Premarital Life and its Trials

There is a tendency in man, especially today to loosen and weaken IL' the moral standards and principles which have been held through the ages. There is also a tendency to substitute for these standards new so-called man-made moral codes, especially in the area of sex desires and sex relationships outside of marriage. This new moral code is most evident in premarital life, especially among young people. This new moral code is accepted in the name of freedom in a modern society. This code supposedly justifies sexual indulgence outside the state of marriage, and does not regard this practice as sinful. Such sexual relationships are practiced without respect to human decency and the sexual instinct as a God-given gift. The premarital period is the most dangerous time in the life of young people today. Premarital sex relationship is due primarily to either ignorance of the consequences or disregard for Christian standards. This attitude of young people today reflects a lack of proper education in the home, school and church. Premarital relationship is a perversion of the beauty and reverence of love and the sexual instinct, which are interwoven and cannot be separated in their true essence. The separation of sex from love is a perverted concept that the new code endorses. It has been man's constant struggle to attain the virtuous state of purity. However, the new moral code disregards any ideal of purity and dignity in the name of freedom; but this freedom without any restriction is not a freedom at all, but a perverted idea of abandoning ideals and principles of physical and moral life. Real freedom is the protection and upholding of the human abilities and values, the choosing of good over evil.


Man was created with sufficient abilities to discern between good and evil and to fulfill the gifts bestowed on him by Almighty God. God created man in His image, and endowed him with the gift of free will to seek God's likeness. Man's free will, though blurred after his fall, should be exercised in faith and in the control of moral life, both spiritually and physically. God Almighty provided man with everything good. God also created the test for man; He planted, the tree of knowledge of good and evil, Genesis 2:9b, so that man could exercise his gift of free will. Without such a test, there would be no free will in man, and man without this free will would not have been created in God's image. This test, in the form of the tree of knowledge, was used by the evil tempter in the form of a serpent which used his cleverness and cunning to persuade man to violate God's command. This evil tempter appealed to man's weakness, his arrogance and tendency toward disobedience, and convinced man that he would, be as gods, knowing good and evil, Genesis 3:5b.

The Garden of Eden, the test in the form of the tree of knowledge, the evil tempter in the form of a serpent, man's free will, and his ability to discern between good and evil — all are part of man's nature. While man can be the willing recipient of all the blessings, he also is responsible for their consequences. Man alone can create a dialogue between good and evil within himself; he is the created personality in whose abilities the question of good and evil demands an answer. The evil tempter observes man's exercise of his free will. Man's failure to choose even the human good made him captive to temptation; the realization of this temptation is sin. Sm, then, is the consequence of evil committed by the free will of man through his arrogance and disobedience, which in fact are exploitations of man's self. Man has the potential to choose good. Blessed is the man who endures trial, for when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life which God has promised to those who love him. Let no one say when he is tempted, I am tempted by God; for God cannot be tempted with evil and he himself tempts no one; but each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire. Then desire when it has conceived gives birth to sin; and sin when it is full-grown brings forth death. Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren, James 1:12-16.

Man has the ability to seek the knowledge of good and evil; knowledge is a tool which needs a higher intellect and higher moral conviction to direct it toward good. Theoretical knowledge, in itself, is not considered "knowledge" if it is not used for higher moral achievements. The lack of and negligence of knowledge is ignorance. However, ignorance of knowledge of good and evil cannot be excused. Likewise, knowledge as a means to accomplish evil, to justify a pleasurable end, is not only inexcusable, but sinful. Lack of knowledge or the misuse of unguided knowledge is more apparent in the moral life of society today, especially in the abuse of the sex.

Standards and Values are Endangered

The ethical and moral values of society are in danger of losing their validity and their beauty. These values are violated and being changed by perverted new standards, especially in premarital sex relationships. The perversion of moral values stems from the lack of proper teaching of the Scriptures in the home, school and church. Furthermore, society at large has become indifferent to the changing values in sexual life, especially among the youth. The apathy and silence of people in high positions in Christian Society have allowed Christian moral standards to be abused and misused.

