National Organizations


American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

125 Broad Street

New York, NY 10004-2400

Telephone: 212-549-2500     or    800-775 ACLU


This is the national headquarters of the ACLU.  Their main function is organizational and to oversee litigation.  Those interested in becoming members of the ACLU should contact this office.



CEGA Services

Darrell Bryan, Director

P.O. Box 81826

Lincoln, NE 68501   

Telephone: 402-464-0602


This is a national for-profit information and referral service that provides assistance to inmates, ex-offenders and their families.  Individuals can ask for help in locating the addresses, phone numbers, and criteria of agencies that will help them with employment, shelter, financial advice, educational programs, alcohol and drug counseling, legal or medical advice.  There is a $10 fee.  Write for a referral form.



CURE (Citizens United for the Rehabilitation of Errants)

P.O. Box 2310

National Capitol Station

Washington, DC 20013-2310

Telephone: 202-789-2126



CURE organizes prisoners, their families and other concerned citizens to achieve reforms in the criminal justice system.  They are an advocacy, not an after care organization.  However, various state chapters can provide prisoners and their families with information about rehabilitative programs.


NLADA (National Legal Aid and Defender Association)

1625 K Street, sutie 800

Washington, DC 20006

Telephone: 202-452-0620

FAX:  202-872-1031




This organization provides assistance to legal aid and public defender offices.  The NLADA does not provide direct services to individual clients.  However, NLADA will act as a referral service, providing the names of local programs that do provide representation to individual clients.


Prison Fellowship Ministries

P.O. Box 17500

Washington, DC 20041-0500

Telephone: 703-478-0100



Prison Fellowship works toward getting churches involved in ministering directly to ex-prisoners, in referring ex-prisoners to other organizations when beneficial, and in being an after care resource to other community organizations.



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