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The speeding Unhealthy Change World Wide


Many a present day “Christian” has become a “pseudo-Christian” at best and those who were, are now in the satanic religion of Islam as Muslim worshippers to their satanic god, Allah and his so-called prophet, Mohammed!  Why?  Because their faith was so weak that they would not practice in thought, word or action what they professed.  This is the same as for many a Roman Catholic as it is for many a present day Protestant, especially those who are in governmental offices both Federal, State and local (be it County or City or such other municipalities).


Satan is alive in the spirit and takes form through a variety of personages who speak with such a snake charmed tongue as to beguile the senses of the less intelligent who are supposed to be Christian (that is: “Followers of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ”)… but with the numerous revisions of Holy Write (Bible) to where it is becoming less the bible of olden times with such changes to (supposedly) accommodate changes in cultural language of which even the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church promotes… no longer are they true spiritual and material followers or practitioners of those things handed down to us through time and history from the earliest of Apostles. 


The vices of an entertainment society, an entertainment mentality where less clothes, crap-wrap, sports and more have taken such a hold through governmental psychological manipulation that the electronic new media dare not speak truth for they would be shut down for a time or forever…. Yes… BIG BROTHER is here…


Take a look at the Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) which is a part of the Border control… They do not and will not provide anyone arrested with a copy of any item or thing taken off a person, especially money… some are reported and therefore alleged to take the money for their own selves and later say they had nothing… We know of an incident (actually more than two incidents in which this has happened)… They even take vehicles, sometimes legally under the Patriot Act and sometimes illegally without reporting it for purposes of taking advantage of loopholes in the Patriot Act... there is little to no justice except what the Government, under the Patriot Act, gives and you the citizen dare not cross over into Mexico with your vehicle because you may find, on return, that while it was parked, it was loaded in hidden places, with illegal drugs and if you have had another vehicle on the U.S.A. side parked in a place (private) not under the control of ICE, you may loose it too even though they are not supposed to remove your property from private grounds! And, it is believed that some of those ICE agents have a double standard and work in tandem with County Commissioners of the County and State in which they are housed and reside. What corruption runs amuck... This is just an example of how far the Patriot Act has allowed for government corruption to control your lives.... and you have little to no recourse!  The few agents that do this of the many who work for ICE under the Patriot Act... not all are like the few rotten apples, but they do exist!  And, what is more... they can not be called "Christian" by any means, not even "pseudo-christian"...


As for listening devices and tracking your telephone calls received and made as well as your Internet activities… nothing is private anymore… and what is more, they share some of their privileged means to do those things with some in local (County Government) who are alleged to share the same with private persons who are their token mascots (so-to-speak) and who do their bidding to quell the citizens who are angry with County or City administrations….  Yes… these things are going on…


Many of those personages in government: Federal, State and Local (County and City) who are supposed to be servants of the people have now become the masters and the people are their servants… These government employees at the higher echelons call themselves “Christian” - - - yet, one can only ask the same as Jesus Christ has already stated in the Gospels and Epistles… “You cannot serve two masters for you will give yourself to one and short the other”  or “You cannot ride two horses” … Therefore they are not truly (in either spirit or truth) a Christian… They are false Christians and false servants of the people with personal agendas to safeguard themselves and to take advantage of the people… They are your present day Caesars…


As for those candidates running for election to the White House … none are worthy for they will either promote the continued corruptions on-going against the people by those who brought you the Patriot Act or they will bring about a false and satanic religion in due time… And they will do worse than the present sitting President.


Remember your history about the fall of Rome… It is almost a duplicate of what is happening in the United States of America with different approaches being taken than in the times of Rome…


Now, one can only ask, “What can I do”?  And that my beloved spiritual children is a good question… We are going into and have already started… what Russia came out of, we are entering.  It was a part of prophecy and it has begun!  Yet, it is not just the USA, but the whole world itself.


You can sit idly by and do nothing, which most of you will certainly do out of fear!  Then there are a few of you who will pick up your old tattered Bibles and read Holy Scripture with such gusto that by the sincerity of your prayers, your mind will be opened to spiritual truth about these times we are entering. 


If you are smart, and none of us are… for none of us have deserved any reward whatsoever, but deserved exactly what we are receiving… you will take action to shore up your spiritual failings and make amends with those around you first.  Then you will take stock of your material values, your houses which you have built from your heart into a home.  You will then think about how far apart you are from others of like mind, not your casual go-to-church-on-Sunday type of people, but people and true Clergy who recognize the signs of the times that are speedily changing for the worse through out the world today. 


