violent religion, not peaceful in spite of what some of our politicians and leaders advocate.  The religion of Islam is a false religion of the Evil One, the seducer of men’s spirit in order to steal one’s soul away from God, away from Jesus Christ who is the Word of God!  If Islam were a religion of peace, those who are its fundamentalist adherents, would not go to such extremes of violence against Christians, against Jews and many others.  Their false – satanic religion requires that all true believing Muslims or Moslems of Islam practice that which is required in their Quoran (Koran) whereby their young virgin boys must be sodomized because their faith and teachings say that their next Prophet or God will be born through the loins of a male.  While this does not mean they practice homosexuality for indeed they kill those who are homosexual when it is found out… they do practice during certain holy feasts, sodomy of virgin males.


Islam is satanic indeed, influenced by words and phrases that appear on the surface as being “peaceful” but only is it peaceful for those who are Islamic (that is Moslem or Muslim)… They have terrorized those of other non-violent religious beliefs long enough. 


We are saddened by those who are innocents who have lost their lives in this war against terrorism’ and Christian, Jewish and even some Muslim.  But when terror is allowed to be harbored in a village, in a town or even a city by its inhabitants – they have actually partaken of the very thing they claim to not want. 


Q:  Should Orthodox Catholic Christian accept all people and all clergy as well as those of other religions as though they are One?

A:  Accept the people as children of God, but other religions as being false and misleading.  As for those who adhere to and practice another religion, they are children of God too.  But do not participate in their services for to do so is compounding sin upon sin.  And for those who follow a false and misleading path of Christianity so as to bring about “Unity” they are following the actions of the Evil One.  For if you have read the Holy Book, the Bible, you will know that only Jesus Christ will bring true “Unity” and that all the actions and attempts by mankind and its religious leaders will be brought to naught.  Again, only Jesus Christ, when he comes again, will unite all who are true to Him in spirit and truth, not mankind!


            There are many in these times who speak a lot about “Unity” and many of those religious leaders and clergy are advocating the unity of the various factions of Christianity without the correcting of false doctrines, but accepting false doctrines and all into a “unity” that is itself false and misleading.  And as for those who are working toward “unity” by mankind’s efforts, are misleading the people which will cause for them to be sent to hell.  The perversion of this action by mankind is in their false belief that they can re-interpret and re-write the Holy Bible according to human reasoning.  Already there are numerous versions of the Holy Bible which is an error of human reasoning.  As a result there exists numerous re-interpretations and teachings based on Jesus Christ with many errors and many false and misleading understandings not founded in the ancient faith, much of which was scandalous and caused for anathema by the ancient seven Oecumenical Councils.  The extent to which this is happening has arisen to the highest levels of Christianity, the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, their former Pope John Paul and the new Pope, Benedict XVI who is being admired and followed by others which will lead many to hell.  To promote or lead, even to follow such is a sure way in which hell is drawn closer. 


            Human reasoning is the cause of many ills in Christianity today.  Political correctness is a disease of the mind brought on by human reasoning.  Government (Caesar) has had such a force, impact and involvement in Christianity that many have opted for the material things associated with such that is called “faith based” activities funded by the government in part while those who are not involved are being more and more deprived and even, in some instances, attacked through quiet means and methods to make them appear as something they are not. 


            Orthodoxy, when and where it is practiced in spirit and truth, leads to the saving presence of Jesus Christ in one’s life.  But where human reasoning comes into play, along with the disease of political correctness and scholasticism; there will be found in one’s spirit the Evil One who is the great deceiver and does deceive many into the false belief they are under the influence of the Holy Spirit. This was prophesied. 


            Far too many were prophesied in times past as coming under the influence of the Whore of Babylon, and that there would be many who would fall away.  This is happening now more than ever.  But it is not the time yet for the end of the world.  It is yet to come.  But those who are struggling to stay true and strong to the faith once delivered for all; even though we sin in many things, do not give up and do not give in.  We, ourselves, can not and do not save souls.  Only Jesus Christ saves souls.  We can only try to influence the free will in many to come to the truths of understanding the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as taught and practiced in true Orthodox Catholic Christianity.


            The Seventh Day Adventists do not have right thinking or true belief.  The Baptists are captives of their own political correctness disease as most of those of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church are.  As for the Mormons… they suffer from a fantasy and delusion.  The Church of Christ (the denomination) is another one that has become drunk on its own renditions, false doctrines and errors of understanding the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  As for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, they are drunk on the writings of their founder who perverted the Holy Bible.


            There is no such thing as “Non-Denominational” because each minister, pastor or priest of such false churches (little “c”) are drunk on their false understandings and misconstrued beliefs to where they are ignorant of truth and do not wish for truth even when they are presented with TRUTH and FACT. 


            The bottom line of all this rests with the people of those various named (and not named) churches (again, little “c”) for all of them, collectively, seek all things that are easy which require little struggle and provides a lot of entertainment for which they will put up with the preaching a bit… That is not Christianity!  It is a mad house of false christs.


Marta K. (New York, NY) - March 14, 2006:  Why do you post only those things negative about Islam and not that which is good?


Father Thaddeus replies: Why can't those who are of the religion of Islam not take action to reign in their own fundamentalistic terrorists?  Why do Moslems/Muslims of Islam not tell the truth about Islam?  Why does the religion of Islam say they are a religion of Peace when they are not?  Why do Moslems/Muslims use false and devious means to promote an image that is not true?  Why do Muslims hold Mohammed as a so-called 'prophet' when he is not?  Why does the Islamic religionists attempt to white-wash their history? 


