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His Eminence, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D.

December 8, 2006


Blessings to all of you who are

my spiritual children in the vineyard

and to those who visit our web site

and see this message; blessings indeed

in the Name of Jesus Christ and the

Most Holy Theotokos...


While the western world is preparing for its Christ-Mass celebrations according to the present day calendar in use; we take the attitude and view that while the true ancient celebration of Christ's birth is on January 7, 2007 ... although there are many, and we would agree in part, who say that there is no known date or even month of Christ's birth... there are, from both the oral and written traditions, valuable information that is suggestive of the blessed occurrence. Therefore we do celebrate the material Christmas according to the Western Calendar in vogue and again on January 7th we celebrate, in a far more special way, we celebrate the true and ancient Christ-Mass of His august birth!


Yet, we must face the fact that western world's celebrations of the Christ Child has been and is loosing (in some instances "LOST") it's significance, importance and true meaning by all the glitter and materiality which has gone to such extravagance that even one of the Holy Fathers of church, St. Nicholas (known and called Santa Claus) has been twisted and perverted to unimaginable proportions. 


Most people give lip service to these Holy actions and honorable holy men and all that is meaningful, but deep down in the hearts and spirit of these modern day pharisaic and Sanhedrin like people who claim they are "Christian", resides the bent attitude and spiritual depravity of their religious convictions which as has been exampled already by what was posted in the previous message (see below) become a normal way of life.  Example:  The local area and state wide political foray for various elected offices are now over. 


However, there are certain groups, one in particular, who are supposed to be fighting to rid the local Luna County of the tyrannical Ordinance #37.


The fact of the matter is that the politics is not over.  One of the groups, headed by three individuals (one female who works for an auto parts store) have been outright caught in what some have alleged is 'bedding down with the commissioners' to be actively involved in causing confusion and diversionary approaches to throw the weight of their lies and actions from having been caught in being a "snitch" or what some call "rat" (for ratting) off to the commissioners what the other fighters against the Ordinance #37 are doing. 


This group put out three items that were wholly and totally salacious, unfounded fabrications and twistings of fact, using BLACKMAIL against this unworthy repentant one.  Blackmail?  Yes!  If I did not close down or remove our web pages from the internet they were/are going to pass out 5,000 flyers against this unworthy one (placed in their written letter which was passed out at a County Commissioner's Meeting). They have taken advantage of those who are less educated by inciting them to actively seek information from the past as a means to further their salacious activities on a wide scale, unknowing that the information they will receive will not be complete because some information from the California Courts remain under "Seal" by the court wherever a 'minor's name' is involved, even though that minor has reached the age of adulthood.  This prevents further tracking and harassment of the so-called victims, including (sometimes) other sensitive information which might, could or would impinge upon innocent people named during the Trial by Judge (not jury). Read what one professional individual of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has had to say (after page 3 you will need to click on your back button until you come back to this page). 


Oh, I forgot... these people who are seeking to further defame and shame have little to no conception of what being a true "Christian" really means. One of them, primarily a female who works at a local auto parts stores, stated in 2003 that she does not like, and in fact "Hates anything and everything Catholic" [quoted from someone who overheard her conversation with this unworthy one at that time she was residing in a local RV Park). These people are intentionally active in causing diversion from the initial fight against Ord. #37 by inciting various Protestants, especially cultic persons, who have little to no conception of root and branch of true Christian spirituality.


They pick and choose accordingly as though one is in a cafeteria, not only as an attempt to promote their entertainment mentality of 'feel good as a Christian' but take the same approach in their mistaken belief they can negate the teachings of Jesus Christ which places the burden of responsibility upon them to avoid creating further calumny in their endeavors.  But to them, there is a difference between Jesus Christ's commandments and sayings which (to them) have no importance to live by on a daily basis especially when it comes to man-made politics and activities.  This is where they can and do use the Old Testament to (sort-of) sanctify their own actions which Jesus Christ forbade!


They (like a bee-keeper) have been instigated and incited to believe their 'faith' has been attacked by one individual (this unworthy one) because we place on our web site, Orthodox Catholic Christian Truth which come from Holy Patristic Fathers and Saints of the Church, not necessarily from the undersigned.  Even so, what has been written or authored by this unworthy one is based, root and branch, in Orthodox Catholic teachings that come down through time and history to us which even the New Testament and Old Testament (hand-in-hand) are based. 


While a very small few of them have taken advantage of many of the articles and information relating to their schismatic actions from the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church which produced the Protestant formation, equally many of the Roman (Latin) members have also taken advantage too.  One of the most important articles that could have been placed on our website, MISSIONARY CONVERSATIONS WITH PROTESTANT SECTARIANS  has produced a wide variety of visitors.  We can only hope that it proved to be of considerable worth to them.  Even the article entitled, Who are the Modern Day Pharisees and Sadducees who abuse the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ?, has caused some true debate based ON FACT and not the fiction of those who, like some of the ones we alluded to in Deming, New Mexico, have responded to with a positive questioning in such a way that they too are now questioning their very own congregations and clergy.  Many of these inquiries and positive questioners have begun their own private endeavors to search, on their own, for real truth, real FACT and not hearsay as regards the core basics of the faith of ancient times.  


But the actions of those whom we have alluded to here in Deming, New Mexico, further continue with their mischievous, back-handed, sneaky  doings to further their instigating and incite-full actions or activities as a means to detract from the the real issues at hand and the fact that their leaders were caught in diversionary tactics, lies, etc.  They become the hand and mouth (of sorts) of the perpetrators, their self-appointed leaders, of un-christian hate which lead to violence of thought, word and action, not Christian Truth.  Their actions under misguided motives accomplish nothing but to rehash old things of the past.  No one can be re-convicted!  It doesn't matter if they want to accept or reject the guilt or innocence of another because ALL have fallen short of the mark which leads to Jesus Christ, even this unworthy repentant one.  Their actions accomplish nothing except to provide gossip, raise further shame, pain and anguish... distracting many from the real fight against tyrannical government and an Ordinance that deprives the elderly, disenfranchised, disabled veterans and more.  Unbeknown to many of them, they are furthering the aims and actions of the Anti-Christ and his minions who thrive in flesh and blood by their having accepted things in their faith under guise of being "Christian" never before accepted prior to 1054 A.D.


Like a bee-keeper, agitation and diversion is a means to keep 'fear' infested in the hive so-to-speak, so the lesser ones do the dirty work while they hide in the shadows.  It is a means to keep others and themselves from doing that which the initial purpose was for... It doesn't matter to them if the main and legitimate group of "Luna County Freedom" and Truth has web pages, but that those web pages are taken down so that those who are doing the instigating may save their image as leaders... All the basics of human greed: self-image, avarice and worse... are all at play and stirred up by the very ones who were caught in their lies and blackmail attempts while claiming themselves as Christians who are apparently not sinners but self righteous which means they will not, can not and won't take responsibility for their actions or apologize for their shameful conduct.  These are the modern day Sanhedrin, the Pharisees who do the stirring by using others to do their dirty work.  Didn't they use Judas Iscariot against Jesus Christ?  Yes, they did... and the modern day Judas Iscariots are a dime a dozen, it would seem to appear.


Yet... these false "Christians" persist in their endeavors to defame and shame, to lie and continue in their blackmail-like actions.  I say "false Christians" only because it is the Orthodox Catholic perspective that those who out of sincerity of belief in their Protestant-like and cultic groups have failed or refused to accomplish that which is tantamount to being truly "Christian" in spirit and truth.  That is to say, they 1) fail to go directly to the person being discussed when negative verbiage is brought forth, relying on the garbage gossip of those who incite and instigate them, and 2) fail to research historical truth and spiritual wisdom as a means to maintain a daily path of what it means to be a Christian struggler out of pain of heart and soul.  One of their own, as already alluded to, a female who works at a local auto parts store is being used and herself uses others to incite, defame, blackmail, lie and probably worse.  One can only wonder if she is the one who, it is alleged, was a "snitch" and "rat" to save herself and her family from prosecution as regards illegal drugs, etc.  If so, then it would seem, it is opined, she is no different than a child molester because those dealing in illegal sales of drugs lead to the school children who make use of such for illicit and immoral activities and purposes. 


Yes, there are many of those kind of people who truly are sincere in their heretical beliefs and while we can applaud some of them for their errant thinking that they are truly "Christian" according to their individual nature and degree of ability - they fail and refuse to dig deep into the root and branch of what it really means to be "Christian".  For those who are only seventh day Christians (going to church on the seventh day while breaking all of Jesus Christ's commandments the other six) are involved in Backstabbing as one of those un-christian activities.  These are the very ones whom Jesus Christ warned us about... They turn neighbor against neighbor, father against son, daughter against mother and worse... and He also told us that "Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his saltness, wherewith will ye season it?  Have salt in yourselves, and have peace one with another" St. Mark 9:50.


