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(updated: 5/20/2003)

One paragraph (below) states: "The "various people" are outside of Orthodoxy.  Our Orthodox Catholic Christian line of defense through the Orthodox Church in resistance, defends us against the errors of modernism and heterodoxy as promulgated by Protestantism, cultists and Roman Catholicism today which brought out the facts concerning the erroneous movement under the National Council of Churches, and now the World Council of Bishops.  Our Holy Bible along with the Seven Ecumenical Councils forbid such worshipping together with heterodox pagans and those protestants who are outside the Church altogether, having formed their own cults.] "

When saying the Holy Bible condemns worship with other Christians we are on shaky ground.  Worshipping with pagans and cultists is talked about in Holy Scripture and we are to avoid that.  However, Scripture also teaches us that we are to love one another and to live our lives as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ tells us.  Yes, we have problems with those we consider outside of Holy Orthdoxy, but we must love them regardless.  As Christ told us, we are to look to the plank in our own eye before seeing the splinter in other's eyes.  It is my own belief that one can be so "religious and orthodox" that one can very quickly move into error.  Sound familiar?  Just check out St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians.

Are there groups out there claiming to be Christian but are not?  Yes, we have two very glaring protestant errors called "Jehovah's Witnesses" and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) yet we seem to spend inordinate amounts of time pointing out the errors of other "real" Christians.  One can only pray that the fervency which the JW's and Mormons conduct their "evangelism" would rub off on Christians.


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    Except for the one unforgivable sin, there is no other problem so great that it cannot be "forgiven" if we follow the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  Many, even Archbishops in America, do not as yet understand the simplicity and meaning of this awesome Teaching of Jesus Christ.

    Yet, as the Apostles were Ordained by Jesus Christ and Consecrated by the Holy Spirit, we are commanded to observe the faith and praxis handed to us.  This includes those who were ordained and consecrated from the days of the Apostles and their successors in a line of Apostles, the Patristic Fathers.

    When viewing the history and time line of the Orthodox and Catholic Church (One, Holy, Orthodox and Apostolic Church)... we are lead by them into a faith that includes the Ancient Epitome of the Canons.

    No one can claim to be valid and licit unless they faithfully practice that which comes down to us from those times mentioned, including the Seven Ecumenical Councils. As shown, the Canons were often written in a "negative" manner to show "what should not be done" which leaves open that which can be done.  Far to many fail to observe, understand and be in accord with the canons as exampled by their words and actions.  Yet, even though there are many who, being validly ordained and consecrated, have fallen into the "Protestant" heresy trap without recognizing this, believing they are following that which the Holy Spirit directs them to do.  Unknowing to them, they have followed the Un-Holy Spirit who can and does appear as a Spirit of Light (Lucifer).

    Recently, we came into possession of a video which describes some of the Un-Holy actions of various Patriarchies having to do with Ecumenism.

    Of those present as representative of the Patriarchates includes Patriarch of Constantinople, The Vatican and many others.  By such representation, especially with the symbolic hugs, exchange of communion chalice and more; the Patriarchates violated the ancient epitome of the Canons of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Therefore all who are bound by Communions, Inter-Communions and unions, belong to the World Council of Churches by such acts and actions that cements Unions and Inter-Communions with pagans, protestants and more.  A stoke of a pen does not effect such action as does the physical action itself.  And this is what is at the heart of true Orthodoxy.  Action!  For by such action, the very Gospels themselves are violated by having bed down with heathens and pagans who have knowingly, with intent, embraced Orthodox Catholics through the representatives of the Patriarchates and the Vatican (Pope).  They have, by the opinions of some, become Wolves in Sheep's Clothing, while their sacraments may be valid, along with their lines of succession, the praxis and faith have been violated.

    The same brand of ecumenism that is touted by other groups for the purposes of promoting an unholy form of "Unity" in the Christian Church Catholic (East and West).

    The video and audio tapes referenced deal with the FACTS surrounding the apostasy of Orthodox and Catholic clergy from around the world who have bedded themselves through their hierarchs with Protestants, shamanists, Buddhists, Mormons, Moonies, Muslims, Hindus, Jehovah's Witnesses, New Age Religionists, Witches, Shintoists, Islamists, Farrakonians, and more.  Through this "Unity" they seek to build their own image as "servant of man" and "servant of God".

