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His Eminence, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D.

December 2005


A Closing of the Old Year in Preparation for the New Year...


Even though we have volunteer people (Lay and Clergy) here in Deming, New Mexico now... some who are Internet and tech savvy ... this unworthy repentant one still does some of the work associated to the web pages at apostle1.com.


While one would normally expect something religious and, hopefully, even spiritual, as regards a New Year's message... I have opted to address for one last time an issue that had to be dealt with recently for reasons explained in a letter or "posting" to one of the e-groups or e-lists. 


The desire here is to close an issue of the old year which has reared its ugly head again; and hopefully then move on so that we will all be able to deal with those things more important which has to do with the new year in aiding and helping those whose relationship with God is not what it could be or has been broken by the likes of those who commit spiritual fraud. 


Those who are "Religious" are more often dealing with things economic, political, day-to-day things... things that do not relate to our relationship with God and our need to struggle in this life in order to come even closer to Christ before the time arrives when we cross over to the next life. 


As a result of these concerns, we allowed to be posted, under the "Quotes From Father Thaddeus" page, what can only be entitled (thank you Father Nguyen (of California for the work)... "Q&A on Internet Terrorism against Vladyka +Thaddeus".  Should you have trouble accessing from this link, go to the "Quotes From Father Thaddeus" page and click on the embedded link".  Then come back to this page to continue.


One of the main issues that arises is this:


"While it is true that "Once a Priest always a priest"... this understanding is based on TRUTH and FACT.  But when one has come by the Priesthood under false and misleading ways, (Ed's addition: misinformation, lies) or statements, the "Once a Priest always a Priest" no longer holds validity, and is therefore not true!  In fact, they commit spiritual fraud on the public and the Church herself."


If you have read the linked pages above then you will understand that as a result, all the consecrations of the one who had been originally ordained ordained a priest is based on a sheet of lies which carries through to his multiple consecrations for the lie is maintained for it will not have been and cannot be abrogated (even under Confession prior to a consecration for the action committed was spiritual fraud through which the Canons require laicization, or) until they reduce themselves and leave the clergy ranks altogether for a lengthy period of time before they truly struggle out of pain of heart for the Priesthood once again where true confession, repentance and forgiveness from victims and offenders can be obtained...   Thereafter, he or they may be called (not asking for themself or himself) entrance into the ranks of an Apostle (Bishop).  All the other self-accredited titles and honors of "Schema-monk" they gained through deceit and lies are also affected because of the initial lie that falsely got them to the priesthood errantly.  The "scam" causes the breach which carries down through time and history.  Therefore, he must abjure himself, that is to recant through self laicization if he holds to a true struggle for the true spirit of the faith.


This self-laicization is required by Canon Law more especially so when there is no other over him or them, even when he/they have no SYNOD who could pronounce against them/him, laicization when the facts become known.  One cannot just go to confession and obtain resolvance for the canons require true fruits of repentance to be shown through laicization.  It is also for this reason that some will not and cannot follow the mandates of a SYNOD OF BISHOPS because they want to work and act as Pope with complete authority and control.  Laicization by any method means they loose total control and even be refused back into the priestly ranks.  Their actions often speak louder than words no matter what they say or write.  The operation of Canon Law is for one primary reason... spiritual truth about themself!  It makes the difference between those who are "Religious" and those who are truly struggling to be "Spiritual".  It is the difference between Judas Iscariot and St. Thomas the Apostle or even St. Peter. It means the difference of being a real Priest or a fraud!


Thus the self-laicization of anyone so concerned must be accomplished and if they seek to re-enter the priesthood, go to Confession, Seek true repentance and obtain true forgiveness from their former victims.  Otherwise, failing to do such, they continue to commit spiritual fraud against Jesus Christ and are one with Judas Iscariot.  


Civil authority is the only ground upon which they continue at present.


The issue may not necessarily be one of "The Church" (Faith) as all the more it involves the dealing with Civil Authority as has been explained in the "Quotes" page too.


The real issue is the individual themself; the content of one's heart (spirit) mind and soul.  The real issue is their eagerness for things of God or things of man.  If one is struggling in this life for the things of "man" then one is about pomp, ceremony, image, politics, economics and more ... and they continue with the lie and all the more instigate hardships, distresses, acrimony, even blackmail and threats against those whom they received truth but feel they have been hurt by.  If one is for the things of God, then the titles and honoraria they obtained through fraud and deceit means nothing and they would give up that which they did not receive honorably or even rightfully. 


Back in 1981 when this unworthy one was consecrated to the episcopacy, I did not ask for it, I was told that I would be consecrated.  No arguments accepted.  That is a fact.  I initially refused because I felt that St. Jude's Halfway House and other activities for the Church would be abandoned by other duties and responsibilities.  I was fearful of the obligations and responsibilities of becoming a Bishop in the Orthodox Church Catholic.  Yet, my heart also leapt for joy only because that was the instigation of pride brought on by the Evil One too.  A certain amount of this kind of action takes place in all of us in this life because of the assault of selfish pride, vanity and other things.  It is something that needs to be ripped out of our very being by all means possible ... and it is not (as it was not for my unworthy self) something that can be easily achieved; and yet we continually struggle with this demon.  Being young as I was then, not knowing Orthodox Spirituality as I do in these present times ... a certain amount of selfish pride did infect me as it does for everyone without exception.  That is a human condition.  But one that an individual can overcome with great pain of heart for the humility of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, Martyrs and many other Saints.  We have trouble in our spirit unto the end of our very life.


It was when I met and conversed (intermittently) with (for that period of time in the 1960's-1970's) Father Seraphim Rose and then Vladyka (now Saint) John Maximovitch that I first learned something of what it means to really begin a spiritual struggle of all struggles that has never ended, even unto this very day... which will go on until I draw my last breath.  As a fledgling and having only intermittent contact with those Holy men; even though I was not part of the Russian Community or even the Russian Orthodox Church, I had serious difficulties because of what was aroused in me by them which was fighting inwardly with the things of this world around me in those times past.


So, dear ones, the truth about ordinations and consecrations is not something one should take lightly.  Ordination: one can prepare for and eventually be ordained when TRUTH is provided.  But, as to consecrations, you do not ask for, or make demands through blackmail, threats and such in order to become an apostle of the Lord or a "Schema-monk".  You are selected!  For those that have done so and those that do, they are apostles of Satan the Great Deceiver, the Liar, the cheat and stealer of souls.


Therefore, know that the ordination and consecration of the un-named one whom I refer to are invalid, totally, based on the fact that one's own honesty when ordained a priest, was not just faulty, but was in fact fraudulent with misinformation lacking of TRUTH for such was based on his admitted trickery of faking his own death (verified through others) under another name.  Thus the multiple consecrations are wholly and totally invalid, illicit and not even worth the paper they are printed on because there has been one scam after another. 


The attempt to scare, to intimidate, to blackmail, to change his name and jurisdiction names over the last five years alone is only valid in the eyes of civil, not ecclesiastical, authorities.  The Secretary of State for the state in which he resides has an internet web site to peruse the numerous jurisdictional names, etc. used... and there are many! It had been alleged that even signatures on the forms were not of or from some of the clergy so appended.  And, if statements to this unworthy one are true by those who claim they never signed such documents, one can only wonder as to what other forgeries have been committed.


When one individual gained the very use of the name AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH, it was supposed to be TEMPORARILY, but he failed to honor that altogether, declaring himself CEO (so-to-speak), as he also did with being a "Schema-monk" and other things.  Spiritual Fraud in all things he has done...  Knowing the truth of and about my unworthy self, his honesty did not show forth when we finally arrived in Ohio.  Knowing we left California because we (my unworthy self and those with me) had been shot at, caused for us to accept his invitation and therefore it was to him we went as a last minute decision and as a result of his artful words and rhetoric of deceptive lies and outright fraud. His very statements in these present times concerning the Seals of the Confessional as pertaining to my unworthy self and news articles is a means to create confusion in the minds of readers, especially those who less and less maintain Seals of the Confessional themselves as priests.  Again, none of the printed news articles said “the court prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional” (No Basis, no Foundation for his statement whatsoever... except his own intentional mis-interpretation so that others will not want to discover TRUTH for themselves)… all the News Articles actually said was that it was a “Debate” or that such were being “Debated”. No, the court wanted, in fact, to know what they contained, but I did not violate them, for if I did, there would have been no conviction under pain of threat and intimidation by a court that was also in conflict with itself which was later learned.   Read the link relating to the posted e-mail again….


This is one of the reasons why we have become the exclusive target of internet terrorism, attack and mud-slinging. We have the copies of court documents.  He has only news articles from which he creates confusion and distrust.  This is a FACT!  And, fool that I was in times past, this is the root of all the trouble.  That is why he can and does break the seals of the confessional... for he is NOT A PRIEST and never was a true PRIEST and he know it!  It took me time to ferret out that information, but it was found and verified.  Others who also had been and continued in their own struggles to ferret out the information, informed my unworthy self so that I too might be able to know the truth and verify it for myself and those with me. 


Therefore the attacks and misinformation on his part was to create confusion which is an artful and political action, and is based not on spiritual struggle or even truth itself.  It is a means to throw the spotlight of attention on others who know where the proverbial bones are buried on him for his aim is to do and say anything to protect himself from being found out as having less than an honorable image, but a deceiving heart and mind!


So as to set the record in proper perspective the following is a quote from our web page concerning what has been and is going on as to why the individual is not valid whatsoever! Any of their ordinations and consecration fall on their face altogether which also invalidates any ordinations they have done.  And the answer concerning civil authorities is why they are able to continue in the public eye and on the internet to create what can only be opined is Internet Terrorism and confusion which did, in fact, indirectly cause for our having a gun shoved to the back of our head here in Deming, New Mexico in the last year.  Their use of mentally challenged person(s) out of another state close to them is now also well known; a dysfunctional family at best with a history of conflict with the law involving child abuse on two separate occasions as well as prison terms.  And this is why the following is said as a part of the "Quotes From Father Thaddeus" page is made....


If you have read much of the content of this web site as you say, then you also know of and about three important documents that are linked from here... (1 Lines of Succession)  (2a Discovery of Truth)   (2b Resolving the conflict )  (3 Question of Repudiation answeredAs often repeated time and again.... and since we will not be adding to the "Quotes" until next year... we repeat what our Metropolitan Archbishop has often reminded us:


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2


I pray for forgiveness to God Almighty every day for all that I do or have done unintentionally that might be offensive or harmful to any other human being.  Yet, I also pray, and pray again, and even again.  I have found that in praying, I talk to God.  But I have found the sure means as to how to listen to God with all my heart, all my mind, and all my soul.  I know God does answer prayer.  He has many times answered the prayers of this unworthy repentant one. 


I do not pray to God for anyone's destruction, although it is not against Holy Writ to do so; for that - they do unto themselves by their thoughts, their words and their actions... in the eyes of man and in the eyes of God.  None of us have to do anything for they do it to themselves and those with them.


Actually, as said in the linked pages, we have truly benefited by their attacks and viciousness... something we did not expect or realize until more recently.  God does have a plan for each and every one of us if we struggle out of pain of heart in this life to become more in conformity to the commandments laid down by Jesus Christ.


I pray for their eventual Salvation unto the Glory of God. 


This life in which we temporarily reside is the chance to make correction while there is so very little time left.  If one spends one, two or even three hours a day in Prayer alone, God does listen and I personally know that He does respond... Not necessarily in the manner we would expect.  But God does answer prayer...


Jesus Christ never, ever, guaranteed that those who are His Apostles (Bishops) would ever have a 'good life' but that indeed they would face many trials and tribulations.  He did guarantee to them, which includes their successors; that if one remains true (according to their spiritual nature and degree of ability), the Holy Ghost, being the Holy Spirit, would indeed lead them into all truth and inner peace.  This I can attest to personally!


May you be blessed as I ask for your prayers to guard, guide, protect and aide all who are true spiritual strugglers in this life for the life to come.  I did say "spiritual strugglers" not "religious strugglers" for there are many who are "Religious" but not "Spiritual".  There is the difference.


And because the Orthodox (Old Calendar) Christmas (Nativity) celebration will be on January 7th (2006)... know that from the Christmas Prayer I had also posted, the following applies not just to these many things discussed, but to the future too:

  "Unto us, who have lost our innocence and sense of wonder, a Child is

Unto us, who have hardened our hearts and misplaced our joy, a Son is

May this be the last we have to deal with the subject and the personage of those who are vicious and malicious, robbers of souls, are like thieves in the night with false, misleading information, slanderers, gossipers and forgers for they are one with Judas Iscariot and the leader of lies, Satan.


May the information and understandings associated with the issues they pertain to, be a lesson for both the spirit and mind of each one of you...  Let this be closed once and for all, even if those whom we refer to continue to attack as a means to make themselves look or appear as a true bishop, for they are committing spiritual and ecclesiastical fraud, lacking in true humility.


I pray forgiveness from those of you who view this post, especially it it meets you offensively, for truth is sometimes offensive; In its offensiveness it can carry spiritual content too.. yet, it shall be the last on my and our part relating to this matter for ever again.  There is no defense against what is written here, and for those who attempt to defend themselves, such a defense is from a deceiver, a liar, a cheat who cheats the very Commandments of Jesus Christ by being a Judas and one who is with the Chief of Liars, Satan.  He has done many harms not to my unworthy self alone, for if it were so, I would indeed say nothing and let it be a means by which the Lord chastises me only.  But the harms done have gone much further than any man could imaginably cause which has affected so very many worthy men of clerical rank and parishioners too as regards their marriage in some instances having been unnecessarily destroyed when they could have been salvaged, others have left the Church herself while yet others have lost money and even their very means to maintain themselves, while others have altogether turned away from the Church. 


Let us ring out this year with prayer and thanksgiving and greet the new as one greets the Holy Child at birth as did the three wise men, the shepherds and angels.


Know also that in all that I have done and for all that I may do with what time remains for me on planet earth, time that the Lord Our God has allotted to me, know that as an unworthy repentant sinner who continues to struggle in the vineyard for the Glory of God, I am praying for you and those with you;


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate 



A Joyful blessing to you and all whom you hold near and dear...


Two events for us in North America is about to take place and not necessarily in their order most would think.


The first event is the Nativity Celebration of the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  For most people it is celebrated on December 25th.  For others who follow the Old Calendar, it will be on January 7th.  There are a few who celebrate the Joyful Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ's Birth on the 24th of December for the spiritual and material, while celebrating the 7th of January for its implicit spiritual importance and meaning.  The 7th, for the later people who celebrate the Joyful Birth, have such a depth and inner light that it outshines all those who hold to the December 25th holiday for most of society.


The second event is the ending of the year 2005 of the Christian era.


Each year the same Christmas messages of greetings and remembrance are issued by most hierarchs and clergy... and everyone is in expectation of such without the slightest forethought about the consequences of the birth of Jesus the Christ, His Life and Teachings... They either fail or refuse to understand the more intrinsic meaning, implications and responsibilities for Christians involved... preferring to accept the joyous news of His birth in a form and manner that is filled with the idea of "gifts" giving and receiving for self, also promoting the "Santa Claus" myth.


Where is the self-less-ness in Christmas?  Where is the true depth of the spirit within?  Where is the mark of the true struggler and follower of Jesus Christ in those of today's people?


While Christ is born in the mind, the heart grows cold with false ideas about things of material, earthly concern; things that will rot and decay in due time after the body has gone into the ground. 


The words these days by many pastors, ministers and priests about the Nativity no longer have the robust, aggressive sting upon the mind, heart and soul of the hearer concerning his or her true purpose and responsibility in this earthly life whereby the importance of certain Christian celebrations must be of the heart as well as with action... for the heart speaks from one's spirit and the action speaks of one's worship in truth... be it daily by one's thoughts, words or deeds in this material life.  Thus, one is either acting out their “Christian” membership or intensely struggling with foreknowledge that they are strugglers in this temporary, earthly life for Jesus Christ’s promises for the life to come for those who do struggle in their spirit and in their day-to-day words, thoughts and actions


In all the Joy of the birth of Christ on earth of more than 2000 years ago, the birth was for us... and we owe Him our whole being in spirit and in truth!


All the lights on the tree, the house decorated in merriment and other things associated with Christmas does not evoke the spiritual content of one's spirit or heart for Jesus Christ if one's thoughts, words and actions are not in balance.   Thus all the decorations are rubbish, false, misleading and a sign that the evil one has entered in.


When we see in the electronic news media of how men and women rush in to the opening of merchant stores, in a stampede fashion and fight over toys and other material things... such actions show that there is no concern for Jesus Christ, but for Gold, Silver, material things and such that has no real bearing on the more intrinsic meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ.  In fact, such an outrageous display of actions and activities shows how much more those people are infected by the Evil One who has entered into their hearts with concerns for things material and self-image with a cold and calculating heart and mind.  Less is the true meaning of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Less is the true understandings of the Pillars of the Church established by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles.  Less does confession, penance, forgiveness have meaning in their spirit for such becomes words without foundation or substance in their daily walk and talk.  Thus it becomes easier for them to condemn and judge others without forethought, without regard for whether the other they are judging is truly convicted by man’s law or falsely convicted.


Even the true story about who "Santa Claus" is ... has been taken away from the true history about Saint Nicholas from whom the "Santa Claus" myth has sprung.  Children are fed this piece of pulp rubbish to such an extent that it is no wonder when they reach their age of maturity and mental stability that they consider much a lie and believe their parents and grandparents as well as society as a whole have been duplicitous, lied to them (in the recesses of their mind that is). Later on, as the children have become teenagers, then adults, their morality takes on a tinge of grey, even black, moving away from true Christianity to a kind-of-christianity that is filled with false and misleading understandings, even going to the entertainment mentality of approach. 


Parents, Grand-parents and society as a whole is to blame, in their mind and heart, their spirit, for their actions have created these things, even my own unworthy self and all others who have in times past advanced those pieces of phantasmagorical rubbish which is beautiful in story form, but a lie in truth.  Teaching things, in part, moral and immoral. 


