A reminder For Great or Good Friday

To All the Saints Among Us;

I am sending you a reading for Great or Good Friday morning, I will send an evening one as well, for my choice I have chosen to send you an exact English translation of the Aramaic Scriptures.

Christianity encompasses the world but for many Christians it exists only in their little corner of the world.

To help in unifying the church, as all who have been with me over the past many years know, is my goal. We must understand something other than what is in our own mind, God cannot be intellectualized, it is beyond the human mind to do this, as our Lord and Savior stated, the Kingdom of God is within you. You must seek Him with your heart, the mind will follow as you alone will allow.

For these reasons, even though I am a Celtic Priest, I have used with intention an Aramaic translation into English.

Please, remember that these days are Holy and live accordingly.

I Corinthians

1:18 FOR the doctrine of the cross to those who perish is foolishness, but to us who are saved it is the power of Aloha.

1:19 For it is written, I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, And I will take away the understanding of the prudent.

1:20 Where is the wise ? Where is the scribe ? Or where is the disputer of this world ? Hath not . Aloha made foolish the wisdom of this world ?

1:21 For inasmuch as in the wisdom of Aloha, the world by wisdom hath not known Aloha, it hath pleased Aloha, by the foolishness of preaching, to save them who believe.

1:22 For the Jihudoyee demand signs, and the Aramoyee require wisdom;

1:23 but we preach the Meshiha crucified, a scandal to the Jihudoyee, and to the Aramoyee foolishness;

1:24 but to them who are called, Jihudoyee and Aramoyee, the Meshiha is the power of Aloha, and the wisdom of Aloha.

1:25 For the foolishness of Aloha is wiser than men, and the weakness of Aloha is stronger than men.

1:26 For you see also your calling, my brethren, that not many among you are wise after the flesh, and not many among you are powerful, and not many among you are of noble birth; *

1:27 but Aloha hath chosen the simple of the world, to shame the wise, and he hath chosen the weak of the world, to shame the mighty,

1:28 and he hath chosen those of low birth ** in the world, and the outcasts, and those who are nothing, to bring to nothing those who are;

1:29 that no flesh may boast before him.

1:30 But you are of him in Jeshu Meshiha, who hath been made unto us wisdom, of Aloha, and righteousness and sanctification and


1:31 according as it is written, He who boasteth, in the Lord let him boast.

2:1 And I, my brethren, when I came to you, not with grandeur of

speech, nor with wisdom, did I evangelize to you the mystery of Aloha.

2:2 And I considered myself among you as not knowing any thing unless Jeshu Meshiha, and him also as crucified.

In Christ,
+Monk Michael

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