    This pan religious ecumenism (a pan religious syncretism) spear headed by a Dr. Chung (a feminist ecumenist out of Seoul, Korea's largest university - "Buddhism & Shamanism is my mother while Christianity is my father," she says) is now embraced by those who claim to be Orthodox and Catholic, Independent, Old Catholic and more.  These are those who have broken ground which spearheads the entrance of the Anti-Christ.  There  are no true Ecumenical Councils of the whole Church Catholic and Apostolic today, to decide these important matters, except by some Patriarchies without the full consent of the rest of the Church. For the Church herself cannot be for these when one looks at who they are and what they represent.

    One cannot truly serve "man" and "God" for one cannot ride two horses or serve two masters.  If you do, you will end up either being split apart or doing more for one and less for the other, if not outright violating one of them.

    The video, as mentioned, deals with the historical truth of and about the recent Ecumenical movement which involves a Chinese cultists (prime promoter) Orthodox and Roman Catholic hierarchs and various Protestant clergy.

    All of the actions and rhetoric of those who have broken with the traditions (oral and written) of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches bespeak of an ecumenism that appears to be "Christian" in scope.  Yet, they violate all sacred traditions both oral and written.

    Several Christian groups, some of whom are named at the beginning of this article, while calling for "Unity" have been following a similar heterodox path and in a similar manner.

    Many see these "Unity" groups as "neutral turf".  Yet, one cannot be "neutral" if one is truly following and practicing the faith as handed to us by the Fathers of the Church (both East and West prior to 1054 A.D.).  There is no neutrality unless one is a protestor against the true Orthodox and Catholic Church (be it mainline or otherwise) which means against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Patristic Fathers and the Seven Ecumenical Councils.

    St. John Maximovitch indicated (when he was alive on earth) that there would be a time in which many would depart from the faith and that there are many whom we call "Protestants" and those not formally a part of the true church insofar as man would claim, but are a part of the Church insofar as living and abiding by the faith as taught and practiced by true believers.  For the most part, many who make claim today of being "Christian", are false and misleading so many others.

    Yet, when viewing the groups (organizations) and those in them, the number of "image" setters or "makers" are a people who cannot, or refuse to, see what is happening because they are blinded by their own ill-begotten gain for image (a form of wealth in that it also boosts their ego).  They scoff at, and degrade anyone who seemingly oppose them when those who oppose them are attempting to bring them back into the light of True Orthodox and Catholic Christianity.  Lacking true humility and perspective, they follow those who might, could or would help them to "go with the crowd" so-to-speak so that their false and misleading image is built up.

    Others join these spurious groups for purposes of learning how to build up their own church memberships for benefit of both their image and pocketbooks.

    Often times those who oppose these groups are looked upon with microscopic eyes by the group members for chinks and links, dredging up the most heinous aspects of their opposers past; failing and refusing to recognize that as given by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Church is a spiritual hospital for sick souls, not for those who consider themselves as "righteous".  For, in this life, none are righteous.

     These things were prophesized.

    A response from one clergy person, with our notations, concerning the video is stated as:

     "I have seen the tape you sent me, and this is my decision on it.

  The tape showed a gathering of various people of different belief systems getting together, which is good. [Notation in reply: "various people of different belief systems" is an incorrect understanding because these "various people" outside of Orthodox Christianity are not even true to being of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  St. Paul condemned them!

Orthodoxy has one primary belief and that is the true Orthodox (Catholic) belief which Rome had turned away from, including many of today's Orthodox Churches.

Those other, non Orthodox people... have insinuated themselves, through the World Council of Churches, the World Council of Bishops, et-al., etc. into destroying the faith delivered to us from the Apostles, Holy Martyrs, and Saints.  The Holy Bible, Seven Ecumenical Councils and other sacred writings of our faith condemns these other people as workers in the vineyard of Satan.

They were not just getting together, but worshipping together.