As a result, we have those whose ethnic foundations have become brittle and they look for other things to reinforce their color or race with false and misleading music of evil undertone, styles of dress that is of another religion altogether, unbeknownst to them that they are being psychologically manipulated on the basis of their insecurity and false machismo.  Thus they become mixed up with and engaged in "gansta wrap," "heavy metal," "sexsta tunes" and worse.  The upraising, the music, the dress styles; all become a part of the individual that evokes a reason for turning away from Christianity to a false christianity, to lying, no longer holding themselves from staying as virgins (male and female), disrespecting others and worse.


Where is Christian truth during the holidays?  Would it not be more and more wrapped up in the fantasy? The Harry Potter series and now the Narnia movie capture our children's minds and hearts, promoted by those who call themselves "Christian" by making comparisons which is a way, through psychological means, to preach the 'Gospel of Narnia' while believing it is a way to spread the message of Jesus Christ, a means to bring them to Jesus Christ.  What a bunch of marketing hyperbole by men... placing their false trust in themselves as a means to make/earn silver and gold from fantasy and Jesus Christ.  The author of Narnia, C. S. Lewis, did not write a Christian book which the movie is based on, and these pastors, ministers and priests are wolves in sheep's clothing for the sake of their own self-image and pocket-books. 


But for those who are true strugglers in this life for the life to come, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this.  Part has already been said.  That is the pointing out of the false from the true, what is true versus what is false and misleading. 


The other part is what you are going to do with this knowledge?  If you are going to assimilate the truth, and ensure its survival to all others, then there is hope in the salvific plan and cause for the birth of Jesus Christ. 


May the Joy of the birth of Jesus Christ be in and with you this Christmas time.  And there is one last bit of knowledge of most importance.  The very word "Christmas," once upon a time in history gone by, was known and spelled "Christ-Mass" meaning the Mass of Jesus Christ or the Divine Liturgy of the Nativity of Jesus Christ.  Its meaning and importance is obvious.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


November 2005


Thanksgiving Day - 11/24/2005

Blessings to each of you this day after Thanksgiving and as the Nativity of Jesus Christ is to be celebrated in weeks coming.


For most of us who are truly strugglers on this life’s path toward the fullness of Orthodox Catholic Christianity, we often times come across those of various Protestant denominations who falsely believe they have the fullness of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ because, as they also errantly believe, they have the written WORD, the Holy Bible, thinking it is enough.  They think and falsely believe they can sit at home or with others and translate the various meanings of sentences, words and come up with understanding.  These people are like Giants….


Then, there are those who have the written WORD, the Holy Bible, knowing it is not enough.  These are the midgets.  They look for knowledge also, but they go one step further, they look for wisdom to.  They know that Wisdom itself does not lie in man’s knowledge for man’s knowledge is from experiences gained in this life. They seek understanding from those who have been imbued with and operate under Apostolic truth which comes through those who have apostolic lines of succession and have not intentionally violated or departed from the spiritual truths which is carried with it to those who have remained faithful.  Read those sentences again, for it does not mean that all who hold true lines of Apostolic Succession have the spirit of truth in and with them… for many, have departed such, having become like many of the protestant Pharisees (not all protestant are pharisaic) whom our Lord, Jesus Christ, condemned and have, therefore become like the man of politics who walks with the giants whom we have already discussed.


Therefore, many exist who are religious people; belong to various jurisdictions of the Orthodox Catholic Christian Church, and many others who belong to protestant denominations who also are “religious” … Yet, the one thing they have in common is being “religious” but not being “spiritual” as being a midget who searches without condemnation of others.


There are many of both kinds who like to put others in the LIGHT but shy away from putting themselves in the LIGHT.  This is the same as those who GOSSIP… They Gossip about others (putting others in the light)… yet they can not and will not expose themselves to the LIGHT either.  Baptists are rather well known for doing this, along with Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Mormons, Pentecostals, those belonging to the Church of Christ, some of the Methodists and even a few of those who belong to both the Roman and Orthodox Catholic jurisdictions as we have moved forward in time… It has no religious barriers, but the predominance of denominations are as said so far.  And far too many of them, by their words or by their actions, do not believe in or practice the one thing which is so very much a part of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ… and is required of all who are his Servants and Servants as ministers, pastors and priests to the people… that is the SEALS OF THE CONFESSIONAL.  Yet, lest us not forget… those protestants (not all of them, but a good majority) do not respect that particular pillar of the Church because they do not accept it as a part of their teachings, and thus they have shown that they do not respect or support any clergyman who protects them as a part of his faith and life teachings especially those who have been falsely convicted for protecting them.  Thus, far too many protestants and even many of the "Orthodox" today show their disrespect of Jesus Christ, blaspheme the Holy Spirit and condemn the people whom they are supposed to be serving by agitating disrespect toward those clergymen who have held true to their teachings in spirit and in truth.


What brought this response about?  We have recently received a telephone call and had a visit by two different people locally at different times, neither having any personal relationship with the others.  In each instance the subject was about “rumors” and “gossip”…


I told each of them to tell whomever caused them to raise the subjects they approached me on, to personally call and see me without any preconceived ideas or attitudes so as to have a one-on-one, to view documents (where necessary) and other things applicable to the unfounded gossip and rumors.  No one called. No one visited. If they ever existed at all, their failure or refusal to call and visit is because they had preconceived ideas and attitudes based on hearsay, gossip and rumor, thus they could not approach with a clean slate of conscience because they preferred to believe in those gossip mongers and rumors than to believe in what they would have been shown as FACT and TRUTH!  It is doubtful they ever existed in the minds of those who called and visited to begin with.  Therefore it sounds much like each individual was, for himself, playing a game of politics.  But I had to admit that I began doing some meditating and contemplating on the very subjects themselves and thus the response.


This jurisdiction, the American Orthodox Church (is unlike some of those who carry the same or similar name in other states of the U.S.A.) and all who are affiliated and related to THIS JURISDICTION is not about who is heterosexual or bi-sexual or homosexual.  The truth of the matter is that the Church is not about sexuality but about responsibility!  Responsible to Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers as put forth in the ancient Seven Oecumenical Councils.  The Church is, by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, about honesty, especially of those who are both clergy and the faithful alike who sometimes send others to do their dirty work.  Being honest with one's self and with others about any instance or situation that has occurred in the past, to seek repair through true repentance, confession, penance, partaking of the Holy Mysteries and then moving on with life. 


If a clergyman who has had a questionable past and is now living his life in accordance with Scriptures and the Canons of the Church, and if a repentant individual who is a true struggler in this life tries to live up to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, let him do what he is ordained to do according to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  To be honest about our clergy, most are married men who have been living in accordance with Scripture and the Canons.  Others, who are celibate, are living celibate lives.  What part of CELIBACY do you not understand?


Our Church is not about having a "Financial Flow chart mentality" but about the Faith.  Each Diocese, and each priest, is required NOT TO RECEIVE or take a "salary" from the coffers, but to follow the example of the Holy Apostles of Jesus Christ.  It is not about "how much money" but about the quality of one's spiritual life.  It is not about how many priests or bishops we have, but about the people and the direction they are taking in this life in preparation for the next life. 


As regards "Clergy" - - - This unworthy one has made a statement time and time again.  I repeat it for you once more, especially for a clergyman in the Santa Clara - Silver City Area of New Mexico who says he has no internet access ... (Everyone has access to the internet, even through the public library facilities and other organizations)....


"The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person or clergyman whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


The Church is about accepting and receiving those who have known and know they are guilty in the eyes of God as being sinners.  And those who have been found, for right or wrong, guilty according to man’s law… are not to be judged, as Jesus Christ taught us, but to be forgiven and to work with them in both spirit and truth!  Some are convicted by man’s law, falsely.  This is rather well known FACT to the public at large.  Yet, these are the very ones whom the various denominations wish to castigate and gossip about, to spread further rumors about.  Each individual case or situation has to be adjudged on its own merits and with the person involved as being the convicted one.  But who, in their right mind, is going to be upfront enough to go to that individual and ask direct questions?  So far, not one person!  Hiding behind subversive telephone calls, sending others, and worse is what they do.  Thus they continue to violate the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by continual discussion of another person without asking and obtaining TRUTH… Thus they walk with the Giants of Lies… They are far from being strong men of faith, but walk with the Chief of Liars, Satan and become, unknowing to themselves, ANTI-CHRIST that is ANTI-CHRISTIAN in spirit and truth while yet calling themselves a Christian as either a faithful, minister, pastor or priest. 


If any one has aught against my unworthy self or those with me, come forth without preconceived attitudes or judgments and ask directly for yourself!  For the commandments of Jesus Christ are very specific.  If you do not ask without any preconceived attitudes or judgments, your own spirit, your own conscience will condemn you before the throne of God on Judgment Day.  If you have aught or question about this jurisdiction, come forth and ask directly without any preconceived ideas, attitudes or judgments, now!  Otherwise, cease your prattling and return to the roots of Christ’s Church which is Orthodox Catholic Christianity. 

May God have mercy on the midgets in this life who seek Holy Wisdom, for all others have cursed and condemned themselves.

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


     Can you "forgive" another of their sins and actions against you?  Can you forgive the man or boy who killed your daughter or son when they were out partying?  Can you forgive the woman who set up her child against you and brought you a false conviction?  Can you forgive the person who shot at you?  Can you forgive the husband who beat you up after a drunken stupor took hold of him?  Can you forgive the neighbor?  Can you forgive the son or daughter who put you in a rest or convalescent home against your wishes?  Can you forgive the woman who had sex with your young boy or the man who raped your daughter?  Can you forgive the thief? Can you forgive the murderer?  Can you forgive yourself?


     Without forgiveness in your heart and soul, the Lord our God cannot forgive you!  It must be a real forgiveness,  a true forgiveness and sincere forgiveness!


      Can you repentant?  Will you go to confession?  Do you expect to take the Body and Blood of our God in the real presence of the Eucharistic meal?  Forgiveness is a necessity.  Forgiveness has to be real and sincere for all these things to take place.


     Without forgiveness, without true and sincere repentance, nothing we can do will make our other celebrations good, good, good before God in Heaven...  Neither our celebrations at Christ-mass, neither our Paschal (Easter) celebrations, nor any other celebration of a holy day will be acceptable in the eyes of God.  For such will be false celebrations unless we seek to forgive and accept forgiveness. 


    When we forgive, then our hearts, once darkened and weighed down by the sins of resentment, are made light and free.  We receive the ability to attain true, pure prayer, undistracted by any cares or anxieties about ourselves, or by any fears and apprehensions.  We live in simplicity of heart, free from care, for, as the Scripture says, Perfect love casts our fear (I John 4:18).  This is simplicity, this peace and lightness, is a foretaste of the heavenly blessedness that awaits all those who follow the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ: FORGIVE.


    I believe the following poem by St. Nikolai Velimirovich, entitled "Forgiveness" will sum up everything that has been thus far said:


That God may forgive us, let us forgive men.

We are all on this earth as temporary guests.

Prolonged fasting and prayer is in vain

Without forgiveness and true mercy.

God is the true Physician: sins are leprosy.

Whomever God cleanses, God also glorifies.

Every merciful act of men, God rewards with mercy.

He who returns sin with sin perishes without mercy.

Pus is not cleansed by pus from infected wounds,

Neither is the darkness of the dungeon dispelled by darkness,

But pure balm heals the festering wound,

And light disperses the darkness of the dungeon.

To the seriously wounded, mercy is like a balm;

As if seeing a torch dispersing the darkness, everyone rejoices in mercy.

The madman says, "I have no need of mercy!"

But when he is overcome by misery, he cries out for mercy!

Men bathe in the mercy of God,

And that mercy of God wakens us to life!

That God may forgive us, let us forgive men,

We are all on this earth as temporary guests.

[St. Nikolai Velimirovich, The Prologue of Obrid, vol. 1, pp. 208-9]


Pray for me, an unworthy one in the vineyard!

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot


October 2005




On thinking long and hard on these days in which we live... I am drawn to the very subject of Ecumenism.  It is not only a very important issue, but one that can lead to harmful effects for all of us if we do not have a more intrinsic understanding of its present day bastardization of true Oecumenicity as it was initially understood in times past, from the times of our all Holy Fathers.  This brief missive cannot and will not go so deeply into the subject but deal with more immediate needs. Ecumenism as it exists today is widely misunderstood and most of those who do not understand it and who have visited this web site, continue in their ignorance to understand it falsely... Thus, I must repeat some statements made in various web pages for purposes of hopefully causing you to question within so that your own spiritual struggles in this present day life will aide you.


It should be emphasized that Orthodoxy is not a religion, not even the best of religions.  It is the CHURCH: the self-revelation and manifestation of God in history.  Orthodox is conscious of its Oecumenicity (Universality) and of the Truth regarding Christ which it possesses, and this is why it is not afraid of its relationship with non-Christians.


It knows, however, the limits of these relationships as these have been defined by the Patristic Tradition and by its own mysteriological experience.  For example, St. Gregory Palamas, under the cruel conditions of captivity, debated with the Ottoman Turks.    He did not hesitate, however - even at the risk of losing his own life - to tell the truth and to reproach their delusion and erroneous beliefs.  Moreover, how did the Holy Martyrs confront the idol worshippers, and how did the New Martyrs confront the Muslims (Religion of Islam)?  Did they not confess the truth?  Could we imagine them praying together with them?  In that case we would not have any martrys!


Our Church, then, refuses to sacrifice its uniqueness on the altar of expediency, and to accept the ecumenical slogan (of these times) that "in all religions, under different names, the same God is worshipped."  The Orthodox Church firmly believes that man is saved only through Jesus Christ, in accordance with the apostolic dictum: Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved (Acts 4:12).


Undoubtedly, we are living in a period of cosmic change.  Events, seemingly direct, race forward at a frantic pace.  Today's Ecumenism, as it is presently understood and practiced, is evolving within the destructive, leveling viewpoint of globalism, which is being pushed by  very powerful economic-political (and so-called) religious organizations.  No one within true Orthodoxy any longer takes seriously the the viewpoint that ecumenism can offer a visible and viable solution to the problem of Christian unity.


As Orthodox Catholic Christians, we should neither retreat to our ivory tower nor relax our vigilance.  If we truly value and respect the life of people, if we truly have pain of heart for the people of the world who are tormented by dead-end religious traditions, as well as those who are caught up in demonic delusions, we have an obligation to remain devoted to our Holy Church. 


We must keep the traditional faith and practices of our fathers pure and unadulterated, and to live authentically within our daily struggle for our own personal holiness and thosis.  The right faith and a strict and precise life will make us capable of witnessing to Orthodoxy, and to witness it ---- and why not?  - - - unto martyrdom if and when the times demand of it, for there shall come a time in which martyrdom will again be our lot for those who exist in this life...


Adherence to Orthodoxy, that is, to genuine life in Jesus Christ, and perseverance in the truth that frees and saves, is not egotism, fanaticism or intolerance.  Rather, it expresses the ecumenical (universal) dimension, the love and philanthropy of the Orthodox Church.  It constitutes the last possibility for a radical spiritual change in the world both East and West, and also for a way out for those from their captivity to false gods. 


False gods is not just the worship of statues and money, but ideas and beliefs never before held by the ancient church established by Jesus Christ and the Holy apostles and patristic fathers. 


Many there are who hold to false idols who call themselves "Christian" but, unknowing to themselves, are worshippers of the Anti-Christ, the deceiver and are led by pastors and ministers who continually teach those errors and falsehoods.  Even when they are confronted with such errors and falsehoods, they become belligerent to the point of calling everyone else "heretics" who do not believe and accept their erroneous ways. 


Read:  Ecumenism - An understanding for Today!


And: A Reply to Protestant Sectarian Article


The following was posted Early October 2005:


Blessings to you who visit our website and to those of our brothers and sisters in worship and work in the vineyard... Blessings indeed...


The kids are in school or institutions of higher learning... Mom and Dad are able to take a brief respite and breather... Yeaaaa....  sure.... Ahhhh!


The memories of summer are hopefully safeguarded in the photo album... or, at least, in other forms where one may look back at the fun, and those irritating disasters.... Yes, All Hallows Eve is around the corner and other autumn and winter holidays are fast approaching.


What changes will you make in your life and the lives of your family to make these times in which we live less stressful than what the electronic news media provides... Yes, Gloria, the electronic news media has become a trip down the path of what is going wrong with this country and this world.... Yet, we must go forward on a day by day basis to deal with the family, friends, higher prices at the pump, heating and electric increases and much more... Stressful, isn't it? 


Even many of our clergy look at the same things you do and find life is just as stressful for them too... Yet, often times those stressful moments can be reduced by simple means of taking time out to contemplate, meditate and pray as an individual, as a family and as a local community of faithful. 


Recently I was asked why it seems to appear that in the U.S.A., and actually many other countries too... the "Catholic" Church is besought by so much sex scandal, not the Protestant Churches and other religions especially Islam (Muslim) since the teachings and practices of Islam allows for pedophilia?  Good Question.  One that I am not sure If I can properly answer.  But, in short, I would have to say that this country is ruled by a mostly Protestant people... and they have been 'dumbed down' to that of an entertainment mentality in most of their churches... And, they are more the ones to be protected from the incursions of sex scandals even if they have had sex offenses within them.  The politicians and public at large will protect them.  Remember, this country has never really been a PRO "Catholic" country (Roman or Orthodox) whatsoever and the politics of this country is heavily Protestant oriented.  It is said that this country practices separation of Church from State, but remember that both the law, the government and everything else is done by people... people equates to individuals... and those who are atheists are few in number in comparison. 


The fact of the matter is that even the churches, be they Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, etc. are also made up of human beings.  Yet, again, it is politics that governs many of them... especially those who have the approach of one infected with the disease of scholasticism and correctness, even ethnicity! 


