Trial of America - Part II

Arrests, Charges, Convictions?

(A fanatical overview?  You be the judge?)

By: Antonio

               The power of the Evil One, the Anti-Christ, has been steadily growing over the centuries.  Sometimes taking one step backward for every two to three steps forward against God and His children.  No where is this more apparent than in the United States of America as it becomes more and more like that which had been “Communist” Russia, before the fall of the Berlin Wall.  There is a slight twist to this scenario though, and it has not reached its full bloom as this blight on the Freedoms of the American people become more evident as time goes on. 

               When we say “Anti-Christ”, one has to realize that the “Anti-Christ” is not just a person, but the collective personality traits of a spiritual entity broken down into components which infects (By force of manipulating the minds and hearts of) people (in the flesh) much like the Holy Spirit’s gifts are components of the One Almighty God that is given (Voluntarily) to those who struggle in their belief for the faith, and worship Him in spirit and truth.  

        The “Anti-Christ” is also a spirit, although an un-holy one.  The “Anti-Christ” is also an attitude that becomes action both spiritually and physically.  Thus, knowingly and unknowingly, the Anti-Christ is worshiped by one’s attitude and actions in this life on earth because the individual has assimilated a component of the Evil One, the Anti-Christ, similarly to one who, through pain of heart struggles for the faith in spirit and truth, assimilates a gift of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person of our Triune God.

               The Anti-Christ and his followers in spirit and in the flesh, appear just as moral and upright as one might expect of a follower of a Holy One.  Remember, the Anti-Christ (Lucifer {Satan} is the former Angel of Light = Light Bearer means "Lucifer"), thus he knows how to manipulate the minds and hearts of people into a false belief without their knowing that they have been so subtly infected.  More often than not, they think and believe that they (the individual) has come up with the idea or understanding that is in line with God's way, when that individual is more likely to have been infected by the Evil One's own attitude.  The Anti-Christ is not, as many people believe, that which has been depicted as the “Dracula” or that little come-to-life doll, “Chuckie”, or even a little "Possessed" boy, etc. as they appeared on Television or in the Movies, although the later movie of the same named is based on a truth. 

              The Anti-Christ is the most cunning and persuasive of unholy of spirits in his attempt to sway and pervert the minds of everyone possible.  Yes, he will eventually become flesh on the earth as he was partially incarnate in the person of Hitler (World War II) as some believe.  He is a part of that which forms the Protestant's more cultic denominations called the Ku Klux Klan, Jehovah's Witnesses, Church of Christ, the Mormons, etc..

               The art of psychological manipulation upon the hearts and minds of the people by a variety of over-zealous Protestant Fundamentalistic Anti-Christ like actions through our various governmental bodies, has reached into the depths of the American Roman Catholic Church, and even into various jurisdictions of the Orthodox-Catholic Church both ethnic and catacomb.  Not all Protestants are of the variety of “Fundamentalist” as we have described, and these Protestants may indeed be closer to the Truth than most.  But, yet, we do have to go cautiously as regards the over-zealous Fundamentalists whose actions are more of the Anti-Christ.  Many of them call themselves “Born Again Christians,” "Charismatic," “I’m Saved,” "Ku Klux Klan," "Aryian Racists," and “Promise Keepers,” to name just a few of them.  However, before you think that we mean and imply that all who belong to such are not Christian, you might well wish to review our web page on "Unity - A Middle Way ".

               What we identify as being “psychological manipulation” is a perverting of the minds and hearts of people into such self-righteous thinking and thoughts that they accept as fact that which they have accepted from others as being a truth without going out of their way to obtain the truth for themselves.  They rely on others' perception of events to sway their thinking without validating for themselves what is truth.  This produces complacency, a kind of arrogancy on one hand while advocating for and enacting laws that have a tendency to inhibit certain freedoms of religion on the other hand. 

               This “psychological manipulation” of the hearts and minds of people in general, touches upon very specific serious concerns because of the severity of our attachments to life and those whom we hold near and dear.  The laws that we speak of, are not directly aimed at “religion” (in many instances, without forethought by those who make laws) somuch as indirectly aimed against those who do not worship, believe and act according to an Anti-Christ formula of belief which has become more and more of the power struggle in this world, especially in these United States of America.  This is the answer for why such hate groups have grown through out the world and more so in the Protestantized United States.  This is also an answer to why many churches of the Protestant and Roman Catholic denominations have attracted so many people of the “entertainment” mentality while causing many to remove themselves from them.

