For October 12, 2011

Father Lazarus Has some Messages For You!

Father Lazarus is a real Monk who resides in Europe.  His "Messages" are written for you!  Father Lazarus sends his messages to several different clerics and people who struggle for Holy Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion and Love as our Lord, Jesus Christ so struggled and provided us much that His Life and Teachings provide.  Father Lazarus, like many of the Holy Fathers and Saints, shares with us his spiritual struggles by sending out to us these messages which he writes from his Heart and Soul according to his nature and degree of ability here below (under Heaven) - - - being planet Earth! 

May you find his writings to be uplifting and instructive both spiritually and materially as many of us have found to be very true.... You may wish to view more at:

orthodox monasticism

Also, may the following provide you with a beginning.

Interpretation of the Apocalypse by Archimandrite Athanasios Mitilinaios - Part 3 - (mp3)

In this third  group of sermons on the holy Book of Revelation Fr. Athanasios Mitilinaios analyzes the following scriptural issues:

  1. The Lampstands and the7 Stars
  2. The Church of Ephesus
  3. The Churches of Ephesus and Smyrna 
  4. The Church of Smyrna

Our Western mentality tells us it must all be clearly defined , neatly packaged ,
put in to compartments , and not outside our man made rules and regulations .
If this can not happen then it is "bizarre " , "not normal ", or "Can not be allowed
or agreed to."
Things simply must conform to our logic , psychological understanding , and Canons.
This really becomes a far too rational approach relying solely on brain work and reason .
In the solitude of the cell this is simply not the every day reality lived .
All the opposites and contradictions in the church and in the world meet .
Sometimes they are resolved instantly and sometimes not , but simply lifted up to God
in prayer .
In the solitude of the cell sometimes two things seemingly opposite  and contradictory
can be lived by a person at the same time.
They are not analysed but simply are as God simply is .
The mystery excepted for what it is .
The mystery lived in its unfolding without logical human explanations.
And in its unfolding and living the meeting of opposites and contradictions bring them
together so they become "One."
This draws us ever deeper in to the inner life of The Trinity .
The life of prayer , praise , and adoration .
You will find this truth if you paint Icons .
Colours , energy's , truths ; blend together and form "One ".
Meditation will also allow you to begin to be able to perceive this truth;
as will the constant repetition of the Jesus Prayer ; the prayer of the heart .
Just come to the quiet and reflect quietly and gently , in calm and peace .
You need to have not set time to get to the heart of it all .
God is not bound by time and space .
He does not operate by our clocks , watches and human twenty four hours .
Never rush it and never attempt to force it ;
Never try to enforce what you want or seek on it .
It is simply a matter of allowing yourself to gently be guided by the Spirit
Gently feeling your way .
                                                                               Father Lazarus

The Servants of the Will of God at Crawley Down in U;K make prayer cords
I purchased a 100 knot one for twenty pounds
They can be contacted at Thre Monastery of Holy Trinity
Crawley Down , Crawley
West Sussex RH104LH
Telephone ;01342-712074
I repost a little piece I wrote on the Jesus Prayer
Father Lazarus

I recently heard some one commenting on a persons vocation "It confirmed their worst fears ."
What does such a statement really mean ?
The person is not doing what we want them to do ?
Possibly we do not understand ?
Or simply we personally have a problem with certain vocations ?
Today part of the problem is we have reduced God to the "Give me God .."
We approach God like a shopping trip to the Super Market ;
We present God with our shopping list of demands of what we want ,
and equally have a list of things we do not like or want ...
If God gives us all the things we like He has blessed us ...
If God does not give us what we demand from Him He has abandoned us ...
We can approach vocations like this .
Certain vocations we agree with and certain we do not ...
The problem is through all this we have forgotten one question :
"What does God want ?"
From start to finish this God has something to offer that most people do not like to taste .
He offers us two gifts ; a crown of thorns and a robe of suffering as we walk the hidden path of
obedience and sacrifice that leads us to the foot of the cross in the prayer of Abandonment of a soul
in to the hands of God ...
Like the money changers in the temple we often arrange the tales of our lives and fill them
with things that do not honour God ..
Christ once again walks in to the temple and overturns the table and challenges us to turn our lives
in to houses of prayer .
And then in turn He calls some to follow His foot steps out in to the desert ...
They follow in the foot steps of Christ to "Come an see ."
This is the reason ...The only reason for our life in the Desert .
The lover of mankind has called us to be there .
We are not focused on ourselves but totally on Him .
And in union with Him offer our lives in sacrifice for others .
A sacrifice that draws in and lifts up all humanity to the Father .
An offering of love , in response to the summons of Love ;
An offering that fills the House of God with its own beauty and perfume .
                                                                                             Father Lazarus 

Dr. of Theology - Dr. of Philosophy
Refuting the Dogma of Reincarnation

The Foundation of Reincarnation

If we want to determine the premise of reincarnation, we need to make reference to its dogma that every person, according to their innermost self, is eternal and subject to the eternal law of cause and effect, called karma. This law pushes the person into consecutive births after each death. A basic cause which makes up the 'fuel', so to speak, for the continuous movement of this wheel of deaths and births is a person's attachments and desires in connection with external reality. Each and every thought, word or deed returns to that person during his new incarnation. His new life composes a living movie, and he is now called to be like a perfect actor to reenact this 'drama' on the new screen.