Predominantly, this country is Protestant controlled by those whose politics is to say nothing from their secular (civil) office on the subject of religion, but their faith based ideologies controls their involvement and response to a variety of issues and situations, knowingly and unknowingly.  The Evil One's involvement in those other churches against anything "Catholic" is because "Catholicism" (be it Roman or Orthodox) is the base of all Christianity... And that is something the Evil One has been, and continues, to be out to destroy by any manner and means possible.  Does it not stand to reason that those not "Catholic" even those not "Christian" or even those not "Jewish" would be the doorway to destruction in the physical realm of life and living...????....???? Yet, it will more likely be the R. C. Church which, in its having been beaten down by the enormous scandals, who will bend and is showing signs of bending to other non-Catholic faith beliefs as a means to maintain its supremacy in the world... and by which the Evil One will actualize the alleged "Whore of Babylon" ideology in the future as said in Revelation... It hasn't happened yet, but many believe the R. C. Church will be the vehicle in the end times (of society) to become the seat and bastion of the Evil One... Only Time will tell. 


Yet, that does not mean that Orthodoxy itself has fallen in step with the R. C. Church either... even though they are becoming more viciously attacked....


Prayer, Meditation, Confession, Repentance, Seeking and granting Forgiveness, and partaking of the Holy Mysteries, the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior will maintain one's balance in this life for the life to come...


 +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                Metropolitan Archbishop - Archabbot - Primate





                and the HOLY THEOTOKOS 


September 2005


September Again...


Katrina has passed and Rita has been hitting the Gulf Coast as I write this short missive. 


How much more punishment can the Gulf Coast takes before the nation's resources are drained and our people are taxed in terms of patience, faith  and finances is yet to be seen. 


Our Government is faced with many decisions that need to be made.  Yet, are they the right ones?  It would almost seem to appear that the Lord is not testing us, but allowing for us to see the beginning of a punishment for the sins of this nation in abandoning its faith to such an extent that the "Almighty Dollar" (Silver and Gold) is become the "idol" while also betraying the trust implanted in this nation to stand firm (side-by-side) with Israel.  Our nation has turned or is turning from Israel by our Government's action to bring to bear upon Israel which forced it to abandon the West Bank to the PLO. 


It has now come to light that the PLO's taking over of the land left by Israel has included Islamic (Muslim) Jihadists as seen on the electronic news media in these past days.  This surely is evidence of what our Government has backed by its insistence upon Israel to abandon the West Bank.  Now the terrorism is closer!  Yes... Closer for Israel and closer for us.


All of these things are dependent upon FAITH and the requirements of FAITH... Yet, here too we must understand that our country has abandoned the FAITH and only gives lip service to FAITH by acts of "show and tell"... as an image....


These are good examples for how Christian clergy also act in these times... Words mean little to many, actions are greater as a means to prove one's true FAITH.  Yet.  Faith to what? 


Many are being duped into believing they are "Christian" because the messages they receive caters to their desire for entertainment, less struggle in both material things and spiritual things.  Yes, this country has become a country of people who have accustomed themselves to "soft" living ways.  Oh, yes... there are many who have practically "slaved" to amass money through work... but yet, they spend their money for selfish causes and reasons... Yes!  SOFT! Their faith we question is a faith based on the easy ways of life and living, catering to a materialism which is sanctioned by the Evil One, the Deceiver, Lucifer, Satan!


Many there are, including clergy of every stripe, who have, unbeknownst to even themselves, become the servants of the Evil One for the sake of money, self-image, power and glory.  These are the false prophets of our time... and they are the majority of those which we call "anti-Christian" while calling themselves "Christian,"  "Orthodox," "Catholic," and so many other identities of Protestantism.


What is your FAITH all about?  Does it impact your way of life and living?  Do you follow the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ or the stunted form given off in these times which is artificial, superficial and false?


Where does one learn the TRUTH?  Peruse this website's many pages and you will have just begun to learn!


  +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                Metropolitan Archbishop - Archabbot - Primate





                and the HOLY THEOTOKOS 


Oh Katrina, Katrina, you are a naughty girl... You've done a horrible thing to man and animal alike... you brought your venom, your anger and hostility to a people impoverished in soul and body alike... Yes, Katrina, many there are who do not even know the lord but call themselves "Christian" while not abiding by the faith they claim.


Yes Katrina, you brought out the bad and good in mankind in that area of the U.S.A, but you've really been naughty, naughty, naughty... You brought death and destruction in your wake... almost as though Satan was let loose on a people who do not know their way...


Yes Katrina, we know... we heard your howling, your vicious tears that slashed and whipped the faces of people; men, women, children and even babes in arms...


Your message is one, but has many parts... but the ignorant cannot fathom the Lord's allowing you to enter and destroy... 


Even the politicians have had their say, but you kept on a coming, in spite of it all.  And are you just the harbinger of what is in store for a country that has gone astray and lost its faith along the way... that has given in to other violent beliefs and practices?


Oh Katrina... you may be the first that has had such devastating impact...

but you won't be the last...

unless mankind turns to prayer to the heavenly, the Divine...

to begin to assess its errors, its sins of the past in due time...

its horrible turnings to things unholy that will not last.

The gangsters, the sinners, the griping moaners and complainers

have no clue about you... Oh Katrina...


A message to all that is lost in the mix

of political ambitions and self-image is nix...

For in the end of it all... we learn something true...

God will have his way, and Katrina is only the first disaster too.

America was God's, in thee we did trust...

But America has gone astray,

like a whore that turns to dust...


Oh Katrina... You are God's messenger for sure...

to a nation that is lost and giving away much more...

without bolstering her people who are dying in the flood...

The jobs that have gone over seas...

The money that is in need....

The people who have less are bleeding indeed...

but the government like Caesar is going bust...


The war that is tearing the heart of a country that was true...

is surely loosing its way .... from God who was true...

But now Oh Katrina... some see your destruction to be

just a beginning of world ventures

where man will turn further from God and Divine Truth.

Oh Katrina, you've been so very naughty, that is true...

I am humbled by the depth

of what is coming to fore in time too.


(A horrible attempt at a non-rhyming poem of sorts sent to us recently... but sense it does make)


August 2005 - Updated


Blessings to you my Dear Brothers and Sisters, Blessings indeed...


We are going through some heavy times it would seem to appear... But, and this is the B I G   B U T.... The Lord shakes us up, turns us upside down and around as flak is shaken from the wheat.  Thus we are going through some heavy times.  Yet, in all that is happening, we find that Vladyka Herman's prediction of many months previous has come true, as some of you fully understand what had been said.


But to the many of you who have not known... let us, at least, say that we are still on solid ground even though we have had more recently those who are the same as "Judas Iscariot" the traitor in spirit and truth.  The wisdom given to the many of you by the Love you hold for Christ, Jesus has shown that we do err, we do sometimes leave ourselves open to those who misuse and abuse the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ that we are commanded to follow... and in the doing, yes... we get hurt, we scrape our knees a bit... but through it all, because we maintain to the very faith according to our individual nature and degree of ability, we are strengthened from within as also we are provided for in those things necessary in this material world. 


We have a new deacon here in Deming, New Mexico.  His religious name is Father Deacon Francis and he's 70+ years old, well versed in those very things necessary.  His 40+ daughter lives with him because of his health issues which seem to be on the mend.  His mind is sharp and very, very active.  He is a wealth of information that is actually very Orthodox in many respects although he comes from the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church through the Mennonite Church and thence to us.


We do ask for your prayers for the healing and health of Metropolitan Archbishop +David Francis (Wigley) in Canada, as also for numerous others posted on the Request for Prayers page. 


The Desert area, such as we live in, is a most proper place for us and our goals.  We have found that since coming here, while having faced many problems and difficulties along the way to get here... we are not daunted whatsoever, but very much active and happy. 


Our spiritual life has been blossoming.  Our health seems to improve.  Our problems are material ones for the most part.  But a joyful noise are we able to make unto the Lord.


It would be a venture for some of you who desire a life as a monastic (monk) in the desert and away from the major metropolitan areas.  And there is no place better than where we are.  It is challenging to be sure.  Yet, it is such a challenge that invigorates the spirit. 


With the Love of Jesus Christ for each and every one of you, I ask for your prayers for this unworthy repentant one in the vineyard.....


  +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                 Metropolitan Archbishop - Archabbot - Primate

                 International Headquarters of the:





                 and the HOLY THEOTOKOS 


JUNE -  2005

My Dear Brothers and Sisters

who struggle out of Pain of Heart

for the Faith once delivered by our

Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... Peace!


    I use bits and pieces of a message from Metropolitan Archbishop +Randolph (WOCA), he and those with him are members of our Holy Synod of Bishops... along with many others.  Thus our ministry is not about the "I" "me" "my" and "mine" as some would have you falsely believe.  His message is most appropriate and proper in these times on which we have come under assault by those who call themselves "Priest(s)" "bishop" or "bishops" but fail the test of what it means to be truly "Orthodox" and "Catholic" - for they have departed from that which was taught by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ...  Let me explain further...  Metropolitan Archbishop +Randolph and those with him are most honorable men and servants of Jesus Christ in the vineyard for whom all should pray for the safety and security of their heart, mind, body and soul, for they are truly blessed...


    "But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues: And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for  my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles."  (Matt: 10:17-18)  What a message for Us here in Deming, New Mexico... it speaks right to the heart of the matter concerning our past experiences and onslaught against those who have sullied the Seals of the Confessional with lies, half-truths and more.  "their synagogues" can be understood to mean their churches or jurisdiction(s).  For they themselves are covenant breakers and a stealer of your souls... Their attempt to drive a stake through the heart of our ministry is dulled and thwarted by God's Love and Compassion for Truth, not half-truths, deceit and outright lies. 


    Then we learn, "And the brother shall deliver up brother to death," (Matt 10:21) is an attempt in these times to cause for character assassination which is similar to that of attempts to kill the spirit of another supposed brother in the vineyard... What a test!  This is similar to what many a priest of Russia and other countries had gone through prior to and during WWII before they were either put in prison or to death because many of their own brother priests/bishops did aught against them in order to maintain their own image and safety or security for "Caesar" (government) and the people who also felt that to maintain their own safety and security; they would opt for an appearance of acceptance of all things "Caesar" desired or demanded, when the Faith taught much against such corruption of the heart, mind, body (lips) and soul of a nation ("Caesar").


    Then we also learn, "And ye shall be hated by all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved." (Matt. 10:22) ... Now, here again we are reminded that even though we are human, even though a brother priest/bishop is still acting like the first encounter Peter had with the people after Jesus was captured and brought before the chief priests for examination and sentence... Peter denied him... not once, not twice, but three times.  Our errant brother priest/bishop in another northeastern state continues to deny Christ and actually aids in why the nailing of Him who is our Lord and Savior, to the cross... 


    In Matthew 10:23 we learn another lesson ...  "But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come."  I have had to personally learn that under the pain of being threatened at the point of a gun in 2003, that we (those with me) had to flee... not because of anything else errantly said about us as "running away from any investigation" for even so, the court threw out all the charges because there was a lack of evidence provided by those whose animosity and hatred is no better than the one(s) in another northeastern state who continues to act like Peter did in denying Christ by seeking to divide the Church, the fabric of the faith delivered by Christ Himself for all of us to follow in spirit and truth.  And, in Toledo, Ohio... we left for two reasons... (1) the evil, animosity, and hatred promoted both by action and word which continues even to this day by the priest/bishop there was such that it would have done us no good to remain there under a dictator who had temporarily usurped proper authority and dignity of the offices to which we were elected... (2) after having lived in an environment that was affecting serious health issues, we could do no less but to remove ourselves from that city and state...  The nation of "Israel" may be understood in these times as the nation of faithful to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.


    The end result is that we realized that Holy Spirit was and is truly acting in and with us... that our patron saints have been and are aiding us.  That our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, keeps providing us lessons both from the past concerning His Life and Teachings, but such as is applicable even now... For indeed He said, "And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.  " (Matt. 10:28). 


    Our very local ministry here in Deming, New Mexico is growing as we have gained not just another clergyman, but a family and several individuals who live apart from us.  We find that in spite of what anyone else has had to say about our past, even the present times, our very ministry and living accommodations (not an RV now), that it doesn't matter where clergy reside, but what resides in the very heart and soul that is the determining factor if Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit is the measuring stick or thermometer of one's work in the vineyard. 


    Our daily activities and schedule is in proper form for monks who do indeed pray every morning, through out the day, and into the evening, often using the hesycast (spiritual movement in the Byzantine Empire (fourteenth century) developed on Mount Athos, Greece. The term means "to be quiet" and signifies the system of spiritual development through meditation, contemplation and perfection to the degree of absolute union with God (theosis). It is one of the forms of Orthodox Mysticism and is still practiced in the Orthodox world.) form of prayer during those times in which we cannot attend to community services.  At sundown we attend to our evening prayers and services.


    "Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows," is most aptly stated by our Lord toward those who may become a bit weak and tired by the continuous onslaught by those who call themselves priests/bishops but fail to walk the walk and talk the talk in tandem with each other.  One can only put on a facade before it will be found that either one or the other (walk Vs. talk) is not in synch or balance.  This means the spirit of the individual clergyman is dark and has gone astray as Peter did when he denied Jesus Christ once, twice and three times...  So when we, as clergy, bespeak evil of another without good cause... we speak against Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, Saints, Martyrs and the patristic Fathers of the undivided Church.  When we speak lies, half-truths, and make outrageous statements about another without solid foundation in fact... we do err.  Thus, for ourselves, while we do not consider ourselves (as Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, and Primate) blameless in these things... we convict ourselves because we did not stand silent but took action defend ourselves to correct untruths. 


    I ask that each of you visit and read the complete Meditation provided by Metropolitan Archbishop +Randolph (Click Here).


    I would therefore ask that you who read this, pray for me and those with me as we can only say, "Lord, Jesus Christ... Son of God... and Son of man... have mercy on me, a sinner that I am!"


  +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                 Metropolitan Archbishop - Archabbot - Primate





                 and the HOLY THEOTOKOS 

Blessings to you my brothers and sisters in Canada,

in Mexico, in South America, and in the USA:

California, Texas, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York,

Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin and many others...

Blessings indeed in the Name of Our Lord and Savior

and the Most Holy Theotokos;



    The following is based on, and a repeat of, the GRAMMATA ON THE MEANING OF CANONICAL... and it is that which has been posted under our Lines of Succession for more almost a year now....


    In the last six months we have witnessed and seen the criticisms by others through out the world of Orthodoxy and Old Roman Catholicism who believe that they are the only ones who hold to Orthodox Catholic Christian or Old Roman Catholic Truth and believe that no one is truly "Christian" be it Old Roman or otherwise unless they subscribe to and practice as they practice.  As Bishops, we are required to practice that which we were ordained and consecrated to observe in so far as humanly possible by the Grace of God and Holy Spirit, observing those traditions that we are a part of.  I make no excuses for my unworthy self and single no one out as being worse than my unworthy self. 


    There are others who believe that most anyone who is Anglican is not of the Catholic faith (Orthodox or Roman) even when they follow and practice that which was approved by Saint Tikhon.  That does not mean one can accept all Anglicans so much as there are some who truly are Orthodox in their spirit and in truth.


    Then, there are those who believe that one is not Orthodox unless they are under one of the five major Patriarchates.




   The essence of being canonical constitutes following the teachings of Jesus Christ as:

    (a) in the dogmatic proclamations of the Seven Oecumenical Councils;


    (b) in a diocese or church body being in communion (whether formally or not) with all jurisdictions or branches which have remained faithful to the Orthodox Christian way of life in both teaching and practice;


   (c) in the bishops having a legitimate Orthodox Apostolic Succession and Tradition. This means that Apostolic succession is always rooted in Apostolic tradition, not a mere independent laying on of hands.

    In all due respect, being part of a particular branch or Synod obviously does not make one canonical. This is especially crucial, as certain parts of Orthodoxy in modern times seem to have changed the Orthodox understanding of `canonical' into a new version of papacy.

    Their definition of `canonical' is focused on being recognized, for instance, by the Patriarch of Constantinople (as if he were some sort of Eastern pope), whereas there is no such rule in the entire Canon Law (PEDALION "Rudder"). They appear to have adopted the corrupted Ecclesiology of Roman Catholicism by making legitimacy or canonicity dependant upon recognition by a particular Patriarch or Pope.

    This "neo-papal" concept has no historical precedent in Holy Orthodoxy and contradicts centuries of Orthodox tradition back to the times of the Holy Apostles. It is as if by being in communion with a particular segment of Orthodoxy, whether Patriarchal or not, somehow would make one Orthodox.

    Seeking worldly recognition in the eyes of men and a corrupted society by merely understanding the administrative, legal unity of the church instead of the true unity, which only can exist in the authentic Orthodox way of life, is spiritually detrimental, utterly false and not at all Orthodox. The forming of self-styled organizations in mutual recognition with the purpose of denouncing others as being not canonical or in proclaiming themselves as the only legitimate ones, constitutes the grave sin of "condemning one's brother and sister" (St. Ephraim).

    What is our call in this situation? - In order to remain canonical, we cannot join in such unholy endeavors. Living the Orthodox way of life must be most important to us. Engaging in assaults on others is contrary to the holy faith and most sinful.


    We said "assaults" which means that we must upbraid our brothers in the vineyard when they fail or refuse to abide by all that which had been handed down to them.


    Let us continue to live as true Orthodox Christians who obey the Gospel commands as we invite those "of good will" (Luke 2:14) to join us. Once the worldly-minded through the grace of God will understand what `being canonical' really means - then the truth shall be revealed: Where faith, doctrine and practice prevail, there is Orthodoxy. Where faith, doctrine and practice are compromised, canonicity, catholicity and Orthodoxy are absent despite any claims of communion or sort of recognition that may exist through artificial means.

