Is Christianity At The Cross Roads?

Several decades ago, the world became aware of a silent and deadly killer!  The discovery of a new disease and its affect upon those who considered themselves "Christian" were at risk!  The disease was found to be a variant disease which was the means for many other diseases to enter into the Body of Christ's true Church and that the diseases would not only affect the mind, but the very heart and soul of the Church herself.  There are many names for the diseases, but all words lead to one truth! 

A Christian who succumbed to any one of the diseases would eventually break communion and union with not only the Body of Christ, but God. 

Some of the known names of the diseases brought into the Christian heart, mind and soul have been most identified as the "Correctness Disease" which causes for many to say their understandings of not only the "written Word" but the "oral" as transmitted by the Church and Holy Spirit down through time and history from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ ... is no longer unadulterated truth! 

This disease then mutated into the disease of an "ethnic" "correctness" one where it has been believed that nothing good can come out of the Western Church, be it the Roman Jurisdiction or even that which is identified as Western Orthodoxy (Orthodox Catholic). 

Then, it mutated again and brought into the Church a disease in which its variation caused for many clergy and bishops to believe that the sins of another clergyman's past (even though he be repentant, even though he went to prison to protect one of the primary pillars of the Church, the Seals of the Confessional) is cause for disenfranchisement from those who believe themselves above reproach based on their own self-styled earthy ways to protect their image under the mistaken belief they are protecting the people and themselves too.

The disease and its variants are called by many names as identified by the Center For Spiritual Disease Control... the Orthodox Catholic Church by her spiritual doctors, the Patristic Fathers and Seven Ecumenical Councils. 

The disease and its variants has caused for many to form that which is known today as the World Council of Churches and the World Council of Bishops, which include many who are infected with the disease' variants and even caused for the Bishop of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church to have allowed the kiss of peace to be exchanged with those who are neither Orthodox, Catholic or Christian, even to the degree of placing a statute of Buddha on the Tabernacle. 

Then we have various Patriarchs who have opted for their accepting not only dialogue, but embracing the mistakes of the past and taking them further through the Balamund agreement and embracing many of the pagans; all toward the formation, along with many Protestants (non-Orthodox and non-Catholic) including some Orthodox and Catholics ... of a One World Church.  This now has reached the degree where a false "Ecumenism" is preached by the Protestants, the Romans and several Orthodox. 

The "Ecumenism" being preached is a false ecumenism and a false understanding of what "Ecumenism" is as opposed to that of the Seven Ecumenical Councils to which the Romans and Orthodox are supposed to have been maintaining adherence to, but are not! 

The "ecumenism" being preached violates the very ancient councils and heritage of the Church (Orthodox and Catholic).  Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles were truly ecumenical in their reaching out toward people, but not to accept their religion and false misunderstandings and beliefs.  There was only one true teaching!

What is being taught in these present times is a twisted form under guise of being of "Christ" - the truth being that of Anti-Christ, not Jesus Christ!  The disease has truly mutated and infected those who seek to be entertained, seek easy ways out of having to avoid the "Thou shalt not" ... and to "feel comfortable"... to avoid the ancient teachings where possible... to avoid the commands of "judge not lest ye be judged" when viewing others by judging others (especially clergy toward other clergy as a means to make themselves appear more 'Christian' and to avoid their own sins from becoming known)...  And, even worse, some of the Orthodox and Catholic Churches have become more of a 'business' center for selling the "Sacraments" and 'Holy Mysteries' without one iota of thought concerning Christ's chasing out of the temple of His Father's House (the Church) ... those who have turned the house into a place for money changers ...