Thus their actions in backstabbing and gossip; as in their being used by others to do the dirty work with knowledge... detracts from being a true Christian and advances the causes of the Evil One, the Devil, Satan, and his actions pertaining to the bringing about of the Anti-Christ, the One World Church, and the One World government as prophesied in Holy Scripture!  So, at the local level, a stone is thrown into the pond with ripple effects... that is their aim and goal... not peace, but diversion and division, not true spiritual wisdom and holiness which require pain of heart struggle on a day-to-day basis...


One last item before I close this lengthy missive.  We have notified the local Sheriff's Office of the fact that since they and the local county D.A.'s office cannot and will not abide by the letter of the law with regards to the "letter" from the female auto parts store worker's BLACKMAIL attempt, to bring her to prosecution, they should not be surprised if they too are investigated and hopefully censored or brought up on charges for their irresponsible failure or refusal to do that which they were either elected or appointed to do to ensure the law is not broken.  They were made fully aware of the fact that if anything happens to just one of our people whatsoever, they will, along with the female auto parts store worker and those with her, be subject to an investigation from outside the state which might, could or would cause for not only national exposure, but indictments too. 


Protestantism's members may have a wide swath of control over government both locally, State wide and nationally, but yet they too can be brought low if they do not abide by the law when it becomes known they may have, as alleged, broken the law!  While they can hide their own clergy from prosecution, even their civil elected officials, it can only happen for just so long before others become aware and take action.


I said above, "spiritual depravity" because most of them are bereft of true spiritual understanding and rely most assuredly on those so-called churches of today who have opted for Synchrestic Ecumenism and an entertainment mentality in their so-called houses of worship to appeal to them who are unable to provide true spiritual worship to God and thus do so for entertainments as a psychological ploy on a mass scale to honor man's workings.  While the majority are members of various Protestant styled 'churches,' there are many more who are actually 'cultic,' whose beliefs and style of approach is nothing more than what is expected of those who schismed from the various former mainline Protestant Churches who schismed from the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church who schismed from the root and branch of CHRISTIANITY which today is called "Orthodox" (Greek, Coptic, Syro-Chaldean, Russian, Ukrainian, Armenian, American, etc.


We see this here in Deming, New Mexico where the corruption of politics and actions have taken sway over people who themselves have basically been in the shadows and dark without knowledge about the root and branch of Christianity.  As a result, their brand of "Christianity" is bereft of true spirituality and holy wisdom being more akin to the same corruption that has entered in through the back-door!


These people, not all of them... but a good majority... are wholly and totally unaware of "Orthodox" and when they are provided some of the information from the root and branch of the Church, they say Orthodox have blasphemed... are frauds and wolves in sheep's clothing.... that is due to their intrinsically brainwashed approach which is the 'back of the woods' mentality of preachers and teachers who themselves have either made themselves 'pastors,' 'preachers,' and 'teachers' or who have become a part of the heretical protestant cults.  These people do not respect or show respect to other ministers, pastors or priests who are in the slightest way "Catholic" unless they have 'money' structures (buildings) with large congregations.  Anyone else is mentally 'spit' upon by a majority of these cultic people. 


These people are used to the 'hire and fire' principal for having a minister or pastor lead their congregation having fallen from the ancient ways of true Christianity.  They do not even understand that there is actually no such thing as a "Non-Denominational" church except in the nomenclature of the building structure and those so-called pastors or ministers who themselves are either self-made or belong to some Protestant  or cultic denominational structure. 


In fact, some of these people do not necessarily understand or know what "structure" in society means except in the little ways of looking at the operation of a school board or a county hierarchy of commissioners or the operations of a City government with a mayor, etc.  The very basics is all they have or understand, if at all... and as for 'spirituality' - we cannot say they are wholly lacking in spirituality so much as they are bereft of true spiritual and material (historical) knowledge except that which has been provided in a bent fashion by their numerous cultic pastors and ministers. 


Many of you, over the last several years, have expressed similar problems of one sort or another in your own areas and the fact that it is a growing problem.


Therefore, I would ask each and every one of you to offer up prayers for God to send to us more monastic men and women or those who have a desire to become a part of an Orthodox Catholic community.  May your prayers include our need for Orthodox Catholic Priests and Deacons who have a way with taking action to correct and defend the Church, true repentance, Confession and preserving the Seals of the Confessional, the offering of the Divine Mysteries, a willingness to not rely on the material aspects of this world so much ... but able to accept what is necessary for daily survival and struggle in the Desert area of the land... a city of sorts that is growing... but are willing to live in community outside and somewhat away from the city ways...


Let your prayers for this coming celebration of the Christ Child be one with prayers for the hard times already upon us and which will only grow worse as we view what is happening world-wide... Into such a world as we are seeing now, so too the Christ Child was born more than 2,000 years ago. 


The blending of Orthodox Catholic Christians, especially monastic and priests, nuns, etc. will be the seed that grows to bring together true spiritual warriors and gardeners here...  when all work together in spirit and truth to build a spiritual edifice that can shine like the light from a single candle seen afar off... for such a light can only diminish the darkness and falseness of the dark that is sweeping this nation and this area of the nation.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


November 15, 2006


Blessings to all of you who are

my spiritual children in the vineyard

and to those who visit our web site

and see this message; blessings indeed

in the Name of Jesus Christ and the

Most Holy Theotokos...


During these last several months with many of us having been involved in election campaigns for candidates, we in Deming took another road of approach because of our intrinsic belief that we should indeed leave things of Caesar to Caesar (Government of the People, By the People, For the People).  There are those who can and will take offense to this understanding and we are not discounting their view as also being valid so much as our own understanding and approach holds equal validity.  That is to say, clergy of every rank and degree, in order to ensure that one does not do a misdeed in their need to keep Caesar out of the Church and the Church out of Caesar's affairs as relating to candidates, etc. we keep our affairs and activities to a minimum.  Our clergy do not preach and teach things "political" from the pulpit, but maintain that which is always been true as regards the faith, the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers... reminding people of those things concerning life and living, right thinking, true belief, correct worship that comes down through time and history from the ancient Seven Oecumenical Councils.


So what have we been doing?


Here in Luna County there is an Ordinance #37 which has and is causing a proverbial "uproar" amongst those of the poor, those on SSI, Veterans, and many Land Owners. 


The Ordinance deprives these people by the Ordinance's enactment without Commissioners having poled or discussed it with their constituents.  They elected to create such a styled Zoning and Planning Department whereby the Commissioners can by-pass the State Laws requiring Fair and Open Government for and by the People.  Therefore, a County Manager was hired who brought in outside people to create this Ordinance #37 which has infringed upon the Constitutional Rights of good and honest people to such a degree that one's dwelling, be it a solid base home or a mobile home, etc. is to be maintained according to certain standards... standards that go far beyond what is considered "fair" and "honest"... This Ordinance impacts the poor, veterans, those on SSI, etc. whereby certain businesses and property management companies would appear to benefit the most, including Real Estate companies. 


While beautification or keeping one's property from becoming an "eye sore" is necessary in part, this Ordinance goes far beyond that.  In fact, under the false "tag" of "Contaminated Wells" the Commissioners decided to claim the Revised Ordinance was because of "Contaminated Wells".  It was proven that they lied!  So, they switch tactics and call it now a "beautify" type of ordinance without changing any of the wording in the Ordinance. 


They claimed they were to create and insert a "Grandfather Clause".  This has not been done.  But now they say they have inserted it (yet to be seen) but the draft shows that it is a "two year" only 'grandfather clause'. 


So, in the long of it all, we were able to assist in bringing about the organization called LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM which is LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM AND TRUTH ... a group of concerned citizens, property owners, and those who rent or own property from the poor to the veterans and others.  Then, after less than a month three individuals in the organization decided to do things according to their way without consent of the members by publishing a salacious newsletter and then putting out a salacious cartoon.  One doesn't use unfair and dirty tactics by calling Commissioners equal to Nazis and mentioning their wives, etc.  One doesn't take an image of an individual and turn it into things dirty.  One does the honorable thing and run-it-by the membership first so as to be in union and conformity with everyone's ideas and beliefs because this is a rather conservative group of people in Luna County, even though this county of New Mexico is known for its dirty politics.  Why stoop to the levels of such actions that are rampant in New Mexico?  It is unchristian and unfaithful to Our Lord and His life and Teachings!


But, there is a woman who works at an auto parts store whose belief system is totally lacking in true Christian content and understanding.  She has taken the bold step to think she controls and is a leader in the group of which she was never voted in or approved except by two or three people who published the salacious material.  Now she goes one step further, believing her self-righteousness is above reproach!  She uses outright BLACKMAIL tactics as a means to cause diversionary tactics upon those who lack understanding of all the little twists and turns of the Ordinance #37 and her having been caught in being a turn-coat, a Benedict Arnold of sorts.  She acted as a double agent by doing things the County Commissioners wanted stopped and done... such as this organization's publishing of a State Engineer's Letter which proved the Commissioner's lied about "Contaminated Wells" among other things. 


