Humor amongst Twenty-First Century Desert Fathers

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While it is true that monastics (monks) spend much time in contemplation and prayer for the needs of the world and those who make specific requests, it is only assumed by many people that the life of a monk or nun is dull, dreary, and in most instances, without humor and laughter.  This is not true.  We can be assured that Jesus Christ, who, in coming into this world was truly human and yet divine, shared in all that is human, including laughter.

We post below a couple of interesting photo images depicting a more lighter and humorous side of monks.  Monks who have taken to a life of the Desert Fathers in a modern world of the Twenty-First Century.

Laughter or humor is a blessing to the soul and spirit of all people so long as it is moderate and tempered with nothing that is dirty, evil or demeaning against others.


"I resemble that remark, thank you very much!" says His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.


The more serious one of all...

"You did say... serious, didn't you?"

The moral of this picturesque story is that while being truly Orthodox, we do have our moments of laughter and good clean fun!

Yet, lest we forget, we remind you that our total purpose is to be the Servants of Jesus Christ, His Life and Teachings, and as servants of Him, we also are servants, helpers, and healer of souls in the spiritual hospital of the true Church.

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