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Some who visit this web site are not Orthodox Catholic or Roman Catholic.  Many of you who come from other faiths or denominations may view these pages as a circus forum without understanding the spirit of truth, faith and belief.  As a result, depending on your educational background and knowledge of history based on fact... some of you may throw up your hands in disgust and never return.


In order to gain some understanding of the faith, of our roots of Christianity which is through that which is called "Orthodoxy" which is the roots of being "Catholic" although not necessarily "Roman"... it is highly suggested that you visit one of the following linked pages to begin a journey into the faith of Christianity itself....  click on the image below and take a tour... then come back and ask questions before viewing the various news and other daily postings....

We include the following from the "Quotes from Thaddeus" for your understandings because of criticisms made by "Orthodox," "Roman," Non Orthodox and Non-Catholic who  fail in understanding this jurisdiction and our web site...


Father C. (Arkansas): (Nov. 24, 2004)

    Bless Father.  Several of our parish members and other clergy in other parishes and jurisdictions (removed for posting purposes) have been holding discussion about what is going on with various Orthodox Jurisdictions and the 'Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church' that you coin.  The questions we pose to you and hope you will be able to answer for our viewers of your web site is not to deride or 'rub-in' some of the truths that we already know, so much as to provide Q&A for viewers. Many of us are dissatisfied with many things going on in the world with various Orthodox and Roman Catholic actions and activities, yet many of those very things are no different than what other Protestant Churches are doing in the material areas.

  1. Your web site is apparently about TRUTH!  Why haven't you fallen under, joined, or been taken under one of the more Eastern Orthodox Churches such as the Russian Orthodox, the Ukrainian Orthodox, or the Antiochians, etc.?

  2. If you were to change your web site and adopt certain Eastern Orthodox ways, would you be more acceptable to them?

  3. Recent postings on your web site suggests you are becoming more "Anglican".  Why is that?

  4. Where do you stand on those who are Anglican, Lutheran and such others that hold to the Catholic confession?

  5. Why do some consider that you "Attack" when posting truth?

Father Thaddeus replies:

    You pose some rather interesting and direct questions that are not easy to answer in simple short words or sentences.  We are North Americans (Canadians and Americans).  We are Orthodox Catholic in spirit.  We do not necessarily have the "Eastern Mindset" about us.  We do not ride two horses or serve two masters, meaning that we do not play the heavy-handed game of inter-church politics nor maintain a financial flow-chart mentality for keeping parishioners in the flock or in the pews.


    Many Eastern Orthodox of various jurisdictions, including those of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, feel we are attacking when truth is posted... when they fail or refuse to realize that this website is an educational, research, news-information and a hosting service for others who are, at least, "ORTHODOX" in their spirit... being followers of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  There are a few in Anglicanism, a few in Lutheranism, and several other nomenclatured churches and jurisdictions who, by their actions and beliefs, are more 'Orthodox' than even the Orthodox because they believe, live and practice their faith daily.  That does not mean all Anglicans, all Lutherans and others are to be accepted carte blanche... so much as they must be viewed on a case by case situation. 


    With the above understanding, we have begun to host at this web site, those who are truly Orthodox although they have different Church nomenclatures to them. 


    Not all who are Eastern Orthodox or Roman Catholic are going to go to Heaven.  Not all who are Protestant are going to go to hell either. 


    Equate, in your mind, the various jurisdictions as a diamond in the rough.  On first starting out in life, they may have been more pure and sparkling.  But, as actions were taken and understandings were accepted, they either became chipped or discolored, even darkened, while others began to show more brightly even though they may have a dull or darkened side.  Actions taken or failed to be taken is that which brings them either closer to or away from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and the ancient Ecumenical Councils which either brightens or darkens that diamond.  The way one handles and responds to the materialistic ideals and goals of these times can lead one into the arms and love of God or the arms and use for abuse by the Evil One.


       If we say nothing... report nothing... make no comments... that might be an acceptable way in what is considered "Orthodox" - {Even the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church believes similarly only for so long as they can hold the scepter of power as to who says what and when as to who is or is not "Catholic"} - but that is mans political way... which means by saying nothing and reporting nothing, we give assent to all that is on-going and therefore, in spirit, we have fallen into the trap of the Evil One as though we, ourselves, had done those very same things.  When a disease is discovered, information goes out so that others can take steps to protect themselves.  If nothing is said, people will die.  So too, the spirit can be killed while the body lives... that is the Spirit of Christ in each one of the faithful.  Orthodoxy itself requires TRUTH... RIGHT THINKING... RIGHT BELIEF...  Without truth, the faith falters into something else...  This, even St. John Maximovitch taught me through Blessed Father Seraphim Rose.  Yet, they did not, in fact, teach me to shout it out, so much as to inculcate these truths within.  Others who have been and are strugglers in this life on the same or similar path, must also have the chance to make their own FREE WILL decisions based on what they can learn so they too can inculcate into their spirit what is Right, True and of the Faith once delivered.