If anyone wishes to contact me privately to discuss
anything in confidence please will you send the email
to and not to this account
With prayers
Father Lazarus

I was recently invited to go on a pilgrimage .
I declined explaining the real solitary makes a different kind of pilgrimage.
A pilgrimage within .
We journey within ;
To go deeper in to Him ;
And at the same time journey towards the Home Land .
A journey to God in God .
I continued "The real solitary has everything they need within the four wall of their cell.
The wisdom of guarding the solitude is clear .
Leave only when the spiritual rule or necessity dictates .
The Fathers understood from experience the treasure to be discovered from "within."
"Sit in your cell and your cell will teach you everything ."
Guard the solitude .
The news of a passing world is no longer your concern .
Your only concern is the one thing necessary .
It is minute by minute being open to the Holy Spirit who leads you deeper in to the will of God .
It is the Holy Spirit who brings revelation of Gods will ,
Gives the char-isms necessary to utter our "fiat" with our whole being ;
And the graces to further respond .
Guard the  solitude well .
Concentrate fully on each activity .
Nothing else matters apart from that activity .
Presence to God in and through sacrament of the present moment .
Quietly follow the order of the day .
If your thoughts go to something else return quickly to what you are doing .
Guard the solitude well .
Seek no position of responsibility or take on no new task unless "obedience " calls you to it .
That is obedience towards your spiritual Father or Superior .
Guard the solitude well .
"Ah we know not what each other says ."
Respect for the Brother or Sisters solitude .
You pray for all but leave them to their solitude .
What is happening with them is between them and the Spiritual Fathers who have the
ministry of service .
Be present to your solitude and do not waist precious moments speculating what is happening to them
or going to happen with them .
Guard your solitude well.
Keep before you every hour the warning ;
"You do not know what hour of the watch the master of the house may come and call you in ."
                                                                                                                            Father Lazarus

No one comes here very often .
We do not advertise this place .
If some one however  does make their way here we offer a unique form of hospitality .
The Solitude has its own hospitality to offer .
It draws us in and calls us to drink the cup of nothing .
A cup so full to the top and overflowing .
You must surrender all to drink of such a deep cup .
You are never free if you constantly seek to hold or grasp on .
Hold on to nothing .
Nothing comes and goes according to our real needs.
The hand of the Lord will give ;
The hand of the Lord will take away .
Drink the cup of nothing and be a free man or woman .
Do not even hold on to yourself .
Your plans , images , perception of self let it all fall away .
Become nothing of this world and listen to Gods thoughts .
Little by little as you stand in the light that never changes you will begin
to perceive the real you as God sees you .
Many people in the world waist their God given life not being the person that God created
them to be.
You want to become wise ?
Drink the cup of nothing and begin again .
All our thoughts are but a tiny drop in the ocean compared to what "I am love" is relay like .
You will only learn the truth when you come to that place of inner stillness .
Listen to the still , small , calm voice within .
You will only live when you let go of all and become the feather on the breath of God;
When you live , move , and have your being in "I am love."
So the invitation has been issued .
The drink of the solitude is prepared .
Come and drink the full cup of nothing .
Our message from within our walls of solitude and houses of peace ;
"You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free ."
                                                                                           Father Lazarus

God is everywhere .

He is in the Universe that He created.

There is something of God in every man and woman .

We can come to see God in all things and all things in God .

However our point of contact with God in the midst of this is not around us .

The point of contact is deep within us .

"The kingdom of God is within you ."

At the centre of our soul He awaits this meeting with us .

Our true self and our true beauty is within that soul , and in Him in our soul .

We see Him which no eyes has seen and hear Him whom no ear has heard

through this continuous encounter of love .

It is eternally an unfolding of the sacrament of the present moment .

At that point of encounter ;

And in that moment of encounter the true image of God is in man .

God in all his dealings with us ;

In all actions as part of the Divine Plan for us ;

This God reveals Himself in just three words ;

"I am love ."

Prayer is the way of becoming our real selves from within .

Our real self in the present moment .

The presence of love who is "the way the truth and the life" holds

us in the palm of His hand .

Despite every other human being that lives at this moment God meets

us individually within this encounter .

When we live the solitude within and within Him ;

We are separated from all and yet united to all .

Then we will come to know what it is to be loved by this God who is love in its truest

and purest form .

"I will sing forever of your Love O Lord " proclaimed the psalmist .

