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We apologize for the inconvenience.  Why?  PAN went off the internet (so-to-speak, the "air") in 2003 due to those who had used deceit, lies, even forgery and blackmail while calling themselves "Christian" and "Clergy".  Yes... even the Church has within it, those who are the workers of Satan (Lucifer) and appear as angels of light while they sew wickedness and harm to unsuspecting people.  We too were also victims of them and had to make a decision to close down PAN temporarily. 

The following information below is where we left off in 2003.  So you are given this notice because we have not had the time, as yet, to update the information provided.  We ask that you help us in updating that information by reviewing the information provided.  If you know something is no longer in existence or a program or agency has changed its rules, etc., send us corrected information.  You would be helping Inmates, Prisoners and Parolees and our Staff at the International Headquarters of the  AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH.

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A Reality Check

     Since 1990 the nation's prison and jail population has nearly doubled.  In 1990 there were 773,919 prison inmates as compared to 1,302,019 in 1998.  At about $15,000 per prisoner, the nation's tab for corrections is now approximately $25 billion a year, and the price tag continues to grow each year.

     From 1980 to 1993, the number of U.S. ex-offenders released yearly from state or federal prison has more than tripled, jumping from 122,952 to 456,408.  If this trend continues, the community of ex-offenders will continue to grow, and at an exponential rate.

     Here are some worrisome statistics.  According to recent Justice Department figures, an estimated 63 percent of released state prisoners are re-arrested for a felony or serious misdemeanor within three years, 43 percent are re-convicted, and 41 percent are returned to prison or jail; an estimated 21 percent are re-arrested for a violent offense - -  such as robbery, rape, kidnapping and homicide.  Those are frightening statistics but true nonetheless.

     It is not very difficult to understand why most ex-offenders end up back behind the prison wire and wall.  Once on the street, they face an almost endless series of serious obstacles such as lack of food, shelter, employment, clothes, start-up money, transportation, and medical services.  to add to the problem, most ex-offenders do not possess marketable skills, are semi-literate, and have no knowledge of community resources available to them.  Statistics from the Division of Criminal Justice show that 83 percent of ex-offenders that are violated on parole, were unemployed at the time of their violation.  Despite these odds, there are some examples of ex-offenders who have used various programs to start a new career.  Click on "True Stories".

     Some ex-offenders have entered into a very profound and deep commitment of faith through the "Thaddeans" and have found not only forgiveness through repentance, but a peace that transcends all former thought by these particular ex-offenders.    

     A few ex-offenders began the W.O.T.I. seminary training program and are working toward obtaining their certificate which will lead to their ordination to the priesthood.  At this time (2005) W.O.T.I. is not accepting any new applications for admittance.



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Conquers All

This is the summation of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ

For many so-called Christians, this teaching is hard to accept, harder still to follow.

"Prejudice makes Prisoners of the hated and the hater."

Fr. Alan Stanford, SSJt., Ph.D.


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