The belief system of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church is one belief and one system of understanding the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as handed down to us from the Apostles and Patristic Fathers of the Church, without error as promulgated by the Holy Spirit.  The "various people" are outside of Orthodoxy.  Our Orthodox Catholic Christian line of defense through the Orthodox Church in resistance, defends us against the errors of modernism and heterodoxy as promulgated by Protestantism, cultists and Roman Catholicism today which brought out the facts concerning the erroneous movement under the National Council of Churches, and now the World Council of Bishops.  Our Holy Bible along with the Seven Ecumenical Councils forbid such worshipping together with heterodox pagans and those protestants who are outside the Church altogether, having formed their own cults.]
     The narrator obviously is a medevilalist who does not understand the authentic nature of human and ancient tribal shamanism as a means of contacting the higher power. He also loves to call Lutherans and other non catholic and non orthodox Christians Heretics.  [Notation in reply: The "medevialist" is one who has gone to the greatest of depths of our Orthodox roots and has, according to his human nature and degree of ability, kept to the practice and life that the Church has taught from the times of the Apostles down to these present times.  Hardly is the narrator a medevialist whatsoever, but one who carries the banner of the Orthodox faith forward to these present times as demanded by Jesus Christ, the Patristic Fathers of the Church without making any new innovations or changes as has been and is happening in the first Protestant Church, the Roman Catholic Church and its daughter churches of Protestantism, along with pagans, shamanists, Jehovah's Witness, Mormons, Hindus, cultists, etc. which has also, more recently insinuated itself into many of the Orthodox Patriarchates, especially Constantinople of whose leadership is appointed by the Muslim (Islamic) nation of Turkey. ]
    Further more he calls, calling upon the spirits of nature, fire, water, etc. Deamons, which they are NOT.  SPIRITS ARE SPIRITS AND AS SUCH are neither good or bad. That criteria is decided by the practitioner, SOLOMENTE.  [Notation in reply: Wrong!  Water is a material substance which gives properties for the sustenance to the physical body of creatures.  Earth is dirt, Fire is fire and Air is Air for further sustenance of God's creatures.  We cannot, as Christians, worship that which is not God or we would be worshipping false idols and thereby blaspheme the Holy Spirit which is the unforgivable sin.

There are the spirits of God and the Spirits of the Evil One who can, as does his minions "deamons" disguise themselves.  Therefore, in simplistic terms, these spirits can be 'good' or 'bad'.  More important is the fact that in Divine Liturgy (Mass), we call upon "God, the sustainer of all creation" and it is to Him and Him only that one should be calling, upon no other should we be calling.  The Saints are spirits in truth.  However, they can do nothing without God's blessing (approval), even though we pray that they (the saints) intercede for us before the throne of God who gives the blessing in all things.]
    The only concern I have is a Eucharistic celebration that could only be correctly given if the presider [Notation in reply: The very term and word "presider" is of Protestant invention in translation which is now being carried forward by many Roman Catholic clergy.] or celebrant were to announce at the call to communion, ONLY THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN THE PRESENCE OF CHRIST IN THE SACRAMENT OF THE BREAD AND WINE SHOULD PARTAKE OF THIS RITE!
     This movement is new and needs to be watched closely. [Notation in reply: This movement is not new.  It has its beginning some time ago, centuries, and has never stopped in formation.  It has reached more palatable significance and acceptance in these times because of many factors on the world stage.  The Evil One has been forming this faction of dissenters for centuries.  Now that we are closer to the end times, many false and misleading teachings under the guise of being Christian, even Orthodox, has come into play."

Of those organizations promoting such that have come into play includes those groups named:

World Council of Churches (WCC)
The World Council of Bishops (WCB)
The World Bishops Council (WBC)

"And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book." [Rev. 22:19]

    These groups calling for "Unity" have fallen short of the mark. For, it is by Christ only that true "unity" can be obtained, not man!

    "Woe unto you when all men shall speak well of you! for so did their fathers to the false prophets." [Luke 6:26] and, "Ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky and of the earth; but how is it that ye do not discern this time? " [Luke 12:56]

    When one reads the later works of "Soloviev, " "A short Story of Antichrist," one will encompass an understanding about "Unity" wherein the Antichrist makes himself a reasonable, beneficent leader, the supreme problem-solver who unites all the churches under himself by promising them the external things they desire most. Such a Christian Unity is false!

    By these "Unity" groups, we are witnessing the birth-pangs of a new Christianity... a Christianity that claims to be 'inward,' but is entirely too concerned with outward result; a Christianity, even, that cannot really believe in 'peace' and 'brotherhood' unless it sees them generalized and universally applied, not in some seemingly remote 'other world,' but 'here and now'.....  Image is the unspoken focus of this new kind of "Christian Unity" where they see themselves on 'neutral turf' - where anyone's theology is either accepted or not spoken of; meaning that it matters not if one believes spiritually, and in truth, to those truths presented by Jesus Christ, the Patristic Fathers and the Seven Ecumenical Canons....