Christian moral truths and standards must be known and under-, stood by all, young and old alike, to preserve the significance they have had throughout the various cultures of the centuries. There can be no compromise of these standards by the so-called modern outlook of today. These Christian standards are unshakeable, regardless of opposition and betrayals. These standards are the same as in the past, through the present and the future. Nothing can change their validity. They are divine truths. As such they cannot be changed by human efforts and circumstances, no matter what man's superfluous desires might demand. If these divine truths could be changed, they would not be divine truths. God ordained that man be endowed with the gift of sexual instinct to be used with dignity, respect and reverence as a revealed truth with a distinct purpose and destiny. The divine truths were given to guide the faithful to their destiny, not to follow the man-made, uncontrolled, lustful appetites of the flesh for the sake of the flesh.

These Christian principles must be applied in all circumstances of sexual life, especially during the period from puberty to marriage. It is during this period that the dignity of young people is endangered by their ignorance of good and evil. Therefore, it is vital that they receive proper education on sex, especially in relation to this premarital period. Young people today look upon religious ideals as old fashioned and outdated, thereby finding justification for their disregard of Christian ideals. This attitude is, without excuse, for although they knew God they did not humor him as God . . . but they became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened. Claiming to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images resembling mortal man . . .

Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the dishonoring of their bodies among themselves, Romans l:20b-24.

Premarital Life-its Virtues and Vices

Premarital life is the time when the behavior of unmarried persons is tested by complex feelings and attitudes toward the opposite sex. It lasts from early age until the time of marriage. Their respect for custom and for the truths of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church is at stake. There are degrees for practicing ideals of the Christian Church which currently are included in the "new morality." The inner impulse for sexual ventures is innate in man and needs direction and training; it needs thoughtful control and behavior in order to be satisfactory for man as well as the moral truths of the Gospel.

It is necessary for all Christians to learn the ideals concerning sensual life according to the Christian teaching. Sex instinct is strong, but can be controlled by the free will of a man who sincerely invokes the Grace of God to achieve this goal. The unmarried have controversial thoughts on sex life. Therefore, they should be armed with spiritual attitudes based on knowledge of moral truths concerning sex and marriage. These moral truths should develop not only as theoretical ideals, but, especially, as personal experiences. There are temptations not only from without, but from within, if impulses are not kept under control. Without the effort to control these sexual impulses, the unmarried become prey of circumstances, coming and going with the wind. One who loses control of his emotions lacks the stamina to maintain morality and purity as revealed in the Scriptures. The Christian believer is urged to apply his faith and Christian ideals to his thoughts and practices.


Faith in God, knowledge of His truths pertaining to a Christian life, invocation of God's Grace, and preparation against external temptations, comprise the shield for the spiritual world in which man lives. It should be noted that this preparation is an everyday concern; it needs nourishing, understanding and conviction to oppose controversial temptations. Purity is the goal of a sincere Christian. This state of purity in premarital life is both caught and taught; it requires knowledge of the content of purity of the spirit and body.

For the achievement of such a state of purity of the spirit and the body, it is necessary for one to know precisely the truths of the Gospel on this subject. Knowledge of the Scriptures pertaining to purity is indispensable in order to form convictions. Without such a knowledge of God's commandments and admonitions, the Christian does not know what is good and what is evil, and, therefore, does not know what commandments are violated; he does not know what target he aims at. He is like the soldier who does not know how and against whom to use his weapons. However, the pretense of ignorance humiliates the Christian, for it means he neglects to learn the content of Christian truths. Learning the word of God is man's first responsibility; understanding the word of God is man's task; applying the word of God is man's reward.

