God’s Gift is Peace of Mind and Everyone’s Pursuit!

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“Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater!”

God’s Gift is Peace of Mind and Everyone’s Pursuit!

Peace of mind is a desire of every human being on earth. What-ever man does, whatever his values of life, whatever his religion, F peace of mind is his -desire — be he rich or poor, healthy or sick, learned or unlearned. However, the concept of peace of mind, and the means to attain it for stability and harmony are often miscon­strued and lead man astray. Peace of mind is misinterpreted by some as a state of apathy, indifference and dullness built around a stagnant attitude towards life. This peace is not the genuine peace. It is an attitude of selfishness and unconcern; it makes man a parasite; it is a state of immunity toward life and living values. This kind of peace is the opposite of genuine peace of mind.

Genuine peace of mind is a fruit of man's concern for ideals and his labor to achieve happiness in life. One of the most precious divine gifts that Christ bestowed on man is the transforming power of man's inner tranquility. Jesus Christ during His last days on earth bequeathed to everyone His blessing and His peace, saying Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27.

Christ's peace is not merely the customary salutation of His time; it is more than a mere wish of good will. Christ's peace is the carrier of His divine power and Grace by which and through which those who trust in Him receive the courage to deny themselves by avoiding temp­tations; to lift up their own crosses and overcome the burdens of life in the light of the Gospel; to follow Christ by applying the principles of His teachings and deeds (cf. Matt. 16:24).

Those who live according to the Will of God experience the genuine peace He left to all. The peace of God is transmitted through His Grace, which is God's spirited energy. This genuine peace of Christ can be experienced by all those who desire it though they live in the midst of the per­plexed society of today, for I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therein to be content: Phil. 4,11. With such a spiritual peace of mind, the faithful one becomes a co-worker with the Will of God; he plants and waters, and God gives the increase and growth (cf.1 Cor. 3:7).

The faithful one harkens to God's calling, Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matt. 11:28; he trusts in God, and accepts His Will. The Scripture proclaims, Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God . . . Cast all your anxieties on him, for he cares about you. 1 Peter 5,6,7.

Peace of mind is a normal state for every human being, if the proper care is given at all times. The imbalanced forces which disrupt peace of mind are anxieties, tensions and fears. Peace of mind is a state of tranquility; it is a harmony of personal relations and freedom from fears, agitating passions and moral conflicts, according to Christian teaching. Every effort to keep one's peace of mind is vital for the individual and for society at large.


Religious principles and scientific findings combine to give man ways and means to preserve peace of mind and, whenever it becomes afflicted, to restore it. Christian teaching and practice seeks peace of mind, and therefore provides the means of healing the mentally afflicted. Jesus Christ proclaimed, both as a teacher and as a healer, / come that they may have life, and have it abundantly. John 10:10. Christ considered disease a result of imbalance within the personality. The Christian faith holds that the harmonious unity of body and mind is a divine blessing. The theory that the body is a prison of the soul is alien to Christ. Body and mind, in the eyes of Christ and His Church, should be in accord with one another; the forces which tend to separate the harmonious state of mind and body are attributed to disturbances of body as well as of mind.

Christ shows the way to approach mentally disturbed people. His words were not dry phrases; He met people with a genuine interest and deep concern for their well being; His talks had a trans­forming power on people, restoring their mental and spiritual con­tentment. Jesus Christ rejected the idea that sickness of body and mind is a measure of punishment; sickness of any kind has no divine order. Every man's experience of faith within himself, and love for his neighbor, in God's name, is a means for restoration of an afflicted body and mind. Christ was prophesied as the appointed Servant: surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows. Isaiah 53:4. The sincere belief of the afflicted person, expressed by beseeching God's help, is indispensable as an invocation of God's Grace, for according to your faith be it (done) unto you. Matt. 9:29, and, again that thy faith hath made thee whole. Luke 17:19, thy faith hath saved thee, (Luke 18:42). When man's peace of mind is disrupted, he should constantly and earnestly invoke the divine Grace of God in repent­ance and faith.

