By: Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.


When will the true baptized become active Christians so that the pastors may really give their time and attention to the conversion of the heathen and heretics?  What a terrible battle we fight today.


The case of MATERIALITY Vs. Spirituality


The fire of hell is in the world not because it was predicated in St. John's Book of Revelation, but because people have allowed themselves to accept those things of the soft life, becoming more of one whose mind is on entertainments and self-image among many other materialistic things.  Less important to them are those things of the spirit.


Most of society is wrapped in those things of the body… the fell good society!  What makes one feel good today?  Vulgarity in songs, in pseudo-music, foods, drugs, alcohol, lust, sex - - - all the passions that cause for broken homes, broken marriage, abortion, thievery, politics and self-image; and such that often do not have any link with what it means to be truly Christian.


The farmer, as the word is defined in the dictionaries, is actually a thing of the past.  Farmers are become a part of Land-owner associations run by the big agro-businesses where chickens and cattle, along with vegetables and wheat are altered so as to provide the maximum amount of revenue while the danger to the health and safety of the public is governed by government in a way that is not always safe, especially when one learns what documents are available about the techno-biological industries that came into existence prior to and more so during WWII in Germany when that country was under Hitler’s NAZI regime. 


The laborers in the fields today are, for the most part, illegal immigrants who view themselves as being “Christian” but fail to recognize Holy Scripture where it is taught in the New Testament that one must also be law abiding to the country in which they reside.  Thus the illegal immigrant is not a follower of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, but a follower of their own passions regardless of the reasons, which are many and superficial.


The true farmer and laborer is disappearing by such replacements of big Agro businesses and illegal immigration.  Quiet country homes are becoming few.  Their precious state of existence is disappearing where children were raised with a certain amount of true moral fiber or values.


Most of the major cities around the world are become, more and more, overcrowded.  Farm country has become since WWII the development sites of tract housing as many of us have grown up in them or moved to them to get away from the overcrowded conditions of city dwellers where crime increases exponentially.


Crime is a statistical item on the proverbial radar and often the statistics is a mathematical equation that is not correct insofar as the down-to-earth reality where the human being is important.  Crime is reported so often that the average every-day person is less likely to be shocked and appalled where action is taken to stop the causative factors.  Relying more on politicians and a growing corruption in law enforcement … the average individual is become the victim.


The laws of the land are changed and changing where the innocent are become more the victims of law enforcements actions based on hear-say and not honest, viable, hard and substantial evidence. 


The female portion of the population is most conspicuous with their fashion which has become the all-absorbing passion of the majority of women.  The wearing apparel is less modest and more revealing where more and more of their daughters of teenage years and younger go to school looking like grown-ups which is a major cause for rape and other indecencies.  Whore-ish is become a term that many of the older generation has applied to them.  The parents turn a blind eye and a deaf ear because they believe it is today’s craze!  What nonsense!  The fashion has a lot to do with morality, as does musical trends which is about lust not real or true love for the “love” in many of the present day so-called music, is about lust and sex, not love!  Another major cause for why the divorce rates and single parents have increased exponentially. 


Far less is there room for gardens and yards unless you are materially wealthy or rich in the larger cities and towns. 


Young men and women are constantly “on the go” with their newest communication gadget plugged into their ears.  Driving around in their vehicles with their pseudo-music boom boxes at such a loud bass decimal volume or level as to almost destroy the eardrums of those whom they pass by on the streets without any consideration whatsoever. 


Shootings in the schools and universities have been on the increase.  Now it is shootings at those so-called ‘churches’ which have become less “church” and more a place to go for continued entertainments never before sanctioned by true churches.  The reason?  False ecumenism.  Syncretism, Disease of being Politically correct, the disease of wanting more and more entertainments under guise of being worship!  The spirit of the Anti-Christ is alive and doing well in those so-called ‘churches’ where now the shootings are taking place.  This is God’s judgment.  Those pastors of those so-called ‘churches’ prance across the stages of those so-called ‘churches’ with a bible in one hand and psycho-babble about scripture coming out of their mouths like the fire from Satan in an appearance as though they are preaching and teaching true Christianity.  Antichristian is a form of self-aggrandizements… for the sake of self-image and their pocket books! 


Oh, yes… they are all “on the go” – and this ‘go’ is a nervous, unsteady rush to “keep up with the times”.  And after all their hurrying - - - nothing is left but steam and vapor, for they are empty, as empty as the changing and vanishing world can be.  They fret and worry and inquire: “Where shall we go and what shall we do?  What shall we see?” 


