The Miracles of Jesus Christ


“Believe the works: that ye may know,

and believe,

that the Father is in me,

and I in Him.”

{St. John 10:38


A Brief presentation of the Miracles of Jesus Christ, their purpose and significance, including a chart listing all their references.


Chart of the gospel Miracles


I.                   RECORDED IN ONE GOSPEL:


Matthew        Mark             Luke          John

Two blind men healed .........              9:27-31

A dumb demoniac cured .......            9:32-33

Tribute money in fish mouth...        17:24-27

Deaf and dumb man healed .....         .......                  7,31-37

      (Cf. Mtt. 15,29-31)

Blind man of Bethsaida healed. . .     .......                  8:22-26

Christ escapes hostile multitude . .  .......                     .......                  4:28-30

Draught of fishes ..............                 .......                     .......                  5:1-11

Raising widow's son at Nain  ....        .......                     .......                  7:11-17

Healing the bent woman ........           .......                     .......                13:11-17

Healing the man of dropsy ......          .......                     .......                14:1-6

Healing the ten lepers .........             .......                     .......                17:11-19

Restoring ear of Malchus .......           .......                     .......                22:50-51

Turning water into wine ........           .......                     .......                    .......                2:1-11

Heals the nobleman's son .......          .......                     .......                    .......                4:46-54

Heals man at Bethesda .........            .......                     .......                    .......                5:1-9

Heals man born blind ..........              .......                     .......                    .......                9:1-7

Raising of Lazarus ............                 .......                     .......                    .......              11:38-44

Second draught of fishes .......            .......                     .......                    .......              21:1-14




Demoniac in synagogue cured ....     .......                     1:23                  4:33

Heals centurions's servant .......          8:5                      .......                 7:1

Blind-dumb demoniac cured   ....       12:22                    .......               11:14

Heals woman's daughter ........           15:21                   7:24

Feeding four thousand  .........            15:32                   8:1

Blasting the fig tree ...........               21:18                 11:12




Heals Peter's mother-in-law  .....       8:14                    1:30                  4:38

Sick healed at evening .........            8:16                    1:32                  4:40

Healing the leper ..............                 8:2                      1:40                  5:12

Ueals man sick of palsy ........             9:2                      2:3                    5:18

Heals withered hand of man .....       12:9                     3:1                     6:6

Stilling the storm .............                  8:23                   4:35                   8:22

Legion of demons in swine ......           8:28                   5:1                    8:26

Heals woman's blood issue ......            9:20                   5:25                  8:43

Raising Jairus1 daughter  ........          9:18,23              5:22,35             8:40-49

Walking on the sea ............               14:25                   6:48                    .......                  6:19

Heals an epileptic child ........             17:14                   9:17                  9:38

Healing blind Bartimaeus .......          20:30                 10:46                 18:35

(Two blind men in Matthew)




Feeding the five thousand .......         14:13                    6:30                    9:10                  6:1



Miracles-the "Works" of Christ


ALMIGHTY GOD, in His compassionate desire to restore man's true faith and destiny, had in His Eternal Design the means to communicate with and enlighten him. God chose Prophets, from Abraham through John the Baptist, to pave the way preparing mankind to accept the means of man's reconciliation with God. To accomplish this divine desire, God disclosed His ever-existing design and plans, in human understanding, through laws and Prophets, the Bible, in which written admonitions, commandments, rewards and punishments, and direct Words comprise a covenant. Furthermore, there were deeds of miraculous actions and reactions. Above all, the loving and Heavenly Father "so loved the world, that he gave his only-begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life" (John 3:16). When the fullness of time came, Jesus Christ, the God-Man, taught men through words and deeds, the content of faith in the True God and man's salvation. In less than three years, Christ inscribed in the hearts of His disciples and believers (and gradually on the parchments of civilizations) the everlasting Truths concerning God and God's worship and the meaning of human life. They are recorded in the annals of Christendom as historical documents for divine purposes.


The sacred writers of the New Testament, presupposing the correct interpretation of the Old Testament, preserved for the Christian Church a concise teaching of Jesus Christ's Words and Deeds. The Evangelists especially have presented His Person as God-Man Who remains in the Church forever.


