Feminism & The Church

One of the major concerns of modern society is human rights and empowerment. We are constantly bombarded with reports on struggles - peaceful and violence - by which people seek to secure their rights from those whom they believe to be restricting them. The Church is not immune to this struggle for rights and empowerment, which, as it fragments society, also creates divisions and brings conflict and violence into the Church.

One of the questions of the moment in this struggle for rights is whether to ordain women to the office and work of Pastor/Priest in The Church, which is the holy and pure Bride of Christ. The question is not whether women are qualified or have the gifts and talents to serve as priests. There can really be no debate on the gifts and talents of women. However, a woman's abilities and qualifications are properly not germane to this question. The question really is, what is God's plan? Has He spoken on this issue?

Although quoting the Symbols, the Church Doctors and Fathers, and even Biblical "proof texts" is not an accepted practice in modern theology, this traditional Catholic methodology is just the approach taken by Father Rudolph Kurz, D.D., in Feminism and The Church. This work is a skillful and timely rehearsal of Catholic doctrine and practice, for the attempt to ordain women to the office and work of Priest in the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is to accept another, a pagan and non-Christian, Gospel - another, a non-Scriptural, Christ. It means the end of historic Christianity.

Most of the arguments made for or against the ordination of women have been based on secular humanism and gnosticism. Father Kurz' discussion of the issue is therefore a most welcome and happy return to a truly Catholic perspective.

Those who seek to honestly understand why the historic Catholic jurisdictions of Christendom so strongly oppose the ordination of women - an opposition which, to the world, is so stubborn and irrational - must read this work: Feminism and The Church. But be cautioned: An open and unprejudiced reading of Dr. Kurz' long-needed apology of The Church's Biblical and traditional position on the ordination of women may result in unexpected benefits and changes to your religious outlook and, perhaps, faith. Feminism and The Church may even change your understanding of The Church - for the better!

The Mt. Rev'd Fr. Karl J. Barwin, Th.D.
Metropolitan, The Evangelical Catholic Church

Paperback, 280 pages, $11.95 postpaid. Mail your cheque or Money Order, clearly indicating the address to which this excellent book is to be mailed, to:

Feminism and The Church

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