    To be "Canonical" is to be true to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers.  The FOUNDATION rests on Jesus Christ who is the Light, Way and TRUTH personified.

    Mankind is moving forward as has been prophesied in Holy Scripture toward its destruction because mankind through various ethnic and jurisdictional factions, believe that they can accomplish the work of Christ NOW!  That they can bring about a ONE WORLD CHURCH or unite various jurisdictions and factions which would mean those who join in and with them would have to serve the people a Divine Liturgy (Mass) according to their own dictate.  An Example of this is the Roman Catholic Church's Novos Ordo which Orthodoxy does not necessarily subscribe to.


    May it be said that these things were predictable, if we look at the prophecy of St. John (Revelation).   Such will grow worse as time and history moves forward.  Some even believe that their whole duty is bound up in bringing the Kingdom of God to earth.  The fact of the matter is that only Jesus Christ Himself will bring the Kingdom of God to earth and only then will there be true unity of all faithful, not as jurisdictions or splinter groups of those claiming various "Christian" faiths; but as ONE, being one with Christ Himself. 


    For ourselves, we believe it is a good thing that some jurisdictions are working toward a kind of unity among themselves, but in so far as a unity leading to a One World Church, such a goal without Christ Himself doing it, will be brought to naught.  Yet, toward that goal many are involved and "Revelation" predicts this as an exercise in futility by World Leaders, Governments and even various heads of Orthodox Catholic Jurisdictions and the Roman Catholic Church.  "Revelation" speaks a bit on such activity and what it will mean in rather graphic terms to those who maintain to the "Christianity" that Christ, Jesus, gave us through His Holy Apostles which have come down to us through time and history. 


    There have been and always will be three things we consistently and constantly promote:

    In these three things stands observance to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ which include true prayer of the heart, true repentance which involves true forgiveness after making correction with those who we have harmed or feel we have been harmed by whether real or imagined before we can receive (or for priests, give) the holy mysteries in communion, .  This also includes all that has been handed down to us through time and history which bespeaks of the spiritual and material or physical traditions that make us true Orthodox strugglers in the faith.


    In various degrees, we are all guilty in one form or another, of betraying the trust embodied in our being Bishops of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church both East and West.  In this examination, the question arises, am I trying to work toward peace and unity or am I working toward disenfranchisement and destruction of others. 


    On reflection, I accuse myself with the following;


    Of these many things, I too am required to daily examine myself... and take appropriate action as a  human being, a bishop, and as a struggler for the faith once delivered by Jesus Christ to the Holy Apostles which have come down to us through time and history.... saying:


    Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of man, have mercy on me a sinner that I am....



  +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                 Metropolitan Archbishop - Archabbot - Primate


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December 2004

Greetings to all the faithful and my spiritual

children in the vineyard, blessings indeed;


The year is almost over for the secular world, but the New Year of the Church has begun with this season of Advent.  What have you been doing lately?  Buying, wrapping and hiding those presents for placement under the Christmas Tree.... ??? .... ???  Fighting your way through traffic and then again, fighting your way through the throngs of holiday shoppers in a store who just have to buy that special thing for a child?  Are you spoiling your child or children this year?  Are they to be given those special gifts they surely need for life's challenges?  Or... is it more important to give them the material gifts they so dearly want from St. Nicholas?  Important questions and important answers that only you can answer from within the core of your heart and soul.  And here is the real crux of both the question and the answer.  What is the most important gift that you can give to all those whom you hold near and dear as both family members and friends?  In fact, the real question is.... What is the most important gift you can give to Jesus Christ in celebrating his birthday?


God's surprise gifts to us can be summed up as being the gift of Free Will and the second most important gift because of the wrong use of our Free will is stated in Holy Scripture, "For God so loved the world that he gave His only Son...."  Now what are you going to give to Him.... and to those in this earthly life whom you hold near and dear as family members and friends?

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot


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November - December 2004


Blessings to you who view this month's message, blessings indeed...


The holiday season is begun by secular materialism advertising and store ornamentation.  It is the politics and money changers who take control of the mind and heart to misuse and abuse the religious implications for what these holidays really mean.  Where are you?


There was a time secularism's approach were to hold off until the week prior to or right after Thanksgiving to begin their illustrious campaign as money changers they are... that is your money into their pockets for material objects to give as presents for Christmas.  And, the psychology of Christmas has become a perversion of the real meaning for that high holy day.  Gift giving to those whom one loves replaces the spiritual or religious ideals for this blessed event.  It has become a strong cultural inculcation into practically everyone's psyche.


The holidays are truly blessed and there still remains vestiges of its meaning, although to what degree remains to be seen and discussed.  The heart and spirit of individuals have become far removed from the real meaning.


Yet... a casual observation of the meaning behind this blessed event takes no leap of one's mind for even a youth can figure it out if one opens their heart.


What is the most blessed gift that one can give to Jesus Christ that has an enduring or lasting effect both for Him and for all whom we see and meet every day of the year. 


For that, I leave you now and pray you figure it out for yourselves.  The answer is the true meat of what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ, a Christian.


  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot


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October 2004

[There Are Two Messages this month]


First Message:


My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Spiritual Children:


Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a large room. No one else is there except one other person. He is talking to you and his voice is soft and gentle.

You clearly hear him talking and understand everything he is saying to you.

Then, someone walks into the room and starts talking. You divide your attention to hear both people at once.

After a couple minutes, someone walks into the room playing an accordion. Hearing the two people talk to you becomes more difficult now.

Within a few minutes, a couple monkeys bounce into the room. They are screeching, jumping everywhere, and fighting among themselves. The distraction they are creating captures nearly all of your attention.

You now find listening to the two men much more difficult and hearing the voice of the first man is now nearly impossible.

The above situation is analogous to what can go on in our minds.

The fewer the distractions we have in our mind, the easier it is for us to hear God’s voice. The more distractions we have in our minds, the more difficult it is to hear God’s voice. The more our minds are at peace, the easier it is to hear our Lord’s voice.

God created our minds to be one-track.  Jesus Christ said that we cannot serve two masters.

A sloppy thought life leads to double-mindedness. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways (James 1:8).

Christians around the world have difficulty with their thought life. Experience indicates that only 15% of all Christians are continually free from harassing and disturbing thoughts.

The primary place of spiritual warfare is in our minds. The location of most of the battles mentioned in the Bible is in the mind with untruthful thoughts. Ephesians 6:10–18 describes the amour of God and tell us to put on the helmet of salvation. We are to cover our minds with the work that Jesus accomplished for us.

There has been some research which show that we think an average of 1,300 words each minute! Knowing the origin of these thoughts and having power over our thought life is critical to regularly hearing God’s voice.

Generally, we have three main sources for the thoughts that come into our minds: the divine realm, the demonic realm, and thoughts that we ourselves create. Our goal should be to eliminate the demonic thoughts and control the thoughts that we create.

We can and must discipline our thought life.

We need to avoid “havoc in the attack”

Here’s a suggested plan of action:

First: Expose any thoughts that are from the demonic and get set free (represented by the monkeys in the above situation). Thoughts from demons are characterized by the very fact that they are evil thoughts and they are persistent thoughts. They try to remove the peace of God. They are accompanied by unpleasant feelings such as fear, confusion, un-cleanliness, and anxiousness. They are relentless and bothersome each day and night, especially while falling asleep or waking up. Thoughts that compel us to sin or are part of a habitual sin are also clues that a demon is involved.

After the source of these thoughts are discovered, two things must happen: take your authority in Christ and command that they leave, and then replace that thought with appropriate scripture verses.

For example, if you are plagued by thoughts of hatred towards a particular person, command, in the name of Jesus Christ and the Holy Trinity, that the spirit of hatred leave you and then meditate on John 15:13, 17, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. This is my command: Love each other.”

The stronghold must be removed and replaced. God’s power will remove the stronghold, but it’s our job to fill the void with words of Life (Luke 11:24–26).

Second: Reduce external noise (represented by the man playing the accordion). We have more opportunities today than ever before to listen to whatever we want, wherever we want, and however we want. Many people actually use noise and loud music to escape from their own thoughts and their own conscience.

Turn off the meaningless noises. Allow quietness to enter your life. It’s amazing how loud your own thoughts and the Lord’s voice can seem to be when everything else is quiet!

Third: Become aware of all of the thoughts that you create and categorize them as good thoughts or bad thoughts—positive thoughts or negative thoughts (represented by the second man). Write them down on a piece of paper as an exercise in faith to gain control over your mind and heart. A sort of... daily journal... This will help you in reviewing what you have accomplished or failed to accomplish with the help of the Lord.

Then, begin to control the negative thoughts and eliminate them. Train your brain to monitor your self-talk. Maximize singleness of mind.

When our minds are disciplined and our thoughts are under control, then... hearing God’s voice can be as easy as being in an empty room and listening to the other person talk!

Here are just a few verses on having a controlled thought life:

Preparation and self-control of the mind:
1 Peter 1:13, “Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

The unwavering mind:
Isaiah 26:3, “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you.”

What to think about:
Philippians 4:8, “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.”

It is my prayer for you that the Holy Trinity: The +Father, +Son and +Holy Spirit will continue to help you to hear His voice, more and more frequently.

Pray for me, an unworthy one in the vineyard!

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot


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Second Message:


My Beloved Brothers, Sisters and Spiritual Children:


    We, here in the United States, are approaching the national elections for the office of President, a  month away.  We have been inundated with numerous questions concerning some issues surrounding the stand of both candidates and how the faithful should respond.  Some of you may take umbrage with what is hereafter said, but pray with me for spiritual truth and not the disease of scholasticism or synchrestic ecumenism.


    So that there is no misunderstanding, may you learn about the position of this jurisdiction.


1.   As you know, we have refrained from making any jurisdictional posting concerning "same sex marriage" because "mariage" and is a union between a man and a woman.  Marriage is sacred.  The motivating factors for "same-sex marriage" is both political and economical for those people in alternate lifestyles so that they may be on a same par with those who are heterosexual insofar as 'rights' in secular life.  We believe there are other measures and means to gain those rights.


2.   We maintain a policy of "Don't ask don't tell" because there are many who may have propensities and some have found a more spiritual or religious approach as being the more 'God appointed' path in their lives.  The Church is a spiritual hospital that cannot be ignored and it must not be used to brow beat and cow-tow those who may have a 'homosexual' inclination.  The Church is open to all of God's children, all of His creation.  We cannot deny them... We cannot shut them out... and we cannot hide them... Within the confines of Holy Writ, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers, they must be treated with the same respect and dignity for life as every one else without exception or we are not worthy to be called Servants of Jesus Christ.  Our regard is for ALL LIFE!


3.   The biblical history, depending upon whose version and translation is used, which show that the truth of God's commands, says rather distinctively that  Sodomy is the sin!  In ancient times, when it said "man should not sleep with man as one sleeps with a woman" it was speaking of 'sodomy'.   If they had meant "homosexuality" the choice of words would have been rather succinct and specific in the languages from which Holy Writ comes from, but they say "sodomy". 


    Sexuality is a factor in the lives of all human beings.  What we see today as being touted and taught as biblical "homosexual" or homophobia is the by-product of those who have misunderstood, mis-translated and brought about version after version of Holy Writ which cast a blame on just homosexuals without placing the blame for the corrupt sexual mores of society on all people, both homosexual and heterosexual.  Thus the 'beam' in one's eye must be dealt with before attempting to take the 'plank' out of one's brother's eye.  This is said not as a defense but as a fact of spiritual truth.  Look at all the unwanted children in orphanages, on the streets, the unwanted pregnancies and many other devastating actions, the, broken families as a result of loose moral scruples which have been and are on the increase and worse things. 


4.   As regards 'who to vote for' or 'what to vote for' ... there are many so-called 'churches' who have shown that by opening their doors to politicians, they become favored and are not being subjected to the rigors of IRS rules and regulations because they have fallen into 'party-line politics' - but woe be unto those who oppose abortion and other things.  It is both the ancient practice and rule of law in this day and age, to keep politicians out of and off the proverbial "pulpit" because they desecrate the house of God and further desecrate the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  They ride two horses.  Those who are so-called ministers, pastors and priests who engage in the 'politics' of man have lost the right, duty and responsibility of being called "Pastor" "Minister" or even "Priest" depending on what their allegiance is.  And there is the real meat of the matter.  They have split their allegiance between God and the politics of man! 


If all who are true to their calling as true servants of Jesus Christ, being ministers, pastors and priests... the children of God would act accordingly.  Yet, that is not the way things in this life are.  Far too many priests have become filled with the zeal for those things of secular politics and thus have lost the very thing they claim they hold true to.  They ride two horses and try to serve to masters! 


Either be a servant of Jesus Christ's and live up to the vows you are ordained to or leave the priesthood and become a politician to serve the worldly pleasures - which secular 'politics' is...


As to those who are lay people, parishioners, who have sent questions in on many of these subjects, see your priest and let him tell you what the true bible has to say about some of your questions... If God is in and with you, your actions in civil or secular life will be dictated by the Holy Spirit, not an un-holy one.


Three individuals of the many who sent in questions may be more correct for they understand the implications and meaning which is said above.  They opined that it is possible, in their belief, that no candidate is worthy of a vote if Holy Spirit truly guides.  But only one can be chosen and thus Holy Spirit can guide a voter who maintains true belief to select the better of them who are on the ballot.


Pray for me, an unworthy one in the vineyard!

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot

September 2004


My Beloved Brother, Sisters and Spiritual Children:


    I've found myself blessed in many ways this last month.  One of those blessings came from someone whom I least expected.  When he telephoned, I was a bit surprised and very pleased that he would consider me worthy for all the harsh treatment I had, in previous years, caused him.  I've known him since 1971.  He presently resides in an apartment complex in Oakland, California.  He, like every one of us, has had to go through both the spiritual and material struggles of life which always has its effects on our progressive evolvement. 


    Our very thoughts, words and our very actions change in small, but minute ways over time..  But, what had been our former ways become oblivious as a new man is taken shape both within and outside. 


    Since that initial conversation from the bishop-abbot in Oakland, California, we have had several more conversations.  We have realized that both of us are able to set aside the sins of the past, the harms and sharp, biting tongue lashings we've given each other because we recognize that life is not only short, but that our spiritual journeys, although different from each other, has led to similar point in time.  We have been able to move from jurisdictional conflicts, from faith differences in theology, from critical mistakes with other clergy and people.  We have moved on... to look at each other as being, according to our individual nature and degree of ability, as striving for things appropriate to our individual selves, our faith.  We have put aside the fact that one is Anglican (albeit I suspect Orthodox Anglican to some degree) and Orthodox (for myself as striving toward the fullness of Orthodoxy which I have not as yet arrived at)... to the fact that as human beings and as shepherds in the field of life... we are both strugglers on the path of Jesus Christ.  I would like to think that what I am saying hereafter is similar to what he might also say to those whom he knows, although from those teachings he has come from as I come from and through a different path.....


    If looked at in the right way, the offences that come to us are actually blessings in disguise.  They offer us an opportunity to forgive and thus receive God's blessings and Grace.  As St. Ignatius Brianchaninov affirms, "All the sorrows and sufferings caused us by other people never come to us except with God's permission for our essential good.  If these sorrows and troubles were not absolutely necessary for us, God would never allow them.  They are indispensable, in order that we may have occasion to forgive our neighbors and so receive forgiveness for our own sins ... Let us force our heart to accept from our neighbor all kinds of offences and injuries that they may inflict upon us, so as to receive forgiveness for our countless sins [St. Brianchaninov, The Arena, p. 164].


    As for myself and those with me, our experiences tell us that without facing up to what our sins are, hardly can we move forward to seek repentance and forgiveness. 


    There are some clergy and regular every day people, even here in New Mexico, whom I personally know have failed and refused to face up to their responsibilities which involve the taking of what society metes out to them.  They cannot obtain true repentance and thus they are unable to obtain true forgiveness even though some of them hold themselves out as being the epitome of being Christian, of being Benedictine, of being a stavrophor or schema-monk and head of an Eastern Orthodox community.  Themselves being unable to accept responsibility, they continue to lead others astray because their conduct, their actions, and words are become no different than some whom we had departed from in 2003.  We pray for all of them.  Yet, we know their trials will be more severe because they make trouble for others while not taking responsibility for themselves.  Their own troubles, and those with whom they are actually affiliated or connected with, will hopefully lead them to true Repentance and Forgiveness in time to come which will cause for them to want to aide their colleagues to make similar adjustments in this life while they can.


    For myself and those with me... we have more than enough to do just to make it through each day both spiritually and materially that we have no desire or cause to create or even invent trouble for others.  Troubles enough we all have of our own. 


    When we forgive, then our hearts, once darkened and weighed down by the sins of resentment, are made light and free.  We receive the ability to attain true, pure prayer, undistracted by any cares or anxieties about ourselves, or by any fears and apprehensions.  We live in simplicity of heart, free from care, for, as the Scripture says, Perfect love casts our fear (I John 4:18).  This is simplicity, this peace and lightness, is a foretaste of the heavenly blessedness that awaits all those who follow the commandment of our Lord Jesus Christ: FORGIVE.


    I believe the following poem by St. Nikolai Velimirovich, entitled "Forgiveness" will sum up everything that has been thus far said:


That God may forgive us, let us forgive men.

We are all on this earth as temporary guests.

Prolonged fasting and prayer is in vain

Without forgiveness and true mercy.

God is the true Physician: sins are leprosy.

Whomever God cleanses, God also glorifies.

Every merciful act of men, God rewards with mercy.

He who returns sin with sin perishes without mercy.

Pus is not cleansed by pus from infected wounds,

Neither is the darkness of the dungeon dispelled by darkness,

But pure balm heals the festering wound,

And light disperses the darkness of the dungeon.

To the seriously wounded, mercy is like a balm;

As if seeing a torch dispersing the darkness, everyone rejoices in mercy.

The madman says, "I have no need of mercy!"

