Entertainment in movies, in music, on stage, even in sports and otherwise have been taking a direction which weakens the moral fiber and fabric of true Christian values, while advocating idiosyncrasies of a mis-shappened cultural mix.  We can see this with the lessening of morals regarding the maintain of clean language, mis-use of the English language which has been approved in schools that have supported the broken, guttural style now called 'wrap,' which was never at its so-called roots claimed by many of 'wrap' advocates, true 'hip-hop'.

Clothing, songs, attitudes of character in sports, characterizations, by lazidazical educational standards, and more, have been operating upon the hearts and minds of today's youth as though all these things are acceptable in the true Christian experience when, in fact, they are not.  They actually weaken the willingness of one to maintain a sense of purity of self and others as well as ethical fairness in sports and other endeavors as though the constant drum beat, like a pied piper, for active sexual expression is not only okay, but approved by the society of these times.  Yet, society as a whole, especially the educational aspects of our society and its religious mix, can only give lip-service as a band-aide on the issue of morality; as a means to maintain their churches from having to close their doors, resulting in their incorporating some entertainments into their worship which were never before sanctioned by the early Church itself.

This diet of unwholesome entertainment being seen and heard by youth today, have become acceptable by various churches or jurisdictions without so much as a rebuttal of warning for the faithful to be guided by.  There are few, if any, voices from the church concerning these issues which affect the daily struggles of every member of the Body of Christ who are being torn asunder by the spirit of Antichrist's action in the growing drop in standards or morals in not only the entertainment industry, but also in politics, in sports, in law enforcement, even in the judiciary and military since the implementation of laws invoked on a national level as a part of 'Homeland Security'.

In some instances, we are advised, it is the opinion of some that while 'Homeland Security' is about securing the borders from attacks against the North American continent, especially in the U.S.A, the powers invoked in more recent times have opted to deal strongly with Religion and the issues surrounding "Religious".

Lest anyone forget, the very word "RELIGION" comes from the root word (Latin: Religare) which means a holistic action on the part of "Religion" to be involved with the safety and security of a religion's spiritual and material struggles in this life.  For Orthodox Catholic Christians, this is more especially true where the material or physical aspects of day-to-day life often times impinge upon the material and spiritual struggles of the people who are ardent spiritual strugglers in the ancient faith of Orthodox Catholic Christianity.  Thus, news and information provided a faithful member, even if such involves matters dealing with national affairs; all is of importance as such relate to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  Therefore, no true Orthodox Catholic Christian Church should be singled out because of it's economic and/or political impact (or lack of it) on society for profiling by law enforcement on the basis of national security, unless that Church's members are being insensitive to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by advocating physical actions of violence, for this is not the way of true Christians whatsoever.

Entertainment has become a form of sleaze, the tawdry, the machismo or machostic involving assaultive and violent attitudes which leads to physical abuse; much of which borders on the thin line between imaginative art and pornography which titillates the fanciful imaginations of youthful motivations toward acts, actions and activities that are often presented nightly on some news casts of the electronic news media about shootings, bashings, real and/or imagined rape, molestation and worse.

While 'freedom' of speech and expression is argued in defense of sleaze, it really depends upon who or whom the 'freedom' is argued for or against while pastors, ministers, priests, bishops, and educators are being singled out from the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church for allegations of indiscretions that may (or may not) have taken place except on the 'hearsay' of others which is no evidence at all in some court trials.  'Hearsay' is no evidence at all.  Yet, 'hearsay' in some states or provinces is allowed as evidence in court trials in these more recent times.

"Hearsay" evidence in some states or provinces, in many instances, come from those converted to Protestantism's many cults which include the synchrestic ecumenist movement organizations or churches and their membership via a large word council of supposed churches that include worshippers of Satan, Pagans, and worse.  The synchrestic ecumenical movement's organizations is large and growing larger daily.  The basis of their beliefs and actions were denounced by ancient councils of the early Church, which today are able to silence those who might, could or would find themselves having made indiscretions that they complain of against those of the Orthodox Catholic Christian faithful.  Their political power and strength through economic resources is vast and has a bearing upon and to those who are in the halls of government capitals.

The minimal singling out of non-Orthodox and non-Catholics is tantamount to a contrived silence on the part of news media and society as a whole because of their continued manipulation of the emotions of 'vengeance' which sells television time and newspapers while becoming a source of a form of proselytizing on a large scale by insinuation about priests and their idea or attitude of what constitute false churches, etc. without mentioning the very 'human' factor which they, themselves, are equally vulnerable to.

As one of the results, when looking back, both real and imagined sex offenses based on 'hearsay' is all that is seemingly needed to create a serious hostile environment in the minds of a society that appears to have turned a deaf ear from the fullness of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ while accepting only that which He gave, as though one is in a cafeteria, that suits their more 'modern' or lazy ways that involve less struggle for the faith but satisfies the immediate need of having 'done my christian duty'.  But this has become more the norm than the exception, even in some of the Orthodox Catholic Christian Churches in these times.

Truly to be a CHRISTIAN, there can be no 'cafeteria' approach to what one will or will not accept from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, NONE!  You either accept all of what He said and did as recorded in the New Testament, conforming your life accordingly through struggle in this life over and above that contained in the Old Testament for it is Jesus Christ who, as the WORD of GOD, incorporates everything from the Old Testament plus more.

If any one of you are truly concerned about "Homeland Security" - - -  then be even more concerned about the security of your faith in your home and of your children as entertainment infringes upon that very faith you proclaim.

Inasmuch as the spirit may be willing, truly the flesh is weak, especially when those in the faith have taken so very much for granted which negate true spiritual struggle in this life for the prize of great price, Jesus Christ, in the next life.

If you, as a parent, because of your hectic life, cannot take time to be not only concerned but active in your child's daily upbringing in a more holistic manner and approach, then be prepared for unexpected results later in life when you children will have reached their majority, and which may be shocking to you in your old age.  Only you will have yourself to blame, no one else!

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