This Mrs. we are speaking of has gone on a campaign.  A campaign to destroy what she cannot control and never could!  She uses scare tactics by divulging the past of persons involved, pasts that have nothing to do with the honorable fight against Ordinance #37....This diversionary tactic is primarily an attempt to take the heat of her from the fact that she was caught in the act, so-to-speak, of being a RAT in the organization... So, she attacks those of religion, religious life, etc.  She made several mistakes in her publishing material with photos attached and taking things off the Internet that could and might land her in jail and possibly to a lawsuit that could cost her and her family losses of immeasurable proportions. 


How does all this relate to the Church?


We have ensured that we DO NOT preach, teach or push our beliefs onto those who are not Orthodox Catholic, Roman Catholic, etc.  We let our immediate actions be the message.  When questioned about our wearing apparel, our faith, etc. then we do reply as one should.  But this auto parts store female has taken her attacks, her blackmail, to the degree of pushing her idea that 'religious' should leave their 'robes' without knowing (although she was told truth) or understanding (although she said she understood) because of her own questioning at various times in the past... that one in religious life wear what they wear just as much as a soldier wears what they wear 24/7, 365 days a year unless exceptions arise.  Her ability to twist truth to suite her own aims, ends and goals to destroy because she has been rebuffed by numerous members of the group has even caused her to establish a group of her own using a similar nomenclature.  For some of you - you may well recall a no-more bishop in another state who did the same thing after he was deposed, defrocked and excommunicated... sound familiar?  Well, this female auto parts store worker is not of the faith, but has cultist views and ideas that she promotes to such a degree that can see that she's taking actions against a people of faith while attacking only one person.  Yet, she has been claimed to of said, after she's run this one individual out of town, she'll go after another individual.  True or not... we intend to fight against hellish lead by Satan stand to be in control of that which she has neither the abilities or capabilities as well as lacking in having "forgiveness" about her and a respect for people of faith through her attacking.


What do these things say to you about what has happened in the more "political" arena of your area and through out the country?  It says that many of leaders past and present who claim to be Christian have missed the mark, fallen away and are leaders by an elected who have opened the doors for Satan to step in even further into the affairs of Caesar and those who claim to be "Christian" but are, unbeknownst to themselves, "Anti-Christian" in spirit and truth!


While we can look at the nomenclatured denominations of Protestantism, viewing their theologies, dogmas and doctrines which cause for their being branded as "Anti-Christian" and "Heretic",  but we have to really look at the actions and ideas being espoused by the indvidual(s) and it is that to which we must use discernment as to who or what is "Anti-Christian"... for many of us know of people who belong to what we know are heretical denominations of Protestantism and they are not only very good people, but honest people in their own heart and mind with their interaction with those who are members, parishioners and a part of the congregation of the parishes and jurisdictions of the "Catholic" Church being either Orthodox Catholic or Roman Catholic; the root and branch of Christianity which those who are considered by all that is Holy, to be 'heretical' (against) the ancient faith, the Seven Oecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers which they separated from (separating from the Roman Jurisdiction, initially)...


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


October - November 2006


To all my spiritual children in the faith

of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the

Most Holy Theotokos, and to all

who view this message... Blessings,

Greetings !!!


I have made no postings since July because of on-going activities which have affected our overall endeavors locally (Deming, New Mexico) and enriched our lives by the power of God's Love.  Unworthy that I am and those with me in spirit and truth; we are blessed in many, many ways both seen and unseen.  For all the damage that has been done against us, we call the names of those whom we have known did the damage with intent and forethought... calling their names to remembrance before the Lord our God asking and entreating they be forgiven as we forgive them; including those whom we do not know by name.  Yet, we also find that we cannot leave out those of the various denominations who call themselves "Christian" when, in fact, they are much like those described by St. Paul, the Apostle, regarding the Corinthians. 


These modern day Corinthians go under a variety of "Church" names without being one in, and of, the faith handed down through time and history to the present day.  All they know and believe is that anything "Catholic" must be "Roman" and that all things "Catholic" come from the Romans without knowledge and forethought.  They do not listen or research FACTS or TRUTH and thus they must be prayed for.  As a result, they only know one thing... their confusion which begets confusion and furthers the aims, ends and goals of the Evil One, the great deceiver, Satan!  This is also true for many of those who call themselves "Independent"... even those who call themselves "Independent Benedictine".


They all fail and refuse to recognize or understand historical fact and Christian TRUTH that the Orthodox Church (Church = "Faith") is not a 4-cornered building.  They are mildly literate, obstinate to the core and as a result of the much publicized scandals of the Roman Jurisdiction's sex scandals, the furtherance of these cults and their cultic (Mormon, Pentecostal, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Christ, some Methodists and yes... a few Baptist groups... including those of the "Independent" groups) error... the FAITH is no longer in them from the times of Jesus Christ.  Of course, when was it?  There was a time they could have been corrected and some of their people were open to studying FACT and TRUTH of history and Biblical writings.  But less are they who are willing to cross the proverbial borders which separate them from FACT and TRUTH... for they have entrenched themselves further into the errors as false christs.  The Spiritual eyes and ears they had are no longer for 'holy' things, for they are under the sway of a most horrible of all entities of the celestial sphere, the spiritual world.


There are those who talk about the "traditions of men" and that there is only one tradition, Biblical! 


Unfortunately for these misguided Protestants and now, in these times, some who call themselves "Catholic" (be it Independent and otherwise), most of them are unaware of the "Oral" tradition and know only the "Written" tradition which they erroneously attempt to reinterpret as though they have been guided by the Holy Ghost (Spirit)... and of that mix of individuals, only a very small number of them may truly be under the guidance of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) while the remainder of them are actually under the sway of the Great Deceiver who, himself, is an UN-HOLY SPIRIT who can and does appear as an angel of light (for "Lucifer" means "Light Bearer" before he was cast down from Heaven). Thus all that is contained in Heaven is equally counterpart (duplicated) in the great chasm, hell! The 'counterpart' is the forgery, a deception...


Back to the "Traditions" referred to above.


The definition of the word "tradition" is precise.  In its literal sense, the word means that which is 'passed on'.  "Holy Tradition is, therefore, that which is passed on and given over within the Church (Faith) from the time of Christ's disciples right down to the present day... Tradition is the very life of the Church itself as it is inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit (Father Thomas Hopko, 1971.. The Orthodox Faith: An Elementary Handbook on the Orthodox Church. Volume I, Doctrine, New York: The Department of Religious Education The Orthodox Church of America. P12). 


What, therefore is Holy Tradition? Holy Tradition is the experience of the Church (faith of the people) passed down from one generation to the next.  It is something that we employ and practice daily in our very lives if we are true strugglers in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  No longer do we employ the Old Testament attitude and idea of "... eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" for to do so says we have not attained the faith and practice as true "Christians" in spirit and truth!  This tradition is lived, as said, and the expression of our understanding of all things revealed in the faith even though it may not be written down in Holy Scripture is our way of life according to our individual nature and degree of understanding from within.  Remember, it has been said that if all that Jesus Christ said and did were to be written down, it would fill volumes that would encompass the world itself and then some.  Therefore the Holy and Living Tradition of the Orthodox Catholic Faith, the very root and branch of the Church herself is lived daily according to one's nature and degree of understanding. 


The variety of Independent Catholics, Protestants, especially those of the cultic congregations, would reply that this does not yet explain why Holy Tradition was not written in Holy Scripture.  It was Jesus Christ who pointed out to us that there were some things that would not be accepted by the populace because they did not have spiritual eyes and spiritual ears.  Thus He spoke in parables. 


It is often said by both Independent Catholics, many Protestants, Orthodox Catholics and those of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church... that if one is walking in the Commandments they will not err.


Walking in the Commandments


To know Christ and God is first of all to be walking along the path of discipleship in obedience to His commandments: "If you obey My commands, you will remain in My love, just as I have obeyed My Father's commands and remain in His love" (Jn.15:10). To walk in God's commandments means to set aside the traditions of men: "You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!" (Mk.7:9).


Let us briefly say that ever since the time of the Holy Scriptures which came after the Church was established by Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles and even until now, the true Church has lived in a manner in which She speaks very little about holy matters.  Holy matters are to be lived, rather than endlessly spoken about.  The Church is not a realm for study whereby we might carry out research, or dialectical and intellectual discussions.  


Holy matters are not to be subject to quarreling, arguments, and contesting.  What most Independent Catholics, some present day Orthodox, Protestants and their cultic offspring do not understand is the word HOLY.  It signifies that these matters should be approached in the utmost reverence, awe and sobriety.  But they are unable to do so or even maintain respect for those who do because they lack spiritual and material understanding of the Faith itself while yet claiming that they are "Christian" and believe in those things written in the Holy Bible.  What the real truth is... is that they cannot and do not understand with spiritual eyes and ears that which they read and hear from Holy Scripture because they do not even understand the word, term and use of "HOLY" which is one of the primary causes for their present day Entertainment Mentality approach to worship, a worship to Satan (unbeknownst to themselves) as they have allowed themselves to become sheep and false Christs amidst a world heading toward its destruction as prophesied in Holy Scriptures.


