We have been reading a book that was given to us some time ago.  We held off from reading it because of its "kooky" title, even though we knew that the authors, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz and Dr. Joseph E. Barber are held in high esteem in some circles through out the world.  Yet, there has been and remains a certain degree of skepticism regarding some of the book's contents.  But, that which we show below was a bit shocking to many of us, so we did our own research and found that what is presented is true in so far as we have been able to determine.

But, the book, entitled "HEALING CODES for the Biological Apocalypse(Tetrahedron Publishing Group, Sandpoint, Idaho - ISBN: 0-923550-01-1) begs for reading by those who are willing to take the time to research what it says and the information it provides.  It is far from being "Orthodox" - yet, it does cause for one to pause for a reality check about what is happening world-wide. 

We provide a particular excerpt from the book that has much to do with the religio-political climate of the times, including the sources they claim to have used ... meaning, what has happened and is happening... (The sources they quoted have been researched and found to be true in so far as we have been able to determine)... We show the whole page as it was published... so some sentences may end and another page begins in a broken structure...

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Mad Cows and Madder Men

department. The assignment was just in time for Sencer to lend his support for the recruitment and inoculation of gay men with Merck's contaminated experimental hepatitis B vaccines. These vaccines, ac­cording to scientists worldwide, were hideously contaminated with viruses including those currently linked to chronic fatigue immune dysfunction (CFIDS), certain cancers, and the AIDS epidemic as well.20

Szmuness and the Pope

Relating scientific and religious history to this period of prion research, another researcher should be considered besides Gadjusek— Wolf Szmuness, chief of the New York hepatitis B vaccine trials. Several scientists have argued that Dr. Szmuness's hepatitis B vaccine experiments contributed greatly to the spread of HIV to gay men in New York.21 A decade prior to these suspected trials, in the mid 1960s, as Gadjusek was inoculating primates (and possibly humans) with kuru, and Krugman was injecting children with an assortment of can­cer viruses, Szmuness sojourned from Communist Poland to United States where he "miraculously" secured a position as a "lab tech" at the Rockefeller-controlled New York City Blood Center.21

Ten years earlier, some authors alleged, he shared a room with a very unique Catholic priest. According to publications by infectious disease investigator and author Alan Cantwell, M.D., '"a remarkable friendship developed' between Szmuness and the clergyman. The two men corresponded 'for a long time thereafter' . . . The Polish priest eventually became the first Polish pope in Catholic history: Pope John Paul II."

In America, "within a few years, Szmuness was given his own lab and a separate department of epidemiology at the [NYC Blood] Center." Then, in "record time," Szmuness leapfrogged to full professor­ship at Columbia University's School of Public Health." By the mid-1970s, Cantwell wrote, "Szmuness became a world authority on hepatitis and 'transfusion medicine.' Szmuness's meteoric and unprec-

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Fig. 7.5. Army Biologial Weapons Contractors for FY1969

Mr. Mahon. List for the record the major contractors and the sums allocated to them in this program in fiscal year 1969. (The information follows:)

The following list contains the major contractors and amounts of each contract.

       Contractor                                                           Fiscal year 1969

Miami, University, of Coral Gables Fla.—————————— $645,000

Herner and Co., Befhcsda. M   —————————————— 518. 000

Missouri, University of, Columbia. Mo —————————— 250,000

Chicago, University, of Chicane. HI        ————————— 216,000

Aerojet-General Corp.. Sacramento. Calif ———————— 210,000

Bionetrics Research Laboratories. I:ic.. Falls Church, Va.   I8O, 000

West Virginia University, Morgantown, . Va——————— 177,000

Maryland. University r.f. College Park. Md  ——————— 170, 000

I>ou-~ Chemical Co.. Midland. Mien    ————————— 158,000

Ilazelton I/a bora tories. Inc.. Falls Church. Resfon. Va___ 145,000

Xevv York University Medical Center. Xew York, X.Y_ —— 142,000

Midwest Research Institute. Kansas City, Mo.  ————— 134,000

Stanford University. Palo Alto, Calif.                 __________ 125, 000

Stanford Research Institute. Menlo Park. Calif.__________ 124,000

1'llzer and Co.. Inc.. New York. N.Y      ————————— 120.000

Alilrich Chemical Co.. Inc., Milwaukee, Wis_ —————— 117,000

'"oinputer I snse Development Cor[i.. Washington. D.C.— 110,000

Xevv f]nglaiid Xucle.-ir Ci>r[»., Uostoii. Mass.——-———— 104, 000

Source: Department of Defense Appropriations For 1970: Hearings Before A Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations House of Representatives, Ninety-first Congress, First Session, H.B. 15090, Part 5, Research, Development, Test and Evaluation of Biological Weapons, Dept. of the Army. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C., 1969, p. 689.


edented rise to world prominence was halted by his death from cancer in 1982.

Pope John Paul II's history is likewise challenged. In Behold a Pale Horse, Naval Intelligence veteran and author William Cooper wrote that during World War II Karol Wojtyla worked for I. G. Farben—the infamous Nazi-linked Rockefeller partner. Towards the end of the war, he sought ref­uge, fled to Poland, and was protected there by the Catholic Church. Subse­quently, and very uniquely, he was later elected Pope.22

Expressing gratitude to his electorate, on November 27, 1983, as one of his first acts as the new "Holy Father," John Paul II lifted the Freemason excommunication order that had been pronounced in the "Codex luris Canonici."

"That today's pope knows the Masonic secret language is obviously proven by the Masonic handshake" he occasionally administers publicly, Jan van Helsing wrote in Secret Societies: And Their Power in the 20th Century. Moreover, on September 15, 1982, on the occasion of the death of

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Mad Cows and Madder Men

Lebanese president Gemayel, Pope John Paul II "spoke of Jerusalem, the City of God, and said: 'Jerusalem can also become the City of Man.' The 'City of Man' is a keyword of the Illuminati for world dictatorship."

In addition, on April 18, 1983, the Pope held audience with the entire Trilateral Commission—the secretive organization founded in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski to help facilitate the development of "One World Government." As shown earlier in figure 3.6, the Trilaterals developed as a branch of the Committee of 300 controlled Royal Institute for International Affairs. Trilateral Com­missioners commonly hold seats on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which heavily influences U.S. Government policy and media propaganda (see appendix figure 10.) According to van Helsing, the Trilateral Commission attracted "elite coming from different branches of Freemasonry ... to give a broader political basis to the influence of the Bilderberger group. Most European members had long-term con­tracts with the Rockefellers."23

Vaccines for "Public Health" and "Disinfection"

In the 1930s it was determined that scrapie—the mad cow-like disease of sheep—could be transmitted by injection and be one hun­dred percent fatal. Five years later Dr. William Gordon of the British Agricultural Research Council field station at Compton, Berkshire, England, began to test 44,000 doses of an experimental sheep vaccine he had developed to rid the animals of "louping-ill" disease. His vac­cine consisted of "homogenized brain, spinal-cord and spleen tissue taken from sheep infected with louping ill, diluted in saline solution and inactivated by adding a small amount of formaldehyde. ... In 1937, to Gordon's horror, the sheep inoculated . . . began developing scrapie. The vaccine was evidently contaminated."17

Gordon recalled for author Richard Rhodes, "I visited most of the farms on which sheep had been vaccinated in 1935 ... I shall not forget the profound effect on my emotions when I... was warmly welcomed

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