Faith in God is an innate tendency of man which leads him to seek God's love and compassion for his spiritual nourishment. He is strengthened by praying, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Matthew 6:13. Faith in God is a powerful force which strengthens the believer to apply the ideals of his faith in everyday living. Faith in the true God is, in itself, His Kingdom extended to ones own thoughts, feelings and practices. Because of this faith, prayer is more meaningful; it is directed to a living God Whose compassion is shown to and felt by the believer in many ways, and is indispensable for living a moral life.

Divine Grace is God's gift to assist man to achieve his godly purpose. The Christian who tries to fulfill the commandments of God in his everyday living, both in mind and practice, constantly invokes God's assistance and Grace. This Grace of Go!} is not an outgrowth of nature and natural laws; it is directed energy and strength, without which no achievement of man could be reached. The Grace of God is an assistance of great value to man in facing the difficulties of life, including those of man's sex life. It is a power which is constantly needed, for temptations are constantly working to enslave man. It is a compassionate gift of God shown in all human difficulties. The Grace of God helps man keep pure according to the Will and commandments of God. The Christian is enlightened by the word of God and His Grace to know what is the meaning of purity of the spirit and of the body and is strengthened to keep himself pure according to God's Will. Nothing can be done with the illumination and power of God by His word and His Grace.

Man's preparation for his protection from temptation is important. Man's efforts to remain pure require alertness and knowledge of purity's significance. The willing believer beseeches Almighty God for strength to overcome temptations that debase the state of purity, for we are God's fellow workers; you are God's field, God's building, 1 Corinthians 3:9. God, through His compassion, calls man to be His co-worker for man's own dignity and uprightness. Man needs God's assistance and guidance, for apart from me you can do nothing, John 15:5, especially for the state of purity. The faithful one is asked to plant and water, but he must know that it is, only God who gives the growth, 1 Corinthians 3:8. This privilege of man's co-working with God is not only for man's dignity and honor, but more important, it emphasizes the responsibility to keep God s commandments, especially in upholding chastity. For do you not know that you are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you; If any one destroys God's temple, God will destroy him. For God's temple is holy and that temple you are. Let no one deceive himself, 1 Cor. 3:16-18.

Man's awareness of the meaning of purity of spirit and body, and his knowledge of God's Will arm him to overthrow temptations in mind and body. The believer must demonstrate his willingness to keep his state of purity; his acts reflect his desire to accomplish pod's Will. Man's efforts to accomplish this state of purity thrive on his constant, communion with God through prayer and fasting. By prayer and fasting the faithful one prepares himself both in mind and body to cast out evil thoughts and practices, as the Lord told His disciples, this kind (of evil) cannot be driven out by anything but prayer and fasting, Mark 9:29 (cf. Mt. 17,21).

Prayer is man's highest privilege — communication with God at any time and at any place, in sorrow or joy. The need of prayer is felt by one who believes in God's concern for the accomplishment of His Will. The need of prayer is felt by man who strives against evil temptations, especially against the disorder of the flesh. Man should deny himself certain foods and certain desires which tempt him. Fasting is a means that should be practiced in relation to Almighty God, to Whom one dedicates his efforts to maintain the state of purity in humbleness and obedience.

The more prayer and fasting is practiced, the more effective one's petitions to God. The human effort to accomplish the state of purity in mind and body is fortified by Christ's sacrifice in the Holy Eucharist, which the believer frequently partakes of in Holy Communion. Prayer and fasting are the forerunners of self-denial and self-control for keeping the state of purity. Christ calls everyone to dedicate himself to God, and said to all, If any man would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me, Luke 9:23. The Christian is asked to dedicate himself to obeying God's Will and following the steps of Christ prayerfully and constantly.

Violation of Moral Standards

The premarital life is confronted with many challenges to the state of purity; it is confronted with success and failure; with many dispositions and many moods, surprises and excitements. Premarital life tests and examines one's sexual purity. One compares his activities with authoritative and accepted standards. These standards are established mainly on the precepts of the Christian Church and society at large, especially on the revealed Will of God, which is recorded in the Scriptures. These standards are the mirrors in which the thoughts and practices of unmarried persons are reflected. The violation of such standards result in contrition and pain in the knowledge of having done wrong.