We say "false christs" because anyone who holds the title of "Rev." "Reverend," etc. are supposed to be carriers of the faith handed down through time and history from Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers.  Most of them do not these days although their message(s) often call upon "Christ".  Yet, these are false Christs even though they do not out rightly say they are Christ.  A Priest is the alter ego of Christ if they serve under an Apostle (Bishop) in a long line of succession from previous bishops (apostles). 


There are several articles already available at this web site which one, who may be a serious struggler in this life for the life to come, can read to obtain more understanding.  We propose the following:

The above are only the proverbial "Tip of the Iceberg" for those who are serious strugglers in Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and those of the various Independent, Orthodox, and Protestant persuasions, along with the cultic ones; if they are serious that is in calling themselves "Christian".


It is at the very instance when the Church's int9imate and awfully holy matters become widespread with the proliferation of printed materials thanks to the printing press, and later the radio and then the television and Internet; that they intersect with other foreign ideas and the result is a sullied, unpreserved, alloy which superficially resembles the faith of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Do not be mistaken for a romanticized remembrance of a reality, diminished with time, distant in the pure and untainted past.  This is not so, for surely the early Church faced much strife and struggle.  However, note that the main purpose here is to point out the result of our age's negligence.  The mass proliferation and propagation of the Christian faith without that essential lived and effective spirit, is the cause and the result is the effect one sees today in those various congregations and parishes which has seriously and grievously infected the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church that has taken it further away from the root and branch of Christianity itself being the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers prior to it's 1054 schism.


The early Church was different in times past than what we see today.  The Church pragmatically lived through these holy matters, but did not speak them.  For it was the difference between praxis and mer knowledge/theory which is important.  Praxis is that important element of practical application and practice which is favored by the Orthodox Church.  Praxis affords a necessary silence which in turn allows grace and mystery to partake in the experience of the Church. 


It is for these reasons that if one who is not an Orthodox Christian or not even Christian at all, and comes to a Parish... during Divine Liturgy ... what would you do?  We will invite this person into the Parish and offer him or her a liturgy book so they might be able to follow along (and we will be happy that we had added a number to our congregation).  But what will this person hear in the liturgy and read in the liturgy book?  Our visitor will hear talk of bread and wine becoming the Body and the Blood and will become completely befuddled and leave the service in a state of confusion. This visitor comes from a place and level where these things do not make sense; not yet being ready to hear these things or having come from another so-called congregation, has taken these things imperceptibly of the reality of their significance and what such requires of the penitent... This is why the early Church did not allow this to happen.  When a visitor came to the Church she or her was not allowed entrance.  It is so with us at the Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch and the Holy Theotokos.  We do not permit entrance by them from other places for this very same reason. 


When a visitor came to the early Church, she or he were not allowed entrance because "This is not your place, you may not enter for it is our private house of prayer".  The visitor may often say something that equates to, "I have come to your house, with all my baggage and I will live with you"  It is this very baggage is important because it stresses the importance placed by the early Church on the necessary catechetical process which is the shedding of past ideologies and understandings (ie: baggage) and the acceptance of the revealed faith. 


It is therefore our responsibility and necessity to respond with, "No... I am sorry, my home is a private space and requires certain adherences that I must preserve in my intimate home life."  For it is that the Church, the Parish is a "home" for true strugglers in the faith who understand the very importance of its creation by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Himself and not by those of man who claim to have built it for Jesus Christ... There is the difference! 


Be on guard.  Watch what you do and whom you invite in for the very devil himself walks into many of these modern day (so-called) churches without anyone being awake in them.


Pray for me and those with me... for it is indeed that I find myself an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard....


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



June - July 2006


Blessing to you and each of you who view this page, and

To all who are my spiritual children in the vineyard…


I thank the many of you who sent e-mails and offered prayers for my recent health issue.  I am recuperating nicely, so-to-speak, and I thank Bishop Matthias (Hammons) for his concerns and actions in my day and a half absence.


May I suggest to the many of you that this, for my unworthy self, may be another wake up call to what we are faced with in the world even though we are removed from the world in our monastic community setting. 


Although I have no confirmation from any of the other Orthodox jurisdictions of the Catholic Church, I am of the opinion and belief that the many articles and information provided by the Sedevacantists of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church rings closer to truth about these times in which we are living and what is to come forward in due time. [See: The Apostasy Index] I have found some of what they say regarding the End Times rather similar, although under different phrases, words, or terminology as those of the writings of Father Seraphim Rose as regards the change taking place in all the Christian Churches through out the world.  We see this more especially with the snuggling up to the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church by the Moscow Patriarchate through ecclesiastical politics, etc.  As many of you know, this has been done with the Protestant cultic churches and now, other Orthodox jurisdictions, one by one…by the present day “New Church” (Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church) and it will only be a matter of time in which the fullness of Orthodoxy as we see it in the various jurisdictions of these present times, will go the way of the New Church, with its humanism, synchrestic ecumenism, etc.  It is only a matter of time now. 


When we viewed some of the information provided us, such as the Alex Jones tape entitled “911” “Tyranny”  and such other items as:

Are You Prepared Today For the Horrors of Tomorrow?

Does FEMA have master plan to use pastors for homeland security nationwide? Important & Updated

Life After Death - By St. John Maximovitch New

Are You Concerned about Why 911 came about? Why are U.S. Troops being trained for Martial Law within the U.S. borders? Why are children in schools being used for control exercises by law enforcement? Why are our educational institutions having less influence in raising standards of excellence as they were in past decades? Who is responsible? Can you really trust elected officials? The questions and "Why"?

Please click on this link to hear what John F. Kennedy had to say, and then compare it to what is happening today: http://www.infowars.com/articles/nwo/jfk_secret_society_speech.htm

etc… we reviewed them with skepticism and with concern for truth.  When we began researching documents alluded to from that VCR tape and other articles sent to us… we found more than what we had bargained for… It is probably one of the many reasons why John F. Kennedy was assassinated, or may be… the primary reason alone!  He was not a politician’s president, but a president by the People, for the People and of the People in spite of his own human faults and frailties.  Do we, today, see those hallmarks in any of the men who have been sitting behind the desk at the White House or in the halls of congress?  You be the judge! For indeed, your ultimate decision or judgment will be a factor as to how you view true Christian principles or lack them in part or whole which will aide in bringing about not only the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, but also the ONE WORLD CHURCH!


It is rather clear though, that the Alex Jones Web site is not a conspiracy, is not an act or action of terrorism in the traditional sense of the word… even though one might be able to make a case of ‘terrorism’ against him for his staunch advocacy for Constitutional and Bill of Rights guarantees; for someone who is not for them, are actually terrorists against them whether or not they be in the government or on the streets as wealthy merchants or common citizens.


For indeed to be for the Constitution and Bill of Rights is to be a true Patriot, not the kind of Patriot being espoused today which destroys the freedoms imbued in the Constitution of the United States of America along with its Bill of Rights. 


Apparently those elected officials in the halls of congress are not aware of those facts, and if they are… they obviously do not care except for their own selfish selves.  Their own religiosity is therefore exposed by their own actions, or lack of them. 


The results are what is happening now, taking place across our nations land… and the end results is a form of enslavement brought on by FEAR and crass psychological manipulation upon the mass of people (citizens) which denigrates, destroys anything Christian (as being of Jesus Christ) and those who are His followers in spirit and truth… and those who are true Patriots, not the stinted form of Patriotism which is a false and misleading form that is teaching our children in the schools something alien to the Founding Fathers of this nation…. The U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights…


Our children... they are being taught how to be 'slaves'... and enslaved to the entertainment mentalities developing more and more in these present times.


There is more… much more… and we are witnesses to what is happening.  Even 911 would seem to have been ‘allowed’ to happen as many of the electronic news media initially stated, but no longer question, but accept whatever is put before them by so-called ‘authorities’…


These many proofs are evidence of what St. John Maximovitch and Blessed Father Seraphim Rose and my unworthy self repeat… “What Russia had come out of, the U.S.A. is going into”… and we are already more than halfway there…


When these things happen, the One World Government and even the One World Church will not be far off. 


Here in the United States of America, we are witness to things never before believed would take place, all because we have lame duck leaders and politicians who are looking not only for self-image, but ways in which to preserve themselves and those who are their own… and thereby taking this country down the rosy road of not only apostasy, but a sell-out as was witnessed with the inauguration of NAFTA and other such treaties.  There is more to come.  Our national borders, especially along the Mexico border is a travesty and what is taking place will only have a band-aide affect for appearance sake! 