There are many more replies which are questions that could be added, but you get the idea and the understanding.  Islam is not and never was a "Religion of Peace" except for those who are Moslems/Muslims and only those who practice the teachings of the Quoran (Koran)... and if they do, they must look upon and react against all who are either Christians or Jews... that is the Koranic teachings, you know that!  The Koran allows for no middle ground!  The religion of Islam, for those who are true to their religion, do not believe Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again on the third day.  They believe that Jesus Christ was only a prophet!  The religion of Islam, for those who are true to the teachings of the Koran, do not believe in the Triune God of +Father, +Son, and +Holy Ghost (Spirit).  The religionists of Islam are attempting to make it appear that the only difference between Islam and Christians is that we worship the same God under different names.  That is a complete and total untruth!  It is a lie in truth and fact! 


If those things were corrected in the religion of Islam, the Arabic countries who are primarily Islamic would change their Islamic population's behavior where Christians and Jews could indeed live in peace to worship according to the tenets of their faith without any kind of interference whatsoever.  If you, in New York City had any understanding, the question itself would not have been raised, for indeed you and those with you would have an impact upon those of the various countries under Islamic rule and belief.  The only reason Islam is accepted here in the free world is because of our individual nation's constitution and actions in accord with them.  And, because you are in a country, such as the U.S.A. you have no choice but to abide by its laws.  Some of your people have actually and factually attacked Jews and Christians.... do you have any control over your people and your Mullah's from preaching against Jews and Christians?  No!  You do not!  And what is not preached openly, is preached privately to a select few as you already know!


Ralph H. (Florida) - March 14, 2006:  Why haven't we seen more Q&A postings?


Father Thaddeus replies: We receive numerous e-mail, letters and telephone calls each week, most filled with questions which require a reply.  Many of them these days are not the type that should be posted to the internet without careful consideration.  For a lot of them would actually cause for people to identify who the individual(s) may be if viewers from the area of the inquirer viewed the post. 


Our own time is limited and thus we cannot always take time to rephrase q&a so that the identity of posters or inquirers stay somewhat anonymous.   There are other factors involved too. One of them is the fact that many in the various jurisdictions do not believe we receive any Q&A but that we make it all up!  It is, as far as we are concerned, one of the ways in which they attempt to goad us into betraying confidences when and where necessary. 


Debra T. (Minn. MN) - March 13, 2006: What do you suggest my husband and I do in order to get my teenagers back on the study track?  My children are belligerent, obnoxious when they are out in public with their friends and have argued with both of us when we try to help them with their studies as we watch their report cards declining grades.  Help!


Father Thaddeus replies: This is to all mothers and dads.  The above question is perplexing to say the least.  Abiding by Debra's request, we've only posted certain portions of her communication.  However, what you are experiencing is an age old problem that cannot be fully appreciated in this reply or in your question as each family's situation and circumstance cannot and should not be blanketed with a generic approach to fit all families. Suggestions are a dime a dozen. Here are a few considerations:


   a) Set aside a minimum of two hours, at least once a week in the evening for everyone in the house to be together as a family group to discuss the day's events.


   b) When the family group meets, turn off telephones, cell phones, television, radios and other entrainment devices or gadgets, including the computer(s).


   c)  On Sunday evening through to and including Friday evenings, set aside a minimum of one (1) hour following the same criteria as above (a) and (b) so that all the kids are able to 'hit the books'.  If computers are needed for their work, be sure they cannot and do not have access to the internet... disconnect the phone lines from the computer, even your DSL (if you have it).  Parents should be engaged in absorbing themselves in a study program too.  Studying things religious!  Studying things pertaining to their children's study assignment... So what if its seemingly old hat to you.  And if its not 'old hat' for you, you just might learn something new.  BTW (By The Way)... take the last 15 minutes of that one hour for everyone to get together for family prayer.  Yes.. I know that some of you don't go to Church because of a lot of things going on in the world and many of you who have communicated with us are 'turned off' by what you hear and see... but that is not good cause for turning away from the roots of one's faith, Jesus Christ!  There is no excuse for not doing so each day and night. 


   d)  When the two hour (once a week) family sessions come about, start with a prayer and end with a prayer.  During this special time, again, discuss what is important to each of you, denying no one from speaking except follow a pattern where the one speaking is not interrupted. 


Something else may needs also to be considered in these issues.  Friends... who are they?  Are they 'friends' from school who you know little about?  Are they friends who are invited over by your kids?  Do you know the families of those 'friends'?  Some 'friends' may, themselves, need help in their own family life.  But, that doesn't mean to go snooping, so much as it means you should get to know who your children are friends with and try not to disturb their budding friendships unless those 'friends' are constantly in trouble with the law.  Then you need to see if you can, in some way, help them for the sake of your own children.  If you cannot, you may need to sit down with your children and let them know what you know about those 'friends' so that they will know why you are asking them to disconnect from those friends... Remember, your children may not understand that true 'friends' will stick together, be honest, learn to cultivate good habits and admit mistakes.  There is much more, but hopefully this will do.


One last thing which is very crucially important.  Get to a Church.  Preferably an Orthodox Catholic Christian Church.  Regardless of what you may think or believe about Churches and the politics of many of them... Church is the place where spiritual nourishment can be obtained.  Be sure such "Church" is not an entertainment or political center but truly devoted to Worship, not entertainment or politics. 


Kevin B. (Wash., D.C.) - March 10, 2006: I have noticed that your website says little about homosexuality in the Church or in monasteries.  Why? 