The recognition of iniquities as violations of God's Will is sin. This recognition brings on repentance and self-examination. The more knowledge one has of the Will of God, the stronger the realization he has of the violations committed. The recognition of sin pertaining to premarital life is in itself a virtue by which sin is diminished and avoided. Any transgression of Christian principles, especially those pertaining to the sexual life of unmarried persons, is sin. Therefore, the Christian must know the commandments and Will of God in order to apply them in his everyday life.

Violation of standards of moral life, while it may be hidden from society, remains a burden on man's conscience. Such a violation of God's Will is sin. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord, Romans 6:23. That gift can be attained only by sincere repentance and the effort to end wrongdoing. It is important to know that sin begins from within and is experienced from without. Therefore, means of protection from within should be used at the first thought of sin. The knowledge of sin as defined in the Scriptures and the invocation of the Grace of God for guidance and protection should become the armor to fortify one to avoid evil and reject temptations. No one should expose himself to temptation overconfident in his power to resist evil. Temptations should be avoided in the name of God, Who taught us to pray, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, Matthew 6:13. God's assistance and man's own knowledge should be utilized in the struggle against temptation, particularly during the premarital period.


The application of ideals of premarital life is tested in the individual's personal experience. Knowledge and frank discussions of sex matters need not destroy one's sense of modesty. Only with the. full knowledge of this God-given instinct can one understand and appreciate its beauty and reverence in the union of spirit, mind and body. Harmony of spirit, mind and body, is attained by the complete knowledge and understanding of sexual life. Without such knowledge it is impossible to control and preserve the state of purity according to the teachings of the Scriptures.

There are many presuppositions which lead to such a state of purity. For example, the age for marriage, should depend upon maturity, character, experience and intelligence of the persons involved. The question of heredity is very important to avoid diseases that could be passed on to children of certain couples. Religious differences, financial conditions, and many other factors should be considered thoroughly before the individuals become seriously involved by falling in love or making the mistake of having premarital sex relationships. Emotional and sex involvements are blind forces which compel a couple to decide for marriage without adequately considering compatibility.

Premarital life is a time of acquaintance, friendship and serious contemplation. On the other hand, there is a time when temptations become stronger, when self-control is challenged. Then more effort and discipline is needed to prevent violation of divine commandments and Christian ethics. Christian principles of morality tend to be relaxed by those who contemplate marriage. They use excuses to justify their sex relationship before marriage. This decision has its consequences, especially for the woman, for she must bear the burden of such a relationship. This disregard of moral principles and ideals is contrary to the teachings of the Christian Church, and is a mortal sin.

Young people must be aware not only of the sin that is committed, but also of the dreadful consequences involved in sex relationships outside of marriage. It is especially tragic when young people are not fully informed on sexual desire, its meaning and purpose in life. Many young people are so ignorant of the facts concerning sex that they are unaware of the dangers involved. On the other hand, a little knowledge of sex is also dangerous, because it might encourage one with emerging sex vigor to experiment with temptation.


The leisure life of today provides greater opportunities for young people to spend more time with one another. This has its merits, for it affords the opportunity for young people to become better acquainted. But it also has its dangers. Life today makes it possible for young people to leave their home surroundings and to walk together, play together, swim together and, if physically attracted to one another, make love together. If young people have proper sex education with an understanding of their physical desires they have a chance to control themselves and preserve Christian standards of purity and chastity. If they lack this sex education and are unaware of the dangers involved, they invite dreadful consequences that can ruin future life.

