While we can applaud the following as a move toward ending hostilities, it seriously grieves some Roman Catholic faithful (as it grieves all who are true Orthodox Catholic Christians) because of what has been already said many times over... concerning the heretical activities and actions of the World Council of Churches to inculcate in the minds of people world wide with a false-hood of Christianity being on a similar par and same footing as those of Islam (Muslim), Pagans, Devil Worshippers, etc.

The following only adds further evidence of the direction to which the Roman Catholic Church is going, as is also many Orthodox Catholic jurisdictions who have opted to join in and with members of the World Council of Churches, as predicted by the late Saint John Maximovitch and blessed Father Seraphim Rose...

One has to make a determination as to the validity of the Islamic religion's "peaceful faith" idea that is being touted in these times.  The reading of their Holy Book, Q'oron (Koran) would be an eye opener for many.  There are many whose opinions are of such importance, that it is believed Islam (Muslim) is a very violent religion.  It has been opined that any interaction by leaders of Islam (Muslim) with Christians and Jews, is a cover-up as a means to soften their 'enemy' for a future time.

Vatican and Muslim leaders unite against racism

Muslim and Vatican representatives have jointly rejected racism and called for the building of a world of justice and peace.

Their combined statement was published by the Vatican Press Office, as the result of a meeting of the Catholic Liaison Committee, held in Markfield, England, last month on "Religion and Racism: Towards a Culture of Dialogue."

The objective of the committee, created in May 1998, is to promote dialogue between Christians and Muslims. It comprises representatives of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue and the Al-Azhar Permanent Committee for Dialogue with Monotheist Religions.

Cairo's millennium-old Al-Azhar University is the most prestigious research and study centre of the Muslim world.

On this occasion, the Muslim delegation was headed by professor Kamel Al-Sharif, secretary-general of the International Islamic Council for Da'wah and Relief. Following the debates, the Catholic and Muslim leaders agreed on a number of conclusions, which they expressed in a five-point statement.

"We affirm that our religions both teach that Almighty God has created all people equal in dignity and, therefore, we reject every form of racism," the statement begins. "The racist practices that exist today in many societies, and we accept our responsibility to endeavor to eliminate misconceptions and prejudices that in turn generate racial discrimination."


What has happened and is still happening in the Holy Land cannot leave anyone indifferent. Muslims, Christians and Jews, along with all peace-loving persons and men and women of good will, are called to common action in order to put an end to this terrible tragedy and to work together towards establishing a just and lasting peace. Accordingly:

1. We call for an immediate cease-fire, and the withdrawal of the war machine, so as to save human lives, especially those of innocent people, in particular children, women and the elderly.

2. We appeal for an end to the destruction of property, whether dwellings or other buildings, and the uprooting of plantations and the destruction of other means of livelihood.

3. We appeal for respect for the rights of civilians in a war situation; nobody should be prevented from access to water, food, medical care, and all the necessities of life. We condemn the denial of such access being used as an arm in the conflict.

4. We appeal for respect for the sacred character of the Holy Places whose indemnity should be guaranteed.

5. We are convinced that violence breeds violence. The circle of violence must be stopped. We attest and assert that dialogue is the only way out of the present impasse. We therefore call for negotiations that will lead to a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians alike, allowing them to live in freedom, security and peace within their own respective independent States.

6. As believers in the One and Only God, we Christians and Muslims recognize that peace is first of all a gift from the Almighty. Hence we call for constant prayer for peace, and support all initiatives in this line, as well as other initiatives from within the region or elsewhere in favour of a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Bishop Michael L. Fitzgerald
Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue
International Islamic Forum for Dialogue

Prof. Dr Hamid A. al-Rifaie

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Vatican and Muslim leaders unite against racism

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