               Of the laws that we speak, let us use some examples based on valid cases of these last one to ten years, understanding as we go along, the depth of its destructive elements.

               In most states of the United States of America, a person is “innocent until proven guilty” as authored by our Founding Fathers. It is supposed to be the norm of all law.  “Guilt” convictions were supposed to be based on verifiable and identifiable physical evidence beyond “hearsay”.  However, for more than 50 years, a growing fanatical form of attitude has developed in the public mind whereby if a person is arrested and charged with a specific crime, s/he is “guilty until proven innocent”.   All to often, public opinion sways the outcome of a person’s conviction under subtle manipulation of those having the duty to “enforce” the laws of the land with understanding, compassion and using “fact”, not hyperbole as mitigating factors.

               The electronic news media has fed this attitudinal frenzy when the “subject” of criminal charges involves anything to do with sex, politics, religion and the like. Why?  Because it “sells” by capturing the attention of the reader-listener.  A newspaper, radio or television station captures an audience by its coverage of news in a local area.  When the subject of such charges involve those areas of sex, politics, religion, etc., the stakes are raised in the minds and hearts of public opinion.  Live discussions are encouraged, and the more who participate, the more the newspaper, radio or television station plays upon the news item as a means to “hold” the attention of their readers, listeners or viewers.  This approach draws to that publication, radio or television the attention of advertisers who want the most coverage, based on the public drawing capability of the news media (electronic or otherwise). It is financially productive to the news media.

               When someone is charged with drunk driving, although not as seriously treated unless a death is the result of the drunk driver, the news media captures the attention of an audience in the local area and “runs with the ball” in their court (so-to-speak) as a means to gain more readers, listeners or viewers.  The so-called “accused” is guilty in the eyes of the public, mainly by those of the public who read, listen to or view the newspaper, radio or television even though, in some instances, the news media uses the catch phrase of “alleged” in their reporting.  Yet, even so, some of those “accused” still walk away with a lessened sentence, depending on his or her driving history and if such involves a child or a an adult of prominence in the community.  

               Child molestation is an act against a child (minor under 14 years of age) and also is determined by another set of laws for those between the ages of 14 and 18 in many states although the outcome is a conviction of the same law because of the difference in the psychological maturation processes between the two groups, one being children, the other being teenagers of more mature thinking and action.  Each having modified codes for punishment, depending upon the circumstances and situations involved, when such can be proven as having occurred.  Yet, “Child Molestation” is the outcome if the defendant is convicted. 

In most instances, a person convicted of child molestation has little to no defense or chance of proving his or her innocence, not only because of the way in which laws have been established, but also because there is in many instances, no physical evidence that can be produced, pro or con.

               Rape is another crime in which a woman (or man, but usually held, by public opinion, to be a woman) is sexually assaulted against her will by another person.  Sometimes, as an example, and rather often, it is not unknown but what a woman who claims “rape” has had consensual sex with the man (to feel good) and later felt guilty about it.  Her guilt is sometimes so extreme that one of the only ways to overcome such self-guilt, is to make herself “feel good” (again) by claiming “rape” when there was none.  In some instances (as televised) it was later learned (after the conviction of the so-called perpetrator) that the woman gave consent by her actions or words, allowing for the act to take place, but in the middle of the act she had a change of conscience.  The so-called perpetrator or convicted rapist was to far along in the physical act itself, that it would have been most difficult for him to stop.  Sometimes the woman allowed for the completion of the act itself and later had guilt feelings.  Thus, the later hue and cry of “rape” is made since, obviously, there is evidence of sexual penetration. 

               In another instance, a woman of a former Protestant background (a convert to Orthodox Catholicism) made a play upon a monk who rejected her.  She felt guilty for being rejected and used her son as a means to "get even for being rejected" by making a false claim  of “child molestation” because her son was receiving his education, and staying, on premise at the monastery. 

               In other instances a monk was claimed to have had a sexual relation with a woman (convert from Roman Catholicism), but when the facts came forth, it was found and admitted that the monk was asexual and the woman thought he was of homosexual orientation.  She made all overtures to the point of forcing herself on him.  After all was said and done, her guilt feelings caused for her to claim rape.  He is in prison, even though all the psychological and psychiatric professionals for both prosecution and defense provided consistent evidence that supported his defense.