But when he is overcome by misery, he cries out for mercy!

Men bathe in the mercy of God,

And that mercy of God wakens us to life!

That God may forgive us, let us forgive men,

We are all on this earth as temporary guests.

[St. Nikolai Velimirovich, The Prologue of Obrid, vol. 1, pp. 208-9]


Pray for me, an unworthy one in the vineyard!

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot


August 2004


The spirit of Unity in the Orthodox Catholic Church, especially in this jurisdiction has often been understood not as a mere administrative arrangement and a human achievement, but as a manifestation of Grace and as the fullness of the new life which renews the earth-born and the whole of their world.


In our understanding of Orthodoxy, "theology" does not really have a philosophy of its own, because Orthodoxy does not philosophize, nor spirituality a mentality of its, nor church administration a system of its own, nor hagiography its own artistic school.  All of these emerge  from the same font of liturgical experience.  They all function together in a Trinitarian way, singing the thrice-holy hymn in their own languages.  Verses at Lauds and at Sunday evening Vespers, and Pentecost is a point or guide from which we learn that it is often said that "Everything begins to speak with strange dogmas, strange words and the strange teachings of the Holy Trinity.


We have discussed the superabundant meaning of true repentance and forgiveness on numerous occasions whereby the majority of so-called Christians fail and even refuse to understand.  Yet, from the life of repentance and the superabundance of grace emerges the living theology that nourishes the faithful.  Theology has to be a LIVING THEOLOGY! What dominates the atmosphere in which theology is created and expressed is the calm and complete peace of the Spirit. 


Anyone who truly follows the Apostles, advance with them into the inexpressible and unspeakable mysteries of life and incorruption.  Whoever does not, continually asks questions and makes comments bearing no relation to life, to the mystery which draws creation together, making it incorruptible and transfiguring it, but only to the isolated, created world of cerebral knowledge and of the fragmentation which causes weariness and disintegration, and collects like a deposit in the veins of life so that the circulation of the blood finally stops.  Many there are, even in our own jurisdiction where the veins of life have become clogged due to the clanging noises of the past and those whose theology is philosophical and not a LIVING THEOLOGY.  I have been there!  I know... I was clogged and am working toward the LIVING THEOLOGY which is the FULLNESS of ORTHODOXY.  I have not arrived yet.  But, in this life that we live, the path is long and narrow.


The first Christians lived their theology, totally, and with the whole of their bodies, just as they were baptized with the whole of their bodies and soul into the new life.  Their liturgical gatherings were an initiation into the mystery of theology.


In the sanctified atmosphere where theology is expressed in holy action, it is possible to understand the Apostle Paul's prayer for the Ephesians, "...that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, may have power to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God" (Eph. 3:17-19).  So, the way in which the faithful act, move and (shall we say - 'dance liturgically') is Trinitarian.  This is why they acquire "likeness in character" to God, the color of God (St. Ignatius, Eph. 4:2; P.G. 5:648B; Eph. 6:2; P.G. 5.649B).  They live according to the truth and in them there is "not one heresy," (St. Ignatius, Smyrn. 6:1; P.B. 5:712B).


Again, in Orthodox Catholic Christianity there is no room for one jot of anything alien, belonging to a different understanding or of a different quality.  Nothing enters  it except by the door which is Christ. 


To give the cup of life to non-Orthodox Catholic Christians, without unity of faith and the communion of the Holy Spirit, is a mere mechanical action, an act of so-called 'magic'.  It is something foreign, incomprehensible and unacceptable in reason-endowed worship, in the bright and unfathomable mystery of life.  The holy communion of the Body and Blood of the Lord is not offered mechanically at the end of the Divine Liturgy to anyone whomsoever.  The mystery of communion with, and participation in, God is accomplished as a gradual internal change, which is to end in a conscious participation in the life of the Incarnate Word - communion in His Body and Blood, and through Him in the life of the whole of the Holy Trinity.  From the personal metanoia (change of mind) of each of the faithful and the acquisition of the "mind of Christ" (1 Cor. 2:16), we advance to one mind among all and the transfiguration of the whole (of body and soul, person and community), and the revelation to each and all of the mystery of the incarnate Word.




Before anyone of us can go any further to Holy Communion, to "take, eat" and "drink of this, all of you," we have to have the LIVING THEOLOGY of Love and Faith in and with us.  If the theological nourishment, the food and drink of the Word, does not come first, if the liturgy of the Word is not completed in us, then we cannot proceed to the celebration of the mystery at the altar or any other time.  "You are already made clean by the word I have spoken to you" (John 15:3); "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matt. 4:4).


Unless we have truly acquired new senses, unless our souls and bodies are sanctified by the mystery of REPENTANCE, of baptism, and unless cleansing and nourishment through the Word has come first, the Church does not give the incarnate Word and the Truth as sanctified Bread and Wine, it cannot if it is true to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ who IS THE WORD and Who MUST DWELL IN US in spirit and truth! 


For only after all this preparation, in the unity of the living faith which is a free gift of the Spirit, is man accounted worthy without danger or guilt to take into himself the new nourishment, the fire of the Godhead, "for fellowship of the Holy Spirit, for an inheritance in the Kingdom of Heaven, not unto judgment nor unto condemnation."  Here indeed "divine action" summarizes theology which is a LIVING THEOLOGY.


By contrast, in these present times in which we live, theology is taken out of the theanthropic mystery of the Church in which it was sung by the Fathers.  Most have transferred it to the field of mere academic discussions where each person, remaining as an individual, an isolated authority, states their opinion and goes their way.  The resultant "theology," however, is not the very theology of the Church.  If we discarnate theology and transfer it, as a mere opinion, to a round table discussion, it is wrong and untenable to say that this is "the truth" as many do today.


In philosophy, in the field of theories, systems and hypotheses, each person can say anything and maintain whatever he likes.  He can call his opinion whatever he likes.  He can assign to it the most astronomical nominal value, even to the pint of saying that it has the value of "the truth".  In true theology, this cannot happen.  True Orthodox theology is a different matter from beginning to end.  It does not assert a proposition; it bears witness.  It is not contradiction, but confession.


How frequently the Lord would stop people who wanted to start a "theological" conversation with Him.  They would ask, "Will those who are saved be few?"  and the Lord would reply with, "Strive to enter by the narrow door," (Luke 13:23-24).  Again, with the Samaritan woman who is surprised when the Lord asked her for water, and she explained "For Jews have no dealings with Samaritans' (John 4:9).  Jesus cuts her short on the relations between the religious communities with the command, "Go, call your husband" (John 4:16).  In a moment He leads the conversation into the field of personal life, of true theology.  In every case He is interested in the person, not in theological discussion as an isolated occupation remaining out of touch with life and with the very person who is speaking.  "I seek not what is yours but you (II Cor. 12:14), says Paul; I seek the persons and his salvation.  And theology seeks the person and his salvation.  Therefore, while the Jews of Christ's day were so eager for theological discussion, He let them go unanswered; "But He was silent".  For He did not come to discuss, He came to seek out and save the one that had gone astray (Matt. 18:11).  He came and took on our whole nature.  He entered into us into the shadow of death where we are, and drew us to the light.  We passed into His life; we live in Him.


The true theologian is a blessing for the Church not just by virtue of his existence but by virtue of his ability to be a walking icon of Christ's living presence which is a LIVING THEOLOGY in spirit and truth. 


How beautiful it is for a man to become 'theology'.  Then whatever he does, above all that he does spontaneously, since only what is spontaneous is true; bears witness and speaks of the fact that the Son and Word of God was incarnate, that He was made man through the Holy Spirit and the ever-virgin Mary.  It speaks silently about the ineffable mysteries which have been revealed in the last times.


This theological life and witness is a blessing which sweetens man's life.  It is food which is cut up and given to others; a drink poured out and offered in abundance for man to consume to quench his thirst.  IN this state one does not talk about life, one gives it.  One feeds the hungry and gives drink to the thirsty.  By contrast, scholastic theology and intellectual constructions or pursuits do not resemble the Body of the Lord, the true food.  And that which attempts this in those endeavors are doing so in vain.  They do not resemble the Body of the Lord, nor His Blood, the true drink; rather they are like a stone one finds in one's food.  This is how indigestible and inhumanly hard the mass of scholasticism seems to taste and the mouth of one accustomed to the liturgy of the Church reject those alien things as something wholly foreign and unacceptable.  Yet, in saying this, know that much of what is seen and heard today is a reflection of those things alien and unacceptable to true Orthodox Catholic Christianity.


Our words are often flabby and weak.  For the word to be passed on and to give life, it has to be made flesh and blood to others, only then do your words mean something.  Words without flesh, which do not spring from life and do not share out our flesh which is broken and our blood which is shed, mean nothing.  This is why, at the Last Supper, the Lord summarized the mystery of His preaching by saying: "Take, eat My body," "Drink My Blood." 


Fortunate is the man who is truly broken in pieces and offered to others, who is poured out and given to others to drink.  When his time of trial comes, he will not be afraid.  He will have nothing to fear.  He will already have understood that, in the celebration of love, by grace, man is broken and not divided, eaten and never consumed.  By grace he has become Christ, and so his life gives food and drink to his brother.  That is to say, he nourishes the other's very existence and makes it grow. 


I know of several honorable clergy who fit the image and icon of a LIVING THEOLOGY; in Canada, in Texas and even one with whom I share this special ministry with in New Mexico. 


Follow those who are honorable clergy in spirit and truth, who are icons of the LIVING THEOLOGY....not those who are the epitome of the majority of clergy in these times where the evil one has infected man with self-pride, vanity and worse.


Pray for me, for I am an unworthy one in the vineyard!

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                      Metropolitan Archbishop - Abbot


American Orthodox Church –International Headquarters

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Church Telephone: (505) 544-8279


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04 July 2004

(Initially Written on July 2, 2004 - Feast of St. John Maximovtich the Wonderworker)

(A lengthy missive that some of may find will be lost on you if you do not take time to read thoroughly)


My Dear Brothers in the vineyard of Jesus Christ's creation to which we are grafted as Disciples and Apostles in a long line of succession, being ourselves apostles and disciples ... Greetings and Blessings indeed....


With this being Friday and the holiday of July 4th is upon us here in the United States, I find myself thinking about exactly what it is our country is moving into from which Russia has come out of.  In this thinking I become more acutely concerned for the needs of the Orthodox Church Catholic, especially for our jurisdiction, the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.  I am not pleased with what I see.  What is more, I convict my own self for some of the problems in this jurisdiction for I am sometimes referred to as "baggage" because of all that I have been through in the past and with what we have been going through since.  We, in truth, are no different than any of the other jurisdictions which go through their own pains and struggles both internally and externally, clergy and faithful alike. 


Sometimes those struggles involve petty disputes and struggles by and between personalities or jurisdictions over who is more “Orthodox” than the other, or … who is more “correct” over the other.  None of these things really matter for the most part when there is no INTENTIONAL act or action to cause harm on another who has not purposefully gone out of their way to bring harm.  In saying this, I refer not only to a community, but also to any one of us as the individual we are in spirit and truth.  Retribution or revenge is for the Lord, not clergy or faithful.  While the Church has to respond to its own in ways allowed by the Seven Ecumenical Councils and patristic fathers, revenge is not an option!


Since we are all STRUGGLERS on the road toward becoming more “Orthodox” for none of us can say that we have arrived yet… to the fullness of Orthodox (Right Thinking, True Belief, Right Action) - as we continually learn of the spiritual and material struggles of our patristic Fathers… ourselves being strugglers on those same paths… it is incumbent upon each one of us to become more “Orthodox” Catholic without the political machinations we often see amongst many.  In the last year, as many will recall, we faced a serious situation involving a "wild Benedictine" and it is my belief that by the Grace of God and Holy Spirit, we have gone through a serious period and come out of it better armed with understanding in our spirit and in our mental outlook, being more fortified from within to face other situations that will surely come upon us as this world and this country moves forward into that which Russia has come out of.


I am gladdened that several of you have voluntarily stayed and borne the pains of struggle with me, in spirit and truth!  In that I am most assuredly blessed by your erstwhile desires to provide me with needful advice along the way for we are all reminded of the fact that while, on the day of the descent of the Holy Spirit in tongues of flame upon the Apostles of Jesus Christ, it did not mean that the Apostles would be free from the human condition of falling into error.  Because we are all Apostles in a long line of succession from the days of Pentecost, we too must recognize that there is nothing preventing us from falling into unintentional error when we make choices or decision, for right or wrong.  With that in mind, none of us are exempt! 


It is a sad time in which we are going through because the whole Church, East and West is turning, ever so slowly even though the "train" is moving faster, away from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers.  They have been and continue to be engaged in an action to bring about a false One World Church which was predicated many, many centuries ago.


Lest we forget, in the New Testament writings, and from the various prophesies of the Holy Fathers and Saints, there is only one who will be at the helm of the ship, the Church, in bringing her many parts together as One!  That is Jesus Christ.  Not in the past, not in the present, but in the future to come when his Second Coming will bring these things about. That is both biblical and prophecy which cannot be denied for to do otherwise is to truly blaspheme the +Father, the +Son, and the +Holy Spirit!  Sounds ridiculous?  Not so!  Read the Bible!  We cannot hasten that which God knows and has indicated to us by man-made attempts to do that which is only in His power to do!  Those who have formed the Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches, the World Council of Bishops and others, including those who have become members of them, are actually giving ascent, approval, for their actions to allow pagans, heretics against the faith once delivered, and other things and groups such as Islam (Muslim) to be placed above the Church Catholic in spirit and truth, many not recognizing what they are doing but following so-called leaders.  The actions of such leaders have figuratively (and in some instances, literally) taken the tabernacle and placed a statue of Buddha or even Allah, or even Hari Krishna, over it as though Christ, Jesus, is no longer Our God!  Not only is such a sacrilege, but a blasphemy in spirit and truth!


Yet, mankind thinks itself to be better than Christ, Our God, and have therefore fallen under the sway of the Evil One, the Great Deceiver, whom he - himself was, at one time, an angel of light before his fall.  We can say that the Evil One can appear as an angel of light or a holy one or whatever.  Yet, the Evil One, who purports himself as a great "moral" spiritual being, is truly called through time and recorded history as the Great Deceiver!  Rightly so!


As for all of us, especially this jurisdiction  - there are many complaints that can be laid against us, especially my unworthy self.  Errors happen!  Again, I remind you of what I said above concerning the Apostles.  This is not a perfect church.


"All ministry comes to and through broken hearted people." Church is where mistakes can be made. The Lord provides for correction, not simply condemnation.


The question that remains might be, "Can a man of God err and remain a man of God?" In a perfect church, one without spot or wrinkle as Eph. 5:27 states, clergy would not err! 


That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

While the above is said as regards the relationship of the Church to Christ and husbands to wives and wives to husbands, the conclusion is summed up in: “This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the Church”.


But this is not such a world in which we live today, and that is not the present character of any of the jurisdictions of the Orthodox Catholic Christian Church or even the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH either.


Solomon and Sheba committed more than just a moral error of grievous degree before God and the people, but God forgave Solomon.


The Apostles abandoned Jesus; Peter raised a sword against the soldiers who came to arrest Jesus; and Peter tried to dissuade Jesus from the cross (Jesus called him "Satan").  Peter denied Him three times.


James and John sent their mother in an attempt to manipulate Jesus into guaranteeing them the lead position at the table of God.


Who among us would have thrilled with the way John the Baptist conducted his ministry if we were to have walked in those times?  Even so, would we have approved of the ministry of Jesus Christ if we were alive in His time in the flesh?  He was despised and rejected by religious critics because He ran with sinners of all kinds, often the most detestable.


Healing is offered by Jesus Christ to the sinner, especially he who is a disciple or apostle, and is an example for all of us to follow no matter how grievous the sin, except the one sin which God does not forgive.  Even though there are various degrees of sin; All other sins are equal to each other in comparison to the one unforgivable sin.  These things apply also to Jurisdictions of the Roman Catholic Church and the various Eastern Orthodox Churches too… even to all of us!


As Christians, we are drawn to the Gospels of Jesus Christ (according to Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) in which "FORGIVENESS" is mandated as equally is "REPENTANCE".  The same is true as regards "...judging lest you be judged!"  It is bad enough that far too many of the non-Orthodox and non-Catholic [Protestant] churches have failed or refuse to accept and act on this understanding.  But, it is another when we find that especially in these present times, even the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has failed, is failing and continues to fail to return to this understanding.  But, they are not alone.  Various parts of the Orthodox jurisdictions are falling into step with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church as epitomized by recent actions of the Russian MP as well as the Patriarch of Constantinople. 


Our concerns should center around the direction that is being taken in the spiritual aspects of various jurisdictions and pray the same does not befall our own.  That includes not only the clergy but the faithful too.  For we must be concerned!  And, we must somehow, in some form, manner or method, be willing enough to stand up and stand forth to correct this erroneous brand of thinking for it is quietly infecting all sorts of people with a falsehood that is not OF CHRIST, IN CHRIST or WITH CHRIST, Jesus.


There are far too many who would prefer that most remain silent and not expose such things whether they affect an individual clergy person or a jurisdiction or even the whole Orthodox and Catholic Church.  St. Paul was not silent!  Neither should we! 


If the Seals of the Confessional are supposed to be one of the main pillars of the Church... which they are… who amongst us is truly standing up and being firm in the faith to protect them?  If Clergy or jurisdictions are being singled out for their failing to go along with the ideals of a One World Church and its government over all others... then shout it from the roof tops and declare it to the people what this sin is!  For it is a very grave and serious sin!  They forget their teachings handed down by the Apostles themselves to these present times and that the return of Jesus Christ has not yet come about!


