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No clergyman of true Orthodoxy (Orthodox Catholicism) calls upon himself such that would bring any kind of accolade, praise or other such aggrandizement.


However, while the above is said it is also important to understand that, in some instances, while we are a Web Site which subscribes to the ideals and attitudes of Orthodox Catholicism (Orthodoxy) in Resistance; we also feel that unless the author's permission is given for appending his name as the author, we refrain from crediting him without his permission.


Thus, whether it be a layman, clergyman or hierarch; the whole church benefits to the GLORY OF GOD, as it should be.


Today's society takes a very academic type of Romanistic view toward accreditation of articles authored, which brings praise and accolades of various degrees upon them which defeats the purposes for which one may be a monk or priest, which negates the Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia, if one claims to be a Benedictine.


The articles posted, are very much examined for their veracity and standing.  If it bears an Orthodox understanding or provides information for posting as a news item, its veracity (as many already know) has been validated and is valid.

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June 30, 2002

Blessings to you in the Name of Jesus Christ

and the Holy Theotokos,
We are very pleased that the number of visitors to apostle1.com has seen an increase to a very substantial degree.  Even responses to various web pages have been coming in to our webmaster in greater numbers.  This says to us that visitors want to debate or want other kinds of information as such may reflect on the Orthodox Church Catholic.

 There are web pages which contain articles that were written as far back as in the 1970's.  We've allowed for their maintenance so that one may, hopefully, gain an understanding of the times then and now.  Some of those articles were written with purposeful intent to create more "debate" from different perspectives.

One does not come to Orthodox Truth in one fell swoop, even if one is newly ordained or consecrated into the Orthodox Church.  Yet, we find that there is a need to present, here in the United States and North America, such that sometimes requires our taking the approach of "not locking out" those who do not necessarily belong to the Orthodox Catholic Faith.  A good example of this would be www.apostle1.com/pan-01a.htm (not available at this time due to reconstruction) which deals with those issues and problems of "Prisoners and Parolees Anonymous Network (PAN)" (not available at this time due to reconstruction).  Some of the pages are from Protestants who have a keen concern for the problems and plight of those "Behind the Wire... Behind the Wall...".

Even so, there are many web pages which do not contain the name of an author.  This is done with intent and purpose. Why?  Because a true monk or priest of our Faith is less concerned with "self" and more concerned with the intent of the content.  It is far better to draw less attention to self for accolades, praise, etc. which vies for ego oriented feelings that often distract one from that which we are ordained to.

 There are those who feel that all articles and materials of any kind of academic approach should be done in a very specific form.  We leave that up to the author.  However, may we remind our various visitors that this Web Site is for both the theologian and those who could not hold a candle to being any where near a theologian.  Thus, many articles are posted with the later in mind, desiring to write those articles for the lay person who may not be a member of the many theological academies that visit.

Apostle1.com has to balance it's content to meet the demands of the needs of visitors.  Author's who post at apostle1.com know this!  Scholarly or not so scholarly...

The issues and subjects posted are initially deemed by our webmaster as meritous for posting or not.  In some instances, some articles for posting are submitted to the Synod for approval because of its controversial content.  Otherwise our webmaster has unusual latitude in that his guidelines for postings are four fold. They must not contain the following;

Personal attacks
Corporate attacks  
Words or actions offensive to Holy Scripture
Incorrect information


If anyone has aught against ourselves, please forgive me... But, on the other hand... take a laugh pill then write me in an e-mail what the problem may be and I will endeavor to correct whatever the issue may be, if possible.

For you, as a visitor or viewer of the pages at Apostle1.com, are special to us... and no one will be refused an honest answer in a respectful manner for so long as one does not avoid being honest with us too...


If anyone else has aught against any posting, please feel free to send e-mail.


+Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D.

Metropolitan Archbishop - Primate
American Orthodox Church

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April 22, 2002
Updated: June 12, 2002

The time has come to align ourselves with a more correct understanding of what it means to not only be "Catholic" but more especially "Orthodox" in faith and praxis.  There are many out there who would have you believe a lie is a truth and a truth is a lie.

Recently a protestant came to us and asked why we are not with the times and the rightful Church?  In reply, we stated that the rightful Church is founded on the Apostles of Jesus Christ from which they have no roots and cannot even claim to being "the right church" whatsoever.  They were, obviously, appalled and distressed by this statement and, of course, the discussion went further.  In short, we aligned them in our discussion with the likes of the cultic Jehovah's Witnesses who roam our local streets with little old ladies and some children passing out the "Wake" and "Watchtower" magazines, knock on doors and the like.

We aligned them in our discussion with those things forbidden by Jesus Christ such as proselytizing door to door... and the correct understanding of the ministry of Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles, the difference between the "oral" and "written" teachings of the ancient Church that they do not follow, let alone practice.