Father Thaddeus replies: Old questions that this web site has answered repeatedly.  Why should we be concerned if those who are monks, in monasteries, and priest or nuns are celibate?  What this means is that those who are celibate, regardless of what their pasts may have been, are living celibate lives for the struggle in this life for the life to come.  The Church is not about sexuality, be it homosexual or heterosexual, or even bi-sexuality.  The Church is about Repentance, Penance, Confession, doing away with the old man in us and striving toward the prize of great price.  The Church is a spiritual hospital whose doors are open to all who are truly willing to strive for the pearl of great price... Jesus Christ!


Amanda (Mass.) February 3, 2006:  Where can one obtain the names of the many orthodox devotional service -- I'm not speaking of the Divine Liturgy or the Hours -- in parallel columns with greek terms and slavic terms co-ordinated?

parastasa, pannychis, panikhidi, panikhida
akathist (great and lesser)
paraklesis (great and lesser)
akolouthia (in its more specific sense)
and what are the names in the two traditions for the many services/commemorations of those fallen asleep (funeral, 3d, 9th, 40th days, annual, etc., and just at any time? -- slava, trisagion, etc).

As one who lives far from any orthodox clergy at the moment, and have a background that includes attendance at the ROCOR, GOA, and Ukrainian Orthodox temples, I'd like to see a chart of parallel terminology. The differences in terminology are unfortunately not self-evident.

Second, since the Greek and Russian absolutions at confession are quite different, where can one get the texts? (Some Russian prayerbooks have the slavic--but none of my Greek prayerbooks has got the Greek text.)

Third, is there a common Orthodox view toward cremation? As i live in a state dotted with buddhist temples where the majority seem to accept cremation as the norm, is cremation different in different jurisdictions? Or is it a decision (in some or all jurisdictions) for a given hierarch to make for those under his aegis?

Father Thaddeus replies:  Thank you for your enquiry concerning the various terms used for Orthodox liturgical services. Unfortunately, I do not know of any such comparative list. Distinguishing between these names seems to be something people acquire on an individual basis based on their need and experience.

For example in our own jurisdiction of the Orthodox Church, which is made up of people of a variety of different backgrounds, I have to, on occasion, rely on a variety of terms for memorials or for Services of Thanksgiving. When such services are announced, English terms are used instead of favoring one non-English term over another. For example, instead of announcing that a ‘Molieben’ will be held it is announced that a ‘Service of Thanksgiving’ will be held. Everyone understands that -- only the Slavs, and then only some of them, recognize the word ‘Molieben.’

Concerning names for the services that follow death, a Funeral is simply known as a "Funeral" or the "Rite of Burial." In Slavic it is an "Otpivaniye." The services on the 3rd, 9th, 40th etc. days are called in Slavic "Panikhida" or "Parastasis" or in Serbian "Pomen" or in Greek "Mnemosyno", although the shortened version of these, beginning with the Trisagion prayers and going immediately into the closing troparia, is often referred to as a "Litiya for the Dead" or a "Trisagion." There is no exact English equivalent of these other than "Memorial" or Memorial Service."

Your suggestion to post a parallel list of such terms is a good one, and I am sure that if someone were to take the time to draft one we could pass it on to our webmaster for posting.

Concerning absolution at confession:
The texts of these are generally found in the Book of Needs. Various prayer books may or may not include this -- generally they do not because many prayer books are simply compilations of various prayers and services selected at the editor’s discretion, rather than being "official" traditional service books, such as the Ochtoichos, the Triodion, the Pentecostarion, the Book of Needs, etc. The Book of Needs carries all the sacraments and other rites such as prayers at birth, for the naming of the child, at the parting of soul and body, etc.

Concerning the Russian and Greek forms of the absolution, the difference is generally in the addition in some Russian books which has the priest adding a phrase "and I an unworthy sinner remit, pardon, and absolve all your sins ..." which is a later addition to the traditional absolution in which the priest proclaims that Christ has forgiven one’s sins.

Concerning cremation:
Orthodox Christians universally agree that burial is preferred unless there is some extenuating circumstance which would warrant cremation only upon obtaining a blessing from the appropriate hierarch.

While I am not completely sure, I have heard in some circles that in Japan everyone must be cremated, although I emphasize that I am not completely positive about this. There is no tradition within Orthodoxy which promotes cremation. The body, even after death, is seen to have been the temple of the Holy Spirit and as such is accorded proper respect.


J. Drake (Washington) January 26, 2006:  My husband and I thank you for baptizing and Chrismating our seven year old son when we came through Deming.  Although you warned us about how other Orthodox churches might react. After joining a local  Russian Orthodox parish we shared with him all that happened during our travels, and he advised that you must be Orthodox in spirit and truth (as you would say) regardless of what others may wish to believe. The certificate and what we had to say, according to them, validates the Baptism and Chrismation after our local priest provided a copy to his bishop. We understand your concerns and feel you might have over reacted.  Your hospitality and the information you provided gives us a lot to think about.   Our priest was very taken up with the articles by Abbot +Gregori.


Father Thaddeus replies: Give Praise and thanksgiving to God!


Vance Thompson (Maine) January 14, 2006: Because of your many articles about our Christian religion, my wife, married child: 1 daughter, 1 son, their families  and myself have become Orthodox.  Bless us with your prayers as we join those with you in spiritual struggle.  Our e-mail explains more. (Not shown at sender's request).


Father Thaddeus replies: You are blessed and will remain in our prayers.  I believe you already know that this struggle is both material and spiritual, and it will not be easy.  In fact, many may revile you as you turn from the Protestant cult which you have come out of.


Sylvia & Dan (GA.) January 12, 2006: We are grandparents.  Our son is in Toledo, Ohio.  He informed us of his plans to marry and by whom he and his bride are to be married by.  We know the history and don't approve of their being married outside the Church.  We noticed that things have diminished against you and some have cleaned up their act.  Do you expect anything to happen in the future?