For us the song of love is the song of silence and solitude as we pray our lives

back to God in our houses of peace and prayer .

The God who is "I am love " and the source and creator of all things .

Day by day through an infinity of little moments our lives slip silently away in to the eternity .

Then one day we are heard of no more .

God comes and takes us Home "

                                                                                   Father Lazarus

I just want to inform everyone that I have transferred my priestly and contemplative life ,
and profession to Trinity International Priory South Africa and am now under the
Hermit Bishop responsible for that Priory
>From this day I am Incardinated within that Priory
I will continue my vocation to prayer and solitude in France
Please pray for me and all connected with the Priory
Father Lazarus

Every man and woman has a cross to carry so the old lament goes.
In the House of God we do not just Carry the cross we live it .
There was once a bird that flew from point to point never singing its true song .
Then one day by the grace of God it arrived at the still point of it all.
The point the bird had been created for .
At this point in the House of God ; the Gate of Heaven ;
The bird in the silences and solitude began to sing the true song of its life .
It began to cry many tears and sing the most beautiful song of love and suffering .
A song so deep ; so true and beautiful that even the word in all its noise and busyness
was drawn to the still point to listen to .
A song the bird payed its life to sing .
It sacrificed everything for this one song .
God heard this song and gently came and carried the bird home .
Then all was well ;
And the bird was hidden with Christ in God forever .
                                                Father Lazarus

Fr Gregory Carling ordained at Parkminster

Dear Father
YES, that sums it up - it is like breathing, all the time and everywhere
Many people may agree with this, but very few actually live it and understand it from personal experience.
Many people do NOT understand this and do not have that
prayer life/living as prayerfulness.
I also pray Liturgy, Offices etc - but they are part of a life of prayer.
Yes, I had the same problem in  all places where I went and tried to stay -
They only understand set ways of prayer,
That has caused a lot of harm to many saints over the ages.
Why the brothers imprisoned John of the Cross - he could merely sit in
silence, they wanted him to be busy and do what they do.
Same here - I often tried to pray the Office and Liturgy out loud
then soon I find myself not praying them aloud and not in words - but just being them
just resting in God.
It is so natural to me, absolutely necessary to be in solitude
hardly anyone really undestand this
. The problem is some people  cannot be alone, they are not made for solitude
so they will never understand the few who are called to that -
to be directly at the foot of the cross,
who are so close and one with the Eternal, and that all the time-
Yes, when I do read the Offices - it is very, very slowly
and I just disappear very soon with certain words,
and prayer with words are for me for a very long time not needed. But it is impossible to explain this to those who
are still and always will be stuck with the notion that prayer is something we ask as petitions for oneself or intentions for others. I accept and leave them at that, but they could never understand our silence. a silence that is very different from and much more than merely the
absence of sound.
Dear Hermit
You ask a direct question about my prayer life
I was tempted to reply in one sentence "It is like breathing I just do it !"

It is always the prayer of a poor man , a beggar knocking on Heavens door asking for mercy;


It is important we stay humble before God.


I love the story from the Fathers that a certain gifted Monk was dying and the disciples who believed secretly he was some sort of saint gathered around him .As the moment of death approached the monk began to plead more intensely with God to be given more time . The disciples could not understand why he behaved liked this as  he  had  chrisms and could perform miracles. He said "I have just seen the vision of God and now I realize I have only just begun to repent of my sins ."
As it all deepens our worldly life is purified . We needless and less of our past life and all the props we had
It is a life of simplicity and peace .

We just needthe four walls around us and the roof over our head . I find it difficult if I am in and out for many days in a rowe.


I am happy just being in the solitude


I am no educated one in the eyes of the world. I have passed few exams .....I go to the chapel and pray the liturgy and offices ; apart from that I paint a little now a my friend purchased some paint for me and I,write a little- what comes to me in the heart .Sometimes a particular message for some one comes so I pass it on like they asked the Fathers of Old to "speak a word"


If someone comes my way I occasionally hear a confession , give spiritual direction ,or pray an exorcism or give the benediction of the sick , but most of the time I simply pray the Jesus prayer quietly . It is what I said ,"Rest the mind in the heart and go on repeating the prayer as long as life lasts"


Once you are at this point it can not or should not be reversed....I never understood the attempts of some of trying to reveres a spiritual state ....We should remember the hymn of the profession "Blessed is the servant who dwells in the House of God.He is entitled to be the instrument that the Deity is using ."


It is true when praying we can get that sence of being on holy ground or on top of the world.The little office book

I use reminds us "Whenever we stand in your sanctuary , we are considered as standing in the paradise...."


This is not an intellectual thought but a living reality .


Yes things echo in the silence and you become aware of much.............


I sing the liturgy each day and another service out loud but apart from that I find it very difficult to sing all the prayers out loud

I prefer to sit in the silence and read the offices quietly and slowly ...A lot of vocal prayer is no longer necessary or helpful for me .


In union of prayer


A Father