If you promenade along the broad avenue or drive, or pass through the narrow lane, if you visit the meeting halls in the cities or look into the few factories remaining in this nation, everywhere you see that same all-devouring gaze of the bold young women and men whose stare and gazes are artificial movements of the eyes.  Sometimes you hear even so-called ‘christians’ say that it is a weakness of character in one who has the downcast eyes of modesty, the blush of innocence.  Such people do not know the live sense and fine impulse of a pure conscience.


When society is wrong, as it has and is becoming worse… then one has to look at the family for that is where the wrong begins.  The so-called pastors of the churches and teachers in the school along with parents are the responsible causes for the wrongness that exists.  Yet, because of government having gone awry; the parents, pastors and school teachers have become so castrated and inept that it is almost impossible for them to change things. 


As alluded to already, the number of unmarried people living together has increased over the many decades since World War II.  They have said and say today, “We do not want children because we want to have as much pleasure as possible.”  This is a false position for in a true Christian marriage one kind of pleasure is not allowed continually.  True Christians marry for the sake of God and His law as much as they do for themselves.  But Christians who remain single renounce marriage and live holy for the sake of God and Him alone are become so few too.  Thus we find that the family tie as well as the ‘single’ state is abused.  Courtship of young people just out of school is no longer advised because it often leads to debauchery if it hasn’t already (while in school) taken place because of the corruption of music in society and in many so-called ‘churches’ along with dress fashions; all which weaken the moral fiber. 


The quantity of life and living is more important to most of today's society than the quality of life for which the environment has taken a very serious blow by mankind and of which this nation has forfeited its long standing obligation as a world leader.


Protestant cults have become a major source of heretical doctrines and dogmas concerning the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  Pentecostalism, Jehovah’s Witness and Mormons are become a major source of the very issues we have thus far written about.  Yet, they are not alone.  And they are the primary source for the growing problems in the nation and around the world with their inclusion in the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church which is the other major factor for the problems we see taking place on a scale far larger than just their 1054 A.D. schism from the Root and branch of true Catholicism. 


The present Roman Bishop, her Pope and his predecessor are not wholly blamed for what has been happening, but they have more and more become, along with her bastard cultic children; the flagrant and glaring evidence for the growth of those very problems with their having turned away from the very thing they swore allegiance and faith to which is summed up in the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils that they have departed from without the full consent of the Church. 


The pillars of the Catholic Church of which the Bishop of Rome is only the leader of a Jurisdiction… and not the whole sum and substance of who is or is not Catholic as historical documentation proves (as we have already proven and shown at various web sites)… those pillars are being destroyed in the rush for self-image, power, politics, wealth, and control.  Even the Pillars of the Church as was originally maintained in that which we already spoke, being the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils, has become abrogated for things never before accepted.  This has lead and further leads to the quiet destruction to the Seals of the Confessional which is being replaced by things that place that jurisdiction and those with her, in the limelight of being politically correct and acceptable to a stunted form of Christianity that has major influence with various law enforcement agencies in the nation and around the world.  The conditions of Kosovo is just one of numerous examples and evidence we could provide. 


To accommodate Synchetism and other heretical, shall we say SATANIC, religions such as Islam (Muslim) the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and some of those Orthodox Jurisdictions who have snuggled up to Rome's invitations are become the norm and not the exception through dialogue with those Muslims as though their religion is equal to Christianity.  As said, take a look at the life of the former Pope of the Roman Jurisdiction, John Paul, and you will see a man who is NO SAINT and cannot legitimately be named as one for he allowed the statute of Buddha to be placed upon the Tabernacle in which was housed the most sacred species of our Catholic faith... the body and blood of Jesus Christ. Then, as if that were not enough, by action, got down on his knees and worshipped with the heretics and infidels as though their religion is equal to, if not over and above that of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  This was an act that, if the ancient seven Ecumenical Councils held true in that Jurisdiction, would have caused for the immediate defrockment, dethroning, and excommunication of that Pope of Rome.  But now, the validity of those ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils calls for the whole Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church to be anathematized altogether if one were to live by their "Do Not" councils as such should have been done when, in 1054 A.D. Cardinal Humbert desecrated the Orthodox Catholic Church of St. Sophia's by entering upon horseback into that church and rode further right up to the altar without getting off the horse.... desecrating the holy place itself.  But, Rome's self-image, control  or power and wealth is the thing wherein St. John's Book of Revelation or Apocrypha speaks... the abomination ... the wore of Babylon ... etc. ! ! !   


The case against society 2007-2008 is not good and the evidence is growing.  The One World Government is just around the corner as also is the One World Church as promulgated by both the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and the heretical cultic Protestant controlled World Council of Churches along with the World Council of Bishops.


Wake up all you who read this.  Time is not far off when you will be subjected, as some are being subjected already to the increasing spread of Satan’s dominion in this material or earthy sphere of existence. 

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A Message from Our metropolitan Archbishop - UPDATED December 08, 2007

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