    We learn from Scripture several things.  In St. Luke 12:25-59, consider its meaning.  Does it not apply more to just individuals?  Wouldn't you say also that it applies to jurisdictions of the Faith?  And what about the candlesticks of the various churches?  What more about the Word of God in the Epistle of Timothy?  Are these things falling on deaf ears?  Chapter 2 of Timothy are warnings about fruitless discussions.  Are we to avoid truth while others are involved, in this life, in the same fruitless discussions for the sake of honor among men and not God?  Did not Jesus Christ Himself tell us that when He comes again he would unite all of the earth and make his Church One?  It is not 'men' but Jesus Christ Himself who shall do this.  Thus all the discussions on-going and all the rhetoric and returning of holy relics is nothing more than that of men who, as bishops of the church, have fallen away from the truth and do not want the truth to be known or seen.


    If the faith of the church is to survive, the truth must be told and those things that were opposed by the ancient epitome of the Canons and the Faith of Our Lord and Savior, must be made known.  Thus we are considered by many as to be 'attacking' when we are doing nothing more than showing TRUTH. 


    We are not at war with any one of the Eastern or Roman Jurisdictions of the Catholic Church whatsoever.  We are at war with the Evil One who has inculcated himself into the various jurisdictions to alter, misshapen, and disfigure the Church in ways as to make it appear to men as being truly One while they do not wish to change or return to the very roots of belief, understanding and action that they came from.


    This shows that Synchrestic Ecumenism is truly alive and doing well to bring about the one thing Scripture warns us against in Revelation.... a ONE WORLD CHURCH, a time in which those who are not a part of it, will not be able to purchase or obtain services but will be sought out for alteration, change, maimed or killed.  It is better to loose one's very body than it is to altogether loose both body and soul to the Evil One in our midst.


    When men of the Church, the clergy and even the bishops are more concerned for their loosing flocks from their jurisdictions, seeing that, in these present times, the various jurisdiction number of faithful leaving... working toward rebuilding their flock on the footstool of finances and politics to regain a number of members... this indeed is not the action of Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles at all that is working in them... It is the political machinations and financial flow-chart mentalities that are working which is the Evil One who has imbued himself in their midst. 


    Your second question should have been answered.  It would be nice to be "accepted" by them, but it is more important, and our goal, to be accepted by Jesus Christ, even given our many faults, frailties and sins... Besides, I am truly not worthy to be one with them. 


    We are not about being a "Metropolitan Archbishop" or this... or that... it is not about pontificating... It is about Christ, Jesus... He stood up to the Pharisees and Sadducees... and so must we who are his Servants... not just individually, but collectively in as humble a manner possible.  What may be thought as "arrogancy" on my part is not an arrogancy, but the pointing toward truth. 


    While this Web Site is about News, others have said it is a circus... a forum.  They also have said it does not lead anyone to Christ.  Yet, we know from responses that it has.  This Web Site is also about Research... and that we do provide too.  This Web Site is a Religious Hosting Service... and that we attempt to accomplish.  Yet, there are those who take umbrage at our hosting certain Anglican jurisdictions too.  Yet they forget that we also have posted the fact that "The true Orthodox Catholic Christian Church is large enough to accommodate various  theologies that are not diametrically opposed to the faith and morals taught by the Apostolic Church" and that is what is happening for those who we Host at this Web Site are Orthodox Catholic although their theology varies but are not diametrically opposed to the faith and morals taught by the Apostolic Church.


    Love does not always mean remaining silent, but out of Love, especially for others, we point out that Love which comes from Jesus Christ as expressed in the Holy Gospels about His Life and Teachings. 