Father Thaddeus replies: I will not say anything about what is happening in Ohio at this time.  But as for the future, we know from experiences of the past that we trust nothing that we see with our material eyes, only with our spiritual eyes. 


Peter C. (Roanoke, VA.) (January 5): I've noticed "newchurch" and other terms being used in some of the news articles you post.  Is this referring to the Roman Church?


Father Nguyen (California) in place of Father Thaddeus (New Mexico) replies: The word or term "newchurch" came to us from Father Saraceno who belongs to another jurisdiction.  And, I would say "Yes, it belongs to those things being done by the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church today.  While the use of the phrase "Roman Catholic Church" is used, it really means the "Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church" because they are not the only ones who are truly "Catholic" since they separated from the "Catholic" Church (meaning Catholic Faith) in 1054 A.D.  I believe if you read other material on this website you will find a lot of material which will point to the fact that the Romans think of themselves the only group which has authority over who is "Catholic" or not.  Well, I've got news for them and you.  History itself will show they are not "Catholic" because they have done too many things against the Councils when the Church was once ONE before they schismed.  Their "Catholicity" is in doubt because their doctrines and beliefs are being reinvented by them.  Many a faithful has turned away from them because of that.  Hey... I wouldn't call them unfaithful, just a question I have as to who they are worshipping since the former (reposed) Pope John Paul worshipped with the Dalai Lama before an altar upon which the blessed sacrament was contained in the Tabernacle and a statute of Buddha was placed on top of it.  That is historical fact!  And, as far as I can see, the newpope has said and done nothing except to allow for the process of "Sainthood" for the former pope. 


The teachings from Holy Writ, the Holy Bible, is pretty clear.  There is only one way to the Father.  Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light!  No other!  I believe that "newpope" along with "oldpope" have taken their jurisdiction farther from the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIGHT which is bound head and foot in Jesus Christ who was bound and nailed, to the Cross!  To what and whom are you being bound?


Sharon J. (Chicago, IL.) (January 2): Father, your blessings.  My family are converts to Orthodoxy.  A friend suggested your website to me.  I realize you are not "mainline" Orthodox but have much to say that even my priest says is very good.  Yes, I asked him about your website after visiting it.  He said the website is worthy of study.  Now I ask what is the difference between your people and Old Catholics or some who call themselves "Orthodox" but seem to follow all things Old Catholic or Roman?


Father Nguyen (California) in place of Father Thaddeus (New Mexico) replies: I am answering in Father Thaddeus' place as he has not yet taken over full web page involvement.  This is somewhat difficult in part, but not in whole.  Those who are Old Catholic, Old Roman Catholics, Independent Catholics, Reformed Catholics or even "Traditionalist" Catholics and some who use the word and term "Orthodox" in their name but are actually "roman" usually have one thing in common.  They are all "Roman" in their spirit and primarily follow and practice all things acceptable to Rome from the past to the present.  There are a few groups who claim they really want nothing to do with Rome but cannot keep from discussing and talking about the events of the Roman jurisdiction's activities.  Those who call themselves "Orthodox" but maintain all things Roman (past or present history) would probably jump at the chance to be accepted by the Roman jurisdiction.  


Those who are truly "Orthodox" usually follow and practice, even with a Western Rite Liturgy... all other things "Orthodox" in spirit which is reflected in their doctrines and practices. 


I am "Orthodox" but follow and practice Western Rite liturgical norms.  Orthodoxy has an Eastern mind-set.  Yet, here in North America, we find that the mind-set allows for our spirituality to be raised to newer heights than what the "Roman" approach allows as it is practiced in these days. 


Our Metropolitan is Orthodox as far as I am concerned.  Yet, he admits that he has not come to the "fullness of Orthodoxy".  After a long time with him, I think I understand his attitude and reason for that.  As to the monks and people who are with us as a whole, there is a mixture of backgrounds amongst them, but they are all, as our Metropolitan would say, strugglers in the faith, in the spirit towards Orthodoxy which is really different from Romanism or Papism. 


The Latino community I work with are very much "Old Catholic" in their approach, but it is so close to "Orthodoxy" in their spirit, I find it difficult to differentiate between the two since "Orthodox" practices in the U.S.A. by the Greek Church is seen as being Western Rite in many respects to faith and piety. 


The piety and practices of any group or church; its people says a lot about their inner spirit.  The development of new teachings or changes in teachings as produced by the Roman jurisdiction says much about the loss of its former piety among their adherents. 


When our Metropolitan returns to the Q&A here, he might wish to address this more thoroughly.  I admit my own lack at this point.


Bob C. (Cincinnati, OH):  Father, have I lost something in translation concerning the question and answer from my brother "James" in Columbus, OH that you lumped in with many others?  Its rather simple... why does the Toledo, Ohio guy keep attacking by using information from your website?


Father Nguyen (California) in place of Father Thaddeus (New Mexico) replies: I am answering in Father Thaddeus' place this week. For what I'm going to say, I may be chastised for I know that Father Thaddeus has closed this topic by his former postings.  I would have thought the answer to the question your brother raised which was answered below was clear. 


The Toledo, Ohio man is not a valid Priest, now that others have found and verified the information, he's not even a valid bishop either.  He's committed spiritual fraud. He's fighting for his self-image and alters other information about our Metropolitan Archbishop and those with him. What the man has said against our Metropolitan Archbishop is a host of lies smattered with bits and pieces of truth so as to distort the image and character of Metropolitan Archbishop Thaddeus.  He's attempted to alter the understanding of news articles to make it appear that the news said one thing when they did not. 