A person who has a sound peace of mind must care for this peace of mind. It is far better to prevent loss of peace of mind than to struggle to regain it. Negligence in protecting one's tranquility reflects ingratitude to God for His love and compassion. Persons aware of their loss of peace of mind take refuge in improper actions and harmful drugs which injure both body and mind. These drugs create a gay illusion for a short period of time. However, these drugs do not solve the problems which create the troubled or dis­turbed mind, but only tend to temporarily suppress them. Peace of mind, at its very root, is a spiritual and mental state. Therefore, it needs remedies of the same nature. For instance, loneliness, despair and other emotional disturbances are basically spiritual and mental disturbances, thus the remedies should be of spiritual nature.


"It is necessary to create methods to cope with hypertension and excessive anxiety. First of all, it should be certain that such disturbances are in reality tension and anxiety instead of a creation of the imagination. It is essential to investigate the source of the trouble. From a psychological point of view, "anxiety and tension are essential functions of living, just as hunger and thirst are". This statement is a result of scientific research, not mere opinion. The experience of anxieties is needed to prepare a person to overcome such natural problems as death, sickness, poverty,' etc. The ability to face and overcome such problems is vital. Without this ability, "we would fall short in emergencies, often to the peril of our life". It is noteworthy to know that "tension serves, too, as a stimulating source of excitement", as in competitive games and outdoor adven­tures. "Tensions and anxiety are our self-protective reactions when we are confronted by threats" to our well being and happiness. The claim that today's world tensions, economic pressures and uncertainties have caused people to find means of escape is mistaken, for "our ancestors faced other perils of equal magnitude".

Modern life changes rapidly, causing more tension and anxiety for everyone, although "…there are times when we become tense and anxious where no adequate threat exists". It is a normal state of every individual to experience some tension and anxiety, but it is important for one to be able to cope with them and not permit them to become exaggerated and beyond one's reach. Jesus Christ admonishes those who are overanxious; Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Let the day's own trouble be sufficient for the day. Matt. 6:34. To submit one's troubles and worries to God's Will needs a firm decision. Your heavenly Father, Christ assures all, knows that you need them all. Mtt. 6:32b. This submission of our troubles to God's Will reflects a Christian understanding of the relationship between God the Father and ourselves, to the lessening of our anxiety and troubles. To accomplish this, Christ says to all, Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt. 6:33. It is not very easy for a troubled person to submit himself to God's Will; this requires determination, persistence and time. It is natural for a person who is troubled to desire to express himself.


It is imperative for one to discuss his worries and anxiety, seeking not only to describe them but to find a solu­tion; to create a dialogue within oneself. One will attain it through prayer and Scripture readings in which the answers and directions are to be found, and through dialogue with persons he trusts. One's anxiety is a weakness one struggles to overcome; however, weakness is part of human nature that one must learn to handle. Appreciable to all of us today is what Apostle Paul said to the Corinthians, speaking of his own weaknesses, For this thing (illness) 1 besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me. And he said unto me, 'My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is made perfect in weakness'. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Cor. 12:8-9.


Many times one finds himself in a situation in which he feels it necessary to burst out in anger against others. By doing so, he feels a temporary sense of righteousness, although, in the end, it will leave him-feeling sorry and foolish. It might be that the result for which one struggles is right, but the method user! is poor and creates regrets. Anger leaves external marks in ones face, his words, his tone of voice, his expressions; anger drives one to abuse and curse others- But at the end, when one's anger disappears, depression and remorse is felt. This expression of anger, as a supposed route to peace of mind, has the opposite effect on the body and spirit. Ideally, one holds his anger for a time, postpon­ing it until "tomorrow". This is difficult, but more constructive. It allows time to examine the problem in another frame of mind, for nothing is all bad. A suggested cooling tactic is to do something that pleases one, such as watering the garden, repairing around the house, going for a drive or walk, fishing, etc. Most important, remember God's advice, Judge not, that ye be not judged. Matt. 7:1, and for­give us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Matt. 6:12.


