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South Carolina


Alston Wilkes Society

3519 medical Dr.

Columbia, SC 29203

(803) 748-7489


This statewide social service organization provides a wide variety of services to adult and juvenile offenders, ex-offenders, homeless veterans, emotionally disturbed youth, and their immediate families.  Assistance includes employment, mediation, life skills, rehabilitation, prevention, volunteering, and transitional house, (Halfway houses including two youth homes).  It accepts out-of-state referrals of residents of South Carolina and of probationers under jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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South Dakota

Glory House

4000 South West Ave.

Sioux Falls, SD 57109-1001

(605) 332-3273


Glory House is a transitional residential facility for ex-offenders.  Services include individual and gorup couneling, as well as job placement assistance.


ARCH Halfway House

333 South Spring Ave.

Sioux Falls, SD 57104

(605) 332-6730


ARCH offers a transitional residential facility for people that have a chemical dependency.  completion of, or participation in, a formal treatment program is required.  Chemical dependency counseling is available. Residents are expected to find employment during their stay.

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Dallas County Jail Inmates Program Division

899 Stemmons Freeway

Dallas, TX 75207

(214) 761-9025


Although the program's main focus is to coordinate education and substance abuse for inmates within the Dallas County Jail System, this program also assists in referrals to outside community agencies for released inmates.

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Department of Corrections

6100 South Fashion Blvd.

Murray, UT 84107

(801) 265-5500

Fax: (801) 265-5670




Utah's Department of Corrections has several Community Correctional Centers located throughout the state.  Those in need of continued treatment and counseling are referred to a halfway house.  They have a new 150 bed facility in Ogden, as well as three facilities in Salt Lake City.  During their stay, residents are employed and receive counseling and referrals.

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Vermont Catholic Charities

Deacon Steve Ratte Diocesan Director of Prison Ministry

351 North Ave.

Burlington, VT 05401

(802) 658-6110 Ext. 312

Fax: (802) 860-0451


Provides one-on-one pastoral counseling, family visitation, inmate supervised passes, and referral services.  Services are limited to Vermont offenders, ex-offenders and their families.


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Offender Aid and Restoration of Arlington County

1400 N. Uhle St. - Suite 704

Arlington, VA 22201

(703) 228-7030


Offers employment and vocational guidance, skills training, and direct referrals.  Also provides counseling and limited job placement.


Offender Aid and Rstoration of Charlottesville/Abermarle

750 Harris St., Suite 207

Charlottesville, VA 22903

(804) 296-2441


OAR offers job assistance and emergency assistance for offendres and their families.  Also provides pretrial services and supervision of community service and restitution.  Volunteer services for inmates are also available.


Offender Aid and Restoration of Faifax

10640 Page Ave. - Suite 250

Fairfax, VA 22030

(703) 246-3033


This private, nonprofit agency provides services for inmates, ex-offenders, and their families who are Fairfax County residences.  It provides referrals to community resources, employment and vocational guidance, and scholarships for inmates to take college level correspondence courses.  It also offers emergency financial loans to ex-offenders to obtain food, clothes, and temporary housing.  Has support groups for families of offenders and children of offenders.


Offender Aid and Restoration of Richmond, Inc.

1 N. 3rd St. - Suite 200

Richmond, VA 23219

(804) 643-2746


This OAR branch provides post-release services for inmates in local jails.  Services are limited to offenders in Richmond and Petersburg, and Henrico, Chesterfield and Hanover counties only.  Services include job placement/search, housing referrals and basic social services (clothing, work tools, etc.) and volunteer counseling.



7510 Grandy St., Suite 203

Norfolk, VA 23502

(757) 588-3151


Step-Up works with all ex-offenders and offenders (federal, state, local and military).  It offers parole preparation and pre-release services.  Upon release, Step-Up provides ex-offenders with job development and placement, resume/application services, local transportation funds, and job skills training.  Housing support services are provided on an availability basis.


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Friendship, Inc. - Spokane County

P. O. Box 11215

Olympia, WA 98508

(360) 357-8021


Post charge diversion program for first time felony offenders (adults only, work with prosecutors office).



935 - 16th Ave.

Seattle, WA 98122-4259

(206) 324-3924


Provides re-entry support for ex-felons returning to the community from Washington State penal institutions.  Support includes emergency housing, comprehensive employment services, counseling and referral.


United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

1945 Yale Place E.

Seattle, WA 98102

(206) 325-6381


Offers employment counseling, job referrals, and placement assistance.


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West Virginia



Shawnee Hills, Inc.

P. O. Box 3694

Charleston, WV 25336-3698

(304) 341-0199


This private, nonprofit organization offers mental health, mental retardation, and substance abuse programs.  It works with the Charleston Work Release Center and provides counseling to ex-convicts to help them readjust back into family life and the community.


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Horizon House

2511 W. Vine St.

Milwaukee, WI 53205

(414) 342-3237


Horizon House offers employment and vocational guidance, counseling, direct referrals for women on probation and women being released from federal and state institutions in Wisconsin.  It offers room and board to ex-offenders referred from the state Department of Corrections.  Services also include a parent education/children's program and an alcohol and drug treatment program.



Project Return

Tom Schaffer

1821 N. 16th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53205

(414) 344-5013


Provides support groups, housing and job locating services for ex-offenders.   Project Return also include AODA and At-Risk-Youth.  They also assist in locating drug-free housing and employment for ex-offenders.  Assistance for other material needs, as well as all other services are on a "for-need" basis.



Wisconsin Correctional Service

230 W. Wells St., Suite 500

Milwaukee, WI 53203

(414) 271-2512


Operates alternative and community programs for offenders including drug residential treatment programs, adult halfway houses, community service options programs, and pretrial release programs.  Job program is also included.


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