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Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for messages posted other than providing the contents of the message and the e-mail address of the poster.  If you respond, do not give out any personal information regarding your income, your residence address, telephone number or other such information that might, could or would otherwise place you at risk.  This disclaimer is posted for those posting and those responding to posts made. If you post or respond to a message, you abide by the terms of posting in which you promise, understand and agree to hold harmless and free from any and all liability and responsibility of every kind and nature; this web site, all persons, assignees, organizations and institutions of every kind and nature. 


You post and respond as you would on any other web site, such messages that abide with the rules shown below.


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(Subject to change without notice - be sure to print this page)

  1. Messages must be short, but detailing the urgency of need.

  2. Parolees/Prisoners must have a VERIFIABLE e-mail address.

  3. Information released to those who respond is controlled by the Parolee/Prisoner.  Each case is different, each person is unique and each need is handled as it should be, SPECIAL.

  4. Make no requests for pens, pencils, writing materials, stamps, money, etc. if already incarcerated.

  5. No requests for us to do things for prisoners that are not normally allowed by the Prison system of the state in which an individual is housed.

  6. If a mother just released from jail or prison, specify which: Include Jail/Prison Inmate number; conditions of parole (if parolee), City, State in which you are located; conditions of parole, and specify urgency of need (what is needed and why), What you were provided when released form jail/prison, if children are involved, persons (name, address, phone, etc.) to whom PAN staff may verify the information). 

  7. WHEN sending us a message for posting:  Provide your e-mail address and as much detail relating to the urgency of your need, what is needed, what you received upon release, information for seeking help when you were released, amount of money rec'd upon release, what you have or have not been doing since release, educational background, work background, family relationships (if any) and such other information relating to our ability to make direct contact with you or someone you know who knows how to contact you directly.  Depending on your request for posting your message, other information may be requested and necessary for verification purposes of URGENCY and NEED.

  8. Information that is posted will be controlled by the one making the post.  E-mails are to be considered as a legal means of communication.

  9. Those who wish for a message to be posted and those Responding to a posted message (by this notice) agree, and understand, that they release PAN and its hosts of the web pages, all who may be connected either directly or indirectly to PAN and/or the Church/Jurisdiction, to be held harmless and blameless for any civil, criminal or other results which might, could or would affect the legal and/or fiduciary standing of PAN, its representative and associates or associations, churches, companies, businesses and persons connected to (either directly or indirectly) with PAN.  PAN and all persons connected (either directly or indirectly) are held harmless and blameless for any misconduct or requests made in a posted and/or response to a posted, message.

  10. RESPONDING TO A MESSAGE: If you are replying to a posted message there are two ways in which this can be done.  1) Directly to the e-mail address in the message, or 2) To PAN for verification or information.

  11. RESPONDING TO A MESSAGE: The one responding to a message controls what information can or cannot BE released to the one who posted the message.    We make no guarantees or promises whatsoever to either the one posting the message and the one responding to a  posted message. 

  12. PAN will do all that is possible within its own constraints, abilities and limitations to ensure accuracy and verifiability of the information posted, but no guarantees or promises are made whatsoever.

  13. MAKE NO COLLECT CALLS... They will automatically be refused!

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