An incorrect opinion held by many is that the younger generation today knows everything about sex life. Indeed, they may know more than their parents did, but not enough to protect themselves from the dangers involved. The more leisure time young people of today have, the more armor they need to protect their Christian standards. Ignorance of sex causes illegitimate births^ which are increasing at an alarming rate. The most tragic consequence is that society condemns the young girl and her family for shameful behavior, while the young man—who is more to blame—escapes without blame. The responsibility, however, lies upon parents and teachers who neglect to properly educate their children in sex matters, failing to teach them that such practices outside of marriage are against the commandments of God.

Anther tragic consequence of sex ignorance is the contracting and spreading of venereal disease and its resulting physical defects. Also the lack of proper sex education early in life usually results in promiscuity, which is a serious moral breakdown. Recent medical research has discovered that sex activity among youth is resulting in feelings of guilt which lead to mental breakdown, especially among girls. This psychological breakdown is becoming more apparent and is on the increase. This indicates that young people are aware of their violation of Christian standards. Premarital sex results in emotional breakdown, impairing the health of the mind as well as the body. This consequence of illicit sex practice should be stressed by parents to their children.

There is the special problem of persons who feel they are in love, and are thinking of marriage soon. If their emotions and desires cannot be controlled, they should marry. If they cannot exercise self-control, they should marry. For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion, 1 Cor. 7:9. It is a mistake to believe that because the persons are in love and plan to marry that they can indulge in premarital sex. It is also wrong to believe that they should have sexual experience together to learn if they are physically suited for one another. For this "couple who wish to marry, the responsibilities of a premarital relationship are so great, and the chance of spoiling the whole affair is so large that it would appear to be much wiser to wait till they are married."

This premarital sex relationship, apart from moral implications, is also a hazard to the health and emotions of the two persons involved. Another factor to consider under such conditions is that the dignity of the love between the two persons, is diminished by a repetition of the sex act, which in time cheapens the respect and reverence of one for the other. When premarital sex has taken place and the couple later separate, it is impossible that pain and sorrow not be felt by one or both persons. Furthermore, such a painful experience would leave a deep mark which would affect any future relationship. Continued intimacy in premarital sex is not only a disrespect of self and a violation of God's Will, but a cause of serious nervous strain and physical disorders.

There are those who wish to marry but are unable to find someone to suit their ideal, not only in appearance but in spiritual ideals as well. These persons are faced with a serious problem which needs careful examination. It is necessary for them to re-examine their ' attitude and outlook which are based on preconditioned ideals and standards. These fixed ideals many times cause one to fail to consider the power and beauty of sincere love, which should be the highest ideal in the relationship between two persons. Many fail to realize that sincere love does not depend upon what a person has or what position he might hold, but on what the person himself is. If this problem cannot be solved, it is necessary that these persons become resolved to their own fate and destiny. They should exert self-control and pacify their desires with a strong determination and conviction, a state which can be attained with the help of God's Grace through prayer for perseverance and moral strength.


Knowledge of the dangers of premarital relationships, its temptations and consequences, will enable young people to understand and better prepare themselves to face the seriousness of this period in their lives. The proper teaching of sex in its beauty and dignity in the light of sound religious and social standards will arm young people to fight off the temptations of society. Premarital sex relationship is contrary not only to the Will of God, but also the moral standards of society. Furthermore, its practice produces mental and physical risks. Those who indulge in such practices debase the purpose and beauty of the God-given sex instinct bestowed in man.

Violations of religious and social standards in premarital life could be eliminated if young people were properly educated and made aware of the consequences of the misuse and abuse of sex. However, proper education in itself does not always provide the necessary self-control against temptation. Education is a great force only if it is applied with the principles and discipline of higher ideals of moral and religious standards. Only with the criteria of these ideals can sex instinct and its proper and normal function be understood. If this sex instinct is misunderstood and abused by being indulged in with disrespect and perverted attitudes, it is a mortal sin. Premarital sex relationship between two persons are contrary to Christian standards and leave marks which cannot be erased, even though marriage might take place later. Real love, sexual desires and virtuous standards are found only in marriage. The Church blesses marriage and crowns the chastity of the two persons in body and mind that, marriage be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed be undefiled, Hebrews 13:4.