               In times past, it was required that bona fide physical evidence of a material nature, be presented to prove an individual guilty of any of the above crimes.  This evidence could include solid eye and ear witnesses, two or more, who heard or saw actual physical activity having taken place to substantiate the charges.  Another kind of evidence, such as in a “rape” or “molestation” instance, physical skin rupture in the anal or genital areas, penetration, etc. are diagnosed by a qualified physician when a sex crime is involved. The inclusion of a defendant’s predisposed psychological “fantasies” (which, in many instances were only "fantasies" and not lived out actions) and a collection of magazines, pornography like items, sex aids and other sorts of evidence involving court ordered psychiatric evaluations (conducted by locally based licensed biased professionals overseen by the prosecution) are sometimes used by a prosecutor in arguing against the defendant based on his mental attitudes on “sex” which gives weight against the defendant without regard for reality or fact of that person’s personal attitude. 

               Unless the defendant has access to large finances to obtain the services of unbiased licensed professionals from outside the local area, the defendant’s ability to factually defend him or herself is so very limited, if not thwarted completely.  If the defendant has a means to provide for an outside the local area licensed diagnosis or evaluation, the court may throw such out from being used because it is not from someone the court "knows" (being, primarily the prosecution).   

        A public defender will normally prepare lukewarm defenses in the court proceedings because of the manner and method employed in the use of laws to convict an alleged perpetrator where there is no physical force involved.  The Prosecutor, the Judge and the court appointed Defense attorney are all three paid by the same hand that feeds them.  The court normally limits (in most all cases where the County has to pay for the Defendants) the defense attorney's actions for s/he is not really allowed to provide such a defense in equal strength to that provided by the prosecution (District Attorney) in prosecuting the defendant.  One other element in these proceedings weigh heavily on convictions of innocent persons. 

               Because of the cost factors that play into proceedings of anyone and everyone charged with a crime, it is necessary for a defendant to decide if s/he is to be tried by a "trial by a judge" or "trial by a jury".  The cost factors are greater when the defendant demands a trial by jury and far less when opting for a trial by judge.  It is the norm for the prosecuting D.A. to use scare tactics to get the defendant to opt for a trial by judge because there is usually some form of behind the scenes political association involved.  The D.A. does not always know as to whether a defendant is actually guilty, but if the climate of the times is a political climate, such as County elections, it behooves the D.A. to more aggressively prosecute by whatever means are at his disposal, including the use of scare tactics sometimes involving the interactions of law enforcement in the local area.  Thus, if the District Attorney can scare a defendant into believing the most horrible and heinous of outcome should the defendant continue with his or her demand for a trial by jury; the better.  Why?  Because the sentence, if convicted by a Jury trial, is normally far greater than if convicted in a trial by judge because other considerations in sentencing, if convicted, can be applied.  If convicted by a jury, the larger sentence will usually apply.  The prosecuting District Attorney will play upon these factors as a means to scare a defendant who is represented by a Public Defender, due to the fact that anyone so represented is already known to have little to no financial means to defend him or herself.  If the climate of the local area involves "elections" the D.A. will do his or her utmost to put on an aggressive defense, even going so far as to use rhetorical and ambiguous verbiage to heighten public opinion of what "he" believes is the guilt of the defendant, through the electronic news media while the case is being heard, which puts pressure on a judge in the case (especially if the judge is one who is up for re-election). 

               These kind of laws are predominantly aimed against those charged with sex crimes in a manner whereby there is no possible means of providing a defense.  Thus the court proceedings are only a form to satisfy constitutional law, the outcome being obvious.

               In 1990, in California, a law was enacted that has been used in primarily “rape” and “molestation” cases in which “hearsay” is considered as sufficient evidence of a defendant’s guilt.  No other evidence really need be present.  And, in many of the cases, the so-called victim need only be present without giving direct testimony because it has been felt that the trauma would cause so much pain and severely damage the so-called victim. Thus an officer of the court (Police person or Social Worker) speaks on behalf of the so-called victim.  Yet, no safeguards are in place to offer the defendant a means to face the victim, ask questions and/or offer evidence because the weight of evidence is always against the defendant.  Evidence that might even prove, by way of testimony, that the defendant is not guilty of the charges are normally squashed by the prosecuting attorney and accepted by the judge in most instances.   This happened in 1990 during a trial in which a priest was charged with child molestation. 