It is not uncommon for a preacher to encourage some of his members to use a form of subtle spiritual and physical (Gorilla Theater performance) blackmail when he or she finds that an individual's past is not all that it should be, more especially if that person is a clergy person of any one of the many Orthodox Catholic Churches, as a means to stop the Catholic Monk or Priest from interfering with their proselytizing shenanigans.  With these kind rash approaches of what can only be perceived as harassing actions and activities to infuse themselves into the affairs of some of the elderly who are taken care of by this jurisdiction, including others who have AIDS and other debilitating conditions; we are of the opinion that they go out of their way to lay plans or scheme to thwart an Orthodox Catholic monk's endeavors, and to aim themselves as preservers of Truth (according to their ill perceived ideological doctrines).  But this covers more than just one monk or even one priest, but is the opinion of many of as result of conversations held with some of their less enthralled people; that spiritual fraud (unknowing to them for they are like the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons who do not want to hear anything said) ...  is rampant to the extent of spreading such by any and all means at their disposal, it would appear.

That was a bold statement to make to them.  Yet, they had agreed that much of what was said may be basically true, in part. The particular Pentecostal individual is, himself, one of the local politicos in this area of Seaside, California, U.S.A. and was surely "in the know" and by his agreeing to what was said, being non-hostile (an alarming fact which is not the usual for these kind of people) nor aggressive, assertive, or even arrogant.  IN FACT, I was rather amazed at the humility of this one particular individual.  He has been with the Pentecostal church for about ten years although a convert from the Roman Catholic Church which he was born and raised in.  Ahhh Ha!

Okay... so now we get a glimmer of understanding as to what in common there may be between the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons and others, including several different Baptist conventions, etc.  Can you guess what they are?


    There are many in various churches and jurisdictions who have held to a rather false idea and understanding that the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH - U.S. CHANCERY is an Old Catholic Church and/or a gay church.  This is a misconception and a falsehood based on the fact that the AOC was once located in San Francisco, California in the 1980's.  This is also based on the fact that our own detractors would have you believe many a lie as a truth based on partial facts of which one is as follows.

    During the 1980's because of the outbreak of HIV/AIDS the Church took a course of action that was based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ from which it has never departed.  The Good Samaritan is one example.  The attitude of Jesus Christ toward Mary Magdalene is another.  Hardly can any of us, as Christians, especially Orthodox Christians which is the roots of Christianity itself, turn its face away from any individual on the basis of their life and death struggles in dealing with a disease.  The 1980's was indeed years of fears for many people.  Why should we be like many of the ethnic orthodox?  Why should we be like those who want to be "politically correct" which is a disease in itself?  Why should we be like those who are actually false or fraudulently posing as Christian clergy?  We do not want to be like them and we reject them.

    The American Orthodox Church - U.S. Chancery has always been open to all people of the Orthodox Catholic Christian faith who are non-violent to the head, heart, body and soul with quiet admonition and persuasion.  We, ourselves, have sometimes erred in our walk in life as Orthodox Christians.  After all, we are also human who are prone to error, sometimes falling into the trap of the political correctness disease which has become so rampant in these times.

    We are not a "gay" or homosexual church and never have been!  The assumption and presumption that we are, was put forth by our detractors because some parishioners may have been or are themselves gay.  We do not support promiscuous behavior by anyone and do not believe that we have any right to snoop into the lives of our parishioners daily non-violent living habits.  If they wish to make certain facts of themselves known in the confessional, that is between them and the priest.

    We are not a "straight" or heterosexual church either.  We are a Church of the Living Christ amongst us from whom we have often been reminded that in heaven there is no giving or taking in marriage neither male nor female.

    The Church must be a church of certain moral understandings and teachings for the protection of family and family values for the propagation of the human race under guidelines that bespeak of the concern for life now here on earth, and life after death.

    There are many "AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCHes" in the U.S.A. today.  But the main and original AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH (U.S. CHANCERY) was originally established by Metropolitan Archbishop Zurhwestky and Archbishop +David Baxter  who passed it on to Metropolitan Archbishop +David Mark Johnson and thusly to ourselves, +Joseph Thaddeus, through the Holy Synod of Bishops.

    Many of the other "American Orthodox Churches" may have come about as spin-offs or of their own doing having no past history with us whatsoever.  Again, we do not snoop for those things and are less concerned because we do not wish to involve ourselves in the political "correctness disease".

    We are Orthodox.  Some of our clergy are "Orthodox Benedictine" or "Orthodox Franciscan" and some are "Thaddeans" (Society of St. Jude Thaddeus = Thaddean Companions).

    If you dare to be true to the life and teachings of Jesus Christ injunctions on all of us to be repentant and forgiving... and if you should thereafter feel you have a question, e-mail us for answers.

Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D.

American Orthodox Church - U.S. and International Chancery

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