    The clergy of many churches and the churches themself, fall into the abnormal life today that can only be characterized as spoiled, pampered children.  From infancy today's child is treated, as a general rule, like a little god or goddess in the family; his or whims are catered to, his or her desires fulfilled; he or she is surrounded by toys, amusements, comforts; is not trained and brought up according to strict principles of Christian behavior because even many of the priests have not gained that behavior for themselves.  These kids are often times left to develop whichever way their desires incline.  When the child becomes an adult, s/he naturally surrounds one's self with the same things: comfort, amusements and grown-up toys.  Life becomes a constant search for 'fun' which, by the way, is a word totally unheard of in any other vocabulary until these present times. The same applies to today's clergy.  And herein lies one of the primary reasons why State and Federal government, through legislation of laws, have intruded into and upon family rights, taking away many parental rights in the raising of children; replacing such with the Government's own right to raise the child, reducing the parent as only a care-taker.

    When the 'me' generation turns to religion - which has been happening more frequently, it is usually to a 'plastic' or fantasy form of religion: a religion of 'self-development' (where the self remains the object of worship under guise of 'Christ' within, of brainwashing and mind-control, of deified gurus, swamis, of pursuit of UFOs and 'extra-terrestrial' beings, of abnormal spiritual states and feelings.

    The tribulations coming upon America, are numerous.  In far to many of the so-called "Christian" Churches in America today, suffering for Christ is less, while 'self' is more.  We are living in the last times.  The Antichrist, although an ideal and attitude, is also a real entity, to become a person.  For that person to come fully to the forefront of this society, the attitude and ideas must come first as a way and life.  Antichrist is very close.  What is happening today is a preparation for the Antichrist by the fact that we are living in a fool's paradise which can and will soon be lost.

    The education of youth today in America is notoriously deficient in developing responsiveness to the best expressions of human art, literature, and music.  As a result, young people are formed haphazardly under the influence of television, rock, heavy metal, gang-banger wrap (under guise of being cultural) music, movies, videos which indoctrinates children into a willingness to accept psychic, ghostly, vampirish, blood sucking, extra terrestrial beings and other manifestations of today's culture (or rather anti-culture) which is a cause celibere for the Antichrist; and, both as a cause and as a result of this - but most of all because of the absence on the part of parents and religious leaders and teachers of any conscious idea of what Christian life is and how a young person should be brought up in it - - - the soul of a person who has survived the years of youth is often an emotional wasteland, and at best reveals deficiencies in the basic attitudes towards life that were once considered normal and indispensable.

    In more people it has become apparent that these defects exist in an extreme form.  Yet, as a teaching, it is present to some extent in all of us who have been raised in the emotional and spiritual wasteland of our times.

    When the Antichrist comes, not everyone will be expected to agree with his philosophy.  Those who don't will be tempted by their desire to preserve themselves, their organizations, and thus their own standing and authority.

    The Holy Fathers comment on the fact that the seal of the Antichrist will NOT  be placed on the forehead and the hand simultaneously, but on the forehead or the hand (Apoc. 13:16).  Those who receive it on their foreheads will share the Antichrist's way of thinking, while those who receive it on their right hands will only recognize his power of action (authority), deceiving themselves into believing that it is permissible to do this if only one remains a Christian in one's soul.

    Of the "unity" groups named, we see these things more assuredly as the groundwork and cornerstone of the Evil One, which is coming to pass.  For they call upon themselves and each other while dismissing the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Ancient Canons of the Church, and the Patristic Fathers while claiming to be something they are not. They truly thing and believe that they can circumvent Christ's action to unify all when he returns by establishing their various "unity" groups beforehand.  They commit spiritual fraud on an unsuspecting society, blaspheme the Holy Spirit as well as the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by their actions, even though they do such with true and sincere honest intent to do good (for the most part), they have fallen from truth because they have been struck deaf and dumb in their heart and soul.

    These groups and many others yet to come, are just beginning to usher in the new age of Antichrist.

    It is important to understand the meaning behind these things that are happening and how it dilutes and negates the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.