One of the two alleged victim's did get on the witness stand as he had reached adult hood.  He stated that the District Attorney and the social worker in the case; both lied and threatened him and his brother to make statements against the clergy person.  He stated that he could prove that his younger brother was lying.  But the court appointed defense attorney flatly refused to explore this "evidence" that the older boy said he could present to show that his younger brother was lying.  He claimed that, in fact, he was not molested whatsoever, but forced into making such a statement because of his sister-in-law's "Mormon" religion and the fact that she and his older brother were kicked off property controlled by the priest (Catholic) for obscure reasons.  She had a vengeance against the priest and made false claims.  Because the older boy is a spinal bifada case with other medical problems which led to a heart attack, from which he lost some of his memory at the time; his sister in law took advantage of it and him to bring about the charges against the priest who happened to have had a homosexual background.  The priest, a celibate man, was innocent of all charges according to the older boy (an adult). 

               The Prosecutor in the case, the District Attorney that is, attempted to get the boy off the stand, but the judge wanted to hear more.  Yet, the judge failed and refused to allow for the oldest boy to present the evidence when the boy asked to do so.  It was flatly denied by the judge.  The priest was being tried on the "hearsay" laws.

               This law called “hearsay” has been enacted in several states for few but specific crimes charged against the alleged perpetrator.  The “hearsay” law is an aggressive law that was enacted by the so-called “moral majority” of citizens, especially certain so-called professionals whose personal religious zeal is heavily involved, more especially so when politics is taken into consideration as to whether a prosecuting attorney such as the District Attorney, or the Sheriff, or even the city’s highest police official, even the judge; is to face election.  This is all the more true if the timing of such a crime comes about during an election year.

               Even worse is the fact that many Social Workers are more and more being found to have played into the mix of politics and religious attitudinal approaches in manipulating what so-called victims have had to say; sometimes using tactics to harass or take out of context what the so-called victim has said to them in a required Social Worker involvement where “juveniles” are the so-called victims. 

               The old adage of “repeated hard enough and long enough” is true.  The so-called victim is manipulated into believing something that may not be true by the sheer slight twisting of stories or manipulative suggestions that are subtly implanted into the so-called victim’s psyche, and later re-approached by the Social Worker as though the “thing” or “act” actually happened when it may not have happened at all.

               In California, in Texas and so many other states; with some variations, “hearsay” laws are being used to primarily convict people and clergy from various Orthodox and Catholic Churches.  Hardly do you see anything about Protestant clergy being convicted of a sex crime, especially "child molestation".

               Most reportings and charges are about those clergy who belong to a denomination of the “Catholic” Confession, ie: Anglican, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Independent Catholic, Catacomb Catholic, Orthodox-Catholic, etc.

               Odd as it may seem to appear, the Anglican and Lutheran Churches in the United States have, like the American Roman Catholic Church, been making changes to conform to belief and practices that are more closely assimilating Protestant ideals. 

               Inasmuch as extremists of various Protestant denominations have wholly negative convictions of belief against anything "Catholic" especially “Roman Catholic” and “Orthodox” Catholic (not knowing the differences between the two) the affects are becoming apparent in the American Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches, because of the devolving form of traditional “Catholic” practices and traditions.  This is taking place more and more, while fomenting within those churches an ever increasing shrill and cry against those not of their own particular jurisdiction or church who attempt to maintain the norms of belief, practice and traditions that are Orthodox and Catholic.  This is another form of psychological manipulation whereby the old military and law enforcement adage of “conquer and divide” is a very effective tactic and tool, especially in these instances, of the Anti-Christ.

For those accused or charged with crimes of “Molestation”, it becomes all the more obvious that the intent or motive is to prevent or lessen those Churches who strongly adhere to the “Catholic” Confession, especially those who are Eastern or Western Orthodox and Roman Catholic jurisdictions, from having an impact upon the impressionable minds of children. 

The laws enacted and the methods employed are not only psychological manipulation in a destructive manner, but ensures that those who might be more affected by them, will change their theology, practice and belief more to that of the acceptable Protestant norms with finality being in the destruction of the “Catholic” faith altogether whereby there is nothing remotely “Catholic” in spirit and truth except an out-ward show of rites or rituals, an appearance of ecclesiological actions and activities.  These on-going activities against our Orthodox Catholicity is happening in very minute and slow degrees with the ultimate aim and end results whereby the Mark Of The Beast will have been definitely implanted into the hearts of minds of people as a prepatory stage to the final “Mark” being made physically. 

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