If one is a convicted criminal, he can be forgiven only if and when he has shown true repentance and sought forgiveness through confession, penance and absolution.  So too the Church or jurisdiction must act in the same or similar manner.  But who amongst the various jurisdictions will do such?  The majority will sweep dirty laundry under the proverbial rug.  The stain still remains, even though hidden! Thus a sin is still a sin and forgiveness has not been sought because repentance is not real, only 'shame'.  So how can forgiveness be granted or asked for?  It cannot!


It is not uncommon for those of other jurisdictions, even clergy, to make public the sins of others as a means to hide their own… This is not of or in Jesus Christ, nor is it even Orthodox by any means, let alone Benedictine or allowed by true Monastic Holy Orders whatsoever they may be called as a community.  While saying this, it is also true that in accordance with the Rule of Life for a Holy Order, such a community, and even a jurisdiction, may need to offer factual information concerning any one who has errantly taken a public path that demeans the Church Catholic and thus the public and other jurisdictions must be made aware of such in accordance with the Canons and/or Rule of Life.


Yet, let no one individual who may be the abbot or archabbot, stavrophore or schem-monk do anything that is not proper and in accordance with the Rule and/or the Canons of the Church.  For indeed, especially if they are truly Orthodox, will view their actions and interpretations of the Canons and Holy Rule of Life in a manner that, for example, would be viewed and interpreted by those of Holy Ones of Optina (Kiev) and Mt. Athos of old.  For in doing such, they would bridle themeselves and save much spiritual and material troubles from happening. 


For indeed a true monastic who is physically capable, does not, even if he be a Schema-Monk or Archabbot or Abbot, say anything about their own 'wants' so that others will get it for him, but does it himself in humility to Christ, in humility to the struggle that all are going through, in humility to abandon all that this world holds for the sake of the life to come as promised by Jesus Christ to those who, according to their nature and degree, can do so.


Recently, an incident took place in which a small group sought something that was in the province of the Roman Jurisdiction to give.  But because of the past and their own sins, with public image being at stake, the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church sought to deny the giving or granting of that which they could have done for the sake of 'public image' not for the sake of doing that which Jesus Christ commands us to do in spirit and truth!  To defend anyone and all who uphold the Seals of the Confessional, even unto imprisonment or death.  This is alarming because it shows that political self-image is more important than defending the faith once delivered.


Are these things not also true of all the various churches or jurisdictions today no matter what they may call themselves?  I would have to say it is true of them and thus the children of God, being the people or faithful, are being robbed and taught a false thing.


If we are to learn anything from the Gospels and the history of our forefathers, we might review the history of the Eastern Church, A.D. 325, that brought about the Nicene Creed which was a defense against the theology of Arius, taking particular note of the subsequent actions of that synod.


The lesson we learn is that all legitimate ministry is aimed at restoring not only the people, even clerics, but also the various jurisdictions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, East and West, to life and ministry when and where possible.  In these instances, circumstances and situations, it is not only possible, but proper, just, right, and our bounden duty to do so... If the repentant one (be he, she, or they) is/are true in heart, mind and soul, in the very spirit - then Forgiveness is mandated by Jesus Christ for whom we are all called Christians, as His followers, as seekers of truth!


The lessons we further learn here, is that no secular or religious organization, be it law enforcement, medical, legal, religious, or otherwise -  is unaffected by errors of people.  Some errors by individuals, are taken to task by society while others are left unscathed.  All in all; damage is done to the hearts, minds, and spirit of people.  Prejudices become more ingrained unless "F O R G I V E N E S S" is granted and given after sincere repentance before man and God, within the depths of one's own soul, both individually and corporately. 


For this and other reasons we constantly reiterate:





[Matthew 15: 9]


Before closing this missive, I must remind you… The Church honors the memory of Saint John (Maximovtich) of San Francisco (1896-1966), an extraordinary monk, bishop and wonderworker whose godly life lit up Europe, Asia and North America in the dark and stormy 20th century.


John's sanctity is many-sided; he does not fit into just one category of saints.  He was a hierarch like the holy fathers of olden days: he drew his orthodox theology and pastoral wisdom not just from seminary education and book-learning, but from his personal experience of God gained through the holy mysteries of the Church and a life of intense prayer, fasting and self-denial.  He was an ascetic like the desert fathers and mothers of ancient times: he deprived his body to strengthen his soul, living in nearly absolute poverty and relying on God's providence in all things.  He was  a great man of prayer and intercession: more than one eyewitness saw him making his rounds and praying for all and sundry even in the wee hours of the night, whether in a refugee camp or a seminary dormitory.


He was a wonderworker: both in life and death, he healed many or saved them from despair through his prayers, which yielded unexpected recovery or gifts of charity.  He was even a fool for Christ: much to the chagrin of many of his fellow clergy and parishioners, he cared little for personal appearance or public reputation, and was content to wear the cheapest clothing and  walk around barefoot, even in church.


And so the grace of God shone extraordinarily brightly in him, all the more so in an age of disbelief, lukewarm faith and spiritual darkness.  He stands as a challenge to us: as one of the eulogists at  his funeral noted, he was able to live the faith and spirituality of the orthodox Church so fully, faithfully and fruitfully -- even in modern, urbanized, secular Western culture -- we have no excuse.  "All things are possible with God" (Mark 10:27). God is wondrous in His saints!  Saint John of San Francisco, pray to  God for us!


Mentally, I bow low to each of you for in you is Christ according to your nature and degree of having spiritual eyes and ears to see and hear.


19 June 2004


A Very Special Message:


To all of our brothers and sisters in the struggle for our Faith

once delivered... Blessings to you with Peace in Jesus Christ and

the Most Holy Theotokos;


The struggle for our Faith once delivered, from Jesus the Christ to the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers as provided in the traditions of the Holy Bible and Oral Teachings is a struggle of TRUTH not stunted, not altered, not mutilated or changed by present day Bible versions.  It is a struggle out of pain of heart without regard for one's ethnic heritage and definitely without regard for whether one is Eastern Orthodox, Western Orthodox or Roman Catholic because all are Catholic.  Yet, in saying this last sentence we understand that there are on-going changes within the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church of which that called "Orthodox" is the very roots of Catholicism which is the sum and substance of what it means to be truly CHRISTIAN.  Those changes are not necessarily acceptable to or by those who are truly Orthodox Catholic.  This is hard or difficult for Protestants to understand because they had (proverbially speaking) thrown the baby with the bath water, out the window in these last couple of centuries.


In the American Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Western Rite Metropolia) we have been inundated by questions concerning those in the Ukraine and Russia as well as those in the United States of America who claim they are American Orthodox or Ukrainian Orthodox.  Be wary!  There are many who appear as sheep but, like the Protestants are wolves in sheep's clothing.  Take a quick look at, for example, one who had been with us out of Ohio, USA and you will see a glimpse of what we speak.  Then, take another quick look at what the June News Accounts are on the website Home Page concerning relations between the Vatican and Russian Metropolinate as regards activities in the Ukraine.   There is much to be viewed and ascertained in spirit and truth.


Where does all this lead?  It leads, if one searches their heart, to the fact that the pettiness of most situations concerning inter-church squabbles, divisions and other on-going actions and activities... are just that... petty in comparison.  The very "Question of Apostolic (Episcopal) Validity versus secularism's convictions" is an important one, but that too makes one look at the events and situations through out the world which makes one to stop and wonder as to what is happening as Al Queda and some Protestants attempt to beat down the doors of the Church as a means to make one become disheartened with their faith in spirit and truth through murder, mayhem, false and misleading charges or allegations and more.  One would have thought that the Christian Faith was becoming stronger through an influx of those seeking to become 'true believers' - but we find the opposite is happening.  We find that a majority of those attending Church in the Protestant arena and, to some degree, in the Roman Catholic jurisdiction; are those who have opted for the 'entertainment mentality' not true faith seekers.  It is almost as though today's seekers grew up on computer entertainment software and have become mesmerized by such, seeking it in the various churches they attend.  Might as well have banjos, guitars, drums, rappers and dancing bears... to entertain them who attend for that is almost what is happening as a means to draw people into those un-christian churches that call themselves "Christian".  Yes, they have the Bible Thumpers, hand clappers, speaking in gibberish (an un-holy form of 'speaking in tongues') and more... yet, they all have the same thing in common... 'entertainment'... they have opted to pervert the Word of God for self-image, the pocket-book and politics!


What is happening to the true faith?  There are some of you who are true believers.  Your duty, your responsibility is to maintain the faith in prayer and practice and not to depart from it! 


For those of you who are truly clergy, struggling in the world of compounded sin upon sin which seems to appear to be gaining ground... do not give up or give in.  These things were prophesized long before any one of us were born.  It is only the beginning of what the future holds.  There are far too many who falsely believe they can usher in a one-world Church without understanding neither the Holy Bible or knowing the Oral Teachings handed down to us through time and history concerning the events of the Faith.  These things were truly prophesized.  The Great Deceiver (Lucifer, Satan, the Devil) has been trying to shake our will, our belief and our Orthodox Catholic Christian praxis.  Such who are calling themselves "Christian" and have become more aggressive in their heresies are spiritual thugs, wolves in sheep's clothing.  There is little that can be done about them except to pray for them and those whom they have infected with the various diseases such as the 'correctness' disease and synchrestic ecumenism... which are violations against the Life and Teachings of Jesus the Christ, the Holy Apostles and the Seven Ecumenical Councils.  Yet, they (the unholy ones) have an apparent secularistic legitimacy that keeps them alive and growing, but fail and have been refused spiritual legitimacy in the eyes of God.  For that reason the Un-holy One, the Evil One, the Great Deceiver is gaining ground and will gain ground, again, as prophesized. 


For those of you who are truly clergy... your duty is rather clear.  You are the balm in this spiritual hospital where cries the anguish, pains, and sufferings of an untold number of hurting souls in this life and beyond.  IT IS your duty to strengthen those in this life with the spiritual food, the balm and salve of Christ, Jesus.  And for those who have gone to their repose, to increase the many needed prayers for them through your work with those on this side of life who continue to struggle in the faith.  As clergy, it is our duty to prepare the faithful for life and the life to come... nothing short of that will do!


These things said above are not a synchrestic attitude, but a reality check on the basis of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the seven ecumenical councils and patristic fathers.... Pray for me and those with me, for I am a sinner who struggles only by the Grace of God and your prayers!


Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos,

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.





24 April 2004 Message was:

Blessings to all true faithful and Clergy

who struggle for the Faith out of Paint of Heart:


Many of you have been witness to the 'almost' daily electronic news media accounts of and about allegations, law enforcement actions and secular (civil) court activities involving various clergy and even sports entertainer's sexual misconduct. 


Recently, the internet has abounded with numerous news stories concerning an Oakland, California clergyman.  A rather large stir in some circles was created and continues even after it was correctly reported that all charges were dropped based on evidence which show that the alleged incidents could not have happened.


Far too many from various jurisdictions of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church have shown, by their postings, a rashness to judge.  How cheap and devalued life has become is expressed by one's ability to rush to judgment as has happened by the various web sites and chat list postings concerning the Oakland clergyman.  Another nail is put into the cross of Jesus Christ by each and every one who has rushed to judgment! 


It does not matter if the accused clergyman is truly "Old Catholic," "Independent Catholic," or even a "Cafeteria Catholic.... even a Protestant in spite of the theological and true faith differences involved.   What matters is that , even when we believe a clergyman is not truly "Old Catholic," "Independent Catholic" or even "Orthodox Catholic" - - - he believes he is doing God's work according to his knowledge, his nature and degree of ability to absorb in the spirit the demands that such require, even if it is limited in scope and depth of the heart.  There will always be disagreements and all of us in some measure will take issue! 


Such as he is able to do God's work accordingly, even if lacking in true spiritual rapport with the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as many others understand such in spirit and truth... we are all required, nay... demanded... by our Faith, to respect the clergyman when secular (civil) charges, as has happened recently, are made.


The accusations of who is or is not responsible as to who is or is not the "informant" is not really important because there are far more important lessons to be gained from the experience by both the one who was charged and those who have read and witnessed the various news accounts and chat list discussions, etc.  Besides, casting aspersion as to who is the "informant" is... can include in this Oakland, California clergyman's situation, several others who are more likely the guilty ones, but that is for others to judge where there is proper evidence and not speculation.  It doesn't really matter at all in the end.


The lessons that can be learned are:

There probably does exist other lessons, each depending on the individual; but for the remainder of those who have observed and rushed in to castigate and criticize, let the "cool" heads of those who are ruled by the heart of Christ's Love be the ones to prevail and give direction, not the rancor and politics of petty clergy and people who have shown the falseness of their faith for they do a worse thing than any charge civil law can make against God's ordained servants.


For those who have already "judged" in spite of what secular authorities have done to throw out the charges, you had best read the teaching and all that it implies (lengthy as it is) about Repentance, Seals of the Confessional (confession), Penance, and Forgiveness... Seven times seventy is allegorical but has a simple meaning altogether.


These things said above are not a synchrestic attitude, but a reality check on the basis of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the seven ecumenical councils and patristic fathers....


Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos,

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

April 2004 Message

A Most Joyous and Happy Resurrection Day to each and every one of you who are in spirit and truth One with us in the Faith as given by Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, Who was tortured, put on the cross, died, buried, descended into hell and arose again on the third day, this glorious Sunday which we celebrate in this year of 2004.


Those who maintain the faith according to their nature and degree of ability, who come to us out of pain of heart, We, and all the faithful, clergy welcome you with open hearts, open minds and prayer.  For you come to us not because of any thing political, but because you are either Americans, Canadians and many other nationalities who have been touched by the Love, Compassion, Understanding and Spirit of Truth which can only come by the Holy Spirit as promised by Jesus Christ.


In as much as the times in which we presently live is experiencing many disasters both within and outside the Church Catholic (Roman West and Orthodox East) - - - as well as the many upheavals our various governments are going through in dealing with terrorism; these things should not alarm you.  Yet, in saying this, we must not loose track or site of the problems that our brothers and sisters in Iraq and other countries are experiencing too.  We must pray for them, and where possible, send them our material aide so that they too can hopefully attain to and enjoy a degree of freedoms that we enjoy, especially that of worshipping in the true Orthodox and Catholic Faith as handed to us by Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, Martyrs, Saints and Patristic Fathers.


Those who have stayed true to the faith in these times are dwindling because of the encroachment of the Evil One who has swayed so many others to depart the true Christian Church.  Those who have departed for those other cults and sects of Islam (Muslim) and various Protestant sects, have done so because they were not strong in spirit to stay true their faith, having opted for the entertainment mentality of synchrestic ecumenism. 


This thing called "ecumenism" today is a false "ecumenism" that was never sanctioned by the early church and even declared "heretical".  They are those who make up the heretical components of that which makes up the "World Council of Churches" and the "World Council of Bishops" who apparently believe that they can obscure the promises of Jesus Christ by doing the same themselves.  It is false and misleading understanding, even by those who believe themselves as being true bishops, when in spirit, they are not. 


Only Jesus Christ, when He returns, can build the Church for all nations and peoples as ONE!  No man-made organization or group of them can do that!  And, those who have departed as a result of Church scandals, for many of them, have departed for material concerns as they issue allegations and make charges of sex abuse.  When I say "material" concerns, I refer both to "money" and/or "anger, resentments, revenge" all of which Jesus Christ prohibited for those who are true to His Life and Teachings.


If Jesus Christ did not willing go, for our sake, through His Passion, death, descent into hell and resurrection on the third day, He would not be able to keep the many promises that he keeps to all of us who, in spirit and truth, abandon not our Faith as once delivered.


Glory To God -  He is Risen!



Blessings be unto you who read the following:


   Having watched the internet psycho-babble recently and listened to many prelates and individuals on the telephone as well, I am inclined to bring you to a remembrance of things taught from the days of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles.


   Those who consider themselves "monks" or even "Benedictine" or priests and bishops of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church do serious and grave harms to themselves and the people they minister to, as well as to those whom they are in communication with when they talk about someone who they have never met or talked with directly... the key word is D I R E C T L Y !   This includes the speaking on those things printed in the newspapers, talked about over the radio or television when someone is reported in the electronic news media as having A L L E D G E D L Y committed some horrendous menial or major crime against a person or people. 


   Having walked in the shoes of several (or some) who have been discussed in times past, present (and most recently), I can honestly say that there are many clergy (and so-called clergy) who do themselves a disservice and violate the commandments of Jesus Christ and the Seven Ecumenical Councils when they disparage persons and people, especially other clergy, by speaking about them behind their backs in such negative form.


  Rumor mongering is just that!  Rumors by clergy who are acting like old-ladies who have nothing better to do!  It is disgusting and a blasphemy to the Holy Spirit! 


   There have been, and are today, those who have spoke about even my unworthy self in such a manner that is both ridiculous and unfactual while failing to "GO TO THE SOURCE" - being the person being discussed to ask the question(s) in order to obtain an answer (from the proverbial "horse's mouth") because they are afraid of what they may hear is TRUTH.  Those are clergy of every degree from the highest to the lowest... and when the "name" of the individual being discussed is raised in a manner of defense by anyone else, everyone runs for the proverbial "shelter".  They become no better than "Judas" the traitor because they have opted to go against the Life and Teachings of Our Lord and Savior.  They crucify Christ again by their sin through action and word!  Yet, come Sunday, they worship God in public.  They therefore blaspheme the Holy Spirit and crucify Christ again, and again.  They take upon themselves the sin they have accused another of, even when the "other" may not have factually committed the sin!


    I have had to learn the lesson that I bring to you through my own trials and errors to understand the extent of the lessons of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ for I was truly one amongst you who erred grievously in like manner.  I had, out of the conviction of my own conscience, to go to those whom I grievously offended in like manner, and begged for forgiveness where I could.  So too must you!


   May you be blessed according to your nature and degree of understanding my words... for by such you will truly be blessed or by God's hand, be damned to the everlasting gates of Hell for many of you have failed and refused to live up to your vows to Jesus Christ and made little to no attempt to make inner and outer corrective action as mandated by Jesus Christ!


