What Muslims Don't Tell You
By: Abdullah Al Araby

Orthodox Catholic Christians should always be prepared with an understanding of other religions, especially those that foment physical and spiritual violence against the Word of God, Jesus Christ.

 Who Is "Allah" ???

    The God of the Koran (Quoran) is NOT THE SAME GOD OF CHRISTIANS and JEWS.  "Allah" was the pagan moon god of a small sect of Arabs before Mohammed wrote the Quoran (Koran) ... and he, Mohammed, along with his few followers, were chased out of many Arabic camps before he and his followers fled to Constantinople where the Patriarchate of Orthodox Catholic Christianity (primarily Greek) in those times, resided.  When Mohammed and his few followers entered, it was written that he said, "I have entered Heaven!"  During the time of his stay in Constantinople he copied the Christian texts (Holy Bible) and when he left, he went to the Jews in Jerusalem where he copied as much of the Torah as he could in those times.  It was from both the Christian and Hebrew texts that Mohammed copied and invented the Koran (Quoran). 

Women's Rights

Sex & Marriage

Human Rights



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Last updated June 17, 1996

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