While I have always maintained that is not up to the clergy of Orthodox Jurisdictions to get into the political fray of civil or secular life; there comes a time in which they should, at least, be a warning to their faithful as to what such pro or con actions in civil/secular life will cause upon their faith, that is, their belief and interaction with the Church.  As Rev. Father Abbot +Gregori calls all these things… the Hegelian effect!  There is much to read at apostle.com about this and many other things. 


But when the time arrives; concentration like camps will be made available to those who do not take on the mark of the beast, even though “concentration camp” is not the word, phrase or title of those places as they will be called something else… we will be witness to these things in less than 10, may be even 5  to 7 years hence. 


So you may think me a bit unbalanced at this point?  Read the facts… view the pages… click on the various links provided….see for yourself! 


I have heard it said that there are many fine articles at www.apostle1.com, but they are to long!  Well, if you don’t read, copy or print them out… and read them later, you won’t learn.  If length is an issue with you… it shows your laziness of faith… you are the seeker of soft ways, the easy way and not a true struggler in the faith.  You want everything on a silver platter in synthesized form and not have to read through.  I wonder if that is how you treat the Holy Bible and such other Patristic writings…. Hmmmm! 


Many there are of the Protestant beliefs of these times, Pentecostalism, etc.  Not all, but most have become lazy and believe, falsely, but with sincerity – that their way is the only way with their false interpretations of scripture, imbuing themselves with their false understandings and actions to open the spiritual door of communications with demons whom Satan has allowed to appear as angels of light…. And for this, we see many things taking place through out the country and the world… Those Pentecostals are playing and have played into the hands of the Evil One, but they wear blinders and do not want to see truth, preferring the lie instead because it makes themselves ‘feel good’ as it is also true of many others both Protestant, Independent Catholic, Roman Catholic (New Church) and some who call themselves Old Catholics today... plus many others, even some Orthodox. 


I would ask that if you are in doubt about what you are reading, then go to the following links on our website, then click on other links provided (some of which lead you to other websites and you will have to use your “back” button to return to this or other pages at apostle1.com. 


Are You Prepared Today For the Horrors of Tomorrow?


Does FEMA have master plan to use pastors for homeland security nationwide? Important & Updated


We also suggest you view:


IN THE SHADOWS - The Catacomb (Home Church) Movement.


One other article is critically important too:


Life After Death - By St. John Maximovitch


When all the sum and substance is digested from the previous articles, this one will have an impact on your very being, if you are a true and sincere spiritual struggler in the faith.


Those links, and many others, are from our “Daily News for 2006” pages, are a gateway to knowledge, both spiritual and material for the times in which we live…


We are attempting to prepare a “Safe Haven” for some of you and asking other bishops to do the same through out the U.S.A., Canada and through out the world.  For when those times ahead come upon you and your loved ones, there will only be one choice to make.  Yea or Nay to Christ, Jesus or for the Mark of the Beast!


If you choose for Jesus Christ and deny the Mark of the Beast, I can guarantee you that any income you may be getting now, be it Social Security or any other Pensions of any kind, even a normal every-day job… will all come to an end!  You will either be sent to a special camp or be asked and demanded to leave the area in which you reside… you will become one of the homeless with no means to purchase, buy or sell, etc.  If you receive special medications, that too will end and your life expectancy will be decided by God as regards your health issues…


But while the time is still before us… you can do something to help not only yourself, but others too for the times to come…


What is your decision? Is this material existence more meaningful to you than Jesus Christ? Are you to lazy to read?  Do you like the soft pleasures of this world?  Are you a willing struggler in both spirit and truth for the faith once and for all delivered by Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers?  Are you a modern day Benedictine, Franciscan, Capuchin or other clergy member who has opted for the Protestant synchrestic Ecumenism of these times?  What questions!  What answers will you give before the throne of God on judgment day?  It is your Free Will to cave in to the “Mark of the Beast” or to struggle out of pain of heart for that which Jesus Christ gave for us…

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

Blessings to you who are viewing this message,

and to all my spiritual sons and daughters who struggle

out of pain of heart for the faith in this life for the life to come:


Many of your e-mail and personal letters are very much appreciated.  I lay each one on our altar in our private chapel. Each day, I pray for you in my thoughts and in my words which I know goes up to the Lord our God and the Holy Theotokos.  For each of your individual needs, I pray to God and to all the saints to help you, each and every one!


With what you have been viewing or reading in the newspapers, on the television, on the internet, even at www.apostle1.com - you can see the developments of how things are going for this earthly life, for this world in which we are temporarily living. Each day is a struggle for you as it is also for my unworthy self and the few who are with me here in Deming, New Mexico.


As some of you point out in your e-mails and private letters, you are very concerned about what will happen not only to yourself, but to your children, your grandchildren, your many loved ones, your neighbors. And, some of you have said that you are at a loss about what you can say or do for them as you watch them go "merrily" about their daily activities as though nothing is happening or going to happen but believe, falsely, that things are getting better (for them, in their minds) and being unbelievers in those things you've tried to instill in them over the years.  It isn't your fault!  It is the fault of interfering public schools, local, state and federal government; it is the interference of  those protestants and roman catholics who have fallen into the trap set by the Evil One, the devil, Satan (under the appearance of being an angel of light)... Synchrestic Ecumenism, heretical beliefs and doctrines, etc. all of which is rushing in the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT and the ONE WORLD CHURCH. 


It is very difficult in this life, in these days and times to find a light of happiness it would seem, but there is a light and there can be found certain degrees of "inner happiness" if you but strengthen yourself with a deeper sense of meditation and prayer.  In doing this, I assure you, you will find 'Joy' and 'Happiness' more abundantly.  But nothing of it will compare to the true Joy and Happiness that will be yours in Heaven at the right time of the your crossing over.  Your task, and mine, while in this life... is to do all that we can to bring the truth of that which overshadows this life in which we now live and for the times rushing faster and faster towards us. 


Yes, I've watched!  Yes, I have nieces and nephews who are much like your own children and grandchildren.  And they too share the same obliviousness to what is happening as yours do.  I feel a sense of disheartening within me.  I pray for them, my own sister and brother and all who are theirs.  I do this knowing they are heading in the wrong spiritual direction and are oblivious to the actions and activities taking place, or knowing a little (as they do) of what is taking place, they have no idea of what it really means... They think that the our very own country, the U.S.A., is taking the right steps in doing that which our government says, unknowing that our leaders are not telling all the truth, may be a bit of truth, and hiding the rest with dishonesty or evasiveness, etc.  That is what politician's do. 


But the real heartache of all this is knowing within myself that what is happening is the sweeping of that scythe (cycle) held in the proverbial hand of the evil one to take the souls of those who his demons are gathering through the avarice, greed, materialisms, etc. - enticing these loved ones at the basic level of their human nature, drawing them further away from the many spiritual truths into a corridor that leads to hell.  This is being done through many of the so-called "fundamentalists" "I'm Saved" and other synchrestic ecumenist groups and cults... Heck, even the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has fallen prey as their very Pope, Benedict XVI, has fallen under sway as has been pointed out in the APOSTASY article.


Do not be so harsh on yourself about what you believe you have failed to do.  The truth of the matter for most, if not all of you, is that the sway of this material world is so very strong in these times that your attempts to say anything to neighbor, children, even grandchildren is taken by them as being the ramblings of an old man or old woman.


As the present day roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church re-invents itself through the actions and activities of Benedict XVI, and the actions and activities of many bastard sons and daughters of the Roman Jurisdiction... attempting to become one with rome which has accepted and teaches the idea that all religions worship the same god through different names... a very bad teaching which is false and untrue... we see the shadow of the Evil One spreading further and further with its net...


You must concentrate on your very soul now.  Be concerned for those children and grandchildren, even your neighbor... but spend more time in meditation and prayer for your soul's need.  It will bring peace.  It will bring joy.  It will bring happiness.  And possibly, through your prayers, for yourself and others, they will be answered in due time, whether or not it is during your time in this life or the next is not to be worried about... for it will be in God's time. 


We few who are here in Deming, New Mexico, are ever so slowly doing the same things proffered ... taking in one here, another there... even at a distance... we find that God sends them to us... Harsh as it is to say, I can only say that there are fewer and fewer true, sincere, repentant Christians in these times... and there will be even fewer in times to come.  Many of those who call themselves "Christian" are pseudo "christians" unknowing even to themselves because of what they accept as being a part of Christianity in these times that are things never before accepted by the ancient Church before the 800's A.D. to 1054 A.D.


The most that can be offered as thought for you to consider is to get yourself to an area, geographical area, where you may enjoy the comfort and community of like minded and spiritually minded people where you and they can work together for the times ahead in which even we (you and me) will not be able to buy or sell unless the "Mark of the Beast" is in us or on us.  That sounds almost doomsday prophetic doesn't it?  Well, I'm no prophet... but I do believe the signs of the times are pointing the way.  If you have at least 10 or so more years of life to you... get yourself to where you and others can work together to build a community or safe haven for continued existence.  It will be a blessing to you and those who follow. 