This man in Toledo, Ohio is a former insurance salesman turned pencil and pen salesman with a lot of shuck and jive.  Just enough shuck and jive to know how to manipulate people. There are several over the years who have known him enough that they hold to the idea or opinion that he is a user and abuser of anybody he can get the attention of.  He has learned by experience is obvious.


Regarding the information the man from Toledo, Ohio has been using and misusing against Metropolitan Archbishop Thaddeus: I sat through the trial by Judge when Father Thaddeus was on the witness stand in California in 1989-1990.  I know as a fact that he did indeed protect the Seals of the Confessional.  While I knew both the men he was protecting who did the actual abuse.  I was not at the time aware that they were the true perpetrators.  There were two perpetrators and two victims.  The names of the perpetrators were never mentioned during the court trial by judge. Both of them, along with the so-called victims - one of them having written a notarized letter and even gave testimony in court, stated that Father was protecting the Seals of the Confessional and that he, the so-called victim, had known and knows why Father did not put up a fight against the charges. 


The man in Toledo, Ohio has known those facts as he was shown by Father Thaddeus some of the Court Documents, but never given a copy of them.  As a result the man in Toledo, Ohio only has newspaper accounts and not court documents (especially the ones under Seal of the Court).  I have those documents as does Father Thaddeus.  The man in Ohio is out for revenge because Father Thaddeus was not afraid to take action against him by going to the Synod of Bishops and Clergy alike who made the final decision.  The man in Toledo, Ohio suffers from delusion about himself and attacks anyone and everyone who tries to follow the commandments of Christ and the Holy Apostles in going to an errant clergyman (himself), to give him good counsel regarding the error of his ways then.  He refused to accept correction for his ways in 2003, 2004 and 2005 continued with attacks by threat, attempts to blackmail and other irreverent abuses and misuses under guise of "Church."  When he was deposed, defrocked and excommunicated in 2004 and 2005 after all the attempts to try and correct his aggressive stand to take control of things he had no right to failed, he became as a demon because he wanted the name of the jurisdiction for himself.  It has since been found that the man himself is alleged to have a mental disorder. He has been kicked out of several jurisdictions before he came to the American Orthodox Church and Father Thaddeus, our Metropolitan Archbishop.  No one had anything good to say about the man in Toledo, Ohio.  But Father Thaddeus has always been called "the bishop of last resort" because of his stand on "forgiveness" and "repentance" believing the man was truly sincere.  It was not until later that it was found that the Toledo, Ohio man wasn't truthful when he was ordained a priest, wasn't truthful with those who later consecrated him and is not even truthful now. 


It was not found out until after the Toledo, Ohio man came to Father Thaddeus that it was found how he purposefully and intentionally faked his own death (under another name) - an actual faked death and funeral in order to get a bishop to initially ordain him to the priesthood (because no one would ordain him and he said his mother's last wish was to see him ordained a priest).  She was already in the grave! And, his so-called mother is his adopted mother (not his biological mother), along with his brother who also is adopted and not of the same blood.  In fact the guy who he says is his brother is really his lover as was witnessed on the telephone by several people as told by the very one who is his lover, himself, in 2003 when he talked and joked with me when I called to talk with Father Thaddeus. He's a kind man himself, unlike his older (so-called) brother who attacks and says he's a priest and bishop. At least we were able to talk with Father Thaddeus at that time.  This brother of the Toledo, Ohio man told me that his brother is gay and has been his lover for many years.  On talking with this other "brother" lover to the Toledo, Ohio man, I couldn't help but realize that I was talking to someone who has some difficulties and may be, in my opinion, not of a average or high I.Q..  He said he was not a part of his brother's church but is a Roman Catholic, that he didn't really want anything to do with his brother's church but did whatever his 'brother' wanted as a means to help and repay for a roof over his head.


Another time when I called from Santa Cruz, California to speak with Father Thaddeus, the Toledo, Ohio man (not his adopted brother, really lover) answered the phone and I was told "he doesn't want to speak with you," indicating that Father Thaddeus didn't want to speak to me.  I learned later that Father Thaddeus didn't even know I called.   The Toledo, Ohio guy was trying to take over the jurisdiction of the AOC for himself and without any consideration for all the bishops and clergy of the Synod.  He wanted to be "Pope" and his action to deny many of us access to our spiritual father, Thaddeus, shows the depth of the harm the man will go to.  His lover-brother, when we called and got through to Father Thaddeus, was very open about himself and his relationship to the Toledo, Ohio man. Their relationship as so-called "brothers' is by adoption only.  They are really gay 'lovers'. 


After being made a priest, the Toledo, Ohio man then  flamed through ecclesiastical jurisdictions to become a bishop as well as having changed jurisdictional names so many times as one may change dirty shorts - - (go to the Secretary State of Ohio's web pages and search the archives on-line with alleged forgery of one or more signatures for self-gain and image building).  Then he proceeded to get himself made a "schema-monk" (it takes ten or more years and he did it in two by using threats, lies and blackmail) and proceeded from there to do all manner of vile deeds against this jurisdiction and especially against our Metropolitan Archbishop, Father Thaddeus. After the Toledo, Ohio guy was deposed, defrocked and excommunicated from this jurisdiction, as he had been from other jurisdictions before us, he began his outright internet terrorism against  this jurisdiction and our Metropolitan Archbishop, Thaddeus. 


The very links the Toledo, Ohio man provides on his web page concerning our Father Thaddeus, goes to three different domain names; sites owned by him, which then links to another site not associated with him.  With the cheap prices of Internet Domain Names being what they are, it is not difficult for someone to think up a name and get it recorded (purchased).  He intentionally and purposefully bought those Internet domain names in order to try to wreck havoc and take revenge.  He is not an "Athonite" Benedictine by any means of the word and meaning... Being "Celtic" means many things... and he's not "celtic" except in corporation (civil authority) name only! 