   O'Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of man... Have mercy upon me, a sinner that I am;


Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos,

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

March 2004


Blessings to you my brothers and sisters, blessings indeed:

    On Sunday, March 14th (New Calendar) (March 27th - Old Calendar) Our Holy Father among the Saints, the feast of ST BENEDICT OF NURSIA, is celebrated. 

    Because of this Saint, many holy orders derive their Rule of Life from his Rule of Life. 

    The Society of St. Jude (Thaddeus) who is the helper of the hopeless and down trodden, derives their Rule of Life from St. Benedict of Nursia.

    For many of you who visit our web pages, you know the name of St. Benedict, but not his Rule of Life and was the Lord worked through him for the children of God and his followers in practicing the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

    You may wish to use "www.google.com" to find for yourselves, all the information available on the Life of Saint Benedict of Nursia and be enlightened or motivated to explore more of what an Orthodox Benedictine accepts for themselves.

    After reviewing the information you find, you may wish to come back to our web site and send us an e-mail regarding "vocations" in the American Orthodox Church and their Orthodox Benedictine community, or find out more information concerning the SOCIETY (and Holy Order) OF ST. JUDE THADDEUS (SSJt.)


Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos,

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

E-Mail for +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.    


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February 2004


My Dear beloved Spiritual Children in Christ, Jesus,

and Our Most Holy Theotokos, Mary, ever virgin;


    May the blessings of God be with each and every one of you as I write this missive.


    We have already begun the 2004 New Year and are vexed by many uncertainties for the coming months ahead.


    Ever since 911 in New York City, U.S.A. we have all been witness to the  vagaries of what would otherwise seem to be a world gone mad.  While that which has come out of the incidents of 911 in New York City, U.S.A. has impacted the whole world through the efforts to protect these United States; we have also been witness of how such unfolding panoramas have impacted the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church in many jurisdictions. 


    With the invention of the World Council of Churches, the World Council of Bishops, we been witness to their actions that have brought about the heresy of synchrestic ecumenism which is a violation of the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils, thus placing many of us in league with those who are 'Churches' or 'Jurisdictions' in Exile, so-to-speak.  While many of our Eastern Orthodox Brothers and Sisters may not consider us as being a part of them; we are in spirit, if not in truth, a part of them as we find that we cannot tolerate or accept the falseness of "Christianity" and an 'Orthodox Catholic Christianity' that no longer holds to the faith once delivered by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles to those of us who are, through Lines of Succession, also Apostles in the vineyard in these times.


    For the average lay member (congregation), it would seem to be easier to follow the path that daily life and society presents.  It is easier to accept an "entertainment" mentality than to struggle with the need to refuse acceptance of it in one's life and home. 


    For music, in and of itself, as it is presented in these times, has a characteristic that changes the mental where-with-all of an individual.  The rhythm, beat, and words hold an individual sway to what would appear, in part, to be moralistic while much of it is not either moral but anti-christian being that, what those words say, teaches an 'anti-christian' attitude.  This can be seen amongst many of Afro-American Black communities, the Hispanic and even those who consider themselves as being of the "redneck" communities.  Such has an impact even on our governments (local, state and national).


    The same can be said about our Public Sports in these times as presented on the regular television, etc.    Who is enthralled with the numerous news wherein a player has been brought up on allegations or charges having to do with sexual improprieties?  What about the actions of some of the boxers who bite off an opponents ear, and football players using illegal substances, etc.  Sports enthusiasts, for the majority of them, overlook these things as "slight indiscretions" while applauding the Sunday football players, including those who may be back on the field or in the basketball courts or on the wrestling tarmac, and other arenas. 


    Sports, music, television and other entertainments are become a means by which the Evil One has infected society with false ideas. 


    Take the old adage that is often heard in normal conversation about one's employment ... job ... "making money" when in truth, the government makes money and you have to earn it.  This old adage would seem to appear to be a cultural 'thing' - it actually inhibits and influences further ideas and attitudes that are spiritually harmful to one's growth in spirit and truth.  Many of those so-called "old adages" have become common place in the psyche of individuals to the extent that they become a fact of one's reality in day to day life. 


    With these things in mind, I would ask each one of you to examine your own conscience, you ways of life, your thoughts and attitudes which affect how you respond to others and situations.  It is not possible to 'fight' the Evil One as it is possible to overcome one's own attitudes and understandings with a healthy spiritual diet of prayer and self examination each day. 


    Blessing you each with prayers, I am truly an worthy one who who needs your prayers...


    Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos,

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.



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December 2003

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Vineyard...


   Wonderful news this glorious holiday season... wonderful news.


   We have obtained property here in New Mexico and will begin construction during the 2004 summer months if all goes as planned.  Blessings be to God and your prayers.


    A glorious blessing has occurred recently.  His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop  +Michael (Damian Benedict) has accepted the Holy Synod of Bishops request to reinstitute the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Western Rite Metropolia.  The Synod of the AOC and UOC/WRM are one, with international headquarters being established here in New Mexico since we now have crossed the borders (so-to-speak).  We are growing. 


   In June 2003, I was fortunately able to make a visit to Florida where my Holy Orders were corrected by His Eminence, Archbishop +Michael and Bishop Thomas (Tindall) to ensure both the lineage and OSB orders are true without the political machinations of man as had been shown to both of us in the past.


 The unfortunate delay in being able to keep the web pages up-to-date is now resolved.  Our Bishop in Canada, His Grace +David Francis has done a wonderful job in maintaining the web pages insofar as he has been able to since his parish has grown enormously which keeps him busier than usual.  While there is much to be done to correct broken links and update all the pages appropriately, we shall do our best as time permits so that visitors to "Apostle1.com" will be able to once again be greeted by daily news and information on a more regular basis.


   Should any one of you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by writing us.  Our address is: Metropolitan +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., 713 W. Spruce #90, Deming, New Mexico 88030, U.S.A.  Our growing staff will ensure that your letters and questions are responded to appropriately and properly.  Any and all questions and information which His Eminence, Metropolitan +Michael can answer should be directed to him IN CARE OF (%) +Joseph Thaddeus, same address.  E-Mail may be directed to Metropolitan +Michael by clicking on the appropriate icon below.


Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos,

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.


E-Mail for +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.



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Blessings to you my dear Brothers & Sisters, Spiritual Sons & Daughters;

As I write this I am holding the mental picture of many of you in my mind's eye, blessing you with prayer as we are all strugglers in this life together.


I have spoken with his Eminence, Archbishop +Michael, O.S.B. (Primate of the Eastern Archdiocese of AOC in America) and can say that his small congregation is slowly growing in spirit and truth.


We too are slowly reaching some of our goals spiritually and materially. Always, when hardships are encountered, goals can still be reached incrementally.


Through the intercession of your prayers, coupled with intercession from Holy Theotokos, our patrons - - - St. Jude Thaddeus, St. John Maximovitch and blessed Father Seraphim Rose. we are truly being blessed daily by things seen and unseen. These are not mere idle words, but proven to us as fact!


Our growing encounters with many of the people in New Mexico presents an unusual intermix of varying types, attitudes and backgrounds. Of course this is true of any place one may venture into through out the world. Each area has its won unique character as its people's make-up create.


Here, in this part of New Mexico, we recognize that many of the people are escapees from a society which has estranged them in the last few generations from families and friends as a result of the ever changing political, economic and religious climate present in these times.


It appears that far to many people have even become discouraged with various so-called churches due to changes in theologies, beliefs and more due to materialism and an entertainment society going mad for power which thwarts that which has been true for Christianity from the days of the Holy Apostles.


Recently a young man said, "Why should I believe?" and further said, "I'm a redneck."

My response was rather succinct. I said to him, "Being a redneck is nothing more than an excuse for escapism from truth. Many an intelligent person who consider themselves as being a `redneck' have given up on life and living, trying to escape from both spiritual and material responsibility toward themselves and their fellow mankind. By doing so, these so-called "Rednecks" become much like an Ostrich who stick their head in the sand to escape from reality and spiritual truth. Many of these so-called `rednecks," I further said, "lack compassion for their fellow men except when their families are at issue or someone hangs on their every word which is nothing more than ego-boosting, pride, vanity and worse. Being a `Redneck' often finds oneself more concerned with materiality than anything or anyone else.


In fact, being a redneck is similar to `Who Is The Biggest Bully On The Block?"

Many of these so-called "Redneck" people (as do many other people in these present times) de-value spiritual need by their attempt to replace the purity of Apostolic truth with false ideologies that appear on the surface as being based on biblical truth, but are nothing more than the personal interpretations of men not steeped in the roots of Orthodox Catholic Christian truth concerning the Life and Teachings of JESUS CHRIST. These ideologies would have one believe in the falsehood of self-interpretation as do many Protestant heresies never sanctioned even by Father Martin Luther when he posted his thesis to the Church doors that began the formation of the Protestant movement understood in these times. Father Luther did not want to see the people be taken from that which is Christian truth so much as those who later took up his banner, failed and refused to understand his motives and goals.


Those same or similar ideologies and false theologies have become increasingly infectious in the Roman Catholic Church and has even reached into many of the Orthodox jurisdictions through that which is today known and called Ecumenical Synchrestism, a false and misleading ecumenism never sanctioned, but rejected by the early Church Fathers.


The problems and issues facing those who are truly struggling to maintain the faith are serious. With concomitant heresies ever growing and spreading in these times as by some who believe they can just go to any of the so-called "Christian" churches. not realizing exactly what Jesus Christ had said in the Gospels and the meaning behind His words. they condemn themselves by their having unknowingly entered into and with unholy demons, not the Holy Spirit.


The Church; being One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic. today is one of "non-judgment" against a person although several jurisdictions have taken it upon themselves to be like so very many protestant churches which is to accept the heresy of synchrestic ecumenism. The Protestant churches have neither the true sacraments of the Apostles or the spiritual Apostolic lineage.


It is, through the true Church's Apostles (Bishops) that she is judgmental toward heresies. All are accepted who desire to truly believe in the Faith as given by Jesus Christ through the Apostles down through time and history to those who are in the lineage of the Apostles, themselves being Apostles as by their having kept to the path of Orthodox Catholic Christian Truth which is not the same as often times given by the many "Catholic" churches of today since their having also split from the true Christian Church which began more earnestly in approximately 600 A.D. to 1054 A.D. --- and ever since taking such steps which is destroying TRUTH as given and offered by Jesus Christ.


A man recently asked if it was hard to be a Christian? I told him, certainly. Where there is no pain, there is no shame! Shame for one's own sins when recognized. The pain is when one recognizes truth from falsehood.


The shame is when one fails to take such necessary steps to accept Truth and continues on in their easy-go-lucky ways to abandon Truth as given by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ. The same pain and shame is recognizing that one may have been led astray from Orthodox Catholic Christian Truth.


There is a subject which I do feel is most important when considering the question of one's degree of Christianity. that is, being a Christian. One can be a "Christian" in name only while others may be truly Christian in spirit and truth! Most are "Christian" in name only today. The subject of which I speak is about the so- called "end times". It is a subject which centers on the attitudes of those who are weak Christians, if at all, and desire not to take the necessary time to struggle with Truth, preferring to be ostrich-like with their heads in the sand while still they speak on things they have little to no spiritual or material knowledge about. That is a subject which I shall address in another writing.


May each and every one of you be blessed in spirit and truth according to your own nature and degree of understanding.

  +Joseph Thaddeus, O.S.B., SSJt., Ph.D.


August 2003

We are active here in our search for land. We have several
locations available and are contemplating the best one under the
financial circumstances we are under.

The weather has been very hot and somewhat dry, to say the least...
with rain showers that would not even be absorbed by a sponge... Yet,
it is beginning to cool down a little.

Many there are who come to this neck of the woods in the winter
time because the winters are mild and not hot, like in the summer.
The flora and fauna is excellent... beautifull and grand. The area
is very conducive to what we have been searching for in our efforts
for achieving goals in both the monastic framework and in the
establishing of an actual on-site Western Orthodox Theological
Institute (on-campus).

We are, temporarily, limited in our communications abilities here
only because of our search for land which is closer in finding but
slow in dealing with beauracratic involvements.

Bishop Matthias is doing well. So is Rev. Sister Marie and Brother
John. In the next few months, there will be others who will be
joining with us as scheduled and prepared for so that we can build
what is needed at the most rudimentary level.

Blessings to all of you, especially Bishop +David Francis who has
been and continues in caring for the web pages...

Blessings indeed...

A repentant one in the vineyard, I am;

+Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.
Metropolitan Archbishop - Primate

July 2003

Blessings at last, Blessings at last...

Bishop Matthias, Sister Marie, Brother John (coming from California) and myself are residing in Deming, New Mexico, together at this juncture. After considering a generous offer by one of our parishioners. We've found that it would be best to go ahead and obtain out own property that would

The weather is extremely hot... but dry! There will be others joining us here in the next month... We are in Deming, New Mexico where the North American Chancery Offices for the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH will be established.

For those of you who would like, our mailing address is:

713 W. Spruce
Deming, NM 88030

Our goal, as before ... now that we are back on the path of achieving our goal... as had been initiated almost 3 to 4 years ago... is to establish a means whereby those who would wish, may grow, learn and temporarily live as close to as those of the desert fathers as a means to gain a taste of the life and obtain, hopefully ... spiritual growth in a more formidable surrounding conducive to such a struggle. In doing so, one can then hopefully be returned to the hub-bub of society with a more holistic and instrinsic understanding that is both spiritual and material in experience.

This has been our collective goal (speaking for myself, Bishop Matthias, Brother John and Sister Marie). And, it would appear we are much closer to our goal. We feel this approach is a more spiritually truthful approach which prepares us more for what is yet to come in the not to distant future. As for telephoning us... only a few know how to contact us by phone at this time. I'm sorry... but with all that has gone on, I truly believe those with me (including myself) need a little rest from all that has gone on. Because I am unable at this time to fully obtain my e-mail except through Bishop +David-Francis (Wigley)... I would ask that all e-mail to me and those with me be sent to him for all of us here until we have settled in.

May I add before closing... I have finally spoken with His Eminence, Archbishop Damian Benedict whose full religious name is +Michael Damian-Benedict... and he shall hereafter be dropping all but "Michael" as his religious name (named after 'Michael' the Archangel).....

In my own discussions with him last evening... I had to admit my own errors and faults in all that has gone on... for, after all... (while in this life I am still a human being motived by human desires or personal goals although none should have such, according to the patristic father)... I have to look out for those who rely on me in this life. But, admit I did to my own indiscretions of taking negative actions against others.

Blessing you with prayers and spiritual tears of repentance on my part for my past actions that may have offended some, I mentally bow low to you ...

+Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, Ph.D.

June - July 2003

How fast time goes,

I am filling in this month for +Joseph Thaddeus

As many of you know, this jurisdiction has undergone some major changes in the last couple of months
, changes that we felt were needed to carry this ministry into the future. The past is now behind us and the future of the American Orthodox Church in/of North America is bright with the addition of two new bishops and their jurisdictions.

Prayers are needed for The Episcopal Church of the USA, The Church of England and the Anglican Church of Canada

The Anglican Church of Canada which faces a split between the orthodox anglicans and the revisionist Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster, British Columbia. Bishop Michael Ingham approved a rite to bless same sex couples, which goes contrary to Holy Scripture. Pray for the 8 parishes which have declared themselves out of communion with Bishop Ingham, called The Anglican Church in New Westminster.

Pray for the Episcopal Church of the United States as their leadership gets ready for their General Convention in August. Pray that they will not approve of the election in New Hampshire to the Episcopate an openly homosexual priest who left his wife and children for his "partner" many years ago.

Pray for a similar problem in the Church of England.

Pray also for the Roman Catholic Church as they still face many hurdles in their sex scandals.

Pray also for the Government of Canada as they try to deal with the current Marriage Act, and the constitutionality of it. So far however only in Ontario are same sex marriages legal and can be registered.

Pray for the entire Body of Christ that the church will not become both in the world and of it.

Rt.. Rev. David Francis, OOFM

May - June 2003

{June 21, 2003 - Updated:} - Blessings to you, pious readers, who view this page... I would wholeheartedly request that you review all the messages posted below as you should, if you are truly a struggler for the faith once delivered, gain some spiritual insight and understanding into our endeavors for truth and faith in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

Between the months of August and September you will find that we will have relocated to another part of the country to fulfill our hearts desire to begin our own monastic community setting for both married and unmarried clergy in the faith.  This will be a training center for all who truly and sincerely desire.  It will take more than just 'months' but more in the area of several years to fully accomplish such an endeavor, but we have been working on such that allows for such a working relationship with other jurisdictions (Churches) of the Orthodox faith whereby they will be helping us through their supplying specially trained clergy to aide and assist in establishing a more forthright training program which inculcates all that we have wished to aspire toward for both the needs of clergy and our people, the faithful.  While we have promised not to mention names of who those jurisdictions are, we can say that they are very Orthodox and accepted by the Orthodox world-wide.  Yet, while saying this, they know and recognize that we must proceed within the context of our American Orthodoxy, a heritage and people in the North American continent which make for an unusual 'melting pot' mix of people whose background heritages often time excludes the 'ethnic' idealism of Orthodoxy based on other 'nationalism' attitude of exclusivity from Europe.  Truly this will be an experiment, but a lofty one.

For those other jurisdictions, this will be more of an 'experiment' while for us... something more.  They (the other jurisdictions, amounting to three different Churches of the Orthodox Faith) are not involved in or with the heresy of synchrestic ecumenism.  With these things in mind, know that we will have begun these endeavors most arduously by the end of September, at the latest, of this year.

