September 29, 2011 - Thursday

Father Lazarus Has some Messages For You!

Father Lazarus is a real Monk who resides in Europe.  His "Messages" are written for you!  Father Lazarus sends his messages to several different clerics and people who struggle for Holy Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion and Love as our Lord, Jesus Christ so struggled and provided us much that His Life and Teachings provide.  Father Lazarus, like many of the Holy Fathers and Saints, shares with us his spiritual struggles by sending out to us these messages which he writes from his Heart and Soul according to his nature and degree of ability here below (under Heaven) - - - being planet Earth! 

May you find his writings to be uplifting and instructive both spiritually and materially as many of us have found to be very true.... You may wish to view more at:

orthodox monasticism

The path is before you ; 
But you will only ever discover it by walking along it .
You must allow it step by step to unfold even in the dark of night when you can no longer see .
Trust in Gods love and wisdom  . 
Live each movement , each moment of the journey and leave the overall plan to God .
It is not necessary to think every day where is all this taking you ?
You will know when you get there because in your depths you already know....
And when you get there you will stand alone .
But never less alone .
You stand in communion with all who truly seek the Fathers face .
Everything through the years will have been a preparation for this one moment that will unfold in to
an infinity of little moments .
You will have walked the long path of hunger and faithfulness carrying the wound of love .
The mountain is now before you to climb .
It is not possible to pause at the foot of your mountain .
You must either climb it or journey back down the path .
There can be not alternative to the will of God .
"You did not choose me " I am love speaks .
"I chose you and wounded your heart with love ."
But remember my friend it is better to hear this invitation of God in this life and respond ;
Than have to give account for the refusal on the judgment day .
When you have climbed the mountain before you will stand on the summit totally alone .
Then the wound of love will be healed by your life hidden with Christ in God .
You will desire nothing of this world.
You will fear nothing of this world .
Then you will stand on the summit of all things totally alone but never less alone .
On that summit you will look in to the face of God and live .
As you look in to the face there will be no fear ;
Just a great love ; a great peace ; a great joy that you never found in the world .
"I am love " without word , sound or image will speak in your inner depths ;
"I know you , I love you , I understand you more then anyone could in this life because I created you .
I wounded your heart with love to lead you step so you would come to the foot of your mountain and climb it .
I wounded your heart with love that you would come to stand on the summit of all things ."
                                                                 Father Lazarus      

In the House of God the distances and separations those outside our walls experience
do not exist for us .
Some one asked in a letter "Was it necessary to meet ?"
We have already met with those who read these words and will continue to meet with them.
So the physical journey the woman speaks about is not necessary .
From each house of peace prayer spreads out like an invisible energy and reaches the four corners of this earth.
This prayer touches each soul alive in those four corners .
Two souls at the other side of the earth can meet and be united as if they were side by side .
All hearts that truly seek the Fathers Heart meet and become one in His heart .
This is part of every day life and reality for us .
It is wrong to think you have lost us to this vocation ,
Or prevent some one answering this calling out of fear of loosing them .
We remain forever a friend , or a relative .
Our friendship simply continues on a different and higher level .
Many years ago I would visit a Hermit three times a year .
We never said "Goodbye" when we parted .
We simply put our hands together in the gesture of prayer and said four words to each other ;
" Until we meet again.... "
In the silence and solitude of our cells that meeting takes place every day .
We may not know the full story but the God we lift you up to in prayer does .
He knows the secrets of all our hearts .
It is enough to lift each other up and meet in that prayer and ask Gods will be done for each other .
                                                                                                                               Father Lazarus

Guard the peace in the depths of your soul even when the difficulty
or spiritual battles are around you .
God eternally desires that we belong to Him.
Saint Augustine reminds us
 "O Lord you have made us for yourself ."
Often in the hours of trial we loose site of Him not because He has abandoned us.
Simply because of our initial reaction to something we focus only on that ;
and not on the help God would give us to make us strong.
When the moments of difficulty come or you face the most  profound questions of your life
you do not always need to act immediately .
Enter in to the silence and allow God to make sense of it all .
Simply go within and stand in the inner sanctuary .
The silences around and within will all merge,
and despite the problems and suffering of this life you will come to know the
peace that this world can not give you .
When the silences exterior and interior come together in unity there will be spiritual
 While we are remaining on earth the soul becomes air bound and spiritually you will move forward.
You will move forward and be raised above it all and receive spiritual aid .
You arrive at the gates of Paradise often a poor man , a beggar , knocking on those gates asking
for mercy
But "I am love" who is "Mercy within mercy , within ,mercy " will hear this petition and grant appropriate
graces for our assistance and eternal well being .
So when we are week we can become strong in "I am love"
The realty unfolded and lived ;
"Whenever we stand in the sanctuary we are considered standing in paradise"
                                                                                                        Father Lazarus

Father Josiah Trenham - Son of Thunder: St. John the Apostle, Evangelist, and Theologian (mp3)

September 26, 2010 Length: 21:07 - (24/9/2011)

In a brief spiritual direction I told the truth in all its reality .
"There is no game to our solitude......
You can not play solitude.....
It is real and reality................
You can either live it or not .........
You stay if you have a real vocation or sooner or later the solitude expells you .
Solitude is mercy less in that respect ...............
This is the real test............................"
Why do people seek such a life ?
The reasons can be diverse but at the heart of each reason is the same ;
" I seek God alone ............."
Some people come in repentance of their sins they committed in the world ....
They tread this path of repentance and total turning of self to God
Some come almost by chance .......
A chance comment or event that in reality was not chance is enough to set them off down this path ....

For some a brief visit to the desert is enough to draw them back to stay ......
God speaks " I am going to lure him away in to the desert and speak to his heart ....
But the solitude is the truth in all its nakedness ;
"The naked shocking truth " as I described it one Ash Wednesday .
It is not just God you come face to face with ....
That is the real living God ....
Not the God who is the projection of our egos.....
The God we neatly package to have everything explained to our understanding ....
To our wishes and desires .....
We also come face to face with the truth about ourselves ...
That is the real truth ....
There is no escape in solitude ....
I tell the Hermits it is like having layers of an onion peeled away until you get to the heart of it all ....
The first lesson of our solitude is we must first learn to live with ourselves ......
That is the real me ...............
                                                                                              Father Lazarus

Every man and woman has a cross to carry so the old lament goes.
In the House of God we do not just Carry the cross we live it .
There was once a bird that flew from point to point never singing its true song .
Then one day by the grace of God it arrived at the still point of it all.
The point the bird had been created for .
At this point in the House of God ; the Gate of Heaven ;
The bird in the silences and solitude began to sing the true song of its life .
It began to cry many tears and sing the most beautiful song of love and suffering .
A song so deep ; so true and beautiful that even the word in all its noise and busyness
was drawn to the still point to listen to .
A song the bird payed its life to sing .
It sacrificed everything for this one song .
God heard this song and gently came and carried the bird home .
Then all was well ;
And the bird was hidden with Christ in God forever .
                                                Father Lazarus

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