There are some people of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church who are awakening from the doldrums of spiritual sleep and realizing the seriousness of what's happening in their local area and through out the world.  They are leaving their present ecumenist church and seeking a safe haven both spiritually and materially.  Others include some from the various Protestant churches and a few from the Orthodox.  Some are asking if they can come here... others want other areas, even closer to their own. 


Whatever you decide, you have to make the final decision otherwise there will come a time, a day, on which you will be forced to accept something so very horrible that you know you don't want to, but to survive you will have a to make that final choice, that final decision... either for the Lord Our God in spirit and truth... or for the false god of evil through the ecumenist church(es) and government.  In fact, it may even be a time in which you will not be given a choice but a demand... from which you will not be able to escape as the time will be to late. 


I can only suggest that you meditate and pray on these words of advice!

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


March & May 2006


Blessings to you my Spiritual Children and Seekers of Truth, Blessings indeed...


We have had a rude awakening recently.  The magnitude of the invasion of "Illegal Immigrants" and the Satanic Cult of Islam (Muslim/Moslem), and the depth and degree of those who favor everyone's acceptance of them with open arms without further ado has grown at an alarming rate here in the United States of America.  We can only hope such cause of concern does not bring about a repeat of that which has happened in France as a result of their immigration problem.  Yet, it is a growing concern, and the question is, can it happen here? Most certainly, anything is possible. 


The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church apparently, if we are to believe it's "Cardinal" out of Los Angeles, wants all Roman Catholics to get involved politically, as he has (a violation of Separation from Church and State and a fine thin line of hair splitting between the commandments of Jesus Christ to not ride two horses for one will be served more than the other)... been beating his microphone with messages from the pulpit to place Washington, D.C. Senators and Representatives on notice if they don't vote to accept all illegal immigrants as though they are citizens of the U.S. 


This problem of immigration is also bound up with the problem of the Satanic Religion of Islam because the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Jurisdiction (Vatican) has been bedding down in strange ways to assuage the Islam-Roman connection.  Thus, the two issues are very much of concern because both issues involve a violence that is not Orthodox, is not Catholic, and is not Christian in spirit and truth! The history of Islam's birth and growth apparently is glossed over and less is the fact that the religion of Islam's beliefs are diametrically opposed to Christianity altogether.  Even given the fact the "Mullah's" and other Islamic religious leaders have been and do speak with a forked tongue about 'Peace' but, like the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, use politics and double-speak on each other and the world.


As some of you already know, there are those in the highest places of both Caesar and Religious leaders who push for acceptance of those who belong to the Satanic religion of Islam as a "Religion of Peace" when it is not.  the "Religion of Peace" is only for those who are Islamic (Muslim/Moslem) and then under certain conditions and situations which have much to do with their religious leaders who interpret the Q'uran (Koran) for them!  Islam is a warrior's religion where all others who are not of it are "Infidels" which, under Islamic law and their Q'uran (Koran), can be treated as cattle, even murdered... and their young virgin boys are sodomized during their holy festival days in order to ensure the rebirth of either their "Prophet" or "Allah".  No, they are not 'homosexual' but are required to observe their Islamic Holy Fasts and Feasts and to ensure the rebirth of their "Prophet" or god, "Allah" who is not the same as the Jewish or Christian God regardless of the name of "Allah" for their God (in Islam) is a God of Satan filled with violence and Hitlerism's desire for world domination by their violent religion which is peaceful only for those who are true members of their faith.  They do not respect the Christian nor the Jew for both are considered in negative terms, "cattle" is a basic term...  You be the judge, if you do some research and gain insight into their Mullahs attitude out of Iraq, Iran, and other Arab Counties.... Those of the Islamic religion who are within the borders of the U.S. and those who have converted to Islam who are Americans, for the many... they are ex-cons, former prisoners in state or federal penal institutions.  They are what some have called "Farrakhan" converts... an American black man who sought a name and culture for his people here in the U.S. and became Moslem/Muslim (religion of Islam) and whose brand of teachings are similar in many ways with that of the fanatics of Islam in Arabic countries who are opposed to and against the American people, its form of government and its inherited Christian beliefs.  What is said openly and publicly does not say much for what is said behind closed doors and with others on a one-on-one basis... this is part of the reason for the surge in the brand of music and dress styles sweeping America....even the world, to a people who are ill prepared or knowledgeable of the values of historicity concerning 'music' and 'dress'.  Thus, they become "monkey see... monkey do..." and claim it is the "in thing".  Even the foul four-lettered mouthings of our youth are affected and have become affected by these many things. Most of these negative swings by people for the "in-thing" of these times is because the Moslem/Muslim's violent attitudes toward Christians, Jews and non-Moslems is filled with violence which, through their pop-culture of today, using the easiest of mediums possible (music, clothing trends, etc.) to prepare children and others for the coming of their religion and ways in part. 


As for the Illegal Immigrants issue... Yes, we are required by our One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic Christian Faith to help those with basic needs when asked in order to ensure their basic life... But to take part in anything having to do with "Caesar" (Government), our clergy are forbidden... It is true that the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ remind us that we serve only God in Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers and the people of Faith... and that we must also abide by the laws of the land.... and there is the real issue.... Orthodox Catholic Christians are required, demanded, to abide by the laws of Caesar only when they do not conflict with the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ. 


In short terms, illegal immigrants have broken the law by not taking a proper approach to cross the borders into the United States of America.  As such, they should be deported or serve some other remedial actions that would and could serve the purposes for legitimate immigration!  It matters not if they consider themselves "Good Christians" or "Good Catholics" (albeit Roman Catholics)... for if they were such "Good Christians" or "Catholics" they would have abided by the laws to begin with and not broken the law.  They have taken advantage of the fact that our Immigration laws are not being enforced, without regard for the reasons.  It is not the job of the United States of America to ensure that their country of origin maintain high standards of living, good income, or good health care, etc.  it is their country's and only they as it's citizens can bring that about, not depending on us to do so.  Their is no excuse for illegal immigration, NONE!  Yet, as in this particular instance, Mexico would seem to appear to be encouraging their citizens to illegally enter the U.S.A.   Mexico is not going to give up their form and way of governing their people and become a "Territory" of the U.S.A. so why must we, in the eyes of some, be held responsible for them?  We cannot and must not!  Wasn't the NAFTA agreement supposed to help resolve some of those problems to begin with?  NAFTA... is another issue... a bad one in part! 


The Hispanic people, the Mexican and American Indian (North America is part of a continent) People are basically an honorable and God fearing people.  Yet, there are elements within their populations that is not much different than some of the elements in the population of the Unites States of America. 


Our Immigration Laws are broken.  Immigrants should be able to help themselves once they come into this country with little to no "hand-outs" but they are given huge benefits when the come into the U.S.A. and fall into a "soft" life that many Americans who have worked all their life and retired, cannot even enjoy.  There should be an exacting formula for when "benefits" to immigrants (legal or illegal) should be wholly and totally cut-off.  They should be taken off the welfare roles after a specific time, if they are not naturalized citizens.  They should be obligated to learn and speak English and do away with forcing our children to learn languages that are not of the U.S.A., learn ENGLISH and speak it.  Why should we have to decide what language when we call the doctor, the lawyer, national government offices?  It should be practical that (laugh) we should not have to press "1" for spanish or english, but that it should be presumed ENGLISH is the nation's language and it should take priority at all times in every place and business, even in our schools and other institutions of higher learning.  We, and our children, should not have to learn another language!  Our Immigration laws should be as tough or tougher than what Canada has in place, including our ability to control our borders.  If we were to go to another country such as Mexico or some other country such as in Latin America, we would be forced to learn their language in order to survive for there is no 'free' ride there and certainly little to no considerations for our language, etc.  We should take the same view.  It is not Un-Christian whatsoever!


Within the borders of the United States of America there is an awful problem having to do with many who are unemployed, on welfare and those who have real medical issues.  Yet, it is a known fact that many of our own people who are on "Welfare" are using and abusing the Welfare system beyond the point to where it is becoming a broken system which opens further the door of abuse and misuse.  It is become opined that there are those within the Welfare System (in every State of the U.S.A), who administer it, who are 'ethnic' oriented in their administrational duties while depriving others of different races or cultures without forethought.  What this means is that they provide only that which can be considered 'very basic' to those not of their cultural/ethnic heritage while going out of their way to find means and methods (loopholes) to ensure those of their own ethnicity will obtain the greatest help.  We have seen this approach in the Human Services in Silver City, Deming, Las Cruces, New Mexico, even in California, Michigan, Ohio and other States; through the Department of Human and Health Services and numerous other government agencies. 


As a result, many who are on limited income from the government already, who are not Hispanic, American Indian, etc., are not being treated with equality or fair representation it is opined.  This is a scenario which is often repeated in the politics of administering justice by law enforcement and the courts too... Nothing specific that can be pin-pointed, because there exists a fine thin line that has to be crossed before it becomes glaringly illegal in and of itself... but a scenario that says the Lady of Justice and the Administrational eyes of many of our U.S. agencies' personnel, are not blind, but play blind!