    In many of an Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Church are parishioners who have come to them because we had asked them to go there, for even we know that the Love of Christ can be, as it has in the past, even in the present, been expressed in the terms of Jesus Christ Himself in those who are His Servants.  Yet, in doing this, it was with regards to each individual instance or case by which a family or person has contacted us for which they were directed to those parishes or jurisdictions to search for what they would find most fitting for their need and because we did not have a local parish of our own jurisdiction for them to go to.  So, in the long of it all, the Orthodox Catholic (Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Antiochian, etc.) and Roman Catholic Churches have benefited in many ways.  What we have therefore posted is not about US versus THEM, but about Jesus Christ, the ancient epitome of the Canons and Patristic Fathers versus Synchrestic Ecumenism which leads to the false ONE WORLD CHURCH.


    To all my Orthodox and Roman Brother Catholics in Christ...  I do seek their forgiveness for the real or perceived harms they imagine I may have done to them...

    If I, and those with me, are able to preserve or save just one soul for the sake of Jesus Christ even though I, myself, may be caste into Hades for my many sins, then a good thing has been done.  If I were to look out for just myself and have not the love of and for my fellow men, then I am selfish, foolish and have not the love of Jesus Christ in me whatsoever.  For if I were to more fully humble myself and accept those other jurisdictions, I would be silently accepting the actions that involve Synchrestic Ecumenism.  I truly believe there are many in those jurisdictions and those who are the head of them, who - - - out of sincerity of belief, believe they are doing a good thing... no matter how political and financial flow-chart mentalities may be involved.


    The politics of men and their financial flow-chart mentalities is certainly not about Jesus Christ, but about men and the Evil One.  Truth is about Jesus Christ!  And those who are faithful according to their nature and degree of ability, are surely to be given, where possible, truth and all the various perspectives of what that might, could or would mean. 


    We actually make no vile vindictives against any jurisdiction... We make known what news is being reported, and what others from within their own, have had to say and what actions have been taken or are taking place by those jurisdictions.  What they do, they do themselves... and it is that which is being reported in our news.  We proclaim the truth of their actions or statements in light of the Gospel, the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers.  If their actions or statements proclaim something different... it must be made known to all who view our web site so that they can make, for themselves, their own Free Will decision to either continue with those whom they are a part of, or to turn away toward that which will aide them in progressing forward into the arms of Jesus Christ not based on politics and financial flow chart mentalities nor on the disease of "correctness," etc.. which comes from the Evil One.


Scott (New Mexico): (Nov. 27, 2004)

Your Eminence,

    In response to the question asked of "Father C" dated Nov. 24th, your response included such words as "TRUTH", RIGHT THINKING, AND RIGHT BELIEF.


    It has been said that your answers are based on your own personal definitions and interpretations of these words.


    After all, what truth was their in the Inquisition? Yet the church thought at that time they were correct. So what is truth?


    "Orthodoxy" defines itself in opposition to heresy. The heretic is a man, thinking not in accord with the mental organization of the collective orthodox church. People, esteeming themselves "orthodox" while denouncing heretics, i.e. those that think differently, love to declare that they are defending truth.


    Truth is not readily given, it is an endless task. Truth does not fall down from above upon man, like some sort of thing. And it is impossible to understand the revelation of truth in a naive-realistic sense. Truth is a pathway and life, it is the spiritual life of man.


    Those outside the fullness of orthodoxy, in essence, do not know truth, since they do not know spiritual life. Those outside of orthodoxy think, that they are humble people, since they are obedient to churchly truth, and they accuse others of pride. This is self-conceit, and no people are more proud and self-conceited, than the so-called guardians of truth. They identify themselves with churchly truth. But herein perhaps, "thou as an orthodox fanatic, knows it not, thou knows but fragments of it by virtue of narrow-mindedness with an attachment to legalism, which is the absence of giftedness and grace".


    A Bishop outside of true orthodoxy can be an extreme adherent of the principle of authority. But he always imperceptibly identifies the authority with himself and is never subject to any sort of authority in disagreement with him.


    An example of this would be those who are opposed to correction, then use such words as "Correctness Disease". The authoritatively disposed bishop recognizes no sort of authority over himself, and he is conscious of himself as the bearer of authority and truth. Lets be honest, no one subjects themselves to authority, if they consider it not to be in accord with their understanding of truth.


    As for the term "RIGHT THINKING". The term "orthodox" means "right thinking" and reflects the accumulated wisdom of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church of the Orthodox Christian Faith.


    As you are aware, the word orthodox comes to us from the Greek roots "ortho" and "doxa." The former word means "right" The latter word means "opinion, judgment or view. Orthodoxy is "traditionally used in the Church for the profession of the authentic Christian faith as defined and taught by the Church, in contradistinction to heretical or erroneous opinions."

    The word "heretical" comes to us from the Greek word "hairesis" which came to mean a "personal opinion" or "choice" that varies from the received wisdom and collective truth of the church. A heresy is a willful separation from or opposition to the right-thinking or orthodoxy of the church. So a heretical opinion is one at variance with the traditional belief the church.

    You claim the Anglican's are not diametrically opposed to orthodoxy. When you claim that someone is an "orthodox Anglican," are you not really saying that he is dedicated to the traditional faith as enshrined in the old Books of Common Prayer and the 39 Articles of Religion? Does not the 39 Articles BLATANTLY, DENY THE REAL PRESENCE OF CHRIST IN THE EUCHARIST?

    As for "RIGHT BELIEF", the Orthodox Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ Himself on the day of Pentecost. Thus the Orthodox Church is the Church which has maintained for twenty centuries the right belief in Jesus Christ. The Church is also called "Catholic" in that it is universal, and seeks to spread the Good News of Christ throughout the world.


    For the first four centuries of Christian history, the Orthodox Church was the only Church, and nothing is done in Orthodoxy that does not have precedent in the lives, writings, and practices of the Christians who lived in the first eight centuries.


   The Orthodox Churches in America are more properly thought of as a "communion of churches" following the traditions of the Apostles, in a number of different orthodox jurisdictions. This situation is temporary however, and one day, sooner that expected, there will be a true, single and united "American Orthodox Church".


Father Thaddeus replies:

   What you say is pure truth with right thinking and right belief. 


    You seem to appear to be very scholastically minded. 


    Within what you have sent is the very answer to the question posed and I humbly thank you.  Such definitions and interpretations are the root of Our understanding Orthodoxy itself.


    I, on the other hand, am not so "scholastically" minded, I'm sorry to say. For I believe that oft times scholasticism can be a hindrance to the spiritual importance of what and who we are all about; prayer, contemplation, meditation, repentance and forgiveness.  But I continue to study, to absorb the very essence of the words of our Patristic Fathers, pray and meditate and find myself honored from time to time with the Grace of God to be given understanding.  Every clergyman of every rank and status must gain insight within, in order to grow both spiritually and otherwise. For not to do so, leaves them outside of the truth of Orthodoxy and leads them to the very things we said in our reply to Father "C" Arkansas (Nov. 24th) which is the various diseases plaguing the various jurisdictions of the Orthodox Church and even the Roman Church in these present times, the diseases of correctness, politicalism, scholasticism along with financial flow-chart mentalities.


    As to some (not all) Anglicans and other churches, I believe Father Gregori's response (below) is most appropriate too.  For it is in my reply to Father "C" (Arkansas - Nov. 24th) that I equally stated the facts of discernment concerning those churches.  Lest one forgets historical Truth about some Anglican jurisdictions who were received by the Moscow Patriarchate (St. +Tikhon of blessed repose... What an example. 


    Please, pray for me, for I am an unworthy sinner in the vineyard of Jesus Christ.


Father Gregori - Abbot (New York): (Nov 27, 2004)

    Your blessings Eminence;


    I feel that your response was clear and to the point, and made plenty of sense. I also feel that it fully expresses the spiritual AND the theological aspects of the "ONE MIND OF THE CHURCH."

      And may I be so bold as to add that if many of the Bishops of today, would try a little harder to be more like the Bishops of the past, perhaps they and the Church would be better off. By this, I mean that so many bishops of the 20th and 21st century seem to be more wrapped up in the trappings and prestige of the office of Bishop, and many are more concerned about nationalism as concerning their own various Churches, i.e., Russian, Greek, Antiochean, etc., than they are about the spiritual aspects of THE ONE TURE CHURCH. The real Question should not be about; "Who is more Orthodox than whom", but rather it should be, "
How can we work together to help one another to attain TRUE ORTHODOXY?"

      You have a Western view (mindset) of Orthodoxy and I, on the other hand, lean more toward the Eastern (mindset), in so far as my choice of Liturgical celebration, but I sincerely believe that both you and I work very well together. We may not agree fully on the minutia (minor, meaningless details), we agree on those things which make Orthodoxy and Catholicism meaningful, and this shows that it is possible for those of the Eastern persuasion, those of the Western persuasion, Anglican, Roman, Lutheran, etc., to work together in spirit of peace, understanding, and Christian Love, to reach the goal of True Orthodoxy, or at least, to start on the right path.


Father Thaddeus replies: (Nov. 27, 2004)

    Blessings to you and yours... for truly I am humbled and give thanks that there are those who see through to truth.


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