You will depart from those so-called churches, groups and congregations who provide for female priests or priestesses, who provide for female bishops (because they do not wish to honor and respect the covenants of God with Adam and Eve who along with their descendants, were punished) failing or refusing to obey the very thing true clergy are sworn to uphold by all who are truly CATHOLIC (Orthodox and Roman) which is the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils that even today the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has made a very wide departures from… You will associate more with those who suffer out of a spiritual pain of heart struggle for the faith by not following or practicing a Financial Flow-Chart mentality to keep their jurisdictions going.  And, surely you will avoid those who practice the disease of being “Politically Correct” which is a form of the on-going Synchrestic Ecumenism advocated by most Protestants (especially the Cultic ones such as Church of Christ, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Church of Latter Day Saints known as the Mormons, the Pentecostal churches who spearhead all of them with a false and misleading kind of Christianity that beguiles the imagination… You will avoid those who have as their “Bishop” such females who are not even truly “Bishops” be they Baptists or otherwise… using the term “Bishop” out of context and not following scripture.  These are the ones whom Holy Scriptures have prophesied about over the centuries… These actions, activities and people are the workers of perdition, unbeknownst to many of them who truly believe in what they are doing with such sincerity that they know nothing else but they have been fed by the minions of Satan who is the greatest deceiver who leads many to perdition. 


With the storm having risen up already, especially in the United States, those who are true spiritual strugglers out of pain of heart for the faith once and for all delivered by the Holy Apostles to their successors who maintain what they maintained… we must look at what is the Western culture today?  Obviously we cannot oppose western culture, and no ethnic jurisdiction can oppose it either since they have become, here in the USA a part of it to the point of taking on the misguided financial flow chart mentality for materiality, less spiritual.  Western culture, when compared to those of the few true Eastern Orthodox Churches today, has an unhealthy rationalism penetrated with deep sin that demoralizes man, making him solipsistic, closing him up within himself, binding him only to this world and life without true, sincere concern and action to prepare for the life to come.  Western Christianity in itself distorts man.  Father Justin Popovitch wrote in his last chapter on “The Philosophy and Religion of Dostoevsky” a sharp criticism of Western humanism and anthropocentrism, especially that of Roman Catholicism.


What is left of a man when the soul is removed from his body?  A corpse!

What is left of Europe when God is torn from its body? A corpse!

With God banished from the cosmos, has it not become a corpse?

What is a man who denies the soul within him and in the world around him?


Nothing but molded clay, a walking coffin of clay.  The result is devastating.  Enamored of things, European man himself finally becomes a “thing”.  Personality is devalued and destroyed.  What is left is a man-thing.  There is no whole, integrated, immortal and God-like man, but simply fragments of a man, a bodily husk from which the immortal spirit has been driven out. Although this husk is burnished and adorned, it is still a husk.  European culture has deprived man of his soul; it has made him artificial and mechanical.  It is like a monstrous machine that devours men and makes hem into things.  The end result is touchingly sad and movingly tragic: man, a soulless thing among soulless things, {“Humanistic and Theanthropic Culture” in the Orthodox Church and Ecumenism, pp. 103-4}. 


The now Saint John Maximovitch of Shanghai & San Francisco when he was a hieromonk was a contemporary of St. Justin Popovich.  St. John was known to me personally and provided strong rebuke of the many things on-going in those times of the 1960’s – 1970’s when I often asked of him and the now blessed Father Seraphim Rose for their input and guidance which I failed to understand in those days but have more closely recalled and reflected upon to the detriment of my unworthy self; having to now say with sincerity of truth that I can only pray, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man, have mercy on me, a sinner that I am.


Yes, many today who are ethnic Orthodox are not truly faithful to the life and teachings so much as being a part of an Orthodox mainline jurisdiction.  As for those today who claim to be “Orthodox” in their nomenclatures but not being a part of mainline Orthodoxy, are themselves the off spring of deception in that they are much a part of all things of this Western Culture and the Roman Jurisdiction’s misbegotten un-holy material and spiritual upbringing.  That is not to say that all things “Roman” is bad, for many a nun, prior to Vatican I and Vatican II were solidly more Orthodox than even the Orthodox but very Roman.  This is said with a jaundiced approach only because of my unworthy self having been born and initially raised as a Roman… having been taught by the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  But, since those times I have come to a more full and yet not so complete understanding of the implications and errors of that jurisdiction insofar as I can while yet also coming closer to true spiritual Orthodox as Catholicism should be in both spirit and truth!


