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Father Lazarus Has some Messages For You!

Father Lazarus is a real Monk who resides in Europe.  His "Messages" are written for you!  Father Lazarus sends his messages to several different clerics and people who struggle for Holy Wisdom, Understanding, Compassion and Love as our Lord, Jesus Christ so struggled and provided us much that His Life and Teachings provide.  Father Lazarus, like many of the Holy Fathers and Saints, shares with us his spiritual struggles by sending out to us these messages which he writes from his Heart and Soul according to his nature and degree of ability here below (under Heaven) - - - being planet Earth! 

May you find his writings to be uplifting and instructive both spiritually and materially as many of us have found to be very true.... You may wish to view more at:

orthodox monasticism

Some one said the other week my life in solitude had gone to far .

I commented in reply "How far with God do you think we can go ?"


Then they started asking how I knew I could persevere in such a life ?

I reply "I have already answered you "


They look at me puzzled ....

So I continue ...." I did today what I did yesterday and will do tomorrow if I

am still alive "


Every God given day we begin again and once again plunge in to the

One who has no limits .

That really is how far with God we can go.


Every moment of prayer, new and fresh and full of potential,

Like every sacrament always, a new beginning for us, the Church and humanity .

You can never truly say it has gone to far .

The fullness of life is  in the present moment .

That present moment that will forever unfold into another present moment .

But each moment remains to be lived .


In this place of solitude;

This harbor of peace and tranquility amidst the noise of a passing world;

Then we enter more deeply in to the greatest solitude of all;

Into the silence of His Word.



Hidden even from the sight of our brothers and sisters

Here we become both Priest and Victim.

The one who offers the sacrifice becomes the sacrifice for the salvation of the world:

"A Host usefully devoured ."


                                                                                                              Father Richard

 A friend speaks "My prayer Rosary ..."

I speak in reply" It is never just your prayer, or my prayer,

The prayer begins with the initiative of the Lover of Mankind who dwells

deep within us."

Long before we ever think of Him or enter in to the first prayer "I am

love has come seeking us."

He comes to call us to live, move and have our being in Him.


So every moment of prayer even solitary is liturgical in nature.

It is part of the Priestly prayer of His church.

It is the same with silence.

It is not simply our silence.

You can not own silence.

You can not hold on to it.

It is so much more than a quiet time or

the absence of sound.

You do not create silence, or force it.

The silence of God is already deep within us.

The hidden stream of life we can come to know and love so much.

Silence is not focused on is but on "I am love."

It rises up from deep within and calls us from within.


Once when visiting a monastery I arrived to a place with many people and noise.

I sat in the refectory silently complaining to myself about all this...

The Abbot read my thoughts and simply said "Do not worry the quiet times will

come for you."

It is the same for all of us those quiet times are already there within if we seek them.


We often complain and miss the beauty of that which is already there by the grace of God.

Some years ago during a healing service a woman came forward with a list full of problems

and suffering . I did not even put a hand on her head to bless her.

I simply looked at her and said "You do realize the presence of Christ is with you ?!"

In a single moment it was the greatest revelation of her  life and the greatest healing she ever received.


Once we have drunk deep of the ever present living water we will ever thirst for more and to go

deeper into the depths to which there are no limits.


                                                                                                             Father Lazarus

"I am loves " fire burns deep within us.
The light of the fire reveals all that is hidden in us .
Past deeds , actions , and events are drawn in to the light.
The hurts and pains become evident.
Things long hidden and long forgotten about are revealed .
What we presume falsely was our wealth;
The passing things of the world the fire reveals as our poverty .
It gradually consumes all.
It takes all away.
The lighter our human baggage the greater our availability to Him.
The fire does not unite to begin with but it divides and tears away our
worldly life.
It does not bend to our tears but takes away all that is not of Him.
The fire ravages all.
For the Lord of our hearts desires just one thing from us;
"What can I give Him poor as I am ?"
"Give Him but my heart."
When it is all over your life comes back together again in ways more beautiful
than you can imagine.
She told me one night when she was in community the Abbes turned to her in
choir and spoke to her.
The Abbess said "You can not stay here any more .
It is time to enter the solitude."
The fire had been lit and was waiting for her.
And like us all she was eventually left alone at the foot of the Cross.
But the Abbes promised her one thing;
"Do not worry when it is all over your life will come back together again in
ways more beautiful than you can imagine."

                                                                                         Father Lazarus

God does not conform to our way of doing things.

God does not think like us.

Often the plans we have He brings to nothing.

On the other hand what God plans He keeps on asking for.

If we humans prevent the will of this God then this God in return
does not give up.

This God plans an alternative route to achieve His plan.
When will  we ever learn ?

It is simple "Unless the Lord build the house ...."

What we protest is so illogical this God goes on as seeing perfectly logical.
And He continues to see as being logical however cross we get with Him about it.

Alternatively there are many times when what we see  as being logical i.e
"What I want ....When I want it, ...." simply does not conform to the Divine plan for us.

This is our problem with God.

God never reveals His full plan for us in advance.

It is a long journey home through the desert but God only gives us one page of the
map at a time.

We journey from point to point in faith not knowing what will happen next .
It is the journey of Abandonment.

And when at long last it is all neatly settled as we perceive it what does this God do
who will not conform to our thinking and ways of doing things ?
He upsets all our logic and plans again and gives us the next page of the map on
the journey  home. "

                                                                                                   Father Lazarus

Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition

By: Fr. Anthony Alevizopoulos

When we speak about Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition, we do not mean two separate or opposing things, but a harmonious whole: God’s complete revelation about the grace of man’s salvation.

St. Basil the Great summarizes this teaching of Orthodoxy in the following words: “From the dogmas and the truth which the Church safeguards, some we have received from written teaching and some, which have secretly reached us, we received through the tradition of the apostles. Both have the same importance for the faith. And no one with even a meager knowledge of ecclesiastical teachings will raise objection... Since if we asserted that we should abandon as many “practices” that are unwritten, because supposedly they’re not of great importance, we would damage – without realizing it – the essence of the Gospel, or rather we would transform the Gospel into “a name empty of meaning.”...

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