Purity and chastity of body and spirit has been ordained by Almighty God to be preserved and reverenced. Apostle Paul, referring to these ideals, exhorts, I appeal to you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God. to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that you may prove what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect, Romans 12:1-2.

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 Those kinds of people, organizations, etc. who misuse and abuse communication technologies are no different than those who attempt to use coercive measures, and in some instance, even blackmail for the same idea is involved... to cause havoc and wreckage, to destroy the spirit and activity of those who struggle in the faith out of pain of heart for the Orthodox Church which is TRUTH. The degree that some have been known to go to, as seen by other jurisdictions, is to take advantage of questionably mentally challenged or those who have a lack of education and understanding to get them to make statements, even outright lies, in writing, in order to destroy.  Such persons or groups are spiritual terrorists for unholy and un-Orthodox causes, aims and goals.


    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


  The Founding of Orthodoxy 

How Many Times

Is Christianity Collapsing? A theological evaluation regarding T.B.N. and its so-called ministers!

Part II -Is Christianity Collapsing?

The Demise of Marriage And Dissolution of the Family

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Amber Alert Information on missing Children

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He Is Risen Indeed


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The Institution of Lent  Turning The Other Cheek  Hating One's Parents  Violence and the Kingdom  The Last Events of Christ 

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Who are the Modern Day Pharisees and Sadducees who abuse the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ?  What is a Safe Church

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Because this is a highly Protestant Country in which we live, having an effect upon the laws of the land, we should know something of what is on-going and where efforts by those denominations may affect and have a intrinsic effect on our very laws, for such does have an effect upon our daily lives as Orthodox Catholic Christians. 

If one is not cognizant of the real events happening both locally and in the world, although many are removed from the world... one will not know what to expect or what to do, or how one can or cannot act which might betray one's faith and accrue the wrath of civil authorities as laws change.  Yet, we are also reminded that these things must happen and it was for that which there exists many early Christian Martyrs and Saints. 

While we can remove ourselves from the world, we still live in it.  And for the faithful, theirs is a struggle for knowledge and understanding.  All things are pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith which is the very foundation of Christianity.  As such, we can not abandon them and leave them blind to events and happenings. 

What we post as related to those things similar to various articles which might have a political theme or non-Orthodox Catholic Christian content of sorts ... does not mean or imply that we are supportive of, for, or against something articulated in an article, so much as it is NEWS and our faithful should be made aware, for such may be the very thing that will impact their day-to-day life.  It is for them, their free will... to judge the relevancy.

Remember, not all Protestants, especially hard core cultic groups such as "Charismatic" - "Evangelical" "Promise Keepers" "Church of Christ" "Methodism" "Pentecostals" "Jehovah's Witnesses" "Mormons" and other people are not so generous in their viciousness toward anyone and anything that appears "Catholic" whether of the Roman or Orthodox jurisdictions, for they do not know or want to learn that which makes them "different" in their walk and talk as being far from the roots of Christianity. 

Remember, it is the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church which has more outwardly shown that it can be one of the most vicious toward those who are not Roman but are very much "Catholic" - for the sun and moon does not rise and set on the Vatican (Latin or Roman) jurisdiction as to who is or is not "Catholic" for the Roman jurisdiction split (schismed) from the roots of "Catholicism" which is founded in what is termed and called today as "Orthodoxy".

Any good article or piece of information will be considered so long as it is not defamatory or slanderous toward an individual when not based on TRUTH or FACT, or which is altered out of context from its original publishing by recognized sources. All new articles submitted, after viewing and recommendations, are passed to our Editor, our Vladyka, +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

“I prefer a defeat accompanied by humility to a victory accompanied by pride.”

                                                                               --An Elder

    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

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