In addition to the admonitions and the new commandments, Jesus Christ showed His compassion to suffering men by healing their infirmities. His Words themselves had a miraculous power not only in forgiving sins, but also in restoring the health of sick people. This example documents His Authority, divine power and wisdom. Jesus Christ performed miracles, visible and invisible, which were seen by the people at the very time of their performance, miracles which took place in the hearts and minds of the people. Christ's Words, His gestures, His touch on His fellow men were the carriers of His own Divine Power which was functioning miraculously. As, during the time of the creation of the universe, God said "let there be light and there was light", so were the Words of Jesus Christ; they had divine power for creating and restoring health in the human body and mind. The main purpose of miracles was not so much for the restoration of health of afflicted persons, but to show His divine power thereby drawing the people to faith in the True God. The purpose of His compassion toward suffering man also was an example to stir men to show their own compassion to their neighbors in the name of Christ.


The miracles of Jesus Christ should be accepted and believed as such, because they are a part of the divinity of the Savior, and thus are part of the content of the Christian Faith and denote His own power. Thus they were performed as a bridge for human souls to reach Faith in Jesus Christ. Some people had doubts in accepting Christ as God-Man and Savior; they were challenged by the 'works" of Jesus Christ saying, "I told you, and ye believed not; the works that I do in my Father's name, they bear witness of me" (John 10:25).


The miracles were visible events which, in the presence of many people, had a bearing on belief in Christ as Savior. The Apostles themselves declared these miraculous events as convincing signs to proclaim the divinity of Christ. St. John in his first Epistle (1 John 1:1-3), stated, "that which was from the beginning which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and touched with our hands concerning the Word of life—the life was made manifest, and we saw it, and testified to it, and proclaimed to you the eternal life which was with the Father and was made manifest to us—-that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you may have fellowship with us; and our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son Jesus Christ. And we are writing this that your joy may be complete".


The faithful Christian should know with reverence and deep conviction these divine events in order to strengthen his faith in Christ as the Savior. The miracles should not be accepted for the sake of miracles, or out of curiosity or fear, but as a means to denote the divine power of Jesus Christ, the God-Man. The miracles as such then should be further studied by the faithful in order to understand both the source and the results of their divine purpose. The content of the miracles should be known as historical supernatural Events without the deceit of compromised synthesis of allegorical illusions expressed in a magical setting.


The faithful, of the Eastern Orthodox Church believe in the miracles of Jesus Christ as they are recorded without deviation from the truth they. contain and express.


These miracles have all the proof expected in the common investigation of historical documents; they are facts as much as any other event of human history. The sincere historian investigates the verification of the material selected as facts truthfully and sincerely presented; he should not discriminate against these facts just because they are in motive and results supernatural. If the historian does not believe in miracles, it does not matter.


With this faith and belief, in mind, concerning the miracles of Christ, we proceed into the study of their records in the New Testament, where the Evangelists recorded miracles in passages, both of Christ's own Words, and in their editorials. Also, we proceed in definitions, simple description and other human expressions, in order that the faithful Christian will understand the content and purpose of Christ's miracles, so that he will glorify the Lord Jesus Christ, and accept Him and His Grace and Message.




The Latin words miraculum, mirari, from which the English word miracle derives, mean to wonder; something beyond human power; a deviation of the common action of the laws of nature. The word miraculum corresponds to the Greek word téras (a prodigy, an extraordinary occurrence, a portent). Téras has more emphasis when it is used in the plural, in connection with semeion, (sign): terata and semeia (wonders and signs), which mean miracle of divine origin, performed by Christ Himself or by men of God (see: Mtt. 12:38; 16:1— from God etc. — ; Acts 4:16-22 — miracles of healing — ; 1 Cor. 1:22 — semeia kai térata, in plural, signs and wonders; also, they mean miracle of a demonic nature, worked by Satan and his agents, Rev, 16:14; 19:20; also, in Matt. 24:24; Mk. 13:22; 2 Thess. 2:9).


In the New Testament, a related term is dyamis, power, "with reference to the power residing in the miracle worker, and also, as is mentioned above, the word semeion "with reference to the character of claims of which it was the witness and guarantee". Also, two phrases are used to denote the power from God: pneumati theo— the spirit of God (Mtt. 12:28 cf. Lk. 4:18), and the other phrase:  daktylo theou—the finger of God (Lk. 11,20).


In the New Testament writings, the word thauma (in plural, ihaumata) is used only twice, and not with the same meaning attributed to miracle. Therefore, in the New Testament, the words that correspond to the English word miracle, are not thauma, usually used in the modern Greek, but the three words given above, téras, semeion, dynamis, and in addition the word, érgon—work.