When he ordains anyone to the priesthood, his ordinations are invalid.  Because he had obtained valid papers for his ordinations and consecrations, the documents are invalid because those who ordained and others who consecrated him, later found out the deceit and lies of this Toledo, Ohio man.  The papers the Toledo, Ohio man has in his possession are invalid as a result because the church does not rely only on "paper" or documents as they also rely on FACTS as to validity by contacting those who issued those documents when there exists some question or good cause.  Many of those documents have since been invalidated, but civil authorities recognize them without verifying their validity.  Usually, in Orthodoxy, a Priest is usually required to return documents and the antimins he may have been given as a sign of his priesthood under the bishop he serves, when he has been told to go.  The Toledo, Ohio man never returned any documents because he was not honorable enough to do so.  He kept them!  It is my belief and opinion that the man sought the priesthood and other ecclesiastical titles and even jurisdictional name because they are, to him, I believe, a status symbol for one's own ego or self-image.  He does not have and hasn't had the spirituality required.  I know I'm speaking my mind and I've never said much openly. 


I've been with other jurisdictions and monastic communities until in 1988 I came to Father Thaddeus.  Even through all his problems he has gone through, I've stuck with him from here in Santa Cruz where I am involved with five other monks who work primarily with Philippine and Mexican people.  I had been with an Independent Catholic Group who still serves these cultural communities and I still work with them too although I am not a part of them now.  Our monastic community here has its own communications devices and we work together rather well.  I don't give out much information about ourselves to the likes of those out of Ohio and we certainly don't need his foul stench wafting through our community.  As I've already said, I've consider the Toledo, Ohio man to be nothing more than a huckster and jive artist.  He's done a good job on everyone it seems.


I apologize for my indignation and wrath about this man in Toledo, Ohio; but enough is enough.  He should be avoided and shunned.  He's done far to much damage and cannot tell the truth because it would hurt him, his self-image, and his base line of power control.  His validity as a priest by most who know of him, is only in the eyes of civil authority.  His is not 'God' centered, but self-centered in both his "spirit and in truth" as our Father Thaddeus would say! 


While there is the understanding and opinion that the Toledo, Ohio man is mentally disturbed, if not deranged, to a serious degree by his misuses and abuses of Holy writ, one can only wonder if he got the "preparation H" mixed up with his "Poli-Grip" because he's sounding more like the rear end of a jack-ass each day!  At least his gum's won't itch!


Father Nguyen, SSJt.  (I may now be reduced in standing and this may be later deleted by Father Thaddeus when he returns to the web pages after January 7th, but as far as I'm concerned, truth is truth!)...


Donna (TRC, NM) - James (Columbus, OH) - Sandy (Shingletown, PA) - Thomas (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) - Mrs. P. (Chicago, IL) - Angie (Blissfield, MI) - Daniel (Toledo, OH) - Ted (Los Angelus, CA.) - and 122 other individuals who have contacted us over this last month (not counting the numerous similar questions on this subject over many months) - the Webmaster for this week uses (Phil (Silver City, NM) (December 19, 2005) to Q & A this controversy: Bless Father.  I have read your web site many times and am still learning many things.  I remember some of the more negative things that happened there in Deming over a year ago.  I even have gone to other websites where you are, in one of them, quoted along with one of your priests while the web site owner continually says horrible things about you.  Isn't this harmful to you?  I've even read the various other articles that web site links to.  I could find nothing that said the court prevented you from breaking the seals of the confessional but that the court wanted to hear what was under the Seals of the Confessional. The articles said that it was being "Debated" or that it was a "Debate". What is your response? And, do you support "homosexuality"? May I also ask why that website owner continues to attack after the horrible things he caused last year?


Father Thaddeus replies: Blessing to you and those with you!  I could answer your questions with - "let sleeping dogs lay".  But that would be a political statement in itself although a more "Orthodox" way of handling the questions.  Yet, it would not be to the Glory of God either. 


"Isn't this harmful to you?" you asked.  One would normally think so.  But the truth of the matter is that the antics of those who continually castigate and berate others are digging for themselves a pit from which they may no longer escape.  Actually, because of that one particular web site owner, he has caused for us to gain three new parishioners locally ... (something we weren't looking for as we are not seeking to build a parish, just a monastic community). On the national scene, we have gained several more there too.  It is deduced that many are becoming aware of that individual's own history.  So, in the end, he does us a service!


Then you said and asked: "The articles said that it was being "Debated" or that it was a "Debate". What is your response?"  You have deduced correctly about these many things that happened more than thirteen plus years ago!  And those who have come to us because of that website owner, are provided actual documents, not news stories... to ascertain for themselves.  There is a difference between the asinine misuse of information to promote one's own self-image... and the actual truth!  This makes the difference.  We know that many of the court records we have are "under Seals of the Court" itself... And the web site owner does not have documents, just public information which is, primarily, access to news article. 


Then you ask " you support "homosexuality"?" What does Holy Scripture really say?  We do not support "Sodomy" or "Bigots" or "drunkards" or "ecclesiastical politicians" or those who would close the doors of the church to those who know they are sinners.  As said before, the Church is not about "Sex" but about "responsibility" in all things one does daily.  If we look at "heterosexuals" and "homosexuals" we would have to say that they all have sinned in the eyes of God by their very thoughts, words and deeds (actions).  Promiscuity is not sanctioned whatsoever.  Before you go after one sexual life style for being against Holy Scripture, then we had better clean our own houses first for all have sinned against Holy writ.  The Church is a spiritual hospital. 


