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For: September 18, 2011 (Saturday)

I do not write often but you are always in my prayers as is everyone.


I reflected the other week with some one that most people just do not understand what it is all about ...That is part of the solitude.....They go on about prayer routines and so on.  But in the end it is not simply something we do at certain times of the day ; It is our life , our way of life , our way to life .It is not like a tap that you turn on and off .It is our hunger , our constant need to give ourselves to God in the communion of love .


This vocation to prayer is lived out second by second , minute by minute , hour by hour .by day and night every day of our life . Each moment of prayer being new and fresh from the previous moment of prayer and so by its very nature a new beginning for ourselves personally , the church , and humanity .In my first monastery I was once asked if I had finished my prayers? I replied "No we never finish praying ..." But the person just did not understand what I was saying .


 I do not like going out very much these days . A brief walk once a day is sufficient for me . The day however is spent with people but on a different level . In the chapel and in the cell all humanity is present as it is in the Host and Chalice of the daily liturgy .


My friend said to me the other day that I thought a lot . I explained in our way of life we do not think continually about different things we simply become more receptive to thoughts of God and the movement of the Spirit; "That which no eye has seen or no ear has heard ."


The mind actually becomes more still as does the heart ; We gently rest the mind in the heart and go on repeating the pray as long as life lasts in  union with the Christ who dwells in the heart ;I explained the very nature of this Christ in a brief homily the other day .The Christ who was human and divine not in two natures but in one complete nature. It is He who is the source of our seeking and the end of our finding . He who is the way truth and the life .






Blessings and Peace be with you dear Father...

I am most pleased to read your words of Holy Wisdom for truly they apply even to this unworthy repentant one in the vineyard of this life! Blessing to you and your as I pray each morning and Night for you and all who I hold near and dear in my spirit... and heart!

+Thaddeus the Unworthy repentant one in the vineyard of this life for the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ...

--- In orthodoxmonasticism@yahoogroups.com, FATHER LAZARUS wrote:

 I keep telling them do not look to me ; Look to God .

 It is all about Him;.The prayer of Saint John the Baptist must be realized in us "He must increase ; I must decrease ."   
 The above must always be the prayer of the solitary . I once described the solitary as" no one very important going nowhere very important in the eyes of the world , waiting for the moment of death and the greatest solitude of all ;a nobody soon no longer to be remembered by the world ,yet known by God who called him deeper every step of the journey."
 To a name , to a title there is always so much more sometimes never seen or understood by other people.  There is a hidden journey to be made and lived. A journey of hunger , a journey of faithfulness, A journey to God in God ."The kingdom of God is within you ."
 It is always deeper we go ...Deeper and deeper in to the depths to which there is no limit " unto the ages of all ages" as we sing so often in our offices and liturgy. With God the very best is always yet to come; It is never the end at the moment of death but a new beginning.
 Back in England I would visit a certain Hermit three or four times a year and we would meditate for a day and I would give some spiritual guidance. At the end of each meeting we never said "Goodbye ."We simply put our hand together in the gesture of prayer and said "Until we meet again." It is always like that with and in God .
 If people want to learn about our faith even with out a sermon or the offices. liturgy teach us so much about our beliefs and the inner reality's of our lives.
 In union of prayer.
 Pray for me always


The heart closest to God is the heart most turned to God in repentance , love , prayer , and adoration.
The poor man calls and the Lord always hears him .He hears the secerets of our hearts .
When we look in to the face of God he knows , loves us , and understands us more than anyone else.
God be with you

"I am the light that shines in the darkness ;Walk with Me"

The Lord forever speaks these words to those who have hearts to listen .
I have been reflecting with people on the question of vocation .

Certainly in the Fathers House there are many rooms.

Each room has a particular purpose within Christ's mission through the Church .

Each room is for a particular good purpose.
The rare vocations present a problem to people on many levels.

For some the level of commitment and sacrifices involved.

For some simply out of love they do not want to "loose" a person as they perceive it to a particular vocation.

Some people actually make a choice to try and prevent a person answering their vocation;

Whatever obstacles come the Lord keeps knocking at the door of a heart .

There are two central questions to ask always:
"How can I make God the centre of my life ?"

A question we must keep reflecting on every hour and day of life.

From this question will evolve real moments of choice.
The next question then to ask is in the form of a meditation.

Imagine that your life is over and you are stood at the foot of your grave.

Ask yourself one question that will get to the heart of it all.

Ask yourself "What should I have done ? What choice should I have made"

When you know the answer in your heart set out on the road towards it while you still have time on earth.
Mans highest liberty is achieved at the very moment he most surrenders it and conforms himself to the movement of Gods will for his life.

In that moment an individual fulfills his full potential.
I once attended a Quaker meeting . A lady who had been Chaplin at a Hospice spoke a few very profound words .She described how she had seen many people at the end of life realize they had gone through life but not lived life to the full.

That is the choice by excepting the particular vocation that God calls us to.
It should be the liberty of the Son or daughter of God to be able to answer their vocation and live life to the full by walking with Him.


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