No - As Orthodox Catholic Christian clergy, even our faithful, we must not allow for 'ethnicity' to get in the way of our spiritual and material duties to ALL PEOPLE!  Yet, our brothers and sisters in Christ who belong to the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church are doing just that if what we have heard and seen is true, even by one iota.  This is most certainly a "wake-up" call to all Christians on a miniscule scale, but one that has far broader implications.


Inasmuch as this is BRIGHT WEEK, let us consider that the Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ... His appearance to many ... is a call to awaken our hearts, minds and souls, our very spirit... to awaken to the reality of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as regards our duties and responsibilities not just to the faith, but to Caesar too!  The ultimate question that should be asked by each of us concerning our individual selves is whether or not we are truly observing the laws of Caesar, and whether or not we are observing our moral and spiritual duty to what we profess as being "Christian"?  Are we truly spiritual strugglers or are we just superficially appearing as strugglers?  Are we taking time to pray, to meditate, to go to confession, to partake of the Pearl of Great Price by seeking true and sincere Forgiveness and then partaking of that which is the balm for our very soul, the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ?  If we are true and sincere in our spiritual and material struggles out of pain of heart for that which Jesus Christ has done for us... then we will more surely recognize that each day is a day of Lent and observe that which has been established for all time and even partially outlined in the Lenten Message for this year.



+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


January - February 2006


Blessing to all of you, and to those of you who are my spiritual children in the vineyard…


With Lenten season upon us we prepare ourselves for the Great Feast of Feasts, Resurrection Day, often understood as being what is termed “Easter” or “Pascha”. 


The question which a lot of people who are not “Orthodox” Catholic Christians often ask, is: “What preparations are you talking about?”… Others say, “We fast!” and such other responses.


Actually, fasting is not sufficient!  It is not sufficient to make us competent to partake of the Body of Christ, the Communion.  Holiness is the first thing required.  Even, I, an unworthy repentant sinner in the vineyard being an Apostle of Jesus Christ’s in a long line of successive apostles, have difficulty in coming to holiness for it requires such a spiritual, and often material, struggle that we often find ourselves at a loss for both material and even spiritual strength in these times we live in.


One of the reasons this special struggle is so difficult for many is because of the resentments we sometimes hold within ourselves toward others knowingly and unknowingly.  Yes… many of us do entertain resentments toward other people and clergy alike, often without realizing it until after the fact!  Thus, during Lent we are called to make a more in-depth self-examination of ourselves.


If we are not able to enjoy the sacred Table of our Lord because of known and unknown resentments, anger, and other within us, how can we even expect God to forgive us but to hold His law against us as recompense? 


It is because of this that fasting, in addition to many days of solemn assemblies, prayers and hearing the teachings are appointed so that being cleansed by this earnestness during the whole year, we may with spiritual boldness, religiously partake of that unbloody sacrifice.


Yet, when Lenten season comes, we find that we may not have been as attendant to our duty as we should.  Thus, this special time of year provides, during Lent, for closer examination of our unworthy self.


As said, fasting is not sufficient.  For if it were that fasting, by itself, would be sufficient, our sacrifice in fasting would actually be an insult to God, and, all our labor would be in vain.


As men, we often become lazy and therefore negligent during the year, thus the Lenten season give us ample time to reflect and more diligently care for that which is lacking by our fasting, by prayers, meditation, seeking repentance through certain acts and actions as well as dutiful confession. 


No one should rest merely on the fast; for while continuing in unreformed evil practices which always involve one’s thoughts, words and actions; they avail themselves nothing good.  It is possible, though, that the one who foregoes fasting may obtain pardon, having an infirmity of the body is a cause. 


Bodily infirmity cannot be used as an excuse when the inner man holds envy, resentments and anger of any kind.  Such must be reconciled.  The fornicator, the adulterer, even the blasphemer cannot partake of the sacred Table, the Body of Christ.  So it is impossible that he who has an enemy, bears resentment, malice or anger deep within themself, can not enjoy the spiritual benefits of Holy Communion either.  Yet, these very ones, through the act and action of manifesting sincere and true repentance and penance can obtain some relief.  But he who is resentful, works the same iniquity every day and never brings it to an end.  In the instance of the fornicator, the adulterer and blasphemer, theirs is ended!  But for the one who holds resentments, does resentful works daily by their very thoughts and words, even  sometimes by their actions… it is perpetrated day after day, after day.  How can one ask our Lord to be mild and merciful when one has been so hard and unforgiving in the past and present to those whom they hold anger, resentment and malice toward?  It is impossible!


If your fellow brother or sister in the vineyard, in day-to-day life, has treated you with contempt, perhaps you have treated God with contempt.  What comparison is there between a fellow traveler in this life whom you have met and walked with a distance and that of the Lord?  If God chose to rigorously search out what is done against Him, we should not live as long as a day!  What if he were to scrutinize our listlessness and negligence in our failure to take time for meditation, for prayer, for participating in Divine Liturgy, in honoring the Saints, and more?  While standing before Him with supplications, not exhibiting even so much as fear, as servants and workers do toward their bosses or masters, or even soldiers toward their superior officers… then we have not the understanding in ourselves toward Him that we should, for indeed we can say that He loves all His children and that He is compassionate and understanding, but even children have fear of the terrible punishment they could incur if they do not obey their earthly father; so we should also have that same kind of fear toward Him who is our creator and object of our worship. 


How often we PRESUME and ASSUME on the patience and loving-kindness of our Lord.  The ‘presumption’ itself may be a most grievous sin too!  Thinking that you will obtain the forgiveness, you become listless, your very mind suffers as it wanders wily-nilly to other things of the earth, of material concern, not to the Lord and His Commandments. 


What of oaths, of lying, of perjury, unjust anger, of envy, of the malice within our hearts which we often regard men when honored? What of the fact that we account the misfortunes of others a consolation for our own distress? Especially when we see others suffer the horrors of a flood or earthquake, do we not often times, in the hidden recesses of our mind say something like, “Thank you God that it wasn’t me who was struck with such misfortune?” That is a sin within that must be rooted out by offering sacrifice to the Lord our God with prayers, meditation, repentance and confession; prayers for those who suffered, for the souls of those who lost their lives in the destruction.  Even during times of war, for our soldiers, for the civilians encompassed by their proximity of residence in a war-torn area, even those of other religions… we must pray for them!


There are so very many transgressions we have indeed committed which no other person knows; and when we think about them, we often fail to recall that on the Day of Judgment these our sins will be exposed to the eyes of all upon the public theater of the universe itself for which our pain will go beyond any punishment we have yet known for we will be choked and strangled by our conscience. There is a possibility of purging away this shame through meditation, repentance, penance and forgiveness when physically exercised toward our neighbor (yes… our neighbor is also those whom we oft times call our enemy), our brother or sister in this walk of life whom we have disfigured in our mind’s eye with the resentments, anger, malice and other hostilities we have held or acted on… Oh such bitter contempt towards others we have held within us that has compiled day by day on our very soul. 


How will you plea your cause before the Lord?  Will you say, “I fasted” in repentance?  Or that my bodily infirmity kept me from fasting?  Will you say, “I prayed, but I was interrupted by others?” or that “I meant to give to the poor but found my own self in poverty?”


Suppose I were to say, “Get rid of your frigidness of heart and get rid of your anger, your malice, your hostilities if you wish to be a true participant at the altar?”  How would you plead to the Lord now?  Neither infirmity of body, nor your poverty, nor lack of culture, nor want of leisure, nor any other thing will help you to advance in spirit until you rid yourself of the sin(s) we have thus far discussed.  Do not pretend with yourself, for there is no human being who does not have or held, at one time or another, a resentment, malice, envy, greed in thought (word and deed?) towards someone else.  How will you be able to stretch forth your hands to the Altar of sacrifice, toward God, and ask for pardon while the touch of those sins within you remain; while you still retrain some shred of those hostilities toward someone?


God desires to pardon you of your sins, but you – yourself do not suffer to obey Him and that of your fellow man through such that shows a true turning within. 


Suppose the one who you hold hostilities toward is cruel, fierce, even savage and greedy by seeking revenge and retaliation against you?  How will you act or have acted? 


What about the ones who have gossiped about you which is a form of slander?  Have you been wronged much by those gossipers, those slanderers, those who have injured you in matters of first importance to yourself?  Don’t you often times wish to take revenge against them? Haven't you also participated in gossiping about others without knowing the full and complete truth of what you are claiming to know about the one whom your are gossiping about?  You slander him if you have entertained such an action.  Whether over the phone or in a small group of other people, or even by e-mail or other communications, you have participated in the gossip.  How often you, on hearing gossip from someone who claims to know something, personally, about a person you have been gossiping about... did you do the Christ-like thing and go to the person being discussed and had a face-to-face or first hand encounter with that person to obtain truth?  Did you take a situation or circumstance and played one-upmanship on that person with foreknowledge that what you are doing and saying is not Christian, is not WHOLLY true, right, or correct?