Those whose lives were less than perfect but are willing to take up the Cross of Christ in spirit and in truth... leave behind such that has to do with any kind of sexuality but take up the cross of being responsible either as married men and women or as celibate men and women until they become married to another of the opposite sex or to the Church.  Our clergy who are married are known to live lives that uphold Holy Scriptures mandates.  And those clergy who are not married, we know live also the lives required of Holy Scripture.  What part of celibacy does one not understand?


And Lastly you ask; "May I also ask why that website owner continues to attack after the horrible things he caused last year?" Any man who is ordained a priest, even to the fullness of the episcopacy without telling all truth about themself, even to the degree of faking a death and worse as a means to get themselves ordained, then leaving their former jurisdictions without proper consents or good cause, is neither a priest or a Bishop in spirit and in truth!  The problem here is with "civil authorities"... documents an individual obtains in the course of their "scam" is usually kept by them and not returned.  It is upon those documents which are no longer valid that civil authorities will recognize them, without verifying the validity of them.  Thus, this leads to the ultimate answer of your question. 


While it is true that "Once a Priest always a priest"... this understanding is based on TRUTH and FACT.  But when one has come by the Priesthood under false and misleading ways or statements, the "Once a Priest always a Priest" no longer holds validity, and is therefore not true!  In fact, they commit spiritual fraud on the public and the Church herself. 


I would ask you two question now... Since you know many of these things now... why even visit those kind of websites or read such trash?  Does such enrich your soul to the Glory of God or to the Glory of the Evil One, Satan the Great Deceiver?  If you are the kind of individual who thrives on cheap tawdry gossip (which is slander and an abomination to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, then you are not a struggler in the faith, but a part of the what is termed and means ANTICHRIST, that is, being against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by your thoughts, your words and actions to participate in and with those slanderers!  In these many things that those who are doing evil do, there are blessings to be had.  And, it would be in our own honest understanding, a blessing because our members of faithful and clergy are growing because of them!  The Glory is to God... And for those who are loosing members, it is usually because they have bitten the seed of Antichrist, synchrestic Ecumenism, money changers and worse.


As you are aware, as a fool for Christ, I am not afraid to say "I have sinned" or that "I made a mistake" -  but I will tell you this... if I had all things to do over again in these specific matters to which you refer, I would change little for my understandings; of Jesus Christ, by Jesus Christ and in Jesus Christ would not be as solid as it is now.


If you have read much of the content of this web site as you say, then you also know of and about three important documents that are linked from here... (1 Lines of Succession)  (2a Discovery of Truth)   (2b Resolving the conflict )  (3 Question of Repudiation answered)  As often repeated time and again.... and since we will not be adding to the "Quotes" until next year... we repeat what our Metropolitan Archbishop has often reminded us:


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2


Benjamin C. (Trenton, NJ) (December 20, 2005): Bless Father.  I came across someone recently who is in the military.  If I understood what he had to say, he is one of those who has been quoted in your "Quotes From Father Thaddeus" which makes me realize that probably many of the e-mails and phone calls come not only from concerned religious of various jurisdictions and denomination, but other people who are not so religious but are involved in secular or governmental organizations.  Am I wrong?


Father Thaddeus replies: No reply needed! May you be blessed! However, as an added note, there are many who have a deep sense or desire for things not of this world.  They too search for truth, be it religious or spiritual.


Jamal T. (S.F., Ca.) (December 17, 2005): Are the people who you are supposed to quoting real?


Father Thaddeus replies: What service would be had if they were not true and real?  I do not know who you are, obviously, but it can only be guessed that you belong to other "lists" or "groups" or have been listening to things and people who like to besmirch others not of their self-made-purity of being "Christian". Do recall all that you may have read in Holy Scripture.  Gossip is "Slander" and that is the evil that invades many who can not, do not, and will not walk-the-walk, or talk-the-talk!  If you let Christ, Jesus, not anti-christ, be in our midst, you will not only find the peace that abides, but the Love that encompasses even the greatest of sinners who struggles according to their nature and degree of ability.


Marilyn (L.A., Ca.) (December 16, 2005): I recall that you once had a Clergy Database and I haven't been able to locate it for some time.  Do you ever intend to make it available again?


Father Thaddeus replies: Our Clergy Database is not open to the general public.  It is not on-line and has not been on-line for several years.  However, it will be available on-line after January, 2006 and those desiring to obtain information from it will have to apply for a temporary access under strict rules.  The information contained in the database is sensitive material as such relates to various individual's backgrounds and known documented history both good and bad.  As a result, the database will be closed to the general public at large.  A notice will be posted when it is available and those wishing to view it will have to follow the instructions and rules regarding access to and use of it. 


Jake (Oakride, Tn.) (December 12, 2005): What would I need to do to become a Priest? 


Father Thaddeus replies: That would be dependent upon which jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church you apply to.  Each have their own administrational and ecclesiastical regulations.  If you apply to the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic church, they would refer you to one of their special schools and it would be dependent upon which of their Holy Orders operates that seminary or school and their qualifications and requirements will also vary.  If you are asking the question in regards to our own jurisdiction, you will need to follow the instructions provided under the section for W.O.T.I. (Western Orthodox Theological Institute). 


Nadia (Columbus, Oh) (December 8, 2005): I've been wanting to ask how many people work on your web pages?  Are you the only one?


Father Thaddeus replies: Actually there are six.  Four of them locally and two others located through out the U.S.A.  Everyone takes turns as Webmaster for a day to a week, depending on prior schedules.


Franklin (Shreveport, LA):  Your Blessings Eminence.  Please, I would like to know why the photographic image of you in a vehicle waving? (The Image in question is as below)....

