Parolees Anonymous Network (PAN)
Application Request
Presented by:
Voice of American Orthodox-Catholic Christianity
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"Prejudice makes Prisoners of the hater and the hated..."

Parolees Anonymous is of the firm belief that your "privacy" is of the utmost importance.  We have discovered for ourselves that in spite of all "hoop-la" about security features of many of the programs used for applications, credit cards, bank information, registration applications, etc.  the internet is not really all that safe and secure.

As a result of our findings, we have elected to set up this page for our APPLICATION REQUEST whereby you may download a copy of it and print it out, or, print it out while connected to the internet.

Of course, you may also decide that sending it e-mail is just as okay, even though not so secure.  If you do decide to use the e-mail method, just highlight the application Request, copy and past into an e-mail, after you have completed answering those questions that apply to you.

Either way, it will be safer for you to complete the application in the privacy of your own home, mailing it in to us via regular U.S. Mail.


PAN Application Request

First, Middle, Last Name: _________________________________________________

Street or Mailing Address: _________________________________________________

City: ________________   State: __________  Zip Code:___________

Home Telephone: (_____) _______  -  ____________

Message Telephone:  (_____) _______  -  ____________

Other: (_____) _______  -  ____________

I am:
           [  ]  An Ex-Con no longer on parole:
           [  ]  A Parolee
           [  ]  Family member  (Over the age of 21)
           [  ]  Loved One or Friend (Over the age of 21)
           [  ]  A Concerned and interested person (Over the age of 21).

I wish to donate:

           [  ] Financial Support in the sum of $________, as enclosed.
           [  ] Equipment:
           [  ] Computer with Internet capabilities (telephone modem).. 
                         [  ] Printer for use with computer..  Value: $____
                         [  ] Fax machine - Value: $____
                         [  ] Functional Copy machine.. Value: $____
                         [  ] Telephone - Communication equipment.. Value: $____

NOTE: Each donation of money and/or equipment will be receipted and sent to the donor.

I wish to donate:
[  ] My time for the needs of Parolees Anonymous Network (PAN)...
[  ]  I have a place to work out of:   [  ] Home   [  ] Other
[  ]  I have a telephone that can be used separately from my personal phone.
[  ]  I have a personal computer with internet connection capabilities.
[  ]  I have a fax machine.
[  ]  Other: ____________________________________

[  ]  My qualifications are: {Describe why you believe you are qualified}
                   {Add a separate sheet of paper if you need more space}

[  ] I do have       [  ] I do not have   A High School Education....
My education level is: ______________________________

I verify the above to be true and factual...

Today's Date: ____________

Signed: _________________________________________________________

If you send this via e-mail, your signature will not show (obviously) which means that we will make a copy, send it back to you via U.S. Mail for your signature to verify that you are the one who submitted it.

For U.S. Mail, you may send it to the:

Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus
Attn: P.A.N.
P.O. Box 1303
Seaside, CA. 93955-1303

Your Questions, Ideas, Suggestions and Comments are important to us...
Send us your E-Mail: