July-August 2008 continuation...#1

First:  Being a Traditional Roman Catholic does not mean that the true Catholic faith is in all things Roman since the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church came out of that which is today known and called by many national names of Orthodox.... ie: Greek Orthodox, Ukrainian Orthodox, Coptic, Russian Orthodox, American Orthodox, etc.  The Roman Jurisdiction's politicking began in about the 800's which culminated in its schism in 1054 A.D. although the Roman Jurisdiction's continued mass psychological and political antics to re-invent and re-write history is well known... The Roman Jurisdiction since the times it was originally known and called the "Church of the West" was never the original and seat of all things CATHOLIC for her roots are founded and grounded in all things ORTHODOX!  History does not lie and if you believe what the Roman Jurisdiction has said about itself, then you are a part of those things having to do with synchrestic ecumenism denounced even by the ancient Canons of the 7 ecumenical councils that the Roman Jurisdiction departed from in both spirit and truth!


The Roman Jurisdiction is far from being "Holy Mother, the Church" because of the many inventions and departures from the root and based which is ORTHODOXY itself.  Call the Holy Theotokos Mary ever Virgin and you say a correct thing.  Yes, she was immaculate in the conception of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  As for the many apparitions through out history, there is questionable reason to pause for even the Evil One does deceive many for he can and does often times appear as a Sainted One.  The method and means of confirming those apparitions as authentic and true of the (as exampled) the Holy Theotokos, is speculation in part no matter how many may have seen an apparition... There are many apparitions which Orthodoxy does not and will not accept for the reasons of how those appearances may have been investigated which would have been a "boon" only to the Roman Jurisdiction itself and not necessarily any other jurisdiction.  The infallibility of the Pope in faith and morals is, has been and will always be questioned because of the very things the various Popes through out time and history more especially since 1054 A.D.  As an example... a recent photo of John Paul when he was shot came to be sent around the internet.  Is it real that the "Virgin" caught him when he fell?  The photo may have been real. Yet again, highly questionable.  We might as well say that all the episodes of the face of Jesus appearing on a potato is equally miraculous and should be venerated.  Yet, as regards the former Bishop of Rome, John Paul, it is well known (even though played down by Rome altogether now) that when he was alive and visited by the Dali Lama, the Pope (John Paul) got down on his knees with the Dali Lama before a statute of Buddha which had been placed on the Tabernacle housing the body and blood of our Lord... worshipping Buddha as though, since that statute was placed on the top of the tabernacle, as though Buddha is equal, if not higher, than our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The ancient 7 Ecumenical Councils which are Sacred Councils inspired by the Holy Ghost (Spirit) would have called for the anathema of John Paul.  But the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church wants to make him a "Saint" .... What, you say?  Yes!  This says much for by a hierarchs action as representing his jurisdiction, he uplifts or destroys the faith... His action to worship with the Dali Lama was heretical and an action that calls for him to have been immediately removed from office and replaced.  But it is not the way or manner in which it was done.   There are many other examples concerning the various Popes, their Councils, especially Vatican I and II as well as the sitting Pope, Benedict XVI...


The Pope is nothing more than the Bishop of Rome and is equal to and shares the same as being a Patriarch.  But never was it ever truly established that Peter was above all other apostles in the bible.  It never will be unless the continued revision after revision of the Holy Bible where corruption after corruption occurs... is ever accomplished for the agendas of that Roman Jurisdiction. 


The Keys given to Peter were spiritual keys and not material... None of the apostles bowed down to Peter as though he held something over them as it was never confirmed by Jesus Christ that Peter's holding of the keys were a material 'holding' but only a spiritual one since shortly afterwards he denied Jesus Christ 3 times.  The Roman Jurisdiction's claim of having preeminence over all other bishops is a ploy, a deceit, a manipulation of Biblical teachings as a means to hold power and sway over others both clergy and faithful alike. 


The Roman Jurisdiction's belief in purgatory is not biblically established in Sacred writings except by the invention of that jurisdiction which was never a part of the Church before her schism from what is known and called today as ORTHODOX or ORTHODOXY...


"... most important is the believe in Original Sin and the effects of it (concupiscence)" ... Why anyone would think or believe that Orthodox Christians (Orthodox Catholic Christians) do not believe in Original Sin surely has not read the many teachings on, of and about Orthodoxy which is the root and branch of all things "Christian" in both spirit and truth! 


All the dogmas handed down to us by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles have been and are being followed and practiced by Holy Orthodoxy itself both mainline and otherwise... without adulteration, alteration and invention of newer dogmas that are not in accord with the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  To do otherwise, as the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has done is both ambitious, tenacious, and arrogant which forms the basis of most of those things which are known today as synchrestic ecumenism. 


Here is just one more example of "splitting hairs" - "riding two horses" and "serving two masters" - - -  The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, prior to its schism when it was prior wise known as the "Church of the West" and "The Roman Jurisdiction" because it was (prior to 1054 A.D.) a part of all things Eastern Orthodox (at that time) had as one of it's clergy the well known and sainted (both East and West) Benedict of Nursia... When the "Benedictine" Order came about because of the now Sainted man, it was prior to the schism which means He was Orthodox and because he was under the Roman Jurisdiction, even though practicing and following all things ORTHODOX CATHOLIC... without the inventions of Rome now in place in these present times... the Roman Jurisdiction had the audacity to make it appear that the Benedictine were also of the Roman Jurisdiction only and not necessarily Orthodox today... that is psychological manipulation on a mass scale that has been on-going for many centuries... What fallacies and inventions are promoted by the Roman Jurisdiction is a farce and false teachings that has embittered those who are true to the faith to the point that added insult to injury and may have been in part the cause for the Protest movement from that same jurisdiction in time to come as history poignantly shows forth.  The Protestant Churches have schismed so many times that they are all considered as the bastard children of Rome's making. 


Since Benedict XVI has come to power in the Roman Jurisdiction, he has opened his arms and accepted them all back into their fold including all their heretical bags and baggage... Adding insult to injury which turns the faith from being black and white into shades of grey... it is no wonder that there are many who consider the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church as being the prophesied "Whore of Babylon" ... and there will be, I assure you, more to come that will lead to the ONE WORLD CHURCH and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.... This is what the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has been courting.


Ever since Vatican I and now even, Vatican II.... we are witnessing at an ever increasing speed the very things prophesied by Holy Writ as a result of the Roman Jurisdiction... 


The Patriarch of Constantinople's actions is proof of the bedding down with the Roman Jurisdiction as some of our other web pages prove.


There is no question or wonder why the monks of Mt. Athos have been and are in opposition to many things on-going through out the world and the Patriarch of Constantinople for that individual has opted to bed down with all things of Rome or Roman... which is, on its face, heretical and an abomination taking place.


Many a so-called "Independent" jurisdiction who have been and are following the practices and traditions of "Rome" or the "Roman Jurisdiction" have impaled themselves on heretical teachings and thus are no different than Protestantism itself. The Roman Jurisdiction's numerous changes even in worship is against all things established because it has its own personal agendas that impinges upon and further changes the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, His Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers of ancient time. 


Look at one such group calling itself ASM Forum and those connected with them... ordaining, even consecrating female bishops displays by their actions the heresies gaining ground because those who promote such heresies are themselves of such a weak faith that theirs is not to struggle out of pain of heart for all things involved in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, but things associated with the great deceiver himself, Satan and Satanic even though under guise of being spiritually 'moral' of sorts as being (falsely) of Jesus Christ... wolves in sheep's clothing. 

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