(Photo/Image Copyrights appy)

Father Thaddeus replies: Many would prefer the use of sanctimonious images be used as it is the more "Proper" thing to do.  There are plenty of those kind of images and they depict those who attempt to put on an air of sanctity.  I am not one who can afford to be sanctimonious because, like you, I am a struggler on the path to sanctity, to holiness, to Orthodoxy.  I have not arrived yet, and not a one of us, even those who are of the so-called "mainline" churches can say they are fully "Orthodox Catholic" for as long as we are in the vehicle of our physical bodies, which is a vehicle in this life... we do make mistakes and will make mistakes... Thus the van (vehicle) is suggestive of travel and traveling... and, to be sure, we are travelers in this life, preparing for the next life. 


The individual clergyman in the background is Bishop Matthias (Hammons).  The very fact that he is in the background is suggestive of the fact that not a one of us are alone in this earthly travel... There is always someone there with us or waiting to help us, be it a neighbor next door, across the way, the clerk in a grocery store, the parish priest, a friend, or anyone else.  Not a one of us are actually alone.  And, we must be there for them too.  Even if we live in the remotest part of the world away from all people, there is always someone who travels by or whom we see in a distance... The Lord, our God, Jesus Christ and the whole host of heaven is with us, even in our loneliness when physically living alone in a the remotest part of the world... We are never truly alone although one may surely feel alone... but we aren't alone if one searches rightly.


I wave at all those who come to our web pages so as to signify that I am with you and send you greetings in the Joy of the Lord for I know I am a fool for Christ as I struggle in this physical vehicle (the body), given all my sins, my mistakes, my human-ness...


Our journey in this life is temporary... We are temporary travelers... and while in this vehicle, the body physical, we are held accountable by God for what we do or do not do to help others in their travel, their struggle.  We are responsible for how we care for what little we have as individuals and collective members of planet earth.  Thus, we are shareholders, although temporarily, and accountable for how we use or abuse planet earth, people and ourselves.


Images and imagery has always been used in the early Church, the Orthodox Catholic Christian Community of martyrs, patristic fathers and saints have always used imagery to get a message across to people. 


My message is multiple messaging... saying much without having to say anything except for the image itself.  I've been called: "smug" "arrogant" "elitistic" and worse.  Yet, in an image much is said... Inasmuch as I've answered the "why"... now it is up to you to obtain what you wish from it.  I make no apologies for what you depict from it, for many there are who will obtain their own ideas and understandings, often times those who have made up their minds before-hand about an individual whose image they have not yet seen, will not be changed by their thinking or opinions whatsoever, but be reinforced in their thinking, for right or wrong, real or imagined as to their own idea of the reality of the individual. 


May you be blessed and continue with your own struggle in this life in preparation for the life to come. 


Quotes Archive 2005 ... Quotes Archive 2004

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It is understood, according to information and belief, that three of his/her/their websites may have been closed by former service providers due to complaints against him/them for internet terrorism, spewing "hate" and causing for an individual whom he/they discuss, to be exposed to potential physical harm which happened in the early part of the 2005 when they thought themselves wise in their own conceit, for things of more than 13 years in the past.  What part of "Hate" - "Exposing another to threats of losing life" - "Internet Terrorism" does he/they not understand? Now, under other domain names, the same/similar hate messages re-occur against the same individual. 


We find them to be un-orthodox and un-Christian in spirit and truth for they continue to argue things of the past that is not a part of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, and (in fact) go against the very commandments of Jesus Christ!  And those who do such are, it is opined upon investigation and in most instances, the very one(s) who had been or are under ban as excommunicated individuals posing as duly ordained clergy who had been a part of this jurisdiction (and so many numerous others) in times past.'s NOTE:  A few have sent us inquiries as to why we post information and/or articles relating to what might be considered as political and sometimes from other Protestants .  And the reply is much the same as it states on the entry page....  We Are:

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Because this is a highly Protestant Country in which we live, having an effect upon the laws of the land, we should know something of what is on-going and where efforts by those denominations may affect and have a intrinsic effect on our very laws, for such does have an effect upon our daily lives as Orthodox Catholic Christians. 

If one is not cognizant of the real events happening both locally and in the world, although many are removed from the world... one will not know what to expect or what to do, or how one can or cannot act which might betray one's faith and accrue the wrath of civil authorities as laws change.  Yet, we are also reminded that these things must happen and it was for that which there exists many early Christian Martyrs and Saints. 

While we can remove ourselves from the world, we still live in it.  And for the faithful, theirs is a struggle for knowledge and understanding.  All things are pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith which is the very foundation of Christianity.  As such, we can not abandon them and leave them blind to events and happenings. 

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Remember, not all Protestants, especially hard core cultic groups such as "Charismatic" - "Evangelical" "Promise Keepers" "Church of Christ" "Methodism" "Pentecostals" "Jehovah's Witnesses" "Mormons" and other people are not so generous in their viciousness toward anyone and anything that appears "Catholic" whether of the Roman or Orthodox jurisdictions, for they do not know or want to learn that which makes them "different" in their walk and talk as being far from the roots of Christianity. 

Remember, it is the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church which has more outwardly shown that it can be one of the most vicious toward those who are not Roman but are very much "Catholic" - for the sun and moon does not rise and set on the Vatican (Latin or Roman) jurisdiction as to who is or is not "Catholic" for the Roman jurisdiction split (schismed) from the roots of "Catholicism" which is founded in what is termed and called today as "Orthodoxy".

Any good article or piece of information will be considered so long as it is not defamatory or slanderous toward an individual when not based on TRUTH or FACT, or which is altered out of context from its original publishing by recognized sources.

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

“I prefer a defeat accompanied by humility to a victory accompanied by pride.”

                                                                               --An Elder

    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

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