How often have you prayed for and may be even participated in their destruction or their being equally hurt?  That is a form of vengeance, of retaliation.  If, sometimes, they are clergy who have done something against you, instead of praying that God heap abuses on them, why not pray for the repentance and change of heart? 


Inasmuch as some of us know other clergy whose attitude and actions are so very arrogant, elitistic in approach, are sometimes rather deceitful; we pray for their being given a change of heart and good health, along with material and spiritual prosperity.  For this in the doing, will bring upon them God’s justice because the prayer from your heart along this line of approach, if it is truly sincere, will cause for your own self to be blessed by God as well as those who have been doing you the harm because God will aide in changing their heart and mind toward you. 


If you do not act in this more appropriate way out of sincerity of heart, I can truly testify before you that God will not prosecute your desire to heap wrath upon the wrongdoer, but bring to bound upon yourself those things you have prayed for, which will also carry a heavier penalty for you as a despiser of Him whom you worship, our Lord, God!


Do you show all humanity toward your brother and your enemy alike? 


Has your neighbor, your brother grieved you in such a way that you have been involved in a thousand times the anguish, pain and suffering un-necessarily that your response was to pray for a thousand vengeances in return? 


Do not pray for such but yield the matter to God Himself and He will dispose of it much better than you can desire.  To you, God has given charge simply to pray for the injurer; but how to deal with him, He has ordered you to leave the matter to Himself.  Never can you so avenge yourself as He is prepared to avenge you, if you give place to Him alone and do not utter imprecations on him who has aggrieved you; but suffer God to be sole arbiter of the sentence.  For although we may pardon those who have aggrieved us, although we may be reconciled, although we may pray for them, yet God does not pardon, unless they themselves are converted within their heart and mind, and become better.  And, He withholds pardon, with a view to their own advantage.  For He praises you, and approves you for your spiritual wisdom; but visits him, in order that he may not grow worse by your wisdom.  The eye that slumbers not has seen your good intention; wherefore, it behooves you to make no account of the opinion of your fellow-servants, workers, brothers and sisters, for you have gained the opinion of Judge Himself, God, Who is about to try your cause.


Do not pardon the offending person who has harmed you in the desire of a greater punishment for him, but of your tenderness and good will; yet understand this very plainly, that the more he shall slight you, while you are laboring to conciliate through prayer, so much the greater punishment will he draw down upon himself. 


Let no one who has an enemy draw near to the sacred Table, or receive the Lord’s Body who has any lingering taint of vengeance or harmful will in their heart and mind toward another, be s/he friend of foe.  Do not draw near to that blessed and sacred Table until you have thoroughly reconciled before you touch the Holy Things.  For some of you who are true ordained clergy, these admonitions are especially for you.  For if you are clergy, you do an injustice to God and the faithful for whom you prepare the great sacrifice in Divine Liturgy and are counted by God unworthy and heap punishment upon yourself for a grievance by the people even though they may know not your own condition or state. 


In Matthew 5:23, 24 we learn something that is not just for clergy, but more so for all the faithful… “So if you are offering your gift…” meaning yourself, “at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, go, first be reconciled to your brother”.  This means you cannot just ‘forgive’ them in your mind and heart, but that you must unconditionally forgive them through repentance and the act of penance is to straightaway try to reconcile with your brother directly.  If he shall not forgive you or accept your forgiveness, you have done your duty to God and him.


Do not think it is a dishonor in the eyes of God that you left the gift un-offered, and do not think it a mark of disgrace to go first and be reconciled. 


If you were to see a member of yours cut off you would most surely seek every method and use every exertion so that it might be reunited to the Body.  So to you must do this with regards to a brother, even an enemy where possible, for when you see them cut off from your friendship, make all haste to recover them.  Do not wait for them to make the first advance, but press onward so that you may be foremost to receive the spiritual prize which begins at the altar where you left the un-offered gift which is now obtainable; for actually you have, by your action, obtained it.


There is only one enemy!  That is the Evil One, the Devil, Satan who is the great deceiver.  Never be reconciled with him whatsoever!  Never let the sun of each day go down with anger still in your heart and mind for it will fester into the next day, and the next day, and the next and so on; compounding the shame of the sin of your soul!


Dearly beloved brothers and sisters who are my spiritual children… I write of these things for Lent because I have traveled the road from which the words of the Gospel has seeped inward to where my experiences, coupled with the Gospel; has strengthened me.  Although I have not yet arrived at the fullness of Orthodox Catholic Christian truth as given by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I can tell you truly that the blending of the Life and Teaching of Him who is our God, and coupled with my own day-to-day experiences; a blending, of sorts, a mixing of sorts, has taken place whereby the Life and Teachings seep slowly inwardly, but that it does seep in and take abode most assuredly.  For there are many over the years who have wronged me and I wronged in return… and the experiences I have gone through is proof to me of Gospel truth not as just mere words, phrases and sayings.  To live the Gospel truth requires action in one's thoughts, in one's words and very much more so in one's daily activities.  Who said it would be easy is either a Saint already or a someone who has failed and refused to understand. 


As often as many of you have seen and heard me say that I would rather have ten x-convicts who are sincerely repentant than to have those who parallel the Sadducees and Pharisees; is mostly because, when we examine the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, we learn that it was with publicans, sinners, drunkards and worse with whom he sat at the supper table; for many became disciples and were converted in their hearts and minds…


Far too many clergy today of all the various jurisdictions, including Protestant denominations, think of themselves as having to be blameless and appear ‘perfect’.  Only our Lord was Perfect!  When the veneer of self-importance, vanity, arrogance and elitism is striped away, there you will find a clergyman who has indeed been a sinner! 


Many of them claim, “Oh, yes, I am a sinner” only because Holy Scripture claims we are sinners.  But never do they say what and when or how or any kind of evidence to show themselves as being what they are.  In short, as one of our monks recently said… Priests, Ministers, Pastors, Bishops are all alike, they are afraid to get off their ‘ivory’ soap-boxes.  For myself, I have to use either an apple crate or a strong cardboard box… for both cave in to truth, the weight of our sinfullness! 


The ultimate desire of God is the salvation of mankind, which can be attained by those who accept the full Truth.  This is granted to all people through revelation in Scripture and Apostolic Sacred Tradition.  The Christian, the Orthodox Catholic Christian, who is a true and sincere believer is called to hold this truth by searching Holy Scripture and sacred Tradition under the guidance and interpretation of the Church.  As such, the Truth is a dynamic power which should penetrate the mind and heart of the believer.  But it is also important to note that oral sacred tradition is not to be identified with various customs and other traditions, although some have an educational  and symbolic meaning.  Sacred Tradition teaches the truths of salvation, while customary traditions assist the believer in expressing one's worship more vividly, if they are carefully applied and kept.  As an example; the belief in the Holy Trinity taught in Scripture and formulated by Sacred Tradition is a redemptive truth that should be pronounced and confessed by the believer seeking salvation.  On the other hand, lighting candles, making the sign of the cross, kneeling, etc. are pious customs which help the believer to express reverent feelings, provided they are properly and prayerfully used.  They are means, not ends in themselves; they are not in themselves beliefs related to salvation.


These many customs do not augment nor should they detract from self-examination and all that has been thus far said above.  These custom-traditions should not be used as substitutes for the true confession of redemptive faith.  If they are, they deceive their user, and wrongly become the masters and the main objects of observances and worship .  Ignorance of the true faith causes these customs to become the main practice of faith and worship, misleading the believer.  It is imperative for a true Orthodox Catholic Christian to be able to discriminate clearly between Sacred Tradition and the correct use of customary traditions.  These customs should be used only as outward expressions for the higher and divine belief in Christ and His Gospel.  They should be used alongside of doing those necessary things in the heart, in the mind, in tandem with the body (action) to make correction of self and in aiding others in correcting themselves, with discernment between inner truth and outward action.


The faithful Orthodox Catholic Christian should apply and practice dynamic Truth in his everyday life to become a better communicant of Jesus Christ and His Church in which he will find salvation. 


Apostle Paul exclaims to the faithful believer; "God chose you from the beginning to be saved, through sanctification by the Spirit and belief in the truth.  To this he called you through our gospel, so that you may obtain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  So then brethren, stand firm and hold to the traditions which you were taught by us, either by word of mouth or by letter" (2 Thess. 2:13-15).


With this Pascha, prepare yourselves and be honest with yourselves so that you can be honest with God. Also, it is highly suggested you visit our special Pascha 2006 web page for additional understanding.


Pray for me, an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard who prays for all of you, both known and unknown….

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

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“I prefer a defeat accompanied by humility to a victory accompanied by pride.”

                                                                               --An Elder

    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

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