Monasticism is the roots from which, as history has shown, the Church has obtained true clergy.  Yet, in these modern times, true monasticism is a diminishing vocation.  While we shall not and will not claim that what we are endeavoring will be that of the ancient times and that which exists as per-se in Platina, California (the ideal); we can hopefully work towards that ideal while arming and grounding those in the faith with such that enables them to bring the healing balm of Christ's Life and Teachings to sick souls, the Chuch which is the spiritual hospital for both faithful and clergy alike who are sincere to struggling in this life for the life to come.  Jesus Christ's teachings have been interpreted by the Protestants in a form and manner that implies anyone who just verbalizes the words of "I believe" will be saved without recognizing the more intricate meaning behind such.  While in this life, struggle to maintain to those teachings is a never ending battle that must be waged within one's own self and that cannot be done alone without guidance.  Monasticism is a means.  Not a romanticism is monasticism as some have interpreted the writings of the patristic fathers.  It is the basis of struggle in this life for the life to come!

With the help of our Webmaster, while maintaining to the ideals of the "Catacomb" and "home" church as already stated on another web page, we will have consecrted two new bishops.  Following the mandates or requirements already set forth on another web page, time and patience will reveal to you, pious reader, who can be named for the needs of the faithful.

As for me and those with me... We shall be thinking of you and prayers will be offered daily for each of you who have communicated with many of us directly in support of our recent endeavors here in Ohio and forthcoming.  I wish to thank Father Dimitri, Father David in Canada, Father Brendan-Michael, Bishop James, Bishop Mark, Bishop John, Metropolitan Damian-Benedict, Deacon John, His Beatitude +Mar Markus, and so very many others who have supported us in our endeavors to make correction for damage previously done as explained a bit further below in previous messages.  Yet, one person in all of this who has been most seriously damaged and to whom I owe much in apologies is Bishop +Alan Munday in England who I pray will find it in his and their hearts to extend forgiveness.  While unification and a more correct Orthodox path was being sought, there was much left to be desired as being true to the Orthodox praxis and faith as delivered and given by Jesus Christ through his Teachings and Life.

While I do not need to remind many of you of what I've said before as such was already laid out in scripture and through the various prophecies of our  Holy Fathers, but all the activities of the Christian world both Orthodox and Roman Catholic to unite churches is but foolishness.  The actions and activities of the Christian World, be it Protestant and otherwise, is nothing but a political and economic endeavor that will meet with naught but bloodshed, imprisonment and worse through out the world.  Only when Christ, Jesus, returns will unification be achieved.  That's as simple a statement as it gets.  So, for all of us who look at the world-wide picture, some of us see only a diminishing of true strugglers in the faith.  But yet, we can not give up or give-in to the heresy that has become and is becoming even more wide-spread than ever before.

Because of computer problems, a very sick one at that... I, and those with me, shall be going off-line in the next few days.  Our Webmaster and those working with him across the North American continent will be caring for the web pages and replying to e-mail until I am able to get back-on line.

Before closing, may it be suggested that you visit the web page entitled: http://www.apostle1.com/hurch-hospital-sinners1.html... While some of you may be distressed by what is said, know that truth cannot be denied as to how present day jurisdictions (Churches) of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church treat others in spirit and truth.  Yet, this is no different than how the so-called fundamentalists of Protestantism treat people, unless those very people are tithing and participating members of their various congregations, then everything is 'forgiven' for the sake of the pocket-book - economics and politics.  This is not the way the Church was intended to operate, even though that is the climate or atmosphere of todays present churches East and West as well as heretical Protestantism and those of the Synchrestic Ecumenical movement.  Do they even have a right to call themselves "Christian" if they cannot even follow the teachings of Jesus Christ?  I think not!

Blessing you with prayers, I am truly a repentant one in the vineyard of Jesus Christ...

+Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. - Primate

May 29, 2003 - We ask that you view Message from Our Webmaster and read this important message as it contains truth!  As strugglers in this life toward the prize of great price, Jesus Christ, not a one of us can truly claim that we have arrived at the fullness of Orthodox Truth (Orthodox = 'right thinking,' 'correct understanding,' etc.) for all of us who are in this life here on earth, are truly strugglers.  Not a one of us can say 'we have arrived yet' for that will happen only when we have crossed over and faced the first judgment!  We are in complete support of our Webmaster and rely upon him to help us all stay on a path that is not vindictive or contrary to the Light of Christ, Jesus, for it is often that any one of us can fall.  Yet, we can pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and continue on in this life-long struggle when we are all assaulted or inundated by a myriad of un-Christ-like actions and activities in day-to-day life.  God has blessed us with a presence and involvement which includes our Webmaster.  If there has been anything written which has seemed to of been offensive to the viewer, you have my personal apologies.  Please continue reading the following.

+Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. - Primate

NOTICE to VISITORS ABOUT our Web Page Content, OUR sending and receiving - E-MAIL Policies, Telephone calls and other Important Trivia

(A Sort of Rules of "Engagement" and "Disclaimer")

Click here for: Our Copyright Notice covering all of this website's contents. An Important notice, especially to the one and those with him who are under investigation out of Toledo, Ohio!

"Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater"

"Show forth fruits of Repentance" (St. John the Baptist)



that I can't hear what you are saying" (+Thaddeus)

Views expressed in various articles, news, and information

published or posted do not necessarily represent the views of

apostle1.com or other of those traditional

Orthodox Jurisdictions (Churches) hosted here.

  The Founding of Orthodoxy 

How Many Times

Is Christianity Collapsing? A theological evaluation regarding T.B.N. and its so-called ministers!

Part II -Is Christianity Collapsing?

The Demise of Marriage And Dissolution of the Family


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     Also... It is suggested you view the article and especially the related commentary opinion having to do with your telephone, internet and other activities since the defeat of one of the extension provisions of the Patriot Act by clicking here...

From Our Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot and Primate, +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.


A Fool For Christ who believes

"Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater"

(Why the Photo Image as seen above?  See Quotes for September-October-November 2005 from "Franklin")


Apostle1.com, Apostle1.org and Apostle1.net

We are an educational, News-informational and research Web Site dedicated to providing such as befits those who seek things pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith and life.


Also Know that:


We, at apostle1.com do cause for "Point" and "Counterpoint" discussions at our web site.  This is sometimes the same way in which authors and writers do in order to bring about both sides or arguments in discussions or about some issues affecting the Church as a whole.  Abbot +Gregori and our Metropolitan Archbishop do this from time to time.  What part of celibacy does one not understand?


However, it has come to our attention that un-named individual(s) think it wise and not harmful to start attacking by taking copyrighted materials to use in their own web site without permission, per se: as for an example, the subjects pertaining to "Homosexuals" and "Homosexuality in the Church," etc. for the purpose of advancing their own causes to start their attacking of other(s) which is not bound in and with the Church, but with a personal agenda of self-image because of anger, hate, fear and worse.  They are Roman in attitude and practice, but not Orthodox, although calling themselves "Orthodox" even "Celtic". 


It is understood, according to information and belief, that three of his/her/their websites may have been closed by former service providers due to complaints against him/them for internet terrorism, spewing "hate" and causing for an individual whom he/they discuss, to be exposed to potential physical harm which happened in the early part of the 2005 when they thought themselves wise in their own conceit, for things of more than 13 years in the past.  What part of "Hate" - "Exposing another to threats of losing life" - "Internet Terrorism" does he/they not understand? Now, under other domain names, the same/similar hate messages re-occur against the same individual. 


We find them to be un-orthodox and un-Christian in spirit and truth for they continue to argue things of the past that is not a part of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, and (in fact) go against the very commandments of Jesus Christ!  And those who do such are, it is opined upon investigation and in most instances, the very one(s) who had been or are under ban as excommunicated individuals posing as duly ordained clergy who had been a part of this jurisdiction (and so many numerous others) in times past.


Also... It is suggested you view the article and especially the related commentary opinion having to do with your telephone, internet and other activities since the defeat of one of the extension provisions of the Patriot Act by clicking here...  Although the legislation had to do with activities pertaining to communication inside the U.S.A with those on the outside, much of what is said in the commentary opinion has to do with what goes on inside the U.S.A,


Apostle1.com's NOTE:  A few have sent inquiries as to why we post information and/or articles relating to what might be considered as political and sometimes from other Protestants .  And the reply is much the same as it states on the entry page....  We Are:

A Non-Profit Religious Hosting Service


an Educational, News, Informational and Research Web Site dedicated to providing such as befits those who seek things pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith and life for various

Traditional Orthodox Jurisdictions

While the answer and question above is not sufficient for some to understand, we take the view (which we believe is ORTHODOX) that all things pertinent to life and living affects, and has an effect, upon not just our belief (Orthodox), but (for many) the way in which we act in accordance with our belief, our very faith. 

Because this is a highly Protestant Country in which we live, having an effect upon the laws of the land, we should know something of what is on-going and where efforts by those denominations may affect and have a intrinsic effect on our very laws, for such does have an effect upon our daily lives as Orthodox Catholic Christians. 

If one is not cognizant of the real events happening both locally and in the world, although many are removed from the world... one will not know what to expect or what to do, or how one can or cannot act which might betray one's faith and accrue the wrath of civil authorities as laws change.  Yet, we are also reminded that these things must happen and it was for that which there exists many early Christian Martyrs and Saints. 

While we can remove ourselves from the world, we still live in it.  And for the faithful, theirs is a struggle for knowledge and understanding.  All things are pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith which is the very foundation of Christianity.  As such, we can not abandon them and leave them blind to events and happenings. 

What we post as related to those things similar to various articles which might have a political theme or non-Orthodox Catholic Christian content, of sorts, does not mean or imply that we are supportive of, or against something articulated in an article, so much as it is NEWS and our faithful should be made aware, for such may be the very thing that will impact their day-to-day life. 

Remember, not all Protestants, especially hard core cultic groups such as "Charismatic" - "Evangelical" and other people are not so generous in their viciousness toward anyone and anything that appears "Catholic" whether of the Roman or Orthodox jurisdictions, for they do not know or want to learn that which makes them "different" in their walk and talk as being far from the roots of Christianity. 

Remember, it is the Roman jurisdiction which has more outwardly shown that it can be one of the most vicious toward those who are not Roman but are very much "Catholic" - for the sun and moon does not rise and set on the Vatican (Latin or Roman) jurisdiction as to who is or is not "Catholic" for the Roman jurisdiction split (schismed) from the roots of "Catholicism" which is founded in what is termed and called today as "Orthodoxy".

Any good article or piece of information will be considered so long as it is not defamatory or slanderous toward an individual when not based on TRUTH or FACT, or which is altered out of context from its original publishing by recognized sources.

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

“I prefer a defeat accompanied by humility to a victory accompanied by pride.”

                                                                               --An Elder

A Curse or a Blessing?  Depending on to whom it may...

    There are unscrupulous people on the internet these days.  Some of them are not who they claim to be and in order to disrupt honest spiritual pursuits, they are known to send out e-mail under someone else's name or the name of another church or jurisdiction with attachments.  Anyone can do this, if they want.  Some of them exist in Toledo, Ohio... Some in Texas... Others in Michigan, California and many other places... Some are "haters of truth" who follow (whether they are willing to admit it) those who have sway over less educated or ignorant people... as their are also those who do not even know what they are doing because they seek glory to satisfy their own vanity and selfish pride to take over a church or jurisdiction of another, or to wreck havoc over those whom they hate without considering the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. 


    If you should ever receive an e-mail with an attachment purporting to be from anyone at "apostle1.com" - "apostle1.org" or even "apostle1.net" - - - know that our policy is to not send out e-mail from any of our domain names with an attachment.  Therefore, don't open it! If you receive any e-mail from apostle1.com, apostle1.org or apostle1.net and have never before communicated with us... even if you have communicated with us... verify, verify and again, verify. 


Unless we know exactly from whom an e-mail comes... nothing is clicked on or opened, not even attachments!  You would be surprised from whom 'hate' e-mail arrives and what attempts and extremes they go to make their e-mails "look" official when it is a lone person or persons who hate TRUTH and love lies, hate anything from being posted that involves TRUTH because they may be affected with exposure to the LIVING TRUTH of Jesus Christ's Love. 


Also: Hang Up Telephone Calls constantly get to you?

We get them all the time.  But one thing we do that many are unaware of... We keep an automatic telephone log and then we turn them over to the same group who monitors and interacts with the hackers, etc.

It no longer matters if the caller calls once in a day, every other day or every day or several times a week, once a week for several months... All get logged, even those who think they have escaped notice by using the actual I.D. Caller number of "000-000-0000" which is being used of late. 

It is known that a telephone number showing up may actually be a telephone service provider phone number, yet... they too keep logs and information as to each individual cellular or local (their locale) phone usage... 

In the not-to-distant future, we intend to post some of those telephone numbers which constantly show up as "harassing hang-up" callers.  May be, you too have the same?  If so, may be we can assist in interacting to go further in bringing them to justice...

Contact us by E-Mail... provide us with your telephone number (U.S. residents only)... so that we may telephone you and assess the information.

Keep Watch!

Those who do such unscrupulous things, HATE some of the news, quotes, and such as to inform the general public.  Some of them pose as clergy, while a few are actually clergy from various "other" offshoot AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH or other jurisdiction(s) of the same or similar name of which we are, in some instances, their former MOTHER CHURCH (as is the same named Toledo, Ohio based, an offshoot, who had once been a part of us and unknowingly to our unworthy selves, were once a part of the clergy but they did not obtain permission to leave the jurisdiction they were under, according to Canon, and thus obtained for themselves re-ordination and consecrations, several times... and then using a variety of church names, including our own after they were defrocked and excommunicated, having more than three (3) times being excommunicated by other legitimate apostles/bishops); having joined in and with  "Independent" churches who have nothing to do with us or even true Orthodoxy.  We have the information on their numerous "Paper Church" names and name changes.  But the real issue is whether they were ever truly an ordained Priest and bishop?


It is true that when one is ordained to the priesthood, the old saying of "Once a Priest, always a priest forever..." holds true... But where there has been or is deception and fraud involved, the old saying is invalid altogether which is the stool kicked out from under any subsequent consecrations as a Bishop for the Episcopacy has then been obtained on a sheet of lies and therefore they are frauds, wolves in sheep's clothing.  The problem here is with civil authorities and agencies. 


Any documents a false one obtains from those who ordained him, including subsequent documents relating to consecrations; civil authorities never (or hardly ever) verify their validity and thus issue their own documents and errantly recognize the individual. 


These false sheep in wolf's clothing seek to go out of their way to character assassinate and disparage religious web sites who do not meet their own brand of standardization and those who know where the proverbial "bones are buried on them" which is evidence of the wolf not being "Orthodox" "Christian" or even "Catholic" no matter what their nomenclature corporate name may be.  The Toldeo, Ohio based same or similar named person/group under his/their so-called leader has been deposed, defrocked and excommunicated more than three different times by various bishops/apostles.  He, and several others, have become just as bad as the modern day Ecumenists of the National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, the World Council of Bishops and more.  It matters not now... whether they use the so-called "Athonite" "Benedictine" "Celtic" "Old Roman" "Old Catholic" - etc. names.  A name does not make one Christian. Their ultimate aim and goal is destruction to those from whom they had either originated from or gone through to obtain the same or similar named "church" they claim to hold to by the state's civil law in which they reside alone.  They are not a "Schema-monk" or even a true "monk" for they were deposed and excommunicated for violations of the Holy Rule they claim to subscribe to, giving and openly providing false misleading and inaccurate information about other more honorable clergy.  These 'wolves in sheep's clothing attract other nefarious and questionable persons whose aims are similar: for fame, image, power and glory, and if it should be that 'fortunes' come along, all the more is their power based.


    Remember, anything that is a HALF TRUTH is not truth but a lie!  Many there are that you may know who fit those descriptions... pray for them.  Pray that God will send his Spirit of Truth upon them and lead them to Salvation through tears of Repentance, conversion of their cold and calculating hearts toward seeking forgiveness from God and those whom they attempt to harm. 


    Those who receive e-mail from us, know who we are and from where we send mail.  There are also many who know that they can send e-mail under another group or person's e-mail address, which has been happening.  If you receive e-mail that purports itself to be from us, verify first by hitting your "reply" button and ask, "I received this e-mail but would like verification if it is from you.


    If you are of another jurisdiction, you too could find that your parishioners, clergy and faithful might become subject to the same as we have recently found. 


    Let this be a warning to visitors so as to be safeguarded against unscrupulous e-mails which contain viruses, worms and unsavory material from person(s) organizations or institutions that are more self-serving than uplifting and informatively news worthy. 


    For ourselves, we have, as in the past, so once again, acquired the assistance of those who are able and capable of tracing e-mails back to their source and taking appropriate action in North America. 


    We have learned that the organization we subscribe to, whose members come from various legal and law enforcement backgrounds amongst other areas of society, are committed to the faith even though they may hold different theologies.  Yet, in their monitoring of electronic communications of various persons or people, they do not always make haste to bring perpetrators to justice until after enough evidence has been gained in order to build a solid case.  We do not always know what information they have gained, but we do know the organization, whom we've been asked not to name, has had a 97% success rate in bringing to justice and obtaining a conviction against individuals, people, and sometimes even religious organizations of a persona that gives the appearance of both secular and religious bearing but who abuse and misuse technology.  The organization views those who abuse and misuse the internet and other technologies as nothing more than a form of "domestic terrorism" - - - - and, it would seem to appear that the courts are in agreement!


 Those kinds of people, organizations, etc. who misuse and abuse communication technologies are no different than those who attempt to use coercive measures, and in some instance, even blackmail for the same idea is involved... to cause havoc and wreckage, to destroy the spirit and activity of those who struggle in the faith out of pain of heart for the Orthodox Church which is TRUTH. The degree that some have been known to go to, as seen by other jurisdictions, is to take advantage of questionably mentally challenged or those who have a lack of education and understanding to get them to make statements, even outright lies, in writing, in order to destroy.  Such persons or groups are spiritual terrorists for unholy and un-Orthodox causes, aims and goals.


    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

    For further information about how spammers, hackers and those who are angry with you can or will attempt to do damage, we offer the following link as regards some of the computer - internet problems:



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