Parolees Anonymous Network (PAN)

Resource Information


There are public and private agencies that work to help ex-offenders find another way of life and remain out of prison.  Some agencies are funded by state or local governments.  Others are supported by charities, religious, and business groups.  Many of the organizations listed on General Career Sites (including the Internet) offer after care services such as education/training programs, social services, and job development assistance.  Contact them for more information.

According to research, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Wyoming offer no after care programs specifically geared toward ex-offenders.  These states do have charitable organizations such as the YMCA and YWCA, Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army and United Way's First Call For Help programs.  They can be found in the white pages of the telephone book.  These organizations are always good places to contact and may provide other referrals that are more useful than what  we are able to provide at this time.

Although most of the organizations listed do not provide legal services, a few like the National Legal Aid and Defender Association (NLADA), provide assistance to legal to legal aid and public defender offices.  Although it doesn't provide direct services to individual clients, it does act as a referral service, providing the names of local programs that can provide inmates or ex-offenders with representation.

There are also several national advocacy groups that work to achieve reforms in the criminal justice system.  Organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, American Friends Service Committee and CURE (Citizens Untied for the Rehabilitation of Errants) have state programs that offer information on education, policy development, and advocacy organization tactics.  Check the white business pages of your phone book for local listings and also our General Career Sites (including the Internet).