Another important factor in retaining one's peace of mind is not to be obstinate or defiant attitudes which create quarrels. One should bear in mind that frus­trated children quarrel with one another. One should support his opinion with facts, but should not roar in argument. He should con­sider that he might be mistaken. If one does not succeed by quarrelling, he will leave in a state of disappointment and will feel shame for the inappropriate manner in which he conducted himself. The art of discussion is not only what is being said, but also the manner in which it is said; phrases and words, tone of voice, gestures, all are involved in and contribute to the discussion.

Everyone should retreat to a certain degree so that to allow his opponent the opportunity to twice count his words. Elasticity in discussions does not imply withdrawal or retreat, nor the compro­mising of principles; it is an art that demands perseverance. The examples of Christ's words and deeds are unforgettable and can be a guide in these situations. The parable of the "Talents" (cf. Matt. 25,14f) teaches that men do not have the same capabilities, but they do have the same responsibilities as stewards of the particular talents bestowed on each. Everyone's goal is to profit from one's unique opportunities and advantages. The quantity of the gifts (five, two or one. talent) is not of primary importance; but the nourish­ment and utilization of the given talents and gifts, large or small, is most important. One's fulfillment of the talents as a steward of the riches of God is a contribution to the preservation of peace of mind. 


Those who wish to nourish their peace of mind can by sincerely helping other people. One's effort to help another in trouble will earn him a reflected satisfac­tion. Helping others often results in greater reward for him who  helps. The Scriptures give innumerable examples of serving others who are in need. In fostering one's peace of mind, giving to those in need involves not only what is given, but also the intention behind it and the manner in which it is given. Whatever the content of giving, whether material or spiritual, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth. Matt. 63b. The "reward" of doing so is the nourishment of one's peace of mind.


Another factor in strengthening one's peace of mind is to take one thing at a time. The overburden­ing of the mind with many cares is not only tiring but gradually develops a fear of being unable to solve even one troublesome care. Situations such as these are to be found in the business world, home, social activities, as we undertake responsibilities beyond our capa­cities and time. All these undermine one's peace of mind. The best solution for one who finds himself in such a state is first to discrimi­nate between the important and the less important, and second — whether one is an executive, housewife or teenager — spend approx­imately 15 minutes at the end of the day to prepare the work for the next day. Once one starts making such schedules, it is essential to stick to them. This establishes a disciplined system of executing one's goals. Employing this method, one feels the satisfaction of accomplishment, which in itself contributes to peace of mind.


Many times one imposes upon himself responsibilities he assumes he can execute well and quickly. One attempts to accomplish them to perfection, for every man shall give as he is able. Deut. 16:17. Although one's ambition is good, one is bound to fail, for perfection is humanly unattainable. Sooner or later one must choose, selecting one undertaking to give his full attention and for which he will exercise his talents and ability. Everyone should accept and be guided by his limitations. Success and satisfaction depends on the thorough planning of one's selected undertakings. One should not drive himself into activities beyond his ability and talent. One should not delude himself into believing he has the ability to do extraordinary things. Many times one is encouraged by others who overemphasize his abilities. Desire for the admiration of others results in more frustrations which, in turn, are the causes of tension and a troubled mind. Then one fails to realize that he is given gifts different according to the grace that is given to us. Romans 12:6.