There are many explanations of miracles made by Christian scholars who have examined them on many aspects and by many presuppositions. They include St. Augustine, Aquinas and many others. Some scholars, including Bonnet's definition that "suppose miracles to be already implanted in nature," and others, state, that the miraculous germs exist already alongside, like hidden "springs" in a machine. Others, like these, arc only efforts to protect the absoluteness of God and to keep in accord with science. Nevertheless, whatever the philosophers and Christian scholars try to harmonize, in detail their explanations of miracles, as such, reinforce the existence of miracles recorded in the New Testament. Their explanations - in many instances are merely hypothetical. In the last analysis they agree that "the important consideration from the religious standpoint is that God's activities should be fully recognized" (Encyclopedia Britannica, 11 edition Vol. 18, p.571a). A definition concerning miracles which should be mentioned is that of the theologian Dorner, who concluded that "miracles are sensuously cognizable events, not comprehensive on the ground of the casuality of nature as such, -but essentially on the ground of God's free action alone. Such acts find their possibility in the constitution of nature and God's living relation to it, their (the miracles) necessity in the aim of relation which they sub-serve" (System of Christian Doctrine — Vol. II, p.155-156, cited in E.B., Vol. 18, p.571a).


Christ's Miracles -- by "His own Spirit"


O BELIEVE in the miracles of Christ is not very difficult if one presupposes the articles of faith regarding the nature of Jesus Christ as God-Man and the nature of His Mission on earth. Miracles are actual events which were performed in certain times and places; they were witnessed by thousands of people; they are not merely symbols or allegories; the miracles of Jesus Christ should not be confused with marvels and wonders of nature, but as definite events for a special purpose executed by His innate divine power as God-Man. Christ's miracles are performed by His own power unlike the miracles performed by the Prophets and Apostles who invoked the Grace and Power of Almighty God.


These two characteristics of the miracles of Christ—His innate divine power and purpose in showing His divinity—are the unshakeable presuppositions on which the belief in Christ's miracles depend. This belief in Christ's miracles prevails throughout the centuries and is pronounced as such by the Eastern Orthodox Church. This belief was substantiated by St. Cyril of Jerusalem (431), who in his ninth of Twelve Anathematisms (suspensions) said that "If any man shall say that the One Lord Jesus Christ was glorified by the Holy Ghost so that he used through him (the Holy Ghost) a power not his own, and from him (the Holy Ghost) received power against unclean spirits and power to work miracles before men, and shall not rather confess that it was His own spirit through which He worked these divine signs, let him be anathema" (Migne, Patrol. Gracea, Vol. LXXVII, col. 119, trans. in Nicene Fathers, Vol. XIV, p.'44).


The first four points of St. Cyril's anathema denote the false interpretation concerning the miracles of Jesus Christ created by inserting the power from external divine authority, the Holy Ghost. Its last phrase, to "confess that it (the power) was His own spirit through which He worked those divine signs", is the Orthodox interpretation of the miracles of Jesus Christ, This anathema was stated to avoid the confusion and misinterpretation between Christ, the God-Man, using His own innate power and, on the other side, the Prophets and Apostles who invoked the Grace of Almighty God to perform miracles. The power of the latter was not their own, as it was with Jesus Christ, Whose power was His own. Yet, the phrasing of this anathema's first four points, without a negative attitude expressed in it, is the correct interpretation for the miracles performed by the Prophets and Apostles. The Prophets and Apostles "were glorified by the Holy Ghost so that they used through Him a power not their own, and from Him (the Holy Ghost) received power against unclean spirits and power to work miracles before men". This is the Orthodox belief on miracles performed by Saints of the Church, including the Prophets and Apostles.




St. John in his Gospel (10:37-40), recorded the argument of our Lord saying, "though ye believe not me, believe the works that ye may know, and believe that the Father is in me and I in him" (v. 38). The miracles of Christ were a proof of His divine origin and being, in order to be accepted as such, and also inaugurated the destiny of His own Kingdom. Christ's power for miracles, as an intervention in nature and its laws, also verified His teaching. His Gospel was destined to divide the religious thoughts and beliefs of the past with its prophecy recorded in the Old Testament, from the present and future beliefs based on the fulfillment of His teaching and wonders. Christ's teaching "is the seal of the completion of the Revelation and the highest teaching which needs no correction or completion" (Androutos Dogmatics, p. 119). To this "seal" the miracles of Christ had served their purpose.


The miracles of Jesus Christ were performed not only for the people who were present and witnessed them, but also for the people of the future, to be accepted throughout the centuries as wonders and signs in deeds and words, as historical events to make more steadfast the faith of His believers. Believers in Christ, by knowing and accepting His miracles as means toward faith, accept the statement by St. John (1:18) that "no man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten son, which is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared him". Christ's Word and miraculous acts are the ground on which His disciples' belief stands. Miracles were needed not only to express the compassion of the Lord as an example for His believers, but also to denote that after Christ no prophecy or other teaching is necessary to reveal the divinity of "the True God". The miracles of Christ are included in the truths of His Gospel; nothing else in the future was revealed or needed to be. Even the Holy Spirit Who was "sent" by Jesus Christ in order to lead the faithful in every Truth does not unfold new Truths, but only opens the eyes of His disciples throughout the centuries so they might understand and preach Truths already revealed by Christ.