The worship to God is done more with lips than reverence and piety.  Reverence of God's anointed true servants through the lines of succession is replete with priests and bishops who have fallen away from their commission and charge to one involving self-image, money, entertainment, materiality and worse.  What has been and continues to be happening to the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church is just a beginning and should be a warning to all others of what is going to be happening (is happening, especially among those calling themselves "Independent" or "Old Catholic") unless all Bishops and Priests re-evaluate their commission and charge, reviewing and inculcating that which they are supposed to be doing as given from the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and the Revelation of John, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers; for all of them are based on the very life and teachings of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

If you remember the movie entitled "Outbreak" with such stars as Dustin Hoffman, Donald Sutherland, Cuba Gooding and many others, you will recall a small town which had become infected over a short time with a mutant disease brought on by the importation of a small monkey from South Africa.  Recall how the star, Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding, in the roles of Army Doctors for special diseases stood in harms way, even to go to their very deaths, if not imprisonment to identify the disease, locate its host, the small monkey, and then to stop a small nuclear bomb from being dropped upon the small town which would have wiped out not only the population, but the vaccine that would prevent the disease from spreading. Donald Sutherland, one of the top army officers acted in a fashion to enforce the bombing because he did not want the public to know that the disease was a variant the government developed decades previous to stockpile in its biological weaponry arsenal.  Yes... the good guys won!  The people were saved from certain death!

The same is happening today through out the world in these times through the antics and actions of heretics, cults, etc. as seen in Pentecostalism, Jehovah's Witness's, Mormons, Church of Christ, Independent Catholic, Old Catholic; to name a few..  The difference between the movie and reality today, is that the infection has brought about that which is called "Synchrestic Ecumenism" a violation of the Holy Canons of the Church, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers. 

The spiritual malady is curable for those who KNOW they are infected!  But what about the Church herself, the Body of Christ on earth?

The balm for sin is repentance! Repentance leads one to seek forgiveness in the Church through the Holy Mysteries of Confession and penance.  The penance should be equal to that sin for the balm or salve to be effective in order to cure the sin from repeating itself. 

One of the methods being employed today in preparation of what what the disease is doing to destroy the true Church which Jesus Christ founded is in the preparation of men for the priesthood as "Catacomb" priests and Bishops.  These are men who will not be known by society, but only them whom they are appointed to serve, quietly.  For indeed the time is coming when the governments will dictate through the One World Church, as to who is or is not Christian especially if they speak against the falseness being taught and passed on as being of Christ, when it is not from Christ, Jesus but Anti-Christ!

The so-called "Independent" movement are more those who have opted to avoid these truths!  They are, in outward appearance, Orthodox and Catholic, but inwardly as ravenous as the wolves of the larger churches in their staunch approach to act as their bigger brothers act, even to the degree of condemning so that their own sins and violations may not be seen. 

The AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH the NORTH AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH and many others are not "INDEPENDENT" of the ancient Church but have received its autocephaly through time and history from the Russian and Ukrainian Church.  It is One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic and has never ceased to be. 

A Church that has sins within it and brushes them under the proverbial rug will only hide them for a time for the stain of those sins will eventually be known which will make worse the situation for them.  When a Church or jurisdiction avoids the requirements of Repentance, penance and forgiveness, as is required of the people... being no different than the people because the people and the church are supposed to be adhering to the FAITH through action, not just lip service... when one avoids... one digs themselves into the spiritual pit and no one can save them but themselves if they accept Repentance before they go to their repose. 

We offer to those many other jurisdictions, both independent and autocephalous, to join with us in both prayer and dialogue for the purpose of strengthening common bonds and to share in the Body of Christ as One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic as a means to withhold the infection from further destroying our faith, the people who are the children of God being infected in the secular world, the classrooms of schools and universities and every-day-life.

We know that the duties and responsibilities of all our clergy and monastics every where is to defend the true faith.  We know that in Canada, our Archbishop +David-Francis, OOFM is a struggler in the faith in his missionary duties.   We know that in Rochester, New York area, our priest and monk The Very Rev. Father +Gregori is truly struggling in life as he defends the faith among the Ukrainian people there. 

Therefore we have entrusted a special duty upon those named to work toward and for dialogue of jurisdictions to come together in this work, not to give up one's duty to a jurisdiction (but to remain head of their jurisdictions), giving up nothing but to join in dialogue toward forming a partnership to fight the spiritual and material fight to defend the faith as a part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church established by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, His Holy Apostles and those in the true line of succession who themselves are Apostles thereby... who follow the mandates of the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers.

All other of our clergy are to make contact with us or them to work out and cement these activities by reaching out to whom they know and for establishing times and/or dates whereby dialogue may be begun.

Our standard is Biblical:




[Matthew 15: 9]

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