Another element which causes loss of one's spiritual well-being is using one's own measurement in order to measure the living of others. We often fail to under­stand that people have different standards. One's persistence in trying to apply his own criterion to others leads to crisis and eventually to disturbances within oneself.  One should not demand that others submit their virtues to his personal measurement. This usually hap­pens within families and among close friends. Such an attitude dis­closes an egotistical character which demands the conformity of others to his own standards of life. Such attitude denies that there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. 1 Cor. 12,4. Instead of criticizing others by using his own measure, one must take into con­sideration the good side in others. He should begin to develop the good in others, creating for himself a better perspective. Such an appreciation of the goodness in his fellowman is a valued gift; one should 'not neglect the gift that is in thee. 1 Tim. 4:14. To increase one's peace of mind, he should search himself in order to find the gifts for the betterment of himself and others, and covet earnestly the best gifts. 1 Cor. 12:31.


It is good for the health of the soul when the habit of yielding the right of way is developed in emotional adventures as well as on the highway. Those under emotional tension desire to arrive first, running over others even if the gain is small. If everyone believed it necessary to constantly compete, naturally everything in life would be a continuous struggle with people suffering in body and spirit, emotionally and mentally. And all these efforts are put forth supposedly to gain an abundant life! Yet, by constantly competing one fails in two essential areas. First he uproots the peace of his soul; second he feels empty and dry. Competition in society today is a contagious sickness; but virtue and cooperation also are contagious. When one yields to his competing neighbors, he can derive satisfaction. This satisfaction has more validity than that experienced by those to whom one has yielded. When a com­petitor sees that no one is a threat to him, he ceases to threaten others. This results in a satisfaction which is the basis for health and peace of mind for all parties.


Yielding to others does not imply retreat from one's enduring principles. It is necessary for everyone to admit that the evil one has the means to tempt everyone to his submission. Because of this, the Lord instructs the faithful, / say unto you, that ye resist not evil. Matt. 5:39. This does not mean to surrender to evil, breaking Christian principles of faith and norms of living. To "resist not" does not mean to submit to evil; to resist, is to undergo the struggle and pains of temptation, bending with the force of temptation and not breaking Christian principles of life. This bending and yielding in the struggle against evil, for the benefit of others, brings peace of mind to those who have the courage not to resist but only to yield. The Christian prays to Almighty God to lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from evil. Luke 11:4. To yield, and not to resist, is in itself God's gift in cooperation with man's willingness; it is a vital feeling for one to know that Almighty God will strengthen you and guard you from evil one. 2 Thess. 3:3.


Many become troubled and disturbed by feeling that they are neglected, left out, rejected. 'Many believe that the rest of the world feels thus toward them, as they, in their vacuum, wait for someone to attempt to communicate with them. Many underestimate themselves more than others do. Thus instead of withdrawing from society, it is much better to demonstrate one's willingness to interact and cooperate with others. It is better for peace of mind to initiate friendship and cooper­ation, instead of waiting for others to extend the invitation. One should not, however, force himself in this matter without making an effort to weigh carefully his objectives; being over aggressive can be as futile as withdrawing from society. One should not push him­self to the extremes on every occasion, for he may be misinterpreted and rejected.

The middle road is the wisest to be followed, and there is such a middle road between the two extremes. One should always strive to cooperate with others for the betterment of oneself and society. A Christian who believes in the Lord's direction and blessings will cherish this advice: Make straight paths for your feet, so that what is lame may not be put out of joint but rather be healed. Strive for peace with all men, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord. Heb. 12:13-14.


Another im­portant factor which contribute to peace of mind is the determining in advance of the times and kinds of rest and recreation for the day, the week and the year. Regular rest and recreation are essential for the preservation of a peaceful spirit. Many self-employed persons who work constantly consider rest and recreation a waste of time. Persons who love their work and give much time and effort to it consider rest and recreation unrewarding. Others spend their time uncreatively in constant social activities and overindulgences believ­ing these to be recreation. But the fact is that most of these cases are manias with nervous reactions which injure body and mind.

A systematic schedule for recreation should include a creative hobby. A hobby should be an engrossing interest to which one con­stantly reverts. One should select a hobby different from his occupation or profession. The spirit of a hobby is to provide a purpose for the individual, to absorb his interest so completely as to divert his mind from his cares.