The miracles of Christ should not be confused with marvels of nature, with its substance and its laws.   Yet, one should not diminish their vast potentialities, hidden forces and undisclosed phenomena. Man is accustomed to such marvels of nature and accepts them without examining the sources of these vast areas of wonders. Even scientists in the analysis of their investigation cannot approach the challenging question of the sources and the original entity in both the substance and the laws of nature. Science, for instance, can analyze and investigate the elements which constitute an apple, but it cannot produce one.   Science can investigate the laws of sound, but it cannot explain how sound is the carrier of articulated words, nor how sound and its waves are transformed into thoughts and feelings, which are transformed into words and music.


The marvels of nature arc not only admired, but are used by man for his own necessities and convenience. In this respect, man should not diminish his natural surroundings in such a way as to separate nature from himself, for man is a part of nature. The difference between man and nature is that man is endowed by God with a soul, a special entity unique in his nature. This is why Christ Himself taught that the value of man's soul is greater than the universe (Mtt. 16:26). Apostle Paul stressed this point when he stated that man is "fellow worker with God" (2 Cor. 1:24). Man plants and waters a tree, "but it is God Who gives the increase" (I Cor. 3:6-7).


Man was created as the crowning of the universe, and as such is responsible for acts, transforming raw material into cultivated products, which, in turn, constitutes civilization. Man is expected to accept these great marvels, which are repetitious and always the same in substance. Man's food, shelter, clothes, and elements of work and play consist basically of raw material provided by nature; this raw material bears the imprint of man himself. In this respect, part of the marvels of nature take their shape and form through the skill of man. Bread, for instance, is the product of many processes of human inventions. The same can be said for many other things utilized by man, and for such complicated things such as atomic energy.


In this respect—and this is the dangerous point—man should not worship these forceful means of life, not being overawed by such mighty works as the producing of a satellite. On the contrary, his admiration for these marvels and his accomplishments should lead him to the worship of his Creator and Author: "For the invisible things of Him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead" (Homans 1:20). Man should not diminish the marvels of nature, and should not confuse these marvels with the miracles of Jesus Christ. The former are repetitious and were provided to serve man through his own skills. The latter were performed in all extraordinary way in order to lead man to belief in and worship of the True God. The Christian then should have this distinction in mind in order to worship God Who is both the Creator of nature and the human race and the Redeemer of man's soul.




MOST OF THE MIRACLES of Christ were the healing of people's infirmities through miraculous acts. Jesus Christ did so through the power of His Words and Touch on afflicted persons. Christ's healing power paralleled the teaching and preaching of the Gospel (Mtt. 5:23). He healed every disease and infirmity of the people, both physical and mental. Blindness, leprosy, dropsy, deafness, demonia, spirit of infirmities, issue of blood and palsy, were among the diseases Jesus Christ cured through the power of His miraculous works (see the chart, page 2). Most of the people who witnessed these miraculous works were convinced that Jesus Christ was the Messiah, the Savior. The people were awed and amazed by Jesus Christ's power in healing the infirmities of people they knew. The persons who were cured by Christ proclaimed the miraculous act and heralded Jesus Christ.


The power of healing was especially left by Christ to the Church to be performed among the afflicted faithful through one of the seven Mysteria: Holy Unction. Other miracles performed by Christ were important in that they drew faith and belief from the people witnessing them. Some of these miraculous events include the tribute money in the mouth of fish (Mtt. 17:24f); draught of fishes (Lk. 5:1); turning of water into wine (Jn. 2:1); feeding of the five thousand (Mtt. 6,30, cf. in other Gospels). Among the miracles performed by Christ was the raising of the dead, such as Lazarus (Jn. 11:43) and the widow's son at Nain (Lk. 7:11).


The miracles recorded in the Bible (listed in the chart at the beginning of this pamphlet) are not the only miracles performed by Christ. St. John the Evangelist recorded that "there are also many other things which Jesus did; were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written" (Jn. 21:25. cf. 20:30). St. John also stressed that a purpose of the miracles to prove the divinity of Christ, God and Savior, and also, win the belief of the people so that they might be saved. St. John summarized the purpose of the miracles of Christ by saying that "these are written that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name" (Jn. 20:31. cf. 21:24).




