Are you a Priest already?  

Do you have some unfortunate situation or problem which has limited you in your ministry?

Are you a Priest with a troubled past?

Are you a Priest with unique circumstances?

Are you a Priest with a unique ministry?

Are you a Priest with a special challenge? 

Have you had trouble finding a Bishop to grant you faculties?  

Blessings to you who have come to this particular web page.  My name is Brother Matthias.  I am not a priest, but I do have something to tell you.  Something I believe is important for your consideration if you are a priest already.

I and several others have been with Metropolitan Thaddeus for a very lengthy time in terms of 10 plus and more years.  We have witnessed his endeavors to protect his clergy from the charades and shenanigans of those who would destroy our Orthodox and Catholic heritage of faith and practice.  We have watched and witnessed this man take on those who have committed spiritual fraud on both the masses and clergy alike.  We have witnessed this man's temper in defending the church (faithful and clergy alike) when those who do not observe the same have diligently and deceptively acted in a manner that has brought about all but death.  We have even witnessed what degree this man will go to in order to defend the Seals of the Confessional that involved civil litigation.  Don't, not for a moment, ever think that the political arms of civil law will not take a priest to task for not breaking the Seals of the Confessional, for they do and have.  I, and those with me, know!

There are many martyrs and saints in Holy Church who have been killed because of their beliefs, because of their protecting even the Seals of the Confessional, and other clergy who have suffered prison sentencing.

If you join with us, you join with a man who "shoots from the hip" (so-to-speak) in telling it like it is.  

I have dyslexia and in these later years my diabetes has taken its toll along with a very serious incurable disease that eventually will destroy me because there is no known cure yet.  Yet, my bishop, the Metropolitan, has the patience of a spiritual father.  He explains, oft times in great detail.  He listens, with great patience.  He reprimands with Love.

He gives numerous chances to those whose obstinacy would sometimes lead many a bishop to give up on the individual. 

Here is a the basis of our Metropolitan's belief in YOU!

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Blessing you with prayer, I am a humble brother in the Holy Order of St. Jude Thaddeus (Thaddean Companions)...

Bro.Matthias, SSJt.