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This state does not have any known local programs at this time of publication.  For assistance, contact one of the offices listed under National Organizations.

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Community Service Center

Octavia Edinburg

4000 Magazine St.

New Orleans, LA 70115

(504) 897-6277


Provides counseling, job placement assistance, follow-up and referral services to ex-offenders in the greater metro New Orleans area.  Also provides emergency assistance on a limited basis.


Southwest Louisiana Education and Referral Center, Inc.

439 Heyman Blvd.

Lafayette, LA 70503

(318) 232-4357


Provides ex-offenders with referrals to community and state agencies and organizations.  Offers free brochures on health information, drug testing, developmental disabilities, and dental programs.

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Preble Street Resource Center

252 Oxford St. and 5 Portland

P.O. Box 1459

Portland, ME 04104

(207) 775-0026


This program provides assistance to homeless and low income persons at risk for homelessness by locating housing or providing transitional support.  It acts as a clearinghouse for information on housing programs and related health and human services.  They offer a breakfast program and a day shelter which provides free clothes, telephones, showers, laundry and condoms, plus a mailing address for homeless and low income persons.  Their Homelessness Prevention Program provides intensive on-on-one case management and survival services to clients after an apartment has been secured to avoid future episodes of homelessness.


York county Shelters, Inc.

Shaker Hill Rd.

P.O. Box 820

Alfred, ME 04002

(207) 324-1137

Hotline: 800-639-3770

Fax: (207) 324-5290


This residential treatment facility serves York County.  Its services include a co-ed adult emergency shelter, halfway house, extended care, referral to social services, and on-site training in baking, institutional cooking, and building trades.  It also functions as a family emergency shelter and transitional facility offering on-site child care services.  The staff includes registered substance abuse counselors, social worker, medical director, and dietician.





There are numerous soup kitchens throughout Maine.  Some serve noontime meals, others evening dinners.  Most serve on weekdays, while a few are weekend only.  Call the soup kitchen or look in a local newspaper to check on meal schedules.



Bread of Life Kitchen

157 Water St.

Augusta, ME 04330

(207) 626-3434



Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen

% Salvation Army

65 South Park St.

Bangor, ME 04401

(207) 941-2990



Brunswick Area Council of Churches Soup Kitchen

% St. Paul's

P.O. Box 195

27 Pleasant St. 

Brunswick, ME 04001

(207) 725) 5342



St. Luke's Soup Kitchen

Preble Street Resource Center

252 Oxford St. and 5 Portland

Portland, ME 04104

(207) 775-0026


St. Bernard's Soup Kitchen

150 Broadway

Rockland, ME 04841

(207) 594-5204



Notre Dame Soup Kitchen

112 Silver St.

Waterville, ME 04901

(207) 872-8061



Winthrop Soup Kitchen

10 Lake St.

Winthrop, ME 04364

(207) 377-8404

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Prisoners Aid Association  of Maryland

2000 N. Calvert St.

Baltimore, MD 21218

(410) 727-8130



Offers a wide range of services to inmates and ex-offenders through community involvement and professional programs.  Services include employment and housing placement and counseling.  There is a residential facility for homeless and jobless ex-offenders.


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Aid to Incarcerated Mothers (AIM)

32 Rutland St. - 4th Floor

Boston, MA 02118

(617) 536-0058


Provides services to incarcerated mothers and their children in Massachusetts.  The organization's main focus is to help the inmate mother meet her parental responsibilities with the final goal of reuniting her family.  Their RENEW program (Reentry for new Emerging Women) counsels women and develops housing, education, parenting and employment resources.


SPAN, Inc.

110 Arlington St.

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 423-0750


SPAN i s a re-integration counseling program for offenders and ex-offenders.  They offer individual and group counseling and referrals to employment and social services.


COERS (Comprehensive Offender employment Resource System)

79 chandler St.

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 338-1096


This state-wide organization provides a number of programs for recently released ex-offenders.  Their main focus is job placement, although they also offer counseling and GED tutoring.

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CURE-SORT (Sex Offenders Restored Through Treatment)

Wayne Bowers

P.O. Box 1191

Okemos, MI 48805-1191


Chapter of a national Prison Reform Organization, emphasizing the need for proper treatment of sex offenders.


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100 N. Sixth St., Suite 347-B

Minneapolis, MN 55403

(612) 348-8570


This nonprofit private organization offers a Community Resoruce Outreach Project which assists ex-offenders with housing, clothing, and job seeking resources.  Assists in ex-offenders families seeking resources.  Offers a transition program at Lino Lakes (a reformatory).


Women's Shelter, Inc.

P.O. Box 457

Rochester, MN 55903

(507) 285-1010

24 hour Hotline: (507) 285-0527




The shelter operates a work release program for women in Shakopee Women's Prison and a jail diversion program for women from Olmsted County, MN.

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Beginning Again in Christ After Care Center

P.O. Box 26

Brandon, MS 39043

(601) 825-0535


This privately funded Protestant Christian ministry provides residential housing for ex-offenders who have accepted Christianity while in prison.  Services include educational training, job placement referrals, and individual counseling.

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COPE (Congregation and Offender Partnership Enterprise)

3529 Marcus Avenue

St. Louis, Mo. 63115

(314) 389-4804


COPE is an ecumenical local nonprofit  organization that engages St. Luis congregations in supportive partnerships with selected ex-offenders for a year as they re-enter the community.  Volunteers work with inmates while in prison and then continue to give assistance after release.  Services vary depending upon individual needs, but may include temporary shelter and job placement assistance.

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U.M. Women's Center

University of Montana

UC 210

Missoula, MT 59812

(406) 243-4153


This Referral Center helps to refer male and female ex-offenders to legal aid and medical assistance.

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