For the Christian a source of spiritual recreation is his everyday communion with God through prayer, worship and reading of the Scriptures. The daily reading of the Scriptures is an inspiring experience; it should not be done for the sake of reading alone. The Scriptures should be read with prayer, meditation and the plan to remember a verse with an illuminating thought which can be a day-long inspiration. One should apply this Scriptural thought among his fellow men in his everyday living. Prayer, Scriptural reading and meditation are the sources of inspiration and illumination for peace of mind. Reading the Scrip­tures is a source of joy, for when they read it, they rejoiced at the exhortation, Acts 15:31 and Blessed is he who reads aloud the words of prophecy, and blessed are those who hear and who keep what is written therein; for the time is near. Rev. 1:3. Joyful and blessed are those who have peace of mind.


Peace of mind is a world-wide concern. Few have preserved the blessing of peace of mind. The majority have to work constantly to keep this healthy state. This means that man should constantly seek for a better understanding of himself and others, using such an understanding to work out a more satisfactory relationship with others. Man should work out his own problems as far as possible, then seek assistance from others. Organized social and medical agencies should assist those who need help to solve their problems.

In every state in America there are special agencies which provide counseling and guidance for peace of mind. As important as restor­ing a peaceful state of mind is the prevention of spiritual disturbances, which develop rapidly once they start. There are many well written booklets on how to protect one's spirit against threats from without and from within.

Spiritual tranquility is precious because with it man feels and enjoys the beauties of his environment and, more important, because the soul is destined to live forever, for what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matt. 16:26.

Peace of mind is not only man's concern, but God's gift and Will. God desires that every person maintain his peace of mind. There is no set formula to be used mechanically for every case. Every person must be treated individually. The Christian is privileged to be in communion with God's love and compassion and seeks His divine assistance in restoring the troubled heart and mind. The troubled Christian can find refuge in God's love and revealed Truths. The Gospel of Christ should be accepted without any hesitation; the illumination and Grace of God should be received wholeheartedly and joyfully; God's Gospel and Grace are divine gifts for everyone, and especially for those in serious need of God's companionship and strength. The Christian is encouraged to communicate constantly in prayer and worship, in knowing God's Will and the means to apply it in his daily life. The merciful compassion of God' offers man the gift of becoming co-worker with Him. Almighty God calls every one to Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. Let all men know your forbearance. The Lord is at hand. Have not anxiety about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:4f.

Quotations other than Scriptural are from How To Deal With Your Tension, by George Stevenson, and others.

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Those little things are the laws of the land, economics, politics, the degrading and erosion of those rights and liberties afforded by the Constitution of these United States of America and many other things such as the manner with which entertainments have taken over much of the populace, entering into and becoming a major focus in worship, and more. 

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[ * Non-Denominational = Synchrestic Ecumenism, Disease of Scholasticism, altering the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ to accommodate the disease of Political Correctness and CULTIC PROTESTANTISM, and the Roman Jurisdiction (Latin Church = Vatican) of the Catholic Church) breaking of - or failure and refusal to respect and abide by  - the ancient Seven Ecumenical "Do Not" Canons which leaves everything else open to God's gift of creativity... failure & refusal to abide by and have respect for those who diligently protect one of the other Pillars of the Church, the Seals of the Confessional, but "Non-Denominational" also includes worshiping Satan's religion of Muslim, Islam by praying with them and other heretics such as 'Pentecostalism,' 'Jehovah's Witnesses,' 'Mormons,' 'Church of Christ,' any so-called church with "Community Church" in their nomenclature and others who by their false and misleading dogmas and doctrines are actually against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ upon whom and for exacting reason we are called "Christian" in both spirit and truth from which non-denominational protestant sectarian claimants have departed from as being so-called Christian] Only a skilled spiritual father can help you!

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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

- Blessed St. +John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco


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