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Faith Of Our Fathers Series

The Holy Fathers on…CHASTITY

Every man who loves purity and chastity becomes the temple of God. -- St. Ephraim the Syrian

Not he is chaste in whom shameful thoughts stop in time of struggle, work and endeavor, but he who by the trueness of his heart makes chaste the vision of his mind not letting it stretch out towards unseemly thoughts.-- St. Isaac the Syrian

Offer to the Lord the weakness of your nature, fully acknowledging your own powerlessness, and imperceptibly you will receive the gift of chastity. -- St. John Climacus, The Ladder 15:26

O Lord our God…Stop the rushing of passions, and quench the burning of bodily tension.  Grant us to live chastely in word and act, that we may live a life of heroic virtue and not fall away from Thy promised blessings. -- Evening Prayers 

I write to you in the midst of life, yet in love with death, for my love (eros) has been crucified.  There is within me no fire of material longing, but living water, within me springing up, within me crying, “Come to the Father.”-- St. Ignatius of Antioch  

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