I only now, in these later years of my life understand that the repentance and faith of St. John Maximovitch and blessed Father Seraphim Rose is something different from what we, in the West understand and had been taught.  It is true that we in the West do not really know, unless it is a struggle out of pain of heart, what true repentance is. And if it weren’t for those blessed men in my life I would not have been placed on the path of which I have not completed yet, but pray I may before my time to repose is reached. 


The numerous Protestants, especially those that have taken control such as Pentecostals, Mormons, Church of Christ, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and numerous others; have been, along with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and her past shepherd John Paul and present Bishop of Rome, Benedict XVI; are all partially to blame not only for the politics on-going in the west, but for the destructive elements being bandied about that is not truly Christian (Follower of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ) but a bastardized form under guise of being Christian…which is to say, anti-christian in spirit and truth! Remember the riding of two horses and serving of two masters?  There is the base of the corruption and disasters facing us both spiritually and materially in these present times.


The ONE WORLD CHURCH and the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is not too far off… and when it actually happens, may be even before hand… you will see some of your neighbors disappearing… Why?  Because they will be carted off to camps that have been and are being built to house and keep those who do not accept the things required by law… What do I mean “by law”?  Well … take a look at the State of Colorado… They recently passed a law where no clergy can speak out in the public about anything contrary to homosexuality… They can do so within their houses of worship, but not out on the streets… That will cause for an arrest because to do so is now a violation of law… gone are your free speech rights in that state on a specific subject!  Next it will become the law of the land across the USA… and then the camps… much the same as it was for Japanese during World War II…


If you don’t believe these things are coming about, don’t be prepared and don’t look to find those of like mind who are willing to come together to worship and speak in a community where no one can hurt you or your loved ones.  When these things come about and you find yourself in the throws of FEAR… just remember these words for you will have no one else than yourselves to blame!  You took no action with your so-called representatives and other leaders to rein them in… So you are to blame!


Of course, God will not be mocked and Prophecy will unfold.  No matter what you do now, Prophecy will unfold.  So the only other thing you can do is to take stock of what is around you, where you are really worshipping and what your beliefs are… then get thee to a like minded community of souls who believe in similar ways as yourself… make changes in your life now while there is time…


The economic situation with the Mortgage Mess and the high rising gasoline prices is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg and it is a wake up call that you had better heed if you and those with you want to survive….


It is time for you who truly care and are concerned about my words… to take a look at some of the proofs of which I have spoken…


As I have often said and repeat again…there are some who call themselves “Orthodox” even in the mainline jurisdictions of the Orthodox Catholic Church but they are far removed from the spiritual realm of being Orthodox because they are caught up in that which is more material than spiritual, following the Latinizing church (Rome) more than those spiritual life and teachings of Jesus Christ which a few true Orthodox Catholic Jurisdictions have maintained… I’ve said this in a different way earlier…. It is surely true that the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church for she (the Vatican) has lost touch with her roots of Catholicity which is bound root and branch in and with Orthodoxy.


My writing these things and other things of the past is well founded in many of the Patristic Fathers’ writings and the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and those things already posted under “Pascha” at our web site. 


I write these things because as an archpastor I am required by my faith to not only correct myself within and outside, but to insure that you, my spiritual children understand that I cannot afford to be like the modern day Sanhedrin and Pharisees who are copy-cats of those of ancient times.  All clergy must speak truth from their spirit, from their heart and soul.  If they continue, especially bishops, to speak as though they do not err or have faults, then they are attempting to create such an image of self-righteousness that surpasses even the Sanhedrin and Pharisees.  I have no ivory soap box to stand on (so-to-speak)… and whatever one I do stand one would only crumble when it gets wet or has to much weight of arrogance and elitism of sophistry that is not a characteristic of my unworthy self.  If I do not speak these truths to you now, then I am no better than the multitude of wolves in sheep’s clothing who roam the world seeking the ruination of souls unbeknownst even to themselves.


So, I speak to you the truth of not only my own experiences but of and about my spiritual learning with hopes you too will break from the old man, the old ways and join with me and numerous others who are preparing their inner self for the world that lies beyond this present world in which we presently reside.  And that can only be done out of pain of heart struggle for spiritual truth. 


+Thaddeus the Unworthy repentant one... A fool for Jesus Christ!


+Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate




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