The miracles of Jesus Christ should be accepted as historical events, regardless of their miraculous, profound content. The miracles of Christ have an unchanging significance for the faithful Christian today and in the future. Their manifestation and purpose have the same impact for the faithful today as they did at the time of their performance. The believer in Christ is convinced that Christ is the Savior; to underscore this belief was the main purpose for the miracles of Christ and those performed by the Prophets and Apostles in His Name. In addition to the Christian's respect for and belief in these miracles, he realizes that there are also the primary fundamental miracles which constitute the content of his faith. These miracles include the virgin birth of Christ, His Resurrection, His Ascension. Christ's miracles were performed to draw the unbeliever to believe in Christ as Savior; the latter fundamental miracles presuppose faith through Christ's miracles. The Scriptures contain the Word and Will of Almighty God as a covenant in which Adam's fall and the restoration of man is revealed. God's Revelation in the Scriptures fulfills the need of miracles for the purpose of drawing the unbelievers, because the Bible contains the fulfillment of prophecies and promises in the name of Jesus Christ. If a faithful person does not accept the revealed Word and Will of God as his guide to believe in the True God and to do His Will, no other miracles can draw him near the realm of Christian Faith. When the rich man in Christ's parable "The Rich Man and Lazarus" (Lk. 16:29-31) died and, being in torment in Hades, begged Abraham (to perform a miracle) by sending Lazarus to warn his relatives about his condition in Hades, Abraham said "they have Moses and the prophets: let them hear them (v.19) . . . if they do not hear Moses and the prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead" (v.31). By coincidence and synonimity, Lazarus, the friend of Christ, was raised from the dead, but still some of the people were not convinced by this miracle to believe in the Truths which are revealed in the Scriptures.


Man is created with the ability to investigate and utilize his environment and to believe in events which take place beyond the normal function of the laws of nature. The task of the Christian believer is to direct himself, with the guidance of the Scriptures; with such guidance, the believer will avoid accepting superstitions and marvels of nature as miracles in themselves, knowing they are not of the same authority as miracles of the Bible. Superstitions lead to unknown gods and create fears and taboos. The miracles of the Bible, especially those of Christ, lead people to the True God, and were performed with compassion and love. These miracles are historical events; they took place in a certain time and place, with many witnesses present. They had and have a noble purpose to draw the people to the correct way of believing; they are established by the authority of Jesus Christ, and as such have a profound place on the plaques of beliefs and commandments. They evaluate and uplift the faith of the individual Christian believer. It is a miracle for a person to accept the miracles of the Bible and to glorify Almighty God for this enlightenment and guidance, it is a miracle, for this person must be regenerated by his rebirth in Jesus Christ—his "newness of life". This is the first and foremost miracle for the faithful, to believe from within, in the miracles of the Gospel.


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If one is not cognizant of the real events happening both locally and in the world, although many are removed from the world... one will not know what to expect or what to do, or how one can or cannot act which might betray one's faith and accrue the wrath of civil authorities as laws change.  Yet, we are also reminded that these things must happen and it was for that which there exists many early Christian Martyrs and Saints. 

While we can remove ourselves from the world, we still live in it.  And for the faithful, theirs is a struggle for knowledge and understanding.  All things are pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith which is the very foundation of Christianity.  As such, we can not abandon them and leave them blind to events and happenings. 

What we post as related to those things similar to various articles which might have a political theme or non-Orthodox Catholic Christian content, of sorts, does not mean or imply that we are supportive of, or against something articulated in an article, so much as it is NEWS and our faithful should be made aware, for such may be the very thing that will impact their day-to-day life. 

Remember, not all Protestants, especially hard core cultic groups such as "Charismatic" - "Evangelical" and other people are not so generous in their viciousness toward anyone and anything that appears "Catholic" whether of the Roman or Orthodox jurisdictions, for they do not know or want to learn that which makes them "different" in their walk and talk as being far from the roots of Christianity. 

Remember, it is the Roman jurisdiction which has more outwardly shown that it can be one of the most vicious toward those who are not Roman but are very much "Catholic" - for the sun and moon does not rise and set on the Vatican (Latin or Roman) jurisdiction as to who is or is not "Catholic" for the Roman jurisdiction split (schismed) from the roots of "Catholicism" which is founded in what is termed and called today as "Orthodoxy".

Any good article or piece of information will be considered so long as it is not defamatory or slanderous toward an individual when not based on TRUTH or FACT, or which is altered out of context from its original publishing by recognized sources.

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

“I prefer a defeat accompanied by humility to a victory accompanied by pride.”

                                                                               --An Elder

A